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Ecological Spiritual Consciousness

The human species has destroyed and destroys the life of all living beings of the planet.
Destruction of life of living beings leads to an imbalance and collapse of the ecosystem.
This collapse will produce the extinction of the human species within the next 30 years.

The over population with the human plague leads to an imbalance of the ecosystem:
Industrial pollution of atmosphere produced climate change affecting the ecosystem.
In the last 50 years humans killed 80 % of all wild vertebrate animals of the planet.
Birds, reptiles, fish and vertebrate mammals are killed by hunters and loss of habitats.
Cutting millions of trees, fires of forests, leads to O2 reduction and increase in CO2.
The imbalance between CO2 and O2 affects all life and the micro fauna of the planet.
Pesticides, herbicides and other toxins have killed and kill bees and all other insects.
Germany report of 2017 indicates that humans had killed 75 % of all essential bees.
The reduction of insects affects the life of plants, birds, reptiles and all other animals.
Oil spills, plastics, garbage and other toxics released in oceans kills the aquatic fauna.
High temperature and new acidity of water of oceans destroy corals and micro fauna.
In 30 years: no more fish in oceans due to collapse because of industrial over-fishing.
Eternal wars: firearms, chemical weapons, bombs, kills all life, destroys ecosystems.
Criminal hunters are exterminating all the wild animals in all continents of the planet.
In 30 years the human species will have destroyed all the wild animals of the planet.
Destruction of life with the collapse of the ecosystem will produce human extinction.

In addition to the killing of all wild animals, humans mis-treat, torture, cage, kill and eat billions of loving innocent defenseless domestic animals for their evil inmoral ignorant destructive unnecessary consumption because humans were designed a vegetarian animal. Production of meat produces more climate change than all the transport sector combined. To arrest the course of its auto-extinction, humans have to stop torturing and killing wild and domestic animals and the destruction of its only home the Miracle Planet.

Human beings need to become conscious about their destructive actions against the planet and the evil suffering they are causing to animals and urgently need to stop mis-treating, torturing, killing and eating animals, which is the main cause of the upcoming extinction of the human species. The most wise geniuses of history such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Mahatma Ghandi, San Francisco de Asís, Paul McCartney, Buda and many more have taught us that humans should not kill and eat animals, in order to bring peace and harmony to this suffering world.

In addition, to stop the destruction of the planet and its own extinction, humans need to live their lives being conscious of the existence of the Cosmic Spiritual Energy we call Holy Spirit or God, to live in peaceful communion with Holy Nature and Sacred Animals. The existence of the Holy Spirit was also indicated by Albert Einstein, the most intelligent wise man of the world: a Spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe (also below).

In order for humanity to survive, humans need to become conscious of the existence of that Spirit that is manifest in Nature, the Holy Spirit that is manifest in all Holy Animals, and therefore humans should not torture and kill Sacred Animals. In this website I present material evidence of my Spiritual Experience with this Spirit of Nature and with the Spiritual Dimension, describing many Paranormal Miracles, and showing many Miracle Pictures with Angels of Light that are manifest from a Spiritual Dimension and help me give the message of my Soul.

To demonstrate that the Holy Spirit is manifest in all the Souls of Animals, to establish the Universal Rights of Sacred Animals, and to save the life of the planet and stop the extinction of the human species, throughout this website and below I present more information to stimulate ecological spiritual consciousness to try reverse the destruction of life caused by the actions of the ignorant irresponsable human species.

More on my message to the world:

The contamination and destruction of life of the planet due to the ignorant actions of humankind, with the climate change, the killing and extermination of wild animals, and the holocaust of torture and slaughter of domestic animals, and the destruction of trees all over the world, has unleashed the inminent extinction of the human species (Message to Humanity).

Humans are destroying the life of the planet, with all its living beings, and urgently needs to make a great change of ecological spiritual consciousness to stop the destruction of plants and animals and arrest its own extinction. Many are working to promote ecological consciousness to stop climate change, but to stop the forecast of the apocalypses, it is more important and essential to immediately stop the suffering and killing of all the animals of the planet produced by the evil crimes of mankind.

To save the life of the planet and avoid the extinction of the human species, humans need to become conscious of the terrible suffering they are causing to all  Sacred Animals: humans should not mis-treat animals, should not place animals in cages, should not do experiments with animals, should not use animals for entertainment, should not kill animals and should not eat animals. The essential change to save humanity and the life of the planet is to stop participating in the suffering and killing of animals by avoiding the consumption of Sacred Animals: this was also indicated by the most wise intelligent geniuses of human history:

Albert Einstein: I am by principle a passionate follower of vegetarianism. Mainly because of ethical and moral reasons. I strongly believe in a vegetarian order of life, even if it were only due to physical effects that influences the temperament of men.

 Leonardo da Vinci: There will be a time when human beings will only eat vegetable food and the killing of animals will be considered a crime in the same manner as killing a human being. The day will come when men like me will see as a crime the killing of an animal as we now see in the killing of a human being.

Pitágoras: If men keep on killing his younger brothers the animals we will continue to suffer wars on earth and men will continue to kill each other, for he that sows pain and death will never harvest peace, happiness and love.

Mahatma Ghandi: ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way they treat its animals. I feel that the spiritual progress demands from us that we stop killing and eating our brothers the animal creatures of God only to satisfy our perverted and sensual appetites’.

San Francisco of Asís: ¿How can you devour mercilessly these adorable animal creatures that give you their love, help, friendship and company?

Jane Goodall: We are destroying the planet because we lost wisdom. We too are animals… Humans should realize that animals also have personality, sentiments and conscience…

Lennon and McCartney: All you need is Love. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make…

Michael Jackson: What have we done to the world (Earth Song). Make that Change…

Buda: Love all living beings and pacify your spirits by stopping the killing and eating of animals; this is the true test of religiosity, because the true wise man of God will not kill animals and will not eat animals, and will love and keep and potentiate the life of all creatures in every manifestation.

Indeed, the first commandment to arrest the extinction of the human species is to stop torturing and killing animals and love the Planet Earth and all its Living Beings with all the Force of the Heart.

In addition, to stop the destruction of the planet and its own extinction, humans should live their lives with the conscious realization that a Divine Spiritual Energy, called Holy Spirit or God, is present and manifest in our Planet: this Divine Spiritual Energy is the Creative Expansive Energy of the Universe, the cosmological anti-gravity that directs the expansion of the Miraculous Universal Creation, it is the lambda constant of the equations of Einstein; this Creative Cosmic Energy of God Holy Spirit is also the Energy of Life that is manifest on Planet Earth, it is the Holy Spirit of the Soul within all the Sacred Animals that live their lives sharing with human animals our Miracle Planet Earth.

The two most brilliant scientists of the history of humankind believed in a Spirit that is Manifest in the Laws of the Universe, as indicated in their own words:

Albert Einstein: Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe.

Isaac Newton: wrote a book with his own arguments of his evidence of the existence of God in his publication: ‘Letters containing some arguments in proof of Deity‘.

Thus, for the survival of the human species on Planet Earth, humans should become fully conscious of the existence of the Spirit that is manifest in Nature, the Holy Spirit that is manifest in all Sacred Animals, and become aware that Spiritual Beings exist in other Spiritual Dimension. All Living Beings have a Spiritual Soul which is the Vital Energy of the Holy Spirit that manifests the Miracle of Life on our Miracle Planet Earth.

In this website I present material evidence of my Spiritual Experience with the Spiritual Dimension with the description of many Paranormal Miracles, showing many Miracle Pictures with Angels of Light that are manifest from the Spiritual Dimension. With the evidence of the existence of a Holy Spirit that is manifest in all Living beings, I stimulate ecological spiritual consciousness in the human animal, to change the destructive attitude of humans against the Sacred Nature and its Sacred Animals, to try save the life of the planet and arrest the extinction of the human species.

To demonstrate that a Holy Spirit is manifest in the Soul of Animals, to stimulate spiritual ecological consciousness, to establish the Universal Rights for all Sacred Animals, to accomplish a prosperous evolution on Planet Earth, in this website I present part of my work and creations through the themes I list below:

1) My science and university education with a doctorate in veterinary medicine and a Ph.D. in genetics (Author)
2) My music of symphonic rock with lyrics that stimulate ecological spiritual consciousness (Music)
3) My activism for the universal rights of animals with my sanctuary of animals (Sanctuary)
4) My conferences in videos and publications in several languages (Message to Humanity)
5) My demonstration of the existence of a Spiritual Dimension (Miracles)
6) My literary art written in Spanish and English (Memoirs)
7) My pictures of Animals and Miracle Pictures (Galleries)

Urgent actions to save the life of the planet:

  1. Do not hunt, do not kill, do not exterminate wild animals
  2. Do not mis-treat nor place in cages nor kill nor eat animals
  3. Do not destroy plants, do not burn fires, do not cut any trees
  4. Triplicate the size of natural reserves and all National Parks
  5. Care for all animals, provide food to all wild carnivore animals
  6. Forbid all contaminations, clean up oceans, recycle All garbage
  7. Control of natality: the planet can sustain 3 billion human beings
  8. Harsh legal system against delinquency, select against criminals
  9. Promote education and teach ecological spiritual consciousness
  10. Prevent climate change with alternative energies: solar and wind