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Message to humanity (Info in 1 line):

Humans have/are destroying the life of all living beings of the planet
Destruction of life of all living beings leads to imbalance of ecosystem
Expected extinction of the human species within the next 30 years

Data on destruction of life of all living beings:

In last 50 years humans killed 80 % of all wild vertebrate animals of the planet
All mammals, birds, reptiles and fish were killed by hunters and loss of habitats
Hunters are exterminating all the wild animals in every continent of the planet
Traffic in wild animals is the 3rd crime business after drugs and traffic of arms
In 25 years there will be less fish than plastics in oceans due to human pollution
In 30 years there will be no more fish in oceans due to industrial over-fishing
Report 2017 indicates humans have killed 75 % of essential bees in Germany

Over population with the human plague leads to imbalance of the ecosystem:

Industry and transport pollution of atmosphere led to current climate change
Draughts are drying out big lakes with a crisis of reduction of drinking water
Pesticides herbicides and other toxics kill essential bees and all other insects
Reduction of insects affects the life of plants, humans, and all other animals
Cutting trees, destruction of jungles, leads to the loss of habitats of animals
Cutting of trees, destruction of forests, leads to the reduction of oxygen
Frequent wild fires of forests increases CO2, with more climate change
Imbalance between CO2 and O2 affects life and the ecosystem of planet
Oil spills, plastics, garbage and other toxics in oceans kills aquatic fauna
High temperature of the water of the oceans destroys coral life of the planet
Higher temperature, acidity of water of oceans, destroys marine micro fauna
Melting of polar ice destroys marine fauna, chicks of penguins and polar bears
To escape from humans, diurnal animals live as nocturnal animals affecting ecosystem
Tons of toxic garbage plastics cigarettes ingested by birds and fish leads to sick humans

During many decades oil tankers have spilled millions of liters of oil into the oceans of the planet
During many months an oil spill from a submarine oil platform contaminated the Golf of Mexico
Hundreds of oil wells were torched with fire producing the worst ecological disaster of the planet
Humans destroyed the planet with eternal wars, firearms, chemical weapons, conventional bombs and atomic bombs
In 30 years humans will have destroyed all the animals of planet, except domestic animals for human consumption
Destruction of life of all living beings produce an imbalance in ecosystem with extinction of humans within 30 years
It’s a Miracle the Planet still stands with living beings; but Mother Earth says enough and will eradicate humanity

The human crime of holocaust of domestic animals:

The evil of evils that leads to human extinction, the greatest mistake of humans, is killing and eating animals
Production of meat kills the planet: produces more climate change than all the transport sector combined

Humans torture and kill billions of loving domestic animals for their unnecessary meat consumption
Humans are vegetarian animals as shown at first sight: they have no canine teeth as do all carnivore animals
Supported by vegetarian wise geniuses like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Buda, Saint Francis, McCartney…

Humans are responsible for the holocaust torture suffering of billions of loving innocent defenseless animals
Humans mis-treat, jail in cages, experiment, kill and eat, our same family of mammal vertebrate animals
Vertebrate animals are wise and intelligent, many use tools, have Consciousness and a Soul as human animals
Vertebrate animals love their own families, have empathy, can be monogamous and altruistic, birds give gifts…
Suffer physical and emotional pain; crabs have pain when criminal humans boil them alive for evil consumption
Birds suffer depression when captured and jailed in small cages for the egoistic gratification of human animals
Fish suffer depression when they are placed in cages and are used as experimental animals to study depression
All vertebrate animals have all the same physical characters and emotional brain attributes as do human animals

Wise genius Albert Einstein said : “A Spirit is Manifest in the laws of the Universe’
Humans need to become aware/conscious that this Holy Spirit is manifest in Nature
This Spirit is the Energy of Life that is manifest in the Soul of All Sacred Animals
Sacred Animals have the same Universal Rights as human animals to live a long life and in complete freedom

To survive, humans need to live in Ecological Spiritual Communion with Holy Nature and the Sacred Animals
First Commandment of God: Love your Planet Earth and all its Living Beings with all the Force of your Soul
Thus, Sacred Animals should not be mis-treated, tortured, caged, slaughtered and eaten by veg-human animal

Evidence of the existence of a Holy Spirit:

Albert Einstein believed in the Spirit of God and said: A Spirit is Manifest in the laws of the Universe

The Holy Spirit is the Expansive Creative Energy, the cosmological anti-gravity of the Cosmological Universe
The Holy Spirit is manifest in the Sacred Nature of all the Living Beings of the Miraculous Mother Planet
The Holy Spirit is the Energy of Life that is manifest in all the Sacred Animals of the Miracle Planet

To survive humans need to live a life with consciousness that the Holy Spirit is Manifest in Nature and Sacred Animals

The physics genius Isaac Newton wrote an article about God: Letters containing some arguments for proof of Deity

In my website I present my evidence of the Deity of Newton and the Spirit of Einstein
The best evidence of the existence of a Holy Spirit is the demonstration of Paranormal Miracles
I show Miracles and Miracle Pictures of Angels of Light that are Manifest from a Spiritual Dimension

Responsibility of the destruction of the planet by mistaken political and religious authorities:

During many centuries, all religions give mistaken teachings about their Gods, which leads to the extinction of humanity
Christian authorities are responsible for the human over population that destroys nature with extermination of Animals
Christian authorities say animals have no Soul and are responsible for slaughter and suffering of billions of Holy Animals
Religious saints that kept the word of God were Buda and Saint Francis; and I swear by God that Jesus today is vegetarian
Islam also is mistaken such as miss-teaching that dogs are impure, when dogs are the best friend of man and loved by God
Jews miss-treat and sacrifice adorable animals, also brutal Aztecs extracted hearts of their live children to pacify their gods
Judges USA supreme court: say chimpanzees being animals have no legal rights to live in freedom and thus jailed in cages
Criminal American presidents and kings of Europe pay fortunes to have perverted pleasure of killing bears lions elephants
Money and power is the only interest that moves ignorant irresponsible heart-less politicians that manage destroy the planet

The cause of human extinction:

The creation of life with the herbivore and carnivore animal design produces a chain of suffering in all animals
God decided to change the violent carnivore/herbivore design creating the vegetarian intelligent Homo sapiens
Prophet Moises wrote with creation of planet that God had forbidden humans to eat one type of food he called: Tree of Life
This Tree of Life are the Animals of the Planet; this I say with my 2 doctor university titles: in genetics and in animals
God indicated that if man ate animals man would die, I quote: The day that you eat from the tree of life thou shalt surely die
Homo sapiens became unwise, realized that killing animals was easy, like killing small children, and killed and ate animals
Einstein said that consumption of meat by vegetarian humans changes the physical body and the temperament of humans
Human consumption of animals changed his temperament and thus became aggressive and destroyed the life of the planet
Humans disobeyed laws of God and killed and ate animals and thus has initiated auto-destruction and its path to extinction
To survive, humans should see the example of pacified loving vegetarian animals that placidly pacifically graze on planet
To survive, humans need to become again a pacified vegetarian animal, and needs to stop killing and eating other animals

Future evolution of the planet:

Two possibilities: 1) the planet evolves with humans ; 2) the planet evolves without humans

Humans have killed 80 % of all wild animals that have more than 3 billion years of creation and evolution on the planet
If humans do not stop killing animals, it is better for the planet that humans will quickly die so that other animals survive
If humans survive by stopping killing animals, they could evolve and transform the savage planet into a terrestrial paradise:
In 100 years humans could slowly change painful carnivore/herbivore design with genetic and environmental manipulation:
Modifying environment for example with much love and food you transform wild animals into domestic pacified animals
With love and food humans designed the canine species transforming the ancestor wild wolf into the best friend of man
With love and food you pacify all the wild animals and transform savage carnivores into pacific loving omnivore animals
In 300 years humans could control wild climate manifestations to create a perfect paradise with no more suffering for animals
In 500 years humans could change genes of animals: cloning-selection, altruistic genes, plant photosynthetic genes = E-Sun
In 1,000 years discover, isolate and use Energy of Holy Spirit of the Universal Cosmos to establish into the matter of animals
The Energy of God incorporated into the organic matter of all Living Beings to exist in paradise like ethereal Angels of God

Urgent actions to stop the course of destruction:

Humans need to stop killing animals and become again a pacified vegetarian animal to stop its own extinction
Humans with no moral consciousness that will not adhere to a vegetarian diet may consume animals that die naturally
The meat of dead animals could be consumed from the millions of animals that die every day naturally and free in the fields
Humans need to take care and feed all wild carnivore animals, such as polar bears, tigers, all wild felines, and others…

Government of all countries and the United Nations need to establish strict laws and implement the following urgent actions:

  1. Do not hunt, do not kill, do not exterminate wild animals
  2. Do not mis-treat nor place in cages nor kill nor eat animals
  3. Do not destroy plants, do not burn fires, do not cut any trees
  4. Triplicate the size of natural reserves and all National Parks
  5. Care for all animals, provide food to all wild carnivore animals
  6. Forbid all contaminations, clean up oceans, recycle All garbage
  7. Control of natality: the planet can sustain 3 billion human beings
  8. Harsh legal system against delinquency, select against criminals
  9. Promote education and teach ecological spiritual consciousness
  10. Prevent climate change with alternative energies: solar and wind

These are today the new Ten Commandments for the survival of the human species on the Mother Planet
I call upon activists to spread this message of ecological spiritual consciousness to eradicate the destruction of Sacred Animals

Roberto van Kuyk, DVM, Ph.D., protector of animals, musician, writer, born 25th of March with the Annunciation to Maríaflecha-arriba