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Changes to save the world from the course of extinction

Mother Earth is suffering the first fevers of a disease, with climate change, due to the inhuman humans, that could lead to the final cataclysm of the announced Apocalypses, with the extinction of life on earth and the human species. The terrible draughts, torrential floods, storms, hurricanes, fires provoked by man, wars all over the world, the new plagues and diseases that propagate throughout the world, are manifest everywhere in the world, showing the fever of the world that Mother Earth is suffering. Planet Earth has the capacity to sustain 3 billion human beings, and not the 8 billion that plague the Earth. The destruction of nature, the cutting of millions of trees, the pollution of the earth and the seas, the contamination of the atmosphere with toxic gases from the industries, all together is causing the destruction of life on earth and is the result of the very bad management of the resources of the planet that is abused by the human species.

In the 2014 annual report of WWF, the most prestigious ecological organization of the world, it is indicated that in the past 40 years, since 1970 until 2010, mankind had caused a decrease of 52 % in the number of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, all over the world; and I quote: ‘the loss of habitats, the degradation and exploitation of the earth, hunting and fishing, are the main causes of this decrease, and the climate change is the next principal threat’. In the year 2016 the WWF up-dated the percentage of reduction of animals due to the barbaric human activity: from 52 % in the year 2010 the reduction of animals was 67 % in the year 2015! What might be the reduction of animals in the year 2018? By extrapolation the reduction of all wild animals in the planet in the year 2018 would be circa 80 %! Thus, in the last 50 years humans have destroyed 80 % of all the wild animals of the planet! The destruction of animals is very alarming; at this rate, in a few years, the only vertebrate animals left on the planet might be the cows produced for the unnecessary immoral human consumption.

As indicated by the data of the WWF, in my opinion the greatest problem we have is the systematic killing of animals perpetrated by the human species, and in second place comes the climate change! The human species should NOT kill animals, should NOT eat animals, all Living Beings should NOT be mis-treated in any way or form, animals should NOT be placed in cages; every creature in the planet needs to be free and should NOT suffer in the prison of the human cages to satisfy the immoral appetite of the human plague: liberty is the most important asset of life, it is the most essential universal right of any living being; liberty is even more important than life; indeed, I would rather be dead than be locked up in some prison of the evil human being. Hence, no animal should be put in a cage; it is a grave sin to have birds in cages; zoos need to be closed down, if you put in a cage some innocent animal, one day your Soul will suffer in some Spiritual Cage in one of the many Dimensions of the Creation. I believe that the suffering of animals provoked by humans produces a suffering to the Soul of the Planet, to the Soul of Gaia, and this suffering is the main cause that the Spirit of PanGaia will soon say enough is enough to the human species, and will pass humans into its evolutionary history, as it did with the dinosaurs millions of years ago, and the evolution of the world will continue without the human species.

The ecologist Jane Goodall, the great expert in animal behavior said: ‘We are destroying the planet because we lost wisdom. We too are animals. If we accept that we are not the only living being that has a personality, sentiments and conscience, we would feel bad on how we treat animals’. Indeed, the human being is an animal, man is a mammal like a cow, a mouse, and an elephant; and all animals love and suffer; that is, they have feelings, and each animal has his own different personality, and all have Conscience and a Soul like human animals. Each dog is different and has his own personality, and each cat also: this is surely realized by anyone that has a dog or a cat; and each one of my different sheep of the hundreds that I had, all are different and have their own personality; thus, animals are like humans, they love and they suffer, they have feelings and consciousness, and have the same Spirit of Life, the Soul of Life that also has the Human Animal.

‘Thou shalt not kill’ says one of the Commandments of God in the Bible. This commandment does not say ‘thou shalt not kill humans’, it says ‘You should NOT kill’; thus, you should NOT kill animals because animals are good and cause no harm to the world; instead of killing animals by eating animals, I suggest you travel to Africa or the Middle East to kill very evil human being that kills women and children and are exterminating many animals such as the Sacred Elephants and thus are destroying the material and spiritual world of our beloved Planet Earth.

I am a vegetarian now for many years. I ate a little meat in the past because no one taught me that eating meat was wrong. I stopped eating meat as soon as I realized the suffering of animals due to the evil producers of meat in the farms and the industry of animal production. I now feel much better and I am physically more healthy than I was in the past. Eating meat produces all kinds of diseases, specially diseases of the heart, the veins and the brain. It is not necessary to eat meat to grow and be healthy; the human species has been designed to be vegetarian and the most wise intelligent human beings of the world were vegetarians (see below). All lectors need to be conscious of the suffering of animals that they produce if they eat the meat of animals. All human beings need to become vegetarian to eliminate the terrible suffering of all the poor innocent creatures of the world that are suffering the Holocaust of Animals, with the production of meat for human consumption of cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry and now even fish are put in cages and are suffering and are exterminated due to the ignorant human plague. If you eat the meat of animals one day someone will eat you, because an action elicits a re-action according to the Spiritual Law of Universal Reaction. Indeed, maybe in a few years, all animals will be fed by extra-terrestrials with balanced human meal. Thus, I propose that you start cooking evil possessed human criminals, to feed lions, bears and tigers, to eliminate the evil from this world, because the world has only space for Loving Human Beings that love and care for all the Loving Living Animal Beings that have the same rights to a Long Happy Life in Complete Freedom in our Miracle Planet Earth.

Below I quote the words of 6 great geniuses of humanity that were vegetarian; that is, the most brilliant human beings of the planet did not eat the meat of animals and they had their good reasons:

Albert Einstein (maybe the most intelligent man in the history of humankind): ‘I am by principle a passionate follower of vegetarianism. Mainly because of ethical and moral reasons. I strongly believe in a vegetarian order of life, even if it were only due to physical effects that influences the temperament of men’.

 Leonardo da Vinci (maybe the most genial man of the history of humankind): ‘There will be a time when human beings will only eat vegetable food and the killing of animals will be considered a crime in the same manner as killing a human being. The day will come when men like me will see as a crime the killing of an animal as we now see in the killing of a human being‘.

Pitágoras (one of the greatest philosophers of all time): ‘If men keep on killing his younger brothers the animals we will continue to suffer wars on earth and men will continue to kill each other, for he that sows pain and death will never harvest peace, happiness and love‘.

Mahatma Ghandi (a great saint and activist of human morality): ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way they treat its animals’. ‘I feel that the spiritual progress demands from us that we stop killing and eating our brothers the animal creatures of God only to satisfy our perverted and sensual appetites’.

San Francisco of Asís (one of the greatest saints of humanity): ¿How can you devour mercilessly these adorable animal creatures that give you their love, help, friendship and company?‘.

Buda (the great prophet of the Buddhist religion). ‘Love all living beings and pacify your spirits by stopping the killing and eating of animals; this is the true test of religiosity, because the true wise man of God not only will not kill and not eat animals, but will also love and keep and potentiate the life of all creatures in every manifestation‘.

Other geniuses that were vegetarian include: Isaac Newton (the most brilliant physicist of history); Thomas Edison (the inventor of electricity); Rupert Sheldrake (brilliant biologist that explains the mental communication between animals); Paul McCartney (great musical genius).

Thus, the greatest geniuses of humanity, the most intelligent humans of the world, the most wise men of history, and the greatest saints, are telling you loud and clear, and giving you the example that You must Be a Vegetarian! There is no reason not to be a vegetarian: these wise intelligent geniuses were vegetarian and they did not lack any mineral or vitamin to function with their intelligent brains. The human being has been designed for a vegetarian digestion: Albert Einstein said that we have to be vegetarian, not only due to ethical and moral reasons, but also because of the physical level for the temperament of men. Indeed, eating meat changes the temperament of humans, men become more aggressive, he makes wars, the hunting and killing of animals is aggressive, it is like a war that instead of killing human beings it kills our brothers the animals that are much more lovable and good than human beings. Someone who does not eat meat is more pacific, he has moral consciousness, he has ecological consciousness, and a spiritual consciousness; indeed, someone who eats the meat of killed animals has very little or no moral consciousness, has no ecological consciousness and has little or no spiritual consciousness because he does not care if a poor animal suffers; he is a moral ignorant of the facts of life and if he says he is a christian he is no true man of God as indicated by the wise words of Prophet Buda. One cannot be a good human being that preaches morality and ecology and spirituality, and at the same time eats the meat of killed animals that are mis-treated and slaughtered producing an enormous pain and suffering in other Living Beings. Moreover, the industry of killing animals is a source of great pollution of the environment; someone who says he is a defender of the ecology and eats the meat of slaughtered animals is a hypocrite, he is another Poncius Pilate that washes his hands of the crucifixion of Christ. This hypocrite that eats the meat of animals believes that because he does not kill the animal himself, he does not commit the crime of killing the animal; but he is totally wrong, because when he eats the dead animal he is killing the animal because he is the one who pays the evil producer of meat to kill the animal so that he can eat the animal. The great genius Leonardo da Vinci was right when he said 500 years ago that it is a crime to kill an animal! I say this with different words: if you kill an animal you are a criminal! Indeed, if you kill an animal, you do not have ecological consciousness, you do not have moral consciousness, and you do not have spiritual consciousness, you are worse than a crook who steals money; if you kill animals I hope that the Angels will come to throw you into the Dimension of Hell (below).

A hunter who kills animals is a criminal who deserves to be dead, he is a violator of God, and commits a mortal crime that will be punished by the Spiritual World. The king of spain will go directly to hell for killing elephants, perhaps the most divine creature of Planet Earth. The holocaust of elephants that is taking place in Africa is perhaps the biggest crime in the history of the human species. In the last issue of National Geographic (September 2015) I read with horror that criminal human beings are killing 30,000 elephants per year to sell their tusks of ivory to the evil criminal chinese idiots who consume ivory for their pleasure, producing a great harm to these Divine Animals that are loved by their Creator God. If the christian reader agrees with me that the chinese idiots are wrong in consuming the Ivory of Elephants, producing great suffering in these Holy Animals, then they should stop consuming the meat of animals, such as the meat of cows, because they are producing great suffering to these Holy Animals. Killers of elephants are the worst criminals that exist on Planet Earth and they need to be removed from this world. Herein I place a Holy Fatwa on all those evil criminal bastards, the true devils, that kill and mutilate innocent human beings like children and women and kill these Adorable Animals to satisfy their sick egos for power that cause so much damage to the World. I do not understand why a powerful country like the United States, and the civilized countries of the United Nations, do not invade Africa and remove the irresponsible corrupt governments of this savage continent that are decimating the population of all the Divine Animals that are being exterminated from Planet Earth: these brutes have almost killed every rhinoceros of the continent to sell their horns to the evil stupid chinese because they believe they will have a better sexual erection. If the United States invested hundreds of billions of dollars to invade Irak to remove the evil egomaniac Saddam Hussein for its OIL, then the United States should invade the countries of Africa that are killing and exterminating the most magnificent animals of Planet Earth. Moreover, the evil idiots of the japanese people are still killing whales, one of the most Holy Animals of Planet Earth, causing great suffering to the Soul of the Planet and to the Holy Spirit of God. For all of this, and much more, I Am Mad! I am very mad! I hope that quickly the Angels will Come, with the Sword of the Lord, to remove all those Evil Souls that are destroying the Life of the World!

Someone who eats the meat of an animal but does not kill the animal (because he does not work in the slaughter-house) is an accomplice of the criminal; the consumer of meat is the one who causes the suffering of the animal because the consumer of meat asks the criminal producer of meat to kill animals so he can eat animals. If you eat the meat of animals, without killing the animal, you are an accomplice of the criminal animal producers that dedicate their lives to put animals in cages and kill animals to have more money in their pockets. If you eat the meat of animals you are an active participant of the Holocaust of Animals, and in your lifetime or future existence you will pay a price for the suffering you cause on animals. Jesus said: ‘and so will be the end of the world: the Angels will come and separate the bad humans from the good ones and they will throw the bad human beings into the fires of hell’. If you kill animals after death you will surely go to some bad dimension with bad spirits that many saints have seen and called hell; if you do not kill animals but you participate in the suffering and slaughter you will go to some intermediate dimension called purgatory by the saints, to pay for your sins for making animals suffer due to the crimes of your sin; and if you are very bad: your spirit will be lost and exterminated from the Cycle of Life: your bad soul will be eaten up by a Black Hole of the Cosmic Universe. As indicated by the Lord in the Bible: ‘Heed to the voice of the Angel, because he will NOT forgive your sin’.

When an animal dies due to natural causes the animal protein of the dead animal can be recycled, and used as deemed appropriate: it could be given to small children or sick elderly people, but the recycling of animal protein could be done only after the natural death of the animal, once the Soul of the animal leaves the physical body to move into its new Evolutionary Realm in some other Dimension of the Universe. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed, but you can NOT kill an animal to eat; killing animals is a savage act of brutes of the past; those that today still eat the meat of killed animals are ignorant that have little spiritual consciousness and are not wise human beings of God because they do not care about the suffering of Holy Animals. Today there is longer an excuse to eat the meat of animals, the excuse of ‘I did not know’ is no longer there: you can see and read the cruel reality of what is going on in the world with the savage brutal treatment and killing of animals: you can see videos, see pictures and read in the press all the barbaric acts perpetrated against animals; you only need to go to your local slaughter-house to see how they treat and kill Holy Cows; and the next time you will eat meat in some farm, you should kill the animal yourself, grab a knife and try to cut the throat of a living animal: and if you can do that, you are a criminal, and I hope that quickly you will go to Hell. Verily verily I say unto you: in order that your Soul may enter into a good Spiritual Dimension, you must NOT eat animals, you must NOT mis-treat animals, you must NOT put animals in cages; the Spiritual Law is plain and simple: you must Love and care for all animals and plants, and if you follow this Law of Love your Soul will move up in the ladder of Spiritual Evolution to reach the Final Communion with the Divine Spiritual World.

Here I want to repeat the wise words of prophet Buda: ‘Love all living beings and pacify your spirits by stopping the killing and eating of animals; this is the true test of religiosity, because the true wise man of God not only will not kill and not eat animals, but will also love and keep and potentiate the life of all creatures in every manifestation‘. Prophet Buda says the true wise person will care for all living beings; that is, everyone should take care of all animals and plants, and with the help of Buda here I will refute what many scientists say about the ways to care for Holy Nature, and I will also refute the scientists who work for the excellent nature magazine ‘National Geographic’. Many scientists say that man should not intervene in the natural course of nature: meaning that if an animal for example is dying in the woods, one has to let the animal die because it is the natural course of nature. It is an immoral sin not to intervene and let a poor animal die in nature if one can assist the poor animal that is dying due to some cruel chaos of nature. If you find a human being that has had an accident in the car, you assist that person: it is a legal law and it is a moral law to help your fellow human being; likewise, it is a moral obligation to assist an animal that is sick or in danger of dying, it is a spiritual moral obligation to assist the animal with a problem that causes suffering and threatens the life of a fellow Living Being. And here I describe such a moral mistake perpetrated by scientists of National Geographic: one day I saw on TV a documentary of Nat Geo on the life of a polar female mother bear that had 2 cubs to care; the 3 bears, the mother and her 2 little bear cubs were in trouble, in danger of loosing their lives because the mother was not finding enough food due to a shortage of food due to the human induced climate change; during several weeks the scientists observed and filmed the polar bear and her 2 cubs from their trucks and helicopter; the mother bear did not find sufficient food (maybe due to the noise of the human truck and the helicopter), and shortly thereafter the 2 little bear cubs starved to death; the great scientists were filming how the bears were dying of hunger, and in the end, the 2 precious little bears died from starvation! What a crime! That was a mortal sin not to intervene to help the poor mother bear with some food to save the 2 precious cubs from starvation! I ask myself, what was the great problem in throwing at the mother bear a large piece of meat from their truck or helicopter?; surely the scientists were eating lots of meat during their adventure in Antartica. And what did we learn from that ‘great’ experience of the Nat Geo scientists? Nothing new: there is a climate change and bears are dying from starvation due to stupid immoral human beings! That documentary was a painful horror, a documentary on the ‘holocaust of animals’ on what stupid human beings are doing with animals; it would have been better to make a deal with the king of spain, or the sons of president Trump, charge them 100,000 U$S so they could enjoy killing the 2 cubs with a rifle from the helicopter, and with the money of these criminals the scientists would have invested in some other documentary of Antartica yo show how the innocent defenseless animals are dying due to the evils of mankind.

Another big problem in human society that is responsible for the destruction of the planet is the very bad immoral legal justice system that manages the lives of the people of the world. The current legal system that takes care of the justice does not work in most countries because delinquency is getting worse every day all around the world. Here in South America the numbers of delinquents and criminals are increasing because they are protected and cared for with the money of taxes that good working people pay to the inefficient and negligent government employees that are responsible for applying inmoral justice in the country. I could write a whole book about my very bad experiences with criminal delinquents, with corrupt police, immoral judges, and immoral lawyers that are crooks, that work in the inefficient immoral negligent justice system that has control of the outcome of the lives of good people and the planet. The government is spending billions of dollars in caring for criminal delinquents that are in expensive jails instead of using the limited resources of money in saving lives of small children that die from starvation. Criminals in jails get their food, they have TV, they are warm in the winter, they even have internet and cellular phones, while being watched by many expensive guards; all of this expense is paid with the money of our taxes, whereas children in Africa and Asia and South America die from starvation! This is totally insane and unacceptable that the laws of the countries would invest their limited resources in taking care of evil souls that cannot be recovered, neglecting the lives of poor children that die of disease, have no food and no water to survive and have no health and education. I live alone in my sanctuary of animals with no employees to help me because I have little money and thus I have priorities in the investment of my limited resources and time: first comes the health of my animals, then the health of my plants, and finally other less important tasks such as cleaning the barn; likewise, the government needs to have priorities in its investments, and their priorities are wrong: they invest their limited resources in caring for criminals in expensive jails, money that could be invested in food, health and education for children that soon will manage the world. I am not going to be diplomatic, as Jane Goodall, on what to do with evil criminals that kill and mistreat animals: I am convinced that we need to implement the death penalty to remove the many evil souls that produce so much damage to the world; it is crazy to invest fortunes to care for an evil ‘Hannibal Lector’, a Hitler, Assad, a Saddam Hussein, or terrorists of ISIS; all these evil souls should exit this life and go to some other Dimension like the one called Hell. There should be death penalty for poachers and hunters who kill animals such as rhinoceros and elephants, bears and whales; the chinese are doing something right imposing death penally to anyone who kills the Holy Panda Bear. Moreover, putting crooks in jail does not solve the problem of criminality because the crooks come out from jail even worse than when they were put in jail, because jails are not a good environment to teach morality or spirituality because they will be violated in many ways and forms. Jails should thus not even exist; the enormous fortunes invested in jails could be eliminated if we return to the laws of the past, an eye for an eye, with the death penalty. Those who play with the fire of evil should be put in the fires of evil, removed from the Earth and put in the jail of Hell; this is Spiritual Selection, and even natural selection: those who are fit to live and love on Planet Earth will survive and evolve, those who are not fit like the criminals that destroy the world should be removed from the world. In order to have a Healthy Planet we need a Healthy Human Being, humans that have morality and spirituality; the planet will not survive if there is no Justice for All.

The 10 Commandments of the Bible written thousands of years ago was very interesting, but today the commandments have to be actualized in order to save the planet, and to save the human species from extinction. The First Commandment to save the planet and all its Living Beings (including the human species) should be: ‘Love your Planet Earth and all its Living Beings with all the Force of your Heart’; once you comply with this essential commandment, all the rest will be accomplished and the world would be saved; because someone who loves animals will not kill them, will not eat them, and will not place the animals in cages; someone who loves plants will not destroy them, he will care for them like giving them water in the dry season, and if he loves his neighbor he will not kill him, and he will not rob from him, he will help him so that everybody does better in life; and thus with the Energy of Love we have to take care and love all Living Beings and all material elements of Holy Nature, to live in peace and love on our dear beloved Holy Planet Earth.

To stop the current course of destruction of the planet and the extinction of its plants and animals, the human being needs to change his ways of life, he needs to have a new Consciousness of Love for all Living Beings, for all animals and plants, and to survive he needs to take urgent actions so that life can continue in our Planet Earth. Below I summarize the most urgent actions that human beings need to take to stop the course of its own destruction:

  1. Do not kill animals: do not hunt wild animals and do not kill domestic animals for human consumption…
  2. Do not mis-treat animals: do not place animals in cages (zoos); do not use animals for experimentation nor entertainment (rodeos)…
  3. Do not kill trees: do not cut trees, do not burn vegetation, give water to the trees during droughts and provide nutrients to help against parasites…
  4. Do not contaminate the air, the earth and the water: do not liberate toxins, poisons, pesticides, herbicides, industrial waste, in the water the earth and the air…
  5. Do not use fuel oil and carbon as a source of energy: use alternative energies such as solar, wind, hydraulic, electrolysis…
  6. Do not throw garbage in the earth and in the water, do not throw plastics in the water; recycle all garbage like paper, plastics, batteries, tires, old cars…
  7. Do not allow over-population, implement a strict control of nativity, the planet cannot sustain more than 3 billion human beings…
  8. Do not invest fortunes on criminals and delinquents, change the unjust judicial system, employ harsh punishment including death penalty…
  9. Do not allow abuse of multi-millionaires, better distribution of resources, establish 0 % poverty, care for children, the sick and the old…
  10. Do not allow ignorance, with free moral quality education; free public health, forbid use of nicotine, drugs, alcohol; invest in science and technology…

I believe that everybody agrees that mankind needs to change its ways of life to stop the destruction of the planet; many are talking about the environment and the climate change (even Pope Francis has finally realized that the planet is in a bad shape and wrote something about the care that needs to be given to the environment); very few are talking about birth control that we need to implement with urgency to stop the destruction of the planet due to the reproduction of the human plague; and almost nobody, or very few (the vegetarians) are talking about the suffering and destruction that mankind is causing to all the animals of the planet. The Catholic Popes (the supposed highest representatives of God) that always preach fasting, are always, all of them, fatter, and much fatter, every pope eats meat, and never says a single word about the suffering of animals that need to be cared for and loved because these are the true Lambs of God, and thus the religious authorities are accomplices and participate of the holocaust of animals, provoking great suffering to Mother Earth and thus to the God that they supposedly worship. The message of my Soul that I receive from the Holy Spirit, which is supported by the many Miracles of God and the many Miracle Pictures that I have received through the Intercession of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin, and other Catholic Saints, I present here once more: human beings must love all Living Beings, humans must NOT kill animals, must NOT eat animals, and must NOT place animals in cages; human beings must be vegetarians; if the reader eats the meat of animals he is an accomplice of the killing and suffering of the animals, and during some time of his existence he will suffer the consequence of that suffering he has provoked; this is the law of action and attraction, if you give love you will receive love, and if you give suffering you will receive suffering; the Beatles sung it right: ‘All you need is Love‘ and the ‘love you take is equal to the love you make‘; if all human beings become vegetarian there will be no more suffering caused by the humans, and he will be able to continue to live and evolve in our beloved Mother World; if the suffering with the holocaust of animals continues then it will be as predicted by Jesus in the Bible and the bad humans will be cast into a fire of hell: ‘and so will be the end of the world: the Angels will come and separate the bad humans from the good and they will throw the bad human beings into the fires of hell and there will be much gnashing of teeth (Saint Mathew). Thus, be careful, if you do not want to end hearing lots of gnashing of teeth, in some fire of hell: do not kill and eat animals, for if you kill an animal you are a criminal and you will pay the crime of your sin. As indicated in the Bible: Heed to the Voice of your Guardian Angel, because he will NOT forgive your sin!

Due to the immorality of human beings that we have today, which is getting worse everyday, with the killing of innocent people, the torture and slaughter of animals, and destruction of the waters and the earth, I am pessimistic about the future of the living beings of the planet and the future of humankind. Forty years ago, when I was about 20 years old, in the 60’s and 70’s, the planet was still quite well, it was the time of the ‘flower power’, with The Beatles, morality was still rather good, money was not everything, humans did not rob too much as they do now, and most importantly, we were 3 billion people which is the amount of human beings that the world can sustain. Again, I am pessimistic about the future of living beings and mankind on the planet and I think the end is very near: within the next 30 years there will be some bad world crisis, maybe it will stop raining all over the planet (we already had the great flood in the past), maybe a great meteorite will hit the planet, or a new strain of virus will spread around the world, and thus life will end; it would be good for the planet that some plague would exterminate 80% of the population of the world, so that the other 20% may survive, and thus animals would also survive. Even much better would be a Divine Intervention, an Angelical Intervention, or a Extra-Terrestrial Intervention, to exterminate the bad souls or send them to another hell world, and only the Good Souls will remain, those Souls that love Nature, those Souls who love plants and animals; and maybe we will have the symbolic second coming of Christ, with the Sword of the Lord, to remove the bad souls from the world, so that only the Good Souls inherit the world, for a new Kingdom of Peace and Love in our beloved Planet Earth. I believe that the only way to save the life of the planet and the human species is through a Divine Intervention. In order to stop the Apocalypses we need a Great Miracle. I wait for the Coming of the Angels to live in a much better World. The Sacred Animals will soon inherit a better life, without the criminal abuse of the human species, so that animals will have again their peace and freedom, with much less suffering in their lives, they will again live in the complete freedom they always had in the past, living happy and long lives with their families and societies, they will have again their peace and love with all that they need and receive from the Miraculous Holy Planet Mother Earth (written in 2005, edited 2015 and 2017).