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Mother Love

My mother was an important spiritual influence in my life and this book you are reading would not have been possible without the moral and financial assistance that I received from my mother. Through the intercession of her constant prayers, I was protected from evil, and I was constantly inspired to seek the spiritual and to seek and find Miracles of God. This section describes a few Miracles made Manifest through the Intercession of my mother, a true beloved Servant of God (CW).

Love at First Spirit

The first Angel of flesh and blood that I saw on this planet was of course my lovely mother. Not only her beautiful spirituality impressed my Soul, but also her extraordinary physical beauty illuminated my path to develop my thought in a constant environment of beautiful Beauty.

I have been blessed that this Angel of God was chosen to care for my being during the first steps of my terrestrial life. Freud was maybe right with his theories on the Oedipus Complex of relations between mother and son, because surely my mother was a Soul mate of mine, and to this day, is the most important love of my life. My mother was also physically so beautiful that many painters always wanted to paint her portrait, as shown in one such painting of my mother, posing in one of the first bikinis of the world, made by my grandfather, in his big textile company in Germany that appears in the background of the painting of my mother. The many years that I searched for a woman companion of great physical beauty might have been due to the fact that I was accustomed to see such an awesome spiritual and physical beauty during the many years I was a little child. Below I show several pictures of my beautiful mother to show why my mother was my first love at first sight.

My mother always stimulated my life to follow a spiritual path and also passed me her genes of musical talent. During many years my mother sang in a famous choir because she had a nice voice as shown in the only record I have in the song ‘White Christmas’ that one day she sang in a hotel in California (White Christmas). The memory of my mother would not only be immortalized by her own charity work, her own talents, and miracles, but also in my beautiful song ‘Mother’ that I composed for my mother and was included in my musical production of ‘PanGaia’ (section music). ‘Mother’ was dedicated to all the loving mothers of the world and was inspired by the one that to me was the most lovely of them all!

Mother was a lamb of God that was full of love, and throughout her life, she gave this love to every person and creature that ever crossed her life. Mother was loved by every person that crossed her path and many have told me she was a saint for all the charity work she gave to the world: she adored animals and plants, but her main purpose in life was to give her love and help the poor suffering human beings, specially the poor children of the world, giving away thousands of dollars in donations each year, to relieve the suffering of the poor (CW). Many human beings have been blessed by the love and charitable work of my mother that is always remembered by many with a whole Heart of Love. The love you make is equal to the love you take; thus, my mother receives lots of love for all the love she gave to the world.

My mother had several mystic experiences throughout her life and below I describe a few Miracles that were Manifest in the context of the Spirit of my Mother. One day she told me that when she was a young girl she had an awful dream where she saw that her mother was crashing in a terrible accident with an airplane. Next morning her mother told her daughter (my mother) that they were taking an airplane to fly to another city; my mother told her mother about the dream with the accident and told her mother that they should not take that airplane and she refused to take that airplane; however, her mother did not heed to the warning of her daughter and decided to travel in the airplane, but left her daughter behind because my mother would not travel in the airplane. That day the airplane crashed, and there were many dead; my grandmother broke her cervical vertebrates of her neck but over time she healed, and the healing was considered a miracle by the doctors of that time; indeed, my grandmother was also considered a saint and below I show several interesting pictures of my grand-mother when she was a girl, as an adult, and with my mother, her precious daughter that she loved with all her Heart. The father of my mother was a brilliant business man that had one of the largest textile industries of Germany before the second world war. My mother suffered all the war in Germany, and so did my father (CW).

My parents

My father was born in The Netherlands, he suffered the war in Holland and Germany, and after the war he migrated to Argentina where he met my mother who also had emigrated from Germany to Argentina. My father was a director of a dutch bank during many years but should have been an actor to give to the world the artistic talent he had inherited from his family. The only thing that my father had to do to initiate a career in acting was to knock at the door of some Hollywood studio and say: ‘Hi, I’m here’, for he was as beautiful as Roger Moore.

The old pictures of my young parents show what a good couple they were and both were physically beautiful.

My father was an excellent parent, he gave his 3 children everything they needed to have a successful life; we always had everything we needed to have a comfortable life, even during a few years of a financial crisis, ensued because a crook had stolen half of the fortune my father had earned all his life. My father encouraged us to study in the university, and so we did: I almost got a third Ph.D. My father took care of my mother and my mother had taken good care of my father; they were an excellent pair as shown in the pictures. My father had an unusual artistic talent that he had inherited from his family; he was a constant show in the social parties and had much success with the crowds.

My father took care of my mother at home until the day of the death of my mother, and remained alone for another 5 years in his home. I took care of my father until he passed away, then sold their house, and moved into my sanctuary of animals. My mother had given donations for charity all of her life, specially for the vulnerable children; my father accompanied his wife in her wishes to help with their money the poor children that came upon her path. When my mother passed away, I donated 25,000 U$S in the memory of my mother; when my father passed away, I donated 15,000 U$S in the memory of my father; and when my dog Taurus passed away, I donated 20,000 U$S for the animal shelters to care for the poor dogs that are the Soul of my Heart (section X). I was blessed to have the resources to keep this tradition of helping those that suffer as my parents had done in the past.

My father was very strong both in body and spirit: one day he was diagnosed with a malignant cancer in his intestine; it was decided that it should be removed; we went to the United States to perform the surgery with the best medical care we could find; however, the surgery was a compete failure, the doctors did a very bad job and almost killed him during the post-operation procedure; if I had not been next to my father to see the many blunders performed by the staff during the post-operation, indicating to the doctors the many mistakes that were at hand, my father would have surely died in the hands of these incompetent doctors. The story of this terrible nightmare is very long (1 year) and thus here I only say a few words: I almost lost my dear father; who had to undergo 4 surgeries, three of them life threatening that lasted several hours: the second surgery fixed the mistakes of the first surgery, and the third surgery fixed a few mistakes of the second surgery; my father saved his life thanks to my intuition and my quick intervention to seek new doctors, and thanks to the fact that my father was as strong as a bull, almost impossible to kill by incompetent doctors; and also thanks to the constant prayers of my mother, that was always with us, to take him out from this terrible struggle against the death of this hell. After suffering during almost 1 year of surgeries, my father lived a good life for another 13 years, until he decided it was time to leave earth and continue his voyage with his dear wife that had passed away 5 years earlier (below).

My father took care of my mother until the day of the death of my mother in April of 2001; he then remained alone under my care during another 5 years until his death in December 2006. Since they got married, when they were both 25 years old, my parents had an excellent relation, and were always together, during more than 50 years, until the passing away of my mother.

My father also had a few Mystic Experiences in his life and was a target of one extraordinary Manifestation of God: a few days before a special Christmas, someone had knocked the door of his bedroom while sleeping late at night; he got out of bed to see who was there, and as nobody was at the door, he went to the living room, and there he was confronted with 3 small Angels of Light that were flying around the Christmas tree! After a few minutes watching this astounding Apparition of God, the Angels of Light suddenly disappeared and that was the end of the Manifestation of the Angels that came to visit my father a few days before a Miraculous Christmas when a small Angel of Light appeared to me in my hometown of Punta del Este: many Miracle Pictures of the Apparition of the Angel provides evidence of this Miracle of God (section 11A4).

One certain night I was having dinner with my father in the dinning room of our house. During dinner we did not say a single word. Suddenly my father broke the silence and asked if I was sad, or in a bad humor. My father had sensed correctly my mood, for I was both sad and in a bad humor. I then replied to him that indeed I was sad and in bad humor. Within two seconds of having said that I was sad and in a bad humor, all of a sudden, to my wonder surprise, there was suddenly More Light in our midst of our dinning room! Indeed, the light in the dinning room had increased 1/3 of its initial intensity, within the instant that I had said aloud that I was sad and in a bad humor! This was Magic in the Air, or rather Miracle in the Air, as my Spirit was instantly lifted by the Spirit of the Light of God! The Angels of Light had Come to Play with me the little Games of Light and Love, to Cheer me Up, with a Miracle of God of a ‘Let there be Light’ with the Love of God! Immediately I realized this was a Manifestation of God, as the Angels of God were Introducing More Light into the dinning room, to lift me up and cheer me up, with the Light of the Holy Spirit of God! Let me explain the Physical Nature of this Synchronicity of a Miracle of God: above the table of our dinning room, is a large chandelier of a lamp, with 6 light bulbs, but we always had dinner under the light of 2 light bulbs, because the other 4 bulbs did not work and had never been repaired because the two lights were enough to lighten up the dinning room. I never had bothered checking on the other light bulbs, because having 6 lights turned on was to me a waste of money and contaminating energy. Seconds after having said the words that I was sad with a bad humor, a third bulb of the 6 bulbs was suddenly Turned On, and thus instead of 2 bulbs with light, we now had 3 bulbs with light, and thus the light in the room was increased significantly, to elevate my Spirits with the Light of the Angels of God! Let there be Light lifted my mood, and I was not only no longer sad, but rather extremely happy, with the Gift of Light of the Love of God! Maybe the bulb was Repaired by a Materialization of the Spirit, or alternatively the third light bulb was Screwed In tightly into the socket of the lamp, to make the bulb work, to establish the Let there be Light of the Spirit of God! Thus this was a ‘Little Big Miracle’ with the Messengers of Light the Angels of God!

My father passed away on the 17th of december of 2006 and I was with him to assure his peaceful transition towards the Light of the Lord. When my father entered into a coma, during his last voyage towards the Spiritual World, he suddenly became agitated, with a respiratory crisis that was the manifestation of a profound physical and emotional distress, a painful scene that was very hard for me to hear and see during the passing away of my father (CW). Immediately my Inner Self placed both hands on his chest, on his heart, to soothe the anguish and the pain, transferring to my father the energy of peace and love; and in less than 2 seconds, I must repeat, in two seconds, the emotional pain was all gone, there was no more respiratory difficulty, there was no more aguish, and no more pain; my father had recovered his peace when he sensed my physical presence with my hands on his body, and thus became completely calm, as if he knew that I was there with him, during this difficult moment of passing into a complete new different world! I had told my father that his passing away into the other Spiritual Realm would be with no suffering, and so it was; half an hour after placing my hands on his heart, he stopped breathing, his heart stopped beating, and quickly he was gone, he had passed away into the Spiritual World; he had both of his hands together on his chest, as if praying his last prayer to enter the Kingdom of God, he had a complete peaceful semblance, and thus he had parted, to be again with his beloved wife and with the Angels of God!

My father had made the forecast that he would no longer be with us for Christmas of 2006, and so it was; the day of his death he had listened to his preferred music: I still remember when we listened together to the beautiful song of ‘Moonlight serenade’ of his favourite artist, a classic of classics of the good music composed during his time, and he also spent a couple of hours looking at several photo albums from the family, with the pictures of his beautiful wife that was waiting for him on the other side of our realm.

Two days after the passing of my dad, I entered the room where he had passed away, to meditate and think about his spirit, and quickly I saw that the light of the room had been spontaneously turned on; the lamp was turned on with a Kinetic Manifestation with the touch of the Angels of God! The Spirit of my father seemed to be present with me, telling me through the Manifestation of Light that his Spirit was still with me; the Angels were with me, they were making contact with me through this ‘Let there be Light’, as it had been done a few years earlier, with the Miracle of Light that we had witnessed together during our dinner in our home. The miracle lamp that had been Turned On with the Touch of the Angel, had been turned on twice before, as I describe with more detail in ‘Let there be Light and There was Light with the Angels of God’ (CW).

Before my father passed away into the Kingdom of Heaven he gave me his family ring that he used all of his life and that has the coat of arms of the family ‘van Kuyk’. The name of the house of my parents was ‘Kuykenhof’, and my father gave me his ring in the gardens of Keukenhof in Holland, one of the most beautiful places in the world, with thousands of the famous dutch tulips, one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The ancestors of my father were from the city of Kuyk in The Netherlands, that can also be spelled as Cuyk, or Kuik, as shown in a relic of the Church of Cuyk. The relic of the church shows the birds that are also present in the coat of arms in the ring of my father. It is a Synchronicity of God that when I left the United States to work in Europe, my destiny took me to the city of Kuyk, the city that bears my family name, and where I worked as a scientific editor for Intervet, during 8 years, until I returned to the home of my parents to care for my mother during the final stages of her disease. The Symbol of the Heart is Manifest on the dot of the i of Kuik in the Kuyk relic of the Church of Cuyk. It is another Synchronicity of the Angels of a ‘destiny is written’ that birds are part of my coat of arms when birds are so important in my many mystic experiences of my life (section 11G11).

Thus, both parents have been a great blessing in my life: they have given me everything I needed to have an extraordinary international education to fulfill the mission of my life, and I am proud to share these pictures and many anecdotes of my parents that have been important in the development of my life!

Another Saint of God made a Martyr of God

At the age of 72 my mother showed the first symptoms of the devastating disease of Alzheimer. Over the last period of four long years we suffered the symptoms of Alzheimer. It was very painful to suffer the disease of the long goodbye. Mother was a living Manifestation of God, and the Presence of God in the Spirit of Mother, is evidenced in Miracle Pictures, with Symbols of God, made manifest during the passing away of this beloved Servant of God. The most significant Message of God that was given through my dear mother was brought about during the Passover of Mother, on the Week of Eastern, when her Spirit joined the Holy Spirit in the Kingdom of Heaven (CW).

This Lovable Soul was made a Martyr of God to suffer pain during many years with the horrible disease of Alzheimer. ¿What was the purpose that such a Lamb of God had to go through the terrible consequences of the long-lasting disease of Alzheimer? Maybe she had to suffer a cognitive disorder so that she would not be able to consciously recognize that her ‘beloved’ brothers were crooks and thieves, that during many years stole from my mother a large family fortune that belonged to my mother (CW). Indeed, the Evil of Idolatry made flesh in my own family is a very sad chapter in my life: the clan of the gang of the band of bandits of the family of my uncles stole a fortune from my mother, as described in Unclegate, and in many other sections of ‘Manifestations of God’ (CW). My sensitive mother would not have been able to cope with the experience of knowing that her two beloved brothers were crooks and frauds, that during 3 decades had stolen millions of dollars from the inheritance of her father. The signs of Alzheimer appeared in the life of my mother at the exact time when I discovered and exposed the frauds and thefts of Uncle Crook and Uncle Fraud and the rest of the clan of the gang of the band of bandits. The only positive thing about the disease of Alzheimer of my mother was that she was spared from the suffering of knowing that her 2 brothers: Uncle Penny and Uncle Coin, were fraudulent crooks, and stole her inheritance; another example of the ‘lowest of the lows’ of evil human beings possessed by the evil of idolatry, were money is the name of the game, dollars above morals for all those human bastards that are destroying the world (CW).

Mother suffered during her whole life, since she was a young girl, for she suffered during the terrible second world war; she became claustrophobic for life due to the terrible bombs dropped on Germany such as those of Dresden. Mother also suffered many physical ailments because she had inherited a fragile physical condition. In her late 30’s, a certain irresponsible doctor removed her ovaries after a minor uterus infection, and thus, with other hormone related problems, she became a victim of bone loss osteoporosis. After analyzing X-rays of her column, several doctors always wondered how on earth could my mother walk up-right, without showing a single symptom, after seeing her fragile bone condition; and never did she break a bone in her lifetime! This is a destiny written by God! Although my mother suffered 40 years of osteoporosis, she did not show a single sign of a hunch back, even the day she walked up-right into her deathbed! This was one of many Miracles shown by my Mother that was a full Manifestation of God. In her old 70’s, on several occasions, she fell down staircases, and the consequences of these nasty falls was nothing more than bruises to her fragile skin condition. This was always a Miracle considering her fragile bone osteoporosis condition! To these very nasty falls, my mother would always say that the devil had pushed her down the stairs, but her Angel always caught her at the bottom of the staircase, and this would anger the defeated Devil! Indeed, even at 75 years old, at her advanced stage of Alzheimer, my mother fell down a nasty stair of stones, and thank God her Angel was active again, saving her fall from what could have been a long lasting painful agony, for there was no hip fracture, nor any other fracture, on her very fragile bone condition! The bruises of blood she always got in her skin were Manifest as Hearts of Love. They almost look like Stigmata of Christ!

The last Christmas that I celebrated with Mother was in the year 2000; she was in the last stages of Alzheimer and a few months later she passed away. One day we were sitting in the living room with my mother and father, and I was very angry and nervous discussing with my father matters of money with the lawsuits of Unclegate. As I was speaking out my frustration with the Evil of Unclegate, I suddenly saw, with surprise, how my mother stood up from her reclined bed chair, and came walking towards me, and hugged me, with both her arms and hands, to calm me down, and within a split second, I was soothed by this loving Embrace of Love! Although my mother did not understand what we were talking about, she did understand my emotional anger, and thus she raised from her chair and came to me, to console my Spirit with Compassion and Love! Mother had become an Angel of Peace, the Incarnation of the Consolatrix Afflictorum, for after being hugged by Mother, the discussion on the Evil of Unclegate was immediately over! All the hate and anger was instantly removed from my Heart, as my Spirit was comforted by the Embrace of Peace and Love of my beloved Mother, a Messenger of God, like an Angel of the Lord! Thus, even until the end, while suffering her devastating sickness, and with her brain destroyed, mother was there to soothe me, to console me, to comfort me, as my Spiritual Mother with the Heart of Love!

On the 10th of April of 2001, my beloved mother passed away into the Spirit of God after a long struggle with the disease of Alzheimer. Mother died in my arms with an important Message from God related to the relief of suffering of the Martyrs of God (CW). I had asked God to spare us the agony of a slow painful death of suffering, with hospitals and doctors, with coma, intubations and the like, and this prayer was answered, because the final hours of the agony of death of Mother was at home, and lasted ‘only’ a few hours. The hours of the agony was however much too long, full of suffering, and it seemed to me, at first sight, that during the agony of death, God and the Spirits, and the Angels, were not there with me, at that critical time, to assist me, and relieve our suffering, during the agony of death of my beloved mother (CW). My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me, at this terrible time of death with so much pain suffered for the Lord! The last 12 hours of the agony of Mother was full of a painful suffering that could have been spared by the Immediate Instant Intercession of God Holy Spirit, by the induction of a heart attack, brought about even one year earlier, than the delayed date of the late death of my mother. The question why do innocent lambs most beloved children of God have to suffer pain, if an All Powerful God can release this pain by the simple Intercession of Thought, with the ‘My Will Be Done’, is the great Mystery of God, that nurtures doubt about the bout on the existence of God (section X).

A few days before the death of my very sick mother, the Spirit of God was Incarnate in the Soul of Mother, to give me a Message of Love with a Gift of God. Mother was sitting in her reclined comfortable sofa chair which I had bought for her three years earlier to sit awake upright or sleep tilted back, and this chair she used all day long, until she went to sleep for the night in her bedroom. At this advanced stage of her disease, during most of the day, mother had her eyes closed, and was completely shut off from the outside world. Since the 2 previous years she no longer communicated in any way or form, was fed with a spoon as a baby, and did not recognize me, nor anyone else of her family. I was sitting right next to my mother, who was sleeping in her chair with her eyes closed, while I was looking at her face, from a few centimeters away, when all of a sudden, she opened her eyes, and as she saw me, she recognized me, and gave me this Big Beautiful Smile! The smile was so beautiful that it was the Smile of an Angel of God! Indeed, this was the most Beautiful Smile that I had ever seen in any human being in my whole entire life-time! Not even the smile of a beautiful little girl could compete with this Smile of Mother that smiled at me with the Smile of the Angel with the Holy Spirit of God! The Smile of Mother was that of an Angel that Trans-Illuminated Light of the Holy Spirit, with the Love of God, with the Peace and Joy of the Holy Spirit of the God of Love! I had never seen such a Beautiful Smile before! This was to me no other than the Smile of an Angel with a Smile of Light of the Holy Spirit of God!

I had prayed to the Lord to come home and take my mother back Home on the week of Eastern with the Passion of the Lord. This specific prayer was answered. The celebration of the Week of Eastern 2001, started on the 8th of April, on the birth-date of my brother, and on the 9th of April was come the beginning of the end of the final hours of my beloved mother. In the early afternoon, I was out for some shopping, and as I arrived home, I found my mother moaning and crying out loud, from severe pain, that appeared to be pain from the abdomen. The full time nurse we had, to care for my mother, told me that my mother had started to moan from this pain one hour earlier. Nothing that the nurse did could mitigate the pain suffered by Mother. I called the emergency doctor with the ambulance and thereafter decided to take my Mother to bed in her bedroom, since Inner Little Self was telling me this was the Call from God, to take Mother back Home. With a little assistance, holding the arm of my mother, I walked Mother to her bed in her bedroom. This was the last walk of my dear mother, that even under the awful abdominal pain and in her advanced stage of Alzheimer, was able to walk to her death bed, on her own, tall and proud, like a brave warrior of the Lord, a Servant of God fighting her last battle for the Cause of God! According to the history of physical ailments of my mother, I believe that the abdominal pain was a nephritic colic with a renal stone, because like me, she always had problems with renal stones and gall stones in her kidneys and bladder. Those who have suffered the pain of a nephritic colic know that this is the worst physical pain that any human may suffer (CW). Mother was a Strong Spirit that even in her fragile body, afflicted by 40 years of osteoporosis, in the last stages of Alzheimer, suffering this terrible abdominal pain from a nephritic colic, still had the Energy of God in her Soul, to walk up-right, proud and tall, into her bed, a few hours before her Passover! This is the Spirit of God that was Manifest in the Spirit of my Mother, the beloved Servant of the Lord!

As Mother laid in her bed, moaning in pain, I could not stand her suffering, and quickly I placed my hands on her abdomen to Heal the pain with the Spirit, transmitting through my hands and my voice the Love and the Energy that I had in my Spirit, as I prayed aloud the Ave María, and to the Lord, to Come and Heal the pain of my suffering mother, to console the innocent Child of my Love! Between my Prayers to God, I also sang to my mother a sweet German ‘little lullaby song’, called ‘Hänschen Klein’, that my mother used to sing to me, when I was a little child, when she put me away to sleep, to soothe me, to console me with the sweet Sound of Love! Now it was my turn to soothe my mother, with the sweet lullaby song, with the sound of a Sweet Spirit of Love! For the very first time, and the last time in my life, I was singing to my mother the song that she had sung to me, many times, when I was a child, to calm me down, to relieve my anxiety, and bring me to the Peace of God! As I edit this text, several years later, I cannot hold back my Tears of Emotion, as I recall the suffering of the last hours that we suffered with Mother, another innocent martyr of God!

I prayed with great passion to relieve the pain of my suffering mother. Within 5 minutes of my prayers, singing the little lullaby song, with the Sound of Love, my mother stopped moaning, and never again did she complain from any pain, until the arrival of the team of doctors more than one hour later! My prayers to God to Come and Console the suffering of Mother had been answered! My mother had no longer pain, and my pain was relieved as I saw the relief of the pain of Mother. This was the Consolatrix Afflictorum that was Come with the Spirit, to console the suffering of the afflicted! This was the first time in my life that I had relieved, with my hands, and with my Spirit, the pain suffered by another! I had been made the little Instrument of God to relieve the suffering pain of my dear Mother! Not only was my mother consoled by the Consolatrix Afflictorum, but also I was consoled by the Spirit of the Holy Mother! I felt happy and elated that my mother no longer complained about pain, and felt good that I had been the Instrument of God to heal the suffering of my beloved Mother! A similar ‘Healing Event’ occurred during the death of my dear father, when I imposed my hands on the body of my suffering father, to console his agony and his pain, with the peace and love of the Holy Spirit, minutes before he passed away into the Kingdom of Heaven (CW). Although I cannot cure myself with a Miracle from any disease that may afflict my body, it seems that in these cases with my own parents, I had become a Healing Instrument of God! The abdominal pain of my beloved mother was removed and this pain we no longer had to suffer in the final hours of the Agony of Mother.

Tears from Heaven wept by Mother Gaia for the death of a Servant of God

The emotionally most painful hours of my life I experienced during the afternoon, the evening, and the night, of the 9th of April of 2001, and until 2:15 am of the morning of the 10th of April, when my mother finally passed away into the Kingdom of Heaven. The extreme painful experience that I had to endure with the death of my own mother I describe in a separate chapter, to discuss extensively a Message from God that I receive in my Heart (CW). Herein I describe a few Miracles made Manifest with the Passover of Mother, during the Holy Week of Eastern, with the Passion of the Lord, showing a few Miracle Pictures that provide evidence of the Presence of the Lord at this critical moment of my life, and these Miracle Pictures support that my beloved mother was another saint to the world (below).

In Punta del Este, the night of April the 9th of 2001, was very beautiful, with a crystal clear sky, with a large moon, and many stars. The light of what appeared a full moon brought some light into my darkest night, since the beautiful light of Love Sister Moon was the only source of consolation of what was to be the darkest hours of my life. It had been a beautiful day, and it was a beautiful night, and not a single cloud was in sight, in the crystal clear sky of the night. The day had been exhaustingly painful, and the intensity of my distressing experience, with my suffering mother, with the agony of the up-coming death, was excruciatingly painful (CW). During the long painful night, after praying with my mother, for one hour, in her bedroom, I would seek some rest and consolation with nature, walking in my garden under the light of the full moon in the silent lonely cloudless night meditating with the Spirit of God in my Heart. I would walk for about 10 minutes in the garden, under the light of the bright moon, and then go back into the bedroom with Mother, to be with her, and pray with her, waiting for the Angel of Death to come, to take my mother back Home into the Kingdom of Heaven. Every hour I thus came out to the garden, to rest my Soul from my terrible distress, to seek the beautiful sky with the light of the full moon. At about 2:00 in the morning, I was in the garden, under the cloudless sky, and soon I was back with my mother, in her bedroom, waiting for the Angel of the Lord to come from Thy Kingdom Come, to take the Spirit of Mother back Home. I prayed the Ave Maria, and the Pater Noster, in the many languages that I had learned, and asked the Blessed Virgin, Lord Jesus, Saint Therese and the Angels of my Love, to come quickly, and relieve us from the agony of pain, from the agony of death, so that the Spirit of Mother would finally be free, to fly back into the Kingdom of God. Late at 2:15 am in the night, my dear Mother finally expired her last breath, as I held her in my arms, crying out loud in my pain, as Mother gave up the Ghost of the Spirit into the Holy Spirit of God in Heaven (CW).

As I saw the Spirit of Life of my beloved mother leaving the body of my dear mother, realizing that death had finally come, I broke out into Tears of Agony, weeping bitterly, and profusely, in my pain, as I had never cried in my life before! I held on to the body of my dear mother, in bed, weeping the tears of pain, like a baby, as I had never done before! Rivers of Tears of Pain were flowing down my cheeks from my eyes, as I held the face of my beloved mother next to mine, while holding her little fragile body in my arms, in a final desperate embrace of Passion and Love! As I edit this text I cannot hold back my Tears of Emotion suffered for the great painful loss and suffering of my Heart! I wept profusely, in a Trance Agonic Ecstasy, holding the body of my dead mother close to my body and my Heart. Ten seconds after my mother had expired her last breath, beaten her last beat of her heart, I suddenly heard the Voice of God of my Love, the extraordinary Sound of Weeping of the Mother Spirit of God Mother Gaia come to console my Heart! Suddenly we were Visited by the Holy Spirit of God made Manifest in Love Mother Gaia with a great Miracle of God of my Heart!

After a long day of much pain, and many hours of horrible suffering, the Holy Spirit was finally come, to console my terrible affliction, giving me the Good News that the pain was now over, both for me, and my beloved mother, for God was Come from Heaven with a Miracle of God, to take up the Spirit of Mother into the Kingdom of Heaven! In the silence of the night, and much louder than the sound of my loud weeping, suddenly was Manifest the Weeping of the Holy Spirit with Love Mother Gaia! The Call of God woke me up from my weeping of pain, to hear the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard in my life, made Manifest by the Holy Mother of Pure Heart! A strong but also soft rain was hitting on the roof of the bedroom of my mother, and immediately I knew that these were Tears from Heaven made Manifest by the Holy Spirit on Mother Gaia! Under my rivers of tears of suffering pain, I was dumbfounded, in a Mystical Trance Ecstasy, but quickly I realized that God was crying with me Tears of Emotion, Tears of Love, Tears from Heaven, by acting upon Love Mother Gaia with the most Wonderful Peaceful Rain of Love with the Covenant of God on my Heart! My pain was Consoled by the Tears of God made Manifest 10 seconds after my Mother had given up the Ghost into the Holy Spirit of God in Heaven! The Consolatrix Afflictorum was Manifest in Mother Gaia, with Tears from Heaven, showing its Tears of Life for the little beloved departed Servant of God of my Love Heart!

A few minutes before the death of Mother I had been outside in the garden, and there was not one single cloud under the beautiful clear sky; and 10 minutes after the death of my mother, I was again outside in the garden, and again not a single cloud was in sight in the crystal clear sky! God had Generated this Cloud of Rain of Love Mother Gaia in Perfect Miraculous Synchronicity with the moment of passing away of my Mother, to provide Tears from Heaven, as a wonderful Gift of Presence of the Holy Spirit! I have no doubt whatsoever, that the Rain from Heaven was a Miracle of God, a Demonstration of God, to show me that Mother was Loved by God! Mother Gaia was shedding Tears of Love for loosing on Earth her Servant of Love! Indeed, it has been described that Mother Gaia may shed Tears of Rain upon departure of one of her beloved Saints of Heaven! This was the best sweetest way for me to see, to hear, and feel, such a Miracle of God, making Tears from Heaven fall upon our dwelling, to show me a Message of Love, through the Rain of Life of Mother Gaia! The Consolatrix Afflictorum was Manifest with Tears of Heaven to console my affliction with a Miracle of the Love of God in my Heart!

I had never heard such a beautiful sound of such a soft and sweet but also strong rain, that was Singing in the Rain, the Sweet Sound of the Tears from Heaven! The Spirit of Mother Gaia with the Holy Spirit was Weeping with me the Tears of Pain; but the Tears from Heaven were also Tears of Love, Tears of Consolation, showing me that our great suffering was finally over! Indeed, the suffering of my dear beloved mother was over! My great suffering was over! As I realized that God was with me, with Tears from Heaven, my sorrow was Consoled with the Love of the Spirit of Mother Gaia! My Tears of Pain were instantly consoled with the Raindrops of Mother Earth, because I knew this was God weeping Tears of Love from Heaven! The Message of God in the Tears from Heaven was to me clear as I heard the wonder sound of the large heavy raindrops falling on the roof of the bedroom, as I held unto the dead body of my beloved departed Mother. The Tears from Heaven continued for several minutes, and suddenly, the Sound of Silence was come again into the room, and thus the Manifestation of God with Tears from Heaven was over!

A few minutes later, I was outside in the garden, under the crystal clear night, with no clouds in sight, with the stars and the large full moon shinning its light on this beautiful night, that had been to me yet my darkest hour! God had brought the Cloud of God with the Tears from Heaven unto the bedroom of Mother, generating a Cloud of God, moving the Elements of Gaia, to provide this magnificent Demonstration of God! The suffering night of the death of my mother was however never over, and I continued in my pain shedding Tears of Agony during the never ending night, asking God many why questions related to the suffering of martyrs of the world (CW). It was several days later, when the Holy Week of Eastern, with the Passion of the Lord, and the suffering for my Mother, was finally over, that I could comprehend and find some answers to the questions that I had requested from God (CW).

The following morning, around noon, something quite extraordinary happened that my eyes at first sight would not believe, even though I was accustomed to see strange Demonstrations of the Spiritual World. I was alone in the bedroom with the body of my mother, sitting in a chair next to her dead body, laying on her bed, when suddenly, I saw the bed sheets covering my mother moving and shaking above the body of my Mother! I wondered for a second if Mother had suddenly revived from the dead, like Lazarus, moving her bed sheets that covered her body, or maybe this was her Guardian Angel, or the Spirit of Mother still present in the room! During several seconds I saw the shaking vibration movement of the bed sheets above my mother, as if a strong burst of wind had sneaked into the bedroom, to move very carefully the sheets covering the body of my mother. I focused all my attention on the face of my mother, to establish if she was moving, and I was relieved to ascertain no movement in the dead body of Mother. It was only the bed sheet that was moving on Mother. There was no wind, and there could not be any such wind in the bedroom, and thus I was amazed and became quite scared to see the bed sheet moving above my mother, as I looked at my mother and the bed sheets to assess what on earth was being Manifest from Heaven! The continuous shaking movement of the bed sheets suddenly stopped, but after a few seconds, it resumed for another round of a few seconds, and thereafter, I never saw the sheets move again, until the final departure of the body for the funeral of my Mother! The Kinetic Manifestation with the bed sheets occurred several hours after the Spirit of Mother separated from the body, and considering what I had seen at 2:15 am in the morning, during the last breath with the death of my mother, I consider that the Spirit of my Mother left her body a few seconds before she expired her last breath to give up the Ghost to the Holy Spirit (CW). It is a possibility that the Spirit of Mother was manifest from the Dimension of Heaven during the following hours of the Passover of Mother, or maybe it was an Angel, my mothers Angel, or my Angel. Whatever the manifestation may be, Mother, Angel of Mother, Angel in Me, the Blessed Mother, Lord Jesus in the Week of his Passion, I know that my dear mother is somewhere in Heaven, in one of the finest Mansions of God, enjoying Everlasting Peaceful Bliss with the Holy Spirit in Heaven!

The Manifestation of Miracle Pictures

Several Miracle Pictures were manifest during the following days after the passing away of my Mother that show that God was with me and with my mother during this painful week of Eastern with the Passion of the Lord. The Miracle Pictures made manifest in the context of the death of my mother provide additional material evidence that the Miracle of the Tears of Heaven was a Manifestation of God to establish that Mother was a Saint of God! The Miracle Picture shows a Heart of Light, with the Symbol of Love, that was manifest on the Miracle Portrait of the Blessed Virgin of Banneux that hanged right above the bed with the dead body of my mother, which I do not include in this Miracle Picture. The beautiful Heart of Light is the Symbol of Love made Manifest by God on one of my most beautiful Miracle Pictures that shows Tears of Light of Our Lady of Banneux. It is a Miracle of God that the Symbol of Love of a Heart of Light is manifest above my departed mother, on a Miracle Portrait of the Blessed Virgin that is weeping Tears of Light made manifest with a most beautiful Miracle of God (section 11B3). The Heart of Light of the Symbol of Love is manifest on the physical Heart of the Miracle Image of the Blessed Virgin of my Love. Moreover, the Light of Red Flowers of Love, with the Symbolic Color of Love, are reflected on the hands of the Blessed Virgin! In other words, the Miracle Image of the Weeping María, with materialized Tears of Light, shows the Blessed Virgin bringing for my mother her Roses of Light, with the Colors of Love, and showing a Heart of Light on the Heart of the Virgin, showing these Symbols of God made manifest as her Gift of Love!

An awesome Miracle of God was manifest in the Chapel of Saint Rafael, after I attended the service of the Via Crucis of the Passion of the Lord after the departure of my mother. I was given the honor to carry the image of the Crucified Christ during the Via Crucis, and eventually the Image of Jesus I placed on the table of the altar of Jesus. When the service was over, I stayed in the Chapel of the Archangel, alone on my own, for a last round of meditation, and thereafter I took a couple of pictures of the Crucified Christ that I had carried on my Via Crucis during the Passover of Mother. The second picture of the image of the Crucifix of Jesus with candle light, that I took one second after the first control picture, is an awesome Miracle Picture that shows a breath-taking Miracle of God. Indeed, an awesome Heart of Light on the fire of the candle-light was manifest to show the Symbol of the Heart of Love to give me the Consolation of God! The Heart of Light shown from my distance, as I took the Miracle Picture, is a perfect Heart of Light, to show the Symbol of Love of the Heart of God. However, I had a broken Heart, for the heartbreak I had experienced with the death of my Mother, and thus the Gift of God in the Fire of Light of the candle-light was manifest as a Broken Heart of Light, to reflect my Broken Heart, and to establish more evidence of this magnificent Miracle of God! The Dent of Light in the Heart of Light is very small, but therefore it makes the Manifestation of Light with the Symbol of God a larger Miracle with a Message of God! Violet Spirit Light circumscribes the Heart of White Light to further introduce a Mystical Beauty into the Miracle of God. No such Violet Light is seen in the pointy fire of the normal candle-light in the control picture with no Symbol of God. The Lord gave me a Heart of Love with the Candle-Light of Jesus, but the Heart of Light was a Broken Heart, in the same way that my Heart was a Broken Heart during what was the darkest hour of my life, in this Holy Week of Eastern, with the Passover of Mother, and the Passion of the Lord!

On Easter Sunday I went to the Church of the Candelaria, in Punta del Este, to celebrate the service of the Resurrection of Jesus. I went early to the Church, to be alone before arrival of the crowds, to pray and meditate what was to be my last visit to a Church on Eastern with my Passion for my Mother and the Lord. I was still in much pain, and I knew this would be an emotional service, for I would shed Tears of Emotion for a final Communion with the Holy Spirit and the Soul of my departed Mother. Soon I was next to my favorite image of this Church, with Saint Therese de Lisieux, and here quickly I had a weeping crisis with Saint Therese of my Love. Through my Tears of Pain, I suddenly saw the Light of God, made manifest from the eyes of the statue of my beloved Saint Therese! Quickly I realized that my Tears of Pain were corresponded by Tears of Light that were suddenly manifest from the eyes of the statue of Saint Therese (pictures below). Tears of Light flowing down from the rims of the eyelids of the image of Saint Therese seemed to me Tears of Love. As shown in this other Miracle Picture, my Saint Therese is looking with her eyes in a different direction, and shows another Manifestation of God: one of the Tears of Light is Transformed into a Star of Light, which is another Symbol of God! The Eye of Therese with the Tear of Light that is manifest as a Star of Light is looking towards Heaven, while the other Eye with the straight Tear of Light is looking towards me, as I was taking the Miracle Picture, to console my Spirit with the Spirit of Love! The most remarkable Miracle Picture of the set of Miracle Pictures of the Tears of Light of Saint Therese is the Miracle Picture that shows an additional Manifestation of Light of Saint Therese. An additional Tear of Light, superimposed to one of the Tears of Light, is Materialized on the Print of the Miracle Image, to provide additional evidence of this Miracle of God. I did not see this different additional Tear of Light during the Apparition of the Tears of Light, and thus, this superimposed Tear of Light is made manifest through Grace of Revelation, as an additional Gift of God! This last additional single Tear of Light is not imprint in the negative film, but only Manifest in the Print of the Miracle Picture! The image is thus not a scan from the negative film, but a scan from the print of the Miracle Picture. Saint Therese made manifest this additional Miracle of a Materialization of a Tear of Light, sometime during the printing development of the roll of film! Furthermore, Saint Therese has chosen the most Beautiful Image of the whole set of pictures to materialize this extra Tear of Light to establish this Miracle of God! Moreover, the face of Saint Therese in the Miracle Picture shows a beautiful Smile of Love that is not seen in the control picture with no Tear of Light. This is another Miracle of Love of Saint Therese that was manifest to console my Spirit and be with me in the darkest hours of my life during the passing of my beloved mother!

Soul and Conscience

The disease of Alzheimer with the progressive destruction of the brain makes us think about the Conscience and Soul of the human being and animals. The brain is the organ that contains or manifests the conscience of the living beings. Alzheimer is a disease that destroys consciousness and shows that the human being is no different than animals: the human being has a conscience and the animals also have a conscience; and if human beings have a Soul, then animals also have a Soul. The religious authorities say that animals have no soul, and if they are right then human beings also have no soul; there is no difference between humans and animals, both have conscience, and both have a Soul which is the ‘Spark of Life, the ‘Energy of Life’, the ‘Vital Energy’ that all Living Beings acquire from the Holy Spirit of the Divine Cosmic Universe (section X). During the last two years suffering the disease of Alzheimer my mother was no longer with us, she seemed to have no conscience, she did not demonstrate love, she only had the Vital Energy that allowed all other organs to function; only the organ of consciousness, the brain, did not work. Animals also have diseases of the brain and have the same destruction of their consciousness similar to the loss of consciousness seen in the disease of Alzheimer. My mother had lost her consciousness, but did not loose her Soul, she had the Spiritual Energy that lived in her body, even though my mother no longer showed manifestations of the soul; my mother had lost the manifestations of consciousness. The syndrome of Alzheimer is similar to the syndrome suffered by the sick who have a cerebral coma: they loose consciousness but they conserve the Soul or the Spirit of the Energy of Life. I was with my mother during the final hours of her life: my mother died in my arms, I saw her last breath, I felt the very last beating of her heart, and during the terrible pain of this experience of the death of my mother, I saw and felt that the Spirit of my mother, the Soul of my Mother, had left her body a few seconds before the last beating of her heart, a few seconds before the final breath of her body; it was as if the Soul had departed from her body a few seconds before the final death of her material body. Thus, the Soul, the Spirit, the Vital Energy of the Holy Spirit had left the physical body a few seconds before the final death of the body of my beloved Mother (CW).

My brother Jan

The letter to the Holy Father, surely the most important letter of my life, I wrote first in spanish, during 7 days, when my brother Jan van Kuyk was very sick in the hospital of his home in Brazil. I translated the english version the following 3 days and I ended the last edition of the letter, and with it, all the work of my internet site, the 5th of november at 6 am in the morning. A few hours later, his eldest son informs me that my beloved brother had unexpectedly passed away at 6 am of that same early morning. As I write this text, one week has passed, and in remembrance of my dear brother, I would like to share the letter I sent to his family and to the many friends he had all of his life all over the world:

Five days have passed since the departure of Jan, I am dazed and confused, and cannot understand; it is so difficult for me to accept that I will no longer be able to speak with my dear brother; I am very sad, I keep on crying, and I do not believe what is at hand.

The last time that Jan could speak to me by phone in the hospital he was already weak, and he finished the phone call with the last words that I heard from my brother: ‘I have to leave you‘, and 3 days later he was gone.

We were born almost together; we grew up together during our wonderful childhood; we had a constant relationship during the last 50 years, with at least one phone call per week, to share our experiences and listen to his advice on how to improve my complicated life.

Jan was very popular and very loved by all the people he met in the world. He was generous, with a good heart, he was hard-working, very serious and responsible in all the things he did in his life, he had many talents, he had charm and charisma, he always was a broker of peace; he was an excellent father that adored his 3 children, and was an excellent son dearly loved by both parents. Jan was an excellent friend to all his many friends; Jan was the best friend I had in my life. Our childhood together was extraordinary, it was the best time of my life; I enclose a dear picture when we both were little angels of God; today Jan is again a big little Angel with God.

My brother Jan gave me the great honor of being the godfather of his first son; I never had paid attention to this vote of love and trust that I received from my brother Jan; his dear son William took care of his father during the last difficult moments of his life. I will do all I can to care for his children that my brother loved with all the force of his heart, so that his 2 sons and his beloved daughter Evelyn will have all what they need, to continue their lives with great wisdom and education which was what my brother most wanted in his heart.

Jan was the person that most accompanied me and helped me during the last years of my life; he was with me in the good times and in the bad times and thus he was the best friend of my life. Many times we had arguments on how to cope with the problems of life; with Jan the discussions were always a fierce battle until the end, but quickly we resolved our differences and were again the best friends; our dear father had this same quality: when he had a fight with my mother, one second after the fight, he ended the discussion saying how much he loved her. A few weeks ago my brother told me that he could not tell a lie; and this was true, he never said one single lie, none of us did, because this was the ways of our father and mother. My older brother wanted me to keep my feet more on the ground, and I wanted that my bother would keep his feet a little higher from the ground: none of us achieved that goal, we did not have the time to fulfill the dreams we shared together for a future of a more happy life.

This should not have happened: Jan had still very much to give to the world; this had also happened with our beloved mother Evelyn, when she fell very sick with her long terrible disease and could no longer give away her work of charity that all of her life she gave to the poor children of the world. Jan did much good to the world, and thus his reward will be great in another Kingdom of Heaven. We who are left behind more alone will suffer; I will never overcome the great loss of my brother, as I never recovered from the loss of my parents; my father used to say: partir c’est un peu morir , today I say this ‘partir’ is a very bad ‘morir’.

I enclose 3 nice pictures of my dear brother: when we were little children in the home were we were born, when we were adults visiting the home where my mother was born and my brother with his beloved parents at home. I lost much more than a brother. It gives me great sorrow that my brother did not see all the work of my life brought finally into fruition; I am sure that my brother Jan, with my parents, from their new Home in Heaven, will keep on participating in the experiences of my life, and in the lives of all of you beloved dear friends that shared his honorable life.

Punta del Este-Petropolis;  5/11 – 13/11 of 2015

A Fairy Tale: My Beautiful Mother