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Ecological Spiritual Consciousness

The mis-treatment and mass killing and extermination of animals by the human species, together with the contamination of the planet with the climate change, has initiated the imminent extermination of the human species. To stop the destruction of the planet and humans own extermination mankind should stop the killing and holocaust of animals. To stimulate moral consciousness to stop the abuse and killing of animals, here I show evidence of the existence of a divine spiritual energy that is manifest in all living beings and present the urgent actions we need to take for our survival: stop the holocaust of animals and destruction of the planet.

Climate change is one evident symptom of the deterioration of the planet caused by the irresponsible actions of the human species (section X). Contamination of the earth, the water and the air produced by human beings is the main cause of the current material climate change; however, even worse, than this environmental disaster, is the human barbaric abuse, mis-treatment, torture, killing and extermination of defenseless innocent loving animals that belong to our same family of vertebrate animals that have the same right to live a long life and in complete freedom on our common home our Planet Mother Earth.

Mankind is destroying the planet with all its living beings and has to make a big change in moral consciousness to save the life of the planet and humans own existence. Many are fighting to promote ecological consciousness to stop the climate change; my mission is to stop the suffering and holocaust of animals perpetrated by the immoral crimes of ignorant evil human beings. To stimulate spiritual ecological consciousness and demonstrate the existence of a Divine Spirit Energy that is present in all living beings I use all the talents I have received from the ‘Cosmic Spirit’ to achieve the goal of my Soul: 1) my scientific university education: a doctorate in veterinary medicine and a Ph.D. in genetics; 2) my literary art written in spanish and english; 3) my conferences and lectures in several languages; 4) my music of symphonic rock with ecological consciousness lyrics; 5) the art of my photography; 6) my ecological project and example of life with my sanctuary of animals; 7) my mystic experiences and miracles with a Spiritual Dimension.

‘Strait is the gate and narrow is the way which lead unto life and few there be that find it…every good tree bringeth forth good fruit…wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them (Words of Jesus).

Here I come, with my message to promote spiritual ecological consciousness, to promote the love for animals, to stop the holocaust of animals, with the grace I have received from the Holy Spirit, to fight for what is right, to relieve the suffering of the adorable animals of our dear Planet Earth.

Message and Miracle Pictures

The Holy Spirit with Angels of Light and Christian Saints are manifest in Miracle Pictures that show Spiritual Manifestations in Holy Nature to help me give the message of my Soul:

Love your Planet Mother Earth and all its Living Beings with all the Force of your Soul: you will not kill animals, you will not eat animals, you will not mistreat animals, you will not put animals in cages; you will love Holy Animals and Holy Plants with all the Spirit of your Soul for this is the Law of God.

The most intelligent men of the world like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Mahatma Ghandi, Saint Francis and Buda support this message because they believed that a Spirit is manifest in the Universe and all these geniuses were Vegetarian (section X).


Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin and Angels of Light were the first ‘Spiritual Energies’ that gave me Manifestations of Light to show me Miracles of God: during my pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Palestina-Israel, to seek Miracles of God, a friend of mine took a picture as I was taking a Miracle Picture of an Angel of Light that appeared to me in the Tomb of María in Holy Jerusalem:

Angels of Light are manifest from the Spiritual Dimension to show Miracles of God to support and help me give my message to the world: you will not kill animals, you will not eat animals, you will not mis-treat animals, you will not put animals in cages: all animals should live in complete freedom for this is the Desire of God:

In the dessert of Israel, the Holy Moon showed me a Miracle Image of a Broken Heart of Light, with the Eye of God looking at human beings with the warning message that mankind should not destroy or cause any suffering to Holy Planet Earth:

The Blessed Virgin is manifest with many different Miracles such as the many Tears of Light shown in Miracle Pictures that are given to me: Tears of Love were manifest on her statue of her Apparitions in Banneux to show me her love and support my message: you will love and care for the life of all animals and plants of Love Mother Earth:

The Holy Spirit is manifest in Miracle Pictures with Blue Spiritual Light, symbolic Hearts of Light and Faces of Light, to support and help me give my message: animals love and suffer like human beings and have the same Soul Consciousness of the Holy Spirit and should be loved and respected for they are also Creation of God:

Jesus Christ is manifest with Faces of Light and Hearts of Light and Blue Spiritual Light to help me present the many messages for the salvation for the Human Soul:

The Holy Sun was manifest with Green Light with the Symbol of Hope like a ‘Star’ of the ‘Sea’, forming the images of ‘Stella’ and ‘Maris’ on the Mediterranean Sea of Palestine, to support my message for peace that I sing for the Holy Land:

A Rainbow in the Night appeared to me in the Sanctuary of Apparitions of Fatima during my prayers asking for a Miracle of God to commemorate the Dance of the Sun of Holy Nature to establish the Covenant of mankind with God:

The Blessed Virgin is manifest with Light as María the Beautiful in statues of María and as Images of Light to help me demonstrate the existence of a Spiritual Dimension in the material dimension of Holy Nature of our Love Planet Earth:

Jesus Christ appeared to me one night in the clouds in a Sanctuary of the Virgin and made manifest a Face of Light with the same features of my Relic of Jesus during the celebration of Pentecost for the Covenant of Man with God:

A Smiling Star and a Rainbow of Light with Eyes of God were manifest for my birthday with the celebration of the Annunciation of Archangel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin for the conception of Lord Jesus with the Holy Spirit of God:

The Holy Moon always gives me beautiful Manifestations of Light in the Sanctuary of Animals that I have created in my home where I work and live my miracle mystic experiences with the Souls of Animals (section X):

My beautiful mother inspired me to compose the song ‘Mother’, that I dedicated to my beloved mother, and to all the adorable mothers of the world, and to all lovable mothers of all animals, and to my Mother Gaia of my Heart:

I thus summarize in one line the Passion of my Soul with the Message of Love that the ‘Cosmic Spiritual Energy’ brings into my Heart:

The First Commandment to save the planet: You will love your Planet Mother Earth and all its Living Beings with all the Spirit of your Soul.

Summary and message of this work

Mankind is destroying the planet with all its Living Beings and has to make a change in consciousness to love and care for our Planet Earth to avoid the forecast of the Apcalypsis. To save the life of the planet, and humans own existence, mankind has to love animals and plants and needs to realize the suffering that humans are causing to animals: man should not kill animals, should not eat animals, should not mis-treat animals and should not put animals in cages; humans should not contaminate the environment and should not destroy plants; humans need to respect and care for the life of all animals and plants to avoid the destruction of the planet.

Mankind should live its life with the conscious realization that there is a Divine Spiritual Energy, we call it God or Holy Spirit: it is the Expansive Creative Energy of the Universe, it is the cosmological anti-gravity that directs the expansion of the universe, it is the cosmological lambda constant of the equations of Einstein; this expanding energy of the Universe is the Spiritual Creative Energy of God Holy Spirit, author of the Miraculous Creation, and is Manifest in our Planet Earth, in all its Living Beings, with the Spirit of the Soul, and the Miracle of Life.

Mankind has to realize that other Spiritual Beings exist in other Dimensions of the Universe; and that like humankind, all Living Beings that live in Planet Earth have a Spiritual Soul; it is the Vital Energy of the Holy Spirit that gives the Miracle of Life; and that with the death of the body, the Spiritual Soul moves into a different Spiritual Realm in other Dimensions of the Infinite Cosmic Universe. The human being needs to realize that his actions on this material world will be compensated in the next Spiritual World, because an action brings forth a re-action; thus, for the evolution of the Soul, mankind should live a moral and honest life, respecting all the other lives of the planet, because the suffering you make will be equal to the suffering you will take in the existence of your Soul (see quotes below).

In this work I present material evidence of my spiritual experience with the Spiritual Dimension with the description of many Paranormal Miracles that I have in my life, showing many Miracle Pictures with Manifestations of Angels or Beings of Light of the Spiritual Dimension. Presenting the evidence of the existence of a Holy Spirit that is also Manifest in all Living Beings, I try to stimulate human beings to seek the Spiritual Ecological Consciousness to make that change to eliminate the destruction and suffering of the world. The most important change and which is very easy to accomplish is to stop the killing and suffering of animals by becoming vegetarian: stop eating meat to stop the killing and suffering of animals! Below I quote the words of the most important and wisest persons on earth (scientists, ecologists, geniuses, saints and prophets) that support my message that I present in this work:

WWF: In the last report of the year 2014 of the prestigious ecological organization Wold Wild-Life Fund it is indicated that in the last 40 years (since 1970 until 2010), mankind has caused a decrease of 52% in the number of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, all over the world; and I quote: ‘the loss of habitats, the degradation and exploitation of the earth, hunting and fishing, are the main causes of this decrease, and the climate change is the next principal threat’; this means, that mankind has destroyed in 40 years more than half (52%) of the animals of the planet!

Post scriptum: in the year 2016 the percentage in the decrease of the number of vertebrate animals of the planet, due to barbaric abuse perpetrated by humans, has been up-dated: from 52 % in the year 2010, to 67 % in the year 2015! Thus, the destruction of the planet is alarming; at this rate, in a few years, the only vertebrate animals that will survive on the planet will be cows for the barbaric immoral human meat consumption.

Albert Einstein: I am by principle a passionate follower of vegetarianism. Mainly because of ethical and moral reasons. I strongly believe in a vegetarian order of life, even if it were only due to physical effects that influences the temperament of men.

 Leonardo da Vinci: There will be a time when human beings will only eat vegetable food and the killing of animals will be considered a crime in the same manner as killing a human being. The day will come when men like me will see as a crime the killing of an animal as we now see in the killing of a human being.

Pitágoras: If men keep on killing his younger brothers the animals we will continue to suffer wars on earth and men will continue to kill each other, for he that sows pain and death will never harvest peace, happiness and love.

Mahatma Ghandi: ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way they treat its animals. I feel that the spiritual progress demands from us that we stop killing and eating our brothers the animal creatures of God only to satisfy our perverted and sensual appetites’.

San Francisco of Asís: ¿How can you devour mercilessly these adorable animal creatures that give you their love, help, friendship and company?

Buda: Love all living beings and pacify your spirits by stopping the killing and eating of animals; this is the true test of religiosity, because the true wise man of God will not kill animals and will not eat animals, and will love and keep and potentiate the life of all creatures in every manifestation.

Jane Goodall: We are destroying the planet because we lost wisdom. We too are animals… Humans should realize that animals also have personality, sentiments and conscience…

Lennon and McCartney: All you need is Love. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make…

Michael Jackson: What have we done to the world (Earth Song). Make that Change…

The two most brilliant scientists of the history of humankind believed in a Spirit that is Manifest in the Laws of the Universe:

Albert Einstein: Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe.

Isaac Newton: wrote a book with his own arguments of his evidence of the existence of God in his publication: ‘Letters containing some arguments in proof of Deity‘.

Nature: the most prestigious science publication writes on a cover: ‘seeing is believing‘ in manifestations of nature; with my Miracle Pictures seeing is believing in Manifestations of the Spiritual World…

Regarding Angels that have been described for thousands of years all over the world, I quote the words of the greatest prophets from the Bible:

Moses: See, I am sending an Angel before you, to guard you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared. Be attentive to him and heed his voice. Do not rebel against him, for he will not forgive your sin. My authority resides in him (Exodus 23:20).

Jesus: And so will be the end of the world: the Angels will come and separate the bad humans from the good and they will throw the bad human beings into the fires of hell and there will be much gnashing of teeth (Saint Mathew).

Bible: Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I shall repay…

Regarding the Miracles that are manifest with Nature, with Signs of the Holy Spirit, I quote the words of Jesus and the Bible:

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations…for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh (Luke 21:25).

‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit on flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. And I will make wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath…’ (Acts 2:17; Joel 2:28).

Louis XIV: Après moi le déluge. During his abusive reign in France, in his great palace of Versailles, enjoying his life but knowing that his abuse someday would come to an end, king Louis said: ‘After me, the great flood‘. He was right, after him came the great flood, when the poor people of Paris rebelled against his heirs and cut their heads with the guillotine. Most men have the same philosophy: they do not change their abuse, they say the problem is in the future, and let others solve the problem; the problem is that the problem is already here, and if a father does not change his ways of life to solve the problem, and does not teach his children the moral ways of life, these same children will soon loose their heads because of the negligence of the father that did nothing to solve the great problem we have on Planet Earth. If you want that your children will have a planet to live and enjoy life, then you, and your family, the first thing you need to do, right away, is to become vegetarian; and if everybody makes that change, we will eliminate the killing and the suffering of millions of animals, and end the worst problem suffered by Planet Earth.

Those responsible for the current state of our planet: such as politicians, government authorities, religious authorities, business men, billionaires, scientists, intellectuals, media personalities, and many others that manage the natural resources of the world, need to realize the current extreme bad state of health of the planet, and that there is an urgent need to establish a big change in the ways of life of the human being to stop the destruction of the planet. The United Nations has to intervene and dictate and impose urgent measures to save the planet to avoid the forecast of the end of the world. To stop the destruction of the world I summarize the most urgent actions that humans need to implement, and that the United Nations needs to impose on all countries of the world (section X):

  1. Do not kill animals; do not eat animals; do not hurt animals, do not put animals in cages.
  2. Do not destroy plants; take special care of the trees that give us the oxygen of life.
  3. Care for the environment; do not contaminate the earth, the water and the air.
  4. Control of nativity; the planet can sustain up to circa 3 billion human beings.
  5. Promote good morals, culture and education, invest in science and technology.
  6. Implement a fair and efficient legal system to eliminate delinquency.
  7. Use non contaminating alternative energies like solar energy and wind.

I finnish with the first commandment for the salvation of the planet:

You will love your Planet Earth and all its Living Beings with all the Force of your Soul: you will not kill animals, you will not eat animals, you will not mis-treat animals, you will not put animals in cages; you will love plants and animals with all the Spirit of your Soul.flecha-arriba