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In this introduction that presents a summary of the work of my life I show with the text some of my precious animals that live with me in my sanctuary of animals (Santuario Abba-Ama).

Spiritual Beings like the Angels of Light that I show in my Miracle Pictures help me bring out the message of my Soul: the human being has to love and care for all the animals and plants of the world; humans should NOT kill animals, should NOT eat animals, should NOT put animals in cages, should NOT cause any harm or suffering to animals, because this suffering is passed to the Spirit of Mother Earth and to the Holy Spirit of the Universal Cosmic Energy that has created the Universe and our World.

The work of my life is the project ‘Abba-Ama-Pan-Gaia’ (‘Father-Mother-Planet-Earth’), which has the object of stimulating ‘Ecological Spiritual Consciousness’ in human beings, showing with Paranormal Miracles that a Spiritual Dimension with the Divine Spiritual Energy is manifest in all the Divine Creation in all Living Beings of Holy Nature, so that human beings will not destroy our Planet Earth and will love and care for all animals and plants of the world.

Paranormal Miracles that supersede the laws of Nature of the material world provide supporting evidence for the existence of a Driving Divine Energy that is Manifest in the material world from a Spiritual Dimension. Here I give my own testimony of having Mystic Experiences with many different types of Miracle Manifestations, giving material evidence of my Mystic Experiences with hundreds of Miracle Pictures that show these Manifestations of Light of Spiritual Beings, the so called Angels of Light of the Spiritual Dimension, that support and help me give my message to the world: the Human Being has to love all Holy Animals of the Miracle Planet Earth.

Although I do no longer believe in an all powerful good ‘God the Father’ that cares for its creation and cares for the well being of good human beings as taught by the christian religion, I do believe in the existence of a Divine Spiritual Energy and in Spiritual Beings that can be Manifest from a Spiritual Dimension. All of my life I have had mystic experiences with Holy Animals of Holy Nature, and since the 25th of March of 1994, on the day of my birthday, on the celebration of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin, I began to have many Mystic Experiences in the context of Christian Saints, that with subtle Paranormal Phenomena and in my Miracle Pictures showed me Paranormal Manifestations with symbolic Hearts of Light, Faces of Light, and Angels of Light, all Images of Light that are generated through the Intercession of the Spiritual Saints or Spiritual Beings from the Spiritual Dimension to help me give the message of my Soul: the Human Being has to respect the life of all Holy Animals.

The hundreds of Miracle Pictures that I have, showing Manifestations of Light, generated in the context of hundreds of Miracle Manifestations, experienced by one single individual, in a brief period of 3 years, provides scientific statistical significant material evidence that supports the claim of the existence of a Spiritual Energy that is Manifest on Planet Earth, and this Universal Cosmic Energy asks me to give the message of my Soul:

The Human Being will NOT kill Holy Animals, will NOT eat Holy Animals, will NOT mis-treat Holy Animals, and will NOT put Holy Animals in cages, for this is the Desire of God.

To save the planet from the current course of destruction the human species has to make a radical change in its way of life . Many are fighting to promote ecological consciousness to stop the climate change; my mission is to help remove the suffering of animals, to stop the holocaust of animals that is perpetrated by the immoral crimes of human beings. To stimulate Spiritual Ecological Consciousness and demonstrate the existence of the Divine Energy that is present in all Living Beings I use all the talents that providence has given me: 1) my scientific university education: a doctorate in veterinary medicine and a Ph.D. in genetics; 2) my literary art written in spanish and english; 3) my conferences and lectures in several languages; 4) my music of symphonic rock with ecological consciousness lyrics; 5) the art of my photography; 6) my ecological project and example of life with my sanctuary of animals; 7) my mystic experiences and miracles with a Spiritual Dimension.

Thus, in this internet site I present a brief summary of the following work of my life to provoke a change of consciousness in the human species, to help remove the suffering of all Holy Animals.

  • Text of Mystic Experiences: with the literary description of my own Mystic Experiences with Paranormal Miracles showing their respective Miracle Pictures that reveal the expression of a Spiritual Dimension.
  • Miracle Pictures: showing Manifestations of Light with Symbolic Signals that show Paranormal Manifestations of a Spiritual Dimension that co-exists with the material dimension of Divine Holy Nature.
  • Music: my original symphonic pop rock, with rhyming lyrics, in english and spanish, with a message of ecological spiritual consciousness, to incite humanity to care for all Living Beings of Mother Nature.
  • Sanctuary: the creation of my paradise of animals and plants where I live, study and describe Miracles of Nature and the Animal Spiritual Consciousness of many different animals: domestic, exotic and wild.
  • Messages of the author: with the intellectual discussion of the most important issues confronted by humanity and nature to stop the destruction of the planet and stimulate ecological consciousness to save our Planet Earth.
  • Videos and Pictures: showing lectures and interviews, live performances with my music, my interaction with animals, my interaction with humans, my interaction with nature and the spiritual, my pictures of nature.

Statement of purpose

The goal of my life is to give the message of my Soul to the world: all animals also have a Soul, so that human beings will love and respect the life of all animals, so that they do not kill animals, so they do not eat animals, so they do not mis-treat animals, so they do not put animals in cages, to love and care for all animals and plants, to care for our Miracle Planet Earth that gives us the Miracle of Life that still is wild and cruel, but with the help of the human species can be transformed into a peaceful world with no violence and with no suffering, with the Energy of Love that exists in the Universal Cosmic Creation.

Paranormal Miracles that supersede the laws of Nature of the material world provide supporting evidence of the existence of a Driving Divine Energy of a Spiritual World. Mystic Experiences and Paranormal Miracles described throughout the history of human kind provide evidence of the existence of a Spiritual Dimension that may Manifest in the material dimension of Planet Earth; these Paranormal Phenomena include: near death experiences, miraculous healing, apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, apparitions of Angels, apparitions of ghosts, visions, trance state ecstasies, clairvoyance, prophetic dreams, telepathy, acoustic manifestations, synchronicity, kinetic manifestations, materializations, stigmata, child prodigies, savants, and other extra-sensory perceptions or psychic phenomena that are related to a contact with a Spiritual Dimension. I have experienced such Paranormal Mystic Experiences with different types of Manifestations of Miracles, which I describe in this text, providing the material evidence of my Spiritual Experience with hundreds of Miracle Pictures that show these Spiritual Manifestations of the Spiritual World. The Miracle Pictures that show Manifestations of the Holy Spirit with Holy Nature is asking humankind that we love and respect all Living Beings to establish a prosperous evolution on Planet Earth.

Showing Paranormal Miracles with the help of Spiritual Angels in the context of the Miracle Life of Holy Nature I show a Spiritual Consciousness in the Soul of Animals, to expose the urgent need to establish a profound change in the ways of life of humankind that is destroying the life of the planet: human beings need to love, respect and care for all Living Beings of Holy Nature, the human species should not destroy his only home, his only source of life; human beings need to stop the killing of animals, they have to eliminate the terrible holocaust of animals, with the killing of millions of animals that are produced for human consumption; man has to finish with his evil ways against Holy Animals and Holy Plants, he has to stop the killing of Holy Animals that also have a Spiritual Soul and have a right to live a long and happy life like humankind. The human species has to change his ways of life, he needs to save all animals and plants, mankind should not cut trees and kill Holy Trees that also have the Spirit of Life and that give us the oxygen of Life; mankind has to stop eating animals, and finish with the terrible holocaust of animals, before it is too late, before the human species is eliminated from Planet Earth as predicted in the Apocalypses.

During many years I wrote a book on ‘Manifestations of God’, presenting an intellectual dissertation on the evidence of the existence of God based on the Paranormal Miracles I had experienced with Miracle Pictures that I had obtained as I went to Sanctuaries of Christianity to seek and find Miracles of God. However, after living many years in my sanctuary of animals, taking care of many hundreds of animals, and thousands of plants, and having seen the suffering of innocent animals, and seeing the total injustice and the suffering of hungry poor children all over the world, I became agnostic of the existence of an all powerful good god that takes care of its creation; today I believe in the existence of Paranormal Miracles but these are the consequence of the Manifestation of a Spiritual Energy of a Holy Spirit or are Manifest by Spiritual Beings that sometimes intervene in subtle ways from a Spiritual Dimension that exists in parallel with the material dimension of the planet, a Spiritual Energy that participates of the experience of Animal Life, and gives subtle signals to human kind from the Spiritual Dimension, to help establish a prosperous evolution on Planet Earth. Considering the trillions of suns and millions of planets that exist in the universe, it is evident that other extra-terrestrial life exists in many places of the infinite universe; this life could be a more ethereal existence, as described for the Angels of Light; thus, in the material dimension of the planet, Spiritual Beings could be Manifest from the Spiritual Dimension; therefore all the Spiritual Manifestations that I describe herein could be Manifestations of these Angels from their Spiritual World. I have not received any Acoustic Message from the Blessed Virgin or from Jesus, as described by other Christian Saints during their ecstasies with the Virgin María; and I have not received any message from my beloved mother that passed away a few years ago; thus, the ‘Signals of God’ that I received and still receive, seem to be from the Angels of Light, the so called Messengers of God that have been described in every culture and religion of the world during all the history of the human species. I am completely certain that in my life I have experienced many Paranormal Miracles, but I do not know who is the ‘Spiritual Author’ of these Manifestations of Light; I do not believe that these Miracle Manifestations are the consequence of my ‘Unconscious Consciousness’ of some extraordinary mental power that science has yet to come to understand; indeed, pushing with my body a 30,000 kg truck up a hill cannot be ascribed to my unconscious consciousness; rather, it would be easier to ascribe this phenomena to the intervention of my Guardian Angel.

The topic of God is very important to discuss and to establish for the evolution of the life of human beings, and I write an intellectual discussion on this topic in this work. However, much more important for our evolution is the scientific reality of life and having an ecological consciousness to care for our planet, the only home we have to live the Miracle of Life . The message I have in my Soul to give to the world is that the human species should love, respect, and care for animals and plants; mankind should not kill nor eat animals, should not put animals in cages; the human species has been designed to be vegetarian, and thus should not kill and eat animals. The First Commandment for the human species is to love Planet Earth with all its Living Beings that also have a Spiritual Soul of the Universal Cosmic Energy; thus, our younger brothers the animals need to be loved and cared for by the species most evolved: Homo sapiens, the animal species that today is destroying the world, but could and has the capacity to transform the cruel savage world into a peaceful Paradise on Earth.

I was born on a 25th of March on the day of the celebration of the Annunciation of Archangel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin for the immaculate conception of Jesus; this is a ‘synchronic causality’ of a ‘destiny is written’, that establishes my spiritual communion with Jesus and María and the Christian Saints, to fight with their help for the care of Holy Nature, to demonstrate the existence of a Spiritual Soul in all Animals and in all Living Beings, to eliminate from the world the terrible killing of innocent good animals, to eliminate the suffering of the poor Holy Animals, to relieve the suffering of Mother Gaia and the Holy Spirit of the Divine Cosmic Heart.

During 3 years I went to several Sanctuaries of Jesus and María, to seek and find Miracles of God, until the year 2001, when I came back home to Punta del Este, to create a sanctuary of animals and plants, where I finally found the true knowledge of the Soul of Animals. In my paradise of plants and animals I could meditate in complete isolation with Holy Nature, about all the good and bad things that happen during life, with the many horrors that I have experienced with human beings, to write and present herein the work of my life, the Message of my Soul, the Passion of my Spirit, so that human beings may love Holy Plants and Holy Animals with all the strength of their Hearts: this is the First Commandment of the ‘PanGaican Consciousness’.

The original book of ‘Mystic Experience into Manifestations of God’ contained about 1500 pages, presenting the accounts of my Mystic Experiences with the Spiritual World, describing my interaction with Mother Nature, and with evil and good human beings, analyzing and discussing the important issues of life, to help change this cruel chaotic planet into a better world. In this internet site I present a brief summary of my work, I have selected specific sections of my complete works, and have written shorter versions of my original accounts, and I have selected specific pictures to capture the attention of the visitor of this internet site. I have not wasted my absent money in editors to edit this book; thus, I have all the credit to any mistakes that may appear in this book that I present with no help whatsoever in this Internet site. If this presentation becomes a success, I will publish the complete works, describing all of my life, with all my conclusions about the transcendental issues of life, showing all my Miracles with the Angels that I receive by the Grace of God (CW).

Here thus I come, with all the talents that the Holy Spirit has given me, with the grace of revelation of the knowledge of consciousness that I have acquired after many years of experimental observation, rational intellect, and spiritual meditation, and with the help of the Miracles of the Angels, to promote the love for animals, that have a Soul of Love, and are loved by the Divine Holy Spirit. And thus I ask from the Holy Spirit to inspire me to write what I need to write, say what I need to say, show what I need to show, and sing what I need to sing: Come! Holy Spirit! Love of my Heart! Enter into my Soul to make me Whole, make me a Messenger of Love, like an Angel of the Lord, to console the suffering of all Your Holy Animals with the Heart of Your Eternal Love!