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Message to Humanity

Life on Planet Earth is at a critical moment of its evolution that depends on the actions of the human species. Climate change that affects all living beings of the planet is one evident symptom of the deterioration of our world produced by the atmospheric pollution caused by the over population of the human species. The destruction of plants, with increasingly larger and frequent fires of forests, and the criminal cutting of trees for the production of meat for human consumption, accelerates further the climate change and the destruction of all the life on the planet. The contamination of the earth and the water of rivers and lakes, with the industrial waste, the use of pesticides and toxic herbicides that pollute the environment, are killing the essential bees, and all other insects, affecting the lives of all birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals of the planet. Plastics and other deadly toxins thrown into the oceans, the many oil spills, and the industrial overfishing, has already caused a dramatic reduction in the number of fish, and the death of many marine animals, threatening an imminent collapse of all the aquatic life of the planet. And the most evident and dramatic ecological disaster is the criminal killing of all the wild fauna, with the extermination of wild animals that are killed by criminal poachers and hunters that for fun or money are destroying with impunity the wild fauna of the world which today is the most vulnerable and important patrimony of the planet.

In addition to this destruction of wild fauna and flora, humans are responsible for the barbaric criminal abuse of torture and killing of millions of domestic animals for the production of meat for the unnecessary human meat consumption, a barbaric evil perverse holocaust caused by humans which is an animal that has been designed and created vegetarian. The ignorant inmoral criminal actions of the human species is destroying the life of the planet that will lead to the extermination of the human species. Climate change, which today is in the news and in the agenda of all governments, may be reversible over time by taking appropriate urgent actions, but the killing and extermination of wild animals, which is not in the news and in the agenda of governments, is not reversible, it is lost forever from the natural patrimony of the planet.

To stop the destructive course of pollution, the suffering and extermination of animals, and the extinction of the human species, homo sapiens needs to acquire a new ecologic consciousness and change its course of mistaken evolution, modifying its aggressive destructive temperament with a vegetarian diet, stopping the torture and killing of animals which is causing great suffering and damage to the world. Humans should stop the criminal mis-treatment, imprisonment, torture, killing and eating of animals, and specially vertebrate animals, which are related to humans: vertebrate animals also have a brain, and thus have consciousness, they love their offspring, their monogamous mates, family and friends in their animal societies, they suffer physical and emotional pain when they are jailed in cages, tortured and killed, to be abused and used for fun, evil experimentation, or consumption, by the heart-less evil human species. Non human animals should not be abused by the powerful human animal because all animals have the same moral right to live a long happy life and in complete freedom in our shared common home in our miraculous Mother Planet. If human beings want to continue to live a life on the planet they will have to stop destroying other living beings and respect the first commandment to love and care for all living beings of the planet.

The control of natality, the care of the environment, the love and respect for all living beings, the fight against destructive evil, and a comeback to a vegetarian diet, are the essential changes that humanity will have to do to stop the current course of destruction of the planet. The change in ecological spiritual consciousness and the establishment of a vegetarian diet all over the world is a transition based on: 1) education, to stimulate consciousness to respect and love all animals and plants; and 2) strict laws that will protect all the rights for a happy natural life for all the animals of the planet. Those humans with no moral consciousness that will not adhere to a more healthy vegetarian diet, could continue consuming the meat from animals, but only from those animals that die from a natural death in the nature fields: millions of domestic and wild animals will die naturally everyday and they can be recycled and consumed by carnivore animals. Human non vegetarians may also eat the meat produced in the laboratory obtained from immortalized muscle cells, and everybody may eat vegetarian meat derived from vegetables, a food which is very healthy and should be consumed and produced en masse all over the world, to eradicate the killing and suffering of domestic animals.

Something is being done to stop the climate change, but nothing is done to stop the extermination of wild animals. Wild animals are the heritage of all humanity: elephants, rhinos, and lions that live in Africa belong to all the people of the world: the wild animals of any country belong to every human being that lives in any country of the planet! The United Nations is responsible for the preservation of the patrimony of humanity; thus, the authorities of the United Nations need to take urgent actions and prohibit hunting of all the wild animals, in all the countries of the planet. The UN needs to intervene and protect defenseless animals, imposing severe punishment to any rogue offender government, with trade sanctions, destitution of corrupt governments, with harsh fines and the death penalty for poachers and hunters that kill for money or for fun. The care and the management of all wild animals (including their health and control of natality) of all the countries needs to be under the care and supervision of scientists of the United Nations. The implementation of the prohibition of hunting established by the United Nations is the only way to stop the criminal holocaust and extermination of our animals, such as elephants, rhinos, lions, jaguars, monkeys, and all other wild fauna that today is in danger of extinction due to criminal hunters and ignorant inmoral irresponsable heart-less authorities that mis-manage and destroy our planet.

Below I describe with more detail the ecological catastrophe and the destruction of life on the planet, making emphasis on the description of the criminal actions of humans that abuse mis-treat imprison torture and kill animals, and I propose specific urgent actions, necessary to make the big change in consciousness, to eliminate the suffering of domestic animals and the extermination of wild animals, to stop the current course of human extinction, and make a revolutionary change to create a prosperous evolution for humanity and for all the animals that live in our miraculous planet.

The holocaust of wild animals:

In the 2014 annual report of WWF, the most prestigious ecological organization of the world, it is indicated that in the past 40 years, since 1970 until 2010, mankind had caused a decrease of 52 % in the number of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, all over the world; and I quote: ‘the loss of habitats, the degradation and exploitation of the earth, hunting and fishing, are the main causes of this decrease, and the climate change is the next principal threat’. In the year 2016 the WWF up-dated the percentage of reduction of animals due to the barbaric human activity: from 52 % in the year 2010 the reduction of animals was 67 % in the year 2015! What might be the reduction of animals in the year 2018? By extrapolation the reduction of all wild animals in the planet in the year 2018 would be circa 80 %! Thus, in the last 50 years humans have destroyed 80 % of all the wild animals of the planet! The destruction of animals is very alarming; at this rate, in a few years, the only vertebrate animals left on the planet might be the cows produced for the unnecessary immoral human consumption.

During the past decades hunters have killed 90 % of all the elephants of the planet and the killing continues to commercialize the tusks of massacred elephants to satisfy the greed of the criminal ignorant chinese plague that today are the worst predators of the wild life of the planet. In the September 2015 issue of National Geographic I read with horror that perverse criminal human beings were killing 30,000 elephants per year! Criminal poachers were killing elephants to sell their tusks to idiotic criminal chinese who consume ivory to satisfy their ignorant inmoral ideologies. In addition, poachers were killing rhinos to sell their horns to Asian countries, to use their horns as sexual aphrodisiacs, bringing the majestic rhinos to the verge of extinction. The white rhino species has recently become extinct! In October 2017, once again National Geographic presents another article with horrible pictures describing what is happening in Africa: the legal criminal activity of millionaire hunters that are killing the wild life of Africa, a criminal massacre that is legal, permitted by governments, a massacre that is exterminating the last rhinos, elephants, lions, buffalos, giraffes, gorillas, and many other mammals, assassinated by coward millionaire hunters that pay fortunes of up to 75,000 U$S to have the pleasure of killing one elephant, a rhino, or an old lion resting in some meadow of Africa. There are only a few thousand lions and elephants left in Africa (a few hundred tigers in Asia), and due to this reduction in the numbers of theses animals, criminal hunters are now killing also giraffes which is the new species in the list of animals endangered for extinction. When all mammals are exterminated, the coward hunters will continue their crimes by killing birds, to keep demon-strating their ‘virility’, as was indicated by the own words of famous american hero president Theodore Roosevelt, who said the following words, after killing a great Elk, during one of his coward criminal hunting trips in America:

‘Every believer in manliness… no sportsman can ever feel much keener pleasure and self-satisfaction than when, after a successful stalk and good shot, he walks up to a grand elk lying dead…’

These are the words of another evil sick soul-less brute that is destroying the planet! This american hero is a soul-less criminal coward who had fun killing many great bears, elk, deers, bisons, wolves and other majestic wild animals of America and many magnificent African animals; with his example he is also responsible for the extermination of the most extraordinary animals of the planet. The statues of this criminal brute ‘hero’ is the first that needs to go down in the lives of America. Below some other quotes written by National Geographic in their issue of May 2016 regarding the slaughter of animals in Yellowstone National Park:

‘Yellowstone: a reservoir for Big Game’…’Hunters flock from around the globe to Yellowstone for the elk season, pumping millions of dollars into the economy…’ …’Hunting wolfs is legal’…’Grizzly bears have recovered enough for trophy hunting to be allowed’…’A hunter lies in wait for elk’…’I got this buffalo skull in a hunt, once the buffalo was down, we gave the buffalo a good blessing with tobacco and drank the blood from the heart’…’Big game hunting in nearby states is big business’…’The quality and diversity of hunting opportunities…hunting-license tax revenues’…’Visitors pose with stuffed animals, including a brown bear, a Kodiak from Alaska and…’…’Kids having fun with guns at Yellowstone’…’Thousands of Yellowstone bison have been slaughtered’…’The motto Congress gave Yellowstone: For the benefit and enjoyment of the people’…

It is beyond my comprehension that coward hunters are allowed to enjoy and have fun killing defenseless lovable extraordinary animals with their big shotguns on the first National Park of the world, a park that like Yosemity, Iguazu Falls, and many other wonders of nature, is patrimony of all humanity for the benefit and enjoyment of all the animals and all the people of the world. Shame on Congress and the American people!

Our ancestors the apes, the animal species that shares with humans almost 99 % of our sequence of DNA, are suffering a torture and extermination in Asia and Africa, in another criminal holocaust perpetrated by the human species. All the species of apes in the world are in the list of endangered species, but humans are still hunting and killing them in the monkey’s own jungle home, to eat them, to capture them and confine them in small cages, to sell them for money, to be used for human entertainment or painful experimentation. The New York Times published an article (4th November 2017) on the criminal trade of apes, a global business enterprise worth billions of dollars that has killed thousands of apes that are pushing them into the path of extinction. Below I quote some text from the article that describes the crimes perpetrated against our adorable magnificent ancestors:

‘Unlike the elephant ivory and rhino horns, tiger bone wine or pangolin scales, ape smuggling involves live animals, some of the most endangered, intelligent and sensitive animals on Earth’…’Malnourished and terrified apes have been seized across the world but for every smuggled ape, several more may have been killed in the process’…’The adults are extremely aggressive and dangerous. That’s why everyone wants a baby’(hunters may kill several adult monkeys to catch one baby)…’baby chimpanzees and baby orangutans are dressed in children’s clothes’…’This is sick, Mr. Stiles said as he pulled up a picture of a small chimpanzee wearing lipstick. ‘You got this poor animal, without its mother, without any other members of its own species, totally bewildered and terrorized, all for human amusement.’

‘They sell the infant orangutans to a private collector or unscrupulous zoo, where they are often beaten or drugged into submission and used for entertainment like mindlessly banging on drums or boxing one another’…‘the Bangkok zoo, where orangutans have been trained to wear boxing gloves and spar with each other to howls of laughter’…’Many chimps have been drugged with muscle relaxers or alcohol to make them easier to handle. Some are trained to smoke cigarettes and guzzle beer’…’the Indonesian police rescued a female orangutan who had been shaved and was being used as a prostitute at a brothel’.

Horrifying! A friend of mine sent me an email with a link to the article, the title of his email was: ‘horrifying article’. There were hundreds of comments of horrified lectors reacting to this article, such as: ‘I hate humans’…’humans are the most horrible destructive species of the world’…‘soon we will be wiped out from the planet’ ‘I hope soon, the planet will be far better off without humans’…

The brutal criminal authorities of African countries allow this abuse, torture, trade, and legal hunt with this terrible suffering and extermination of defenseless innocent animals that are the most important patrimony of humanity. Even the president of Congo has a great chimpanzee in his mansion locked up in a small cage as described in the NYT article. Corrupt authorities get rich with this multi-million dollar business of hunting and trading of animals, and this massacre of suffering wild animals is being allowed by the highest authorities, such as the United Nations and the UNESCO, which do little, and with no authority, to stop the hunting and the torture and extermination, even though the UN is responsible for the conservation of the most important patrimony of the planet that belongs to all humanity: wild animals belong to all human beings that live on our shared planet!

Not only international authorities and governments are responsible for allowing these brutal crimes: all the millionaires, the supposed philanthropists, famous artists and celebrities, musicians and actors, all are accomplices of this horrible crime because they do little or nothing to stop this terrible crime against the most important patrimony of the planet. Trillions of dollars are spent in the world for the criminal production of firearms for wars, and hundreds of billions of dollars are spent in useless extra-planetary exploration, and the world does not invest not even a couple of billion of dollars that could save the lives of rhinos, elephants and lions on the verge of extinction. The holocaust of rhinos, elephants, lions and apes in Africa is among the worst crimes perpetrated by this perverse human being in the history of humanity.

The criminal hunting of wild animals occurs all over the world. This year I travelled through Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, and I saw that in many of its nature reserves many species have disappeared, many have been exterminated, or are on the verge of extinction; I could no longer see any ant-eaters, the aguara-guazu wolf, the tapir, puma, deer of Patagonia, and the jaguar which took me three months to find in the jungle in the north of Pantanal in Brazil. In Uruguay, during many years, I was harassed by criminal hunters and delinquent neighbors that entered into my sanctuary of animals to kill the wild life which is protected by law and is in danger of extinction; the police and government authorities did not help me to stop the illegal activity of the criminal hunters, and I have a death threat from delinquent criminal hunters that are exterminating the wild life of the sanctuary.

Not only mammals are being tortured and massacred by criminal human beings. Even birds are suffering torture and extermination when they are captured and placed in small cages and loose their most precious freedom, a torture that is legal and allowed by the governments in almost every country of the world. On October 2017, the BBC presented a documentary on the legal crime happening in Asia against the most beautiful birds, many of which are on the course of extinction. Beautiful birds of all kinds are captured alive in the forests, jailed for life in small cages, and sold in the market, to rich individuals that have fun having birds in little cages, to watch them and hear them sing, while the birds suffer the rest of their lives for having lost the most important asset of their life: to live a life in complete freedom. This crime perpetrated against the freedom of birds is causing the extinction of these wonderful animals in Asia. In my recent trips in many countries of the world, I have realized that comparing to previous years there is a drastic reduction in the number of birds, and in the songs of birds, in all the countries that I have travelled in the world. During my 2016 visit to Brazil I became surprised to realize the few birds that I was encountering during my 7,000 Km trip with my car through Mato Grosso, the supposed Great Jungle, where, according to experts, 95% of the trees have been cut down to allow for the production of soy and cattle for human consumption. I think I can count with the fingers of my hands the number of birds that I saw during my 2,000 Km trip next to the beach coast that is now plagued by cities on this east coast of Brazil. On the 23rd of October I read in the newspaper El Pais from Uruguay about a study that indicates a reduction of 82 % in the biomass of insects, due to the use of pesticides, herbicides and other agriculture toxics, and this reduction of insects produces a reduction in the number of birds that feed on the insects.

Overfishing of the oceans is causing a dramatic reduction in the number of fish in the world and this reduction of fish affects the nutrition of marine birds that depend on fish to survive. There is a 70 % reduction in the number of marine birds in the world and there are several species threatened with extinction due to the evil inmoral irresponsable practice of overfishing in the oceans of the world.

Criminal hunters with their shotguns are also killing birds all over the world: a recent publication described that circa 3,000 italian hunters have killed 150,000 birds in Albania in the past few years, including the Albanian Eagle, the symbol of the nation, a majestic bird that is on the list of birds in extinction; the killing of this majestic bird continues because hunters are not prosecuted with fines, when these criminals should receive the death penalty, or at least should be put in jail and pay huge fines, in order to stop the slaughter and the extermination of wild protected animals. The reduction of birds all over the world is another symptom of the dramatic incredible deterioration of the planet produced by the ignorant irresponsible inmoral actions of human beings.

Every year there is a reduction of 30 % in the number of bees due to the use of pesticides and herbicides and other toxins. A TV program on CNN (November 2017) showed a study that demonstrated that during the last years there was a reduction of 75 % in the number of bees in Germany. Bees are essential for the life of all living beings and the consequence of their loss will be lethal for the life on the planet. The death of bees will not allow the pollination of flowers and the reproduction of plants with the consequent loss of fruit and vegetable production that are essential for the nutrition of all animals. Einstein was right when he said that humans will not survive more than 4 years if bees disappear from the planet. The death of bees due to irresponsible practices of humans are producing a true Ecological Armageddon of destruction of the life on the planet.

Reptiles and amphibians are also abused, mistreated, caged and killed by the criminal irresponsible activities of human beings. The destruction of frogs all over the world may be as bad as the destruction of bees that are essential for the chain of life on the planet. There is a destructive trade of reptiles and amphibians that has become a billion dollar business for the international pet trade industry. Reptiles and amphibians are caught in the wild to be sold as pets to customers that like to have large snakes in their homes. Studies show that during the process of this pet trade there is a 70 % of mortality of these wonderful animals, and another 75 % of these exotic pets die during their first year in captivity in the homes of these supposed exotic wild animal lovers. In addition, according to a published article, reptiles show at least 30 behavioral signs of stress when living in captivity (VetRecord 181,17). Thus, reptiles and amphibians, as do fish, all suffer from depression when they are stripped from their freedom and their natural habitats. I quote from the article: ‘the five freedoms (freedom from hunger/thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, freedom from fear, and freedom to be able to express normal behavior) cannot be met for captive animals’. Humans should not kill nor put animals in cages, including amphibians and reptiles, unless they are found sick and in danger, to be treated and then released into their normal habitats.

A month ago, after more than 30 years of having lived in California, I returned to the US to visit many National Parks of America. I was impressed to find the trees of Yellowstone, Yosemite and Sequoia NP in very bad health, very sick, with more than 30 % of the trees dead or dying, with many large fire burned areas on all these national parks and with trees suffering from a deadly beetle infestation. Only the Redwoods area was in good shape in the north coast of California. I was also present during the worst fires in the history of California, and this did not surprise me because I had never seen so much drought in California. It was to me ridiculous to see the management of animals in the parks: you cannot walk your pet dogs in the trails, and they intimidate tourists with 5,000 U$S fines if you give food to some hungry squirrel or begging fox; but once you step out from the park, you can kill any wild animal, you can kill as many animals you want, and you may have 50 shotguns in you car, to kill anything that crosses your path. In that same trip, on my way to Grand Canyon, I passed a few hours through Las Vegas, where a few days later we had the worst massacre of humans in the recent history of the US, with 58 deaths and 500 injured, a slaughter produced by a crazy american who legally had 50 fire-arms which generally are used to kill poor innocent animals. During my trip to Florida, to see the Everglades and dive in Key West, I suffered the terrifying experience with hurricane Irma. People are not conscious that these natural disasters not only destroy property and some human lives, they also kill many innocent animals, and many trees, and these animals and trees will suffer from the increased frequency and force of these natural disasters that are due to climate change produced by humans. The fires of forests torched by man not only kill trees and all flora, they also kill animals: many small mammals, many birds with their chicks and eggs, and the millions of insects that are important in the chain of life of all the animals that live in these forests. I know well what it’s like to suffer the destruction of fire in your property, because the criminal crooks of my neighbors negligently use fire all the time and they intentionally burned many acres of my sanctuary. In 2016 more than 30,000,000 hectares of forests were burned down in the world with great destruction of trees and massive contamination of the atmosphere of the planet. Surely there is a very bad management of forests by ignorant authorities that allow these fires caused by either evil or irresponsable human beings. The death of trees and the deadly fires of forests is one of the main urgent problems that humans need to solve to save the life of the planet.

PS: The so called most civilized countries in the world are also ignorant and commit severe crimes against defenseless wild animals of the planet. In January of 2018 several newspapers published that the authorities of a zoo in Sweden had killed 9 cubs of a lioness, because there was no more room to care for them in the zoo! Lions are on the list of species in extinction, with only 20,000 lions left in Africa; thus, it is totally incomprehensible that the authorities of a civilized country would kill small healthy cubs of lions that are in danger of extinction! Did the rich state of Sweden have no money to take care of 9 lion cubs? Or have money to send them back to Africa? Was there no millionaire to pay for the care of these wonderful animals? I can safely say that the most famous criminal drug trafficker of the world the killer Pablo Escobar has more Heart and Soul, has more spiritual love and compassion for animals, than these soul-less heart-less swedish people that are responsible for the death of these wonderful animals. Quo vadis? You brute human animal!

The holocaust of domestic animals:

In addition to the criminal killing of the wild fauna that produces so much destruction to the planet, the human species is responsible for the inmoral criminal abuse, mis-treatment, torture, imprisonment and killing of millions of domestic animals that are consumed by humans, the homo non sapiens, that designed vegetarian, has violated the basic moral laws of creation, to become the worst predator that the world has seen during the history of our planet. The defenseless mammals consumed by human animals belong to the same family of vertebrate animals, they share our common home Planet Earth; these non human animals are also intelligent, have consciousness, they love and suffer, and have the same right as human beings to live a long life and in complete freedom. If the christian lector agrees with me that the inmoral chinese brutes are very wrong when they consume the ivory of assassinated elephants, producing great pain to this magnificent animals, then likewise, the western cultures should not kill other animals to consume meat such as cows, animals that are sacred in other countries, because consuming this meat produces great pain to these magnificent animals that also are the natural patrimony to all those who live on our planet. The greatest geniuses of humanity, the most intelligent human beings on the planet, the greatest geniuses of all time, and the greatest saints, all tell us and give us their example of life showing that the human species is and must be vegetarian:

Albert Einstein (maybe the most intelligent man in the history of humankind): ‘I am by principle a passionate follower of vegetarianism. Mainly because of ethical and moral reasons. I strongly believe in a vegetarian order of life, even if it were only due to physical effects that influences the temperament of men’.

 Leonardo da Vinci (maybe the most genial man of the history of humankind): ‘There will be a time when human beings will only eat vegetable food and the killing of animals will be considered a crime in the same manner as killing a human being. The day will come when men like me will see as a crime the killing of an animal as we now see in the killing of a human being‘.

Pitágoras (one of the greatest philosophers of all time): ‘If men keep on killing his younger brothers the animals we will continue to suffer wars on earth and men will continue to kill each other, for he that sows pain and death will never harvest peace, happiness and love‘.

Mahatma Ghandi (a great saint and activist of human morality): ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way they treat its animals’. ‘I feel that the spiritual progress demands from us that we stop killing and eating our brothers the animal creatures of God only to satisfy our perverted and sensual appetites’.

San Francisco of Asís (one of the greatest saints of humanity): ¿How can you devour mercilessly these adorable animal creatures that give you their love, help, friendship and company?‘.

Buda (the great prophet of the Buddhist religion). ‘Love all living beings and pacify your spirits by stopping the killing and eating of animals; this is the true test of religiosity, because the true wise man of God not only will not kill and not eat animals, but will also love and keep and potentiate the life of all creatures in every manifestation‘.

Other wise geniuses that were vegetarian include: Isaac Newton (the most brilliant physicist of history); Thomas Edison (the inventor of electricity); Paul McCartney (the most important musician in the history)…

The Creator of Life created Homo sapiens as a vegetarian animal: the digestive tract of the human species is designed vegetarian and humans have no canine teeth like all true carnivores have, such as our cats and dogs. The wise intelligent geniuses were vegetarian and they did not lack any mineral nor vitamin to function with their incredible brains. I have been a strict vegan vegetarian for the last 15 years and I am living the most healthy and lucid period of my life. Einstein said that we have to be vegetarian, not only due to ethical and moral reasons, but also because of physical aspects of the body and the temperament of men. Indeed, eating meat changes the temperament of man, he becomes more aggressive, and thus engages in wars to kill and destroy, and threatens its own extinction (below). The hunting and killing of animals is aggressive, it is a war that kills our brothers the mammals that share our same home, animals that are so much more lovable and good than humans and embellish the planet with their beauty. Indeed, listen again to the words of Saint Francis: ¿How can you devour mercilessly these adorable animal creatures that give you their love, help, friendship and company?‘ Someone that does not eat meat is more pacific, has more moral, ecological, and spiritual consciousness; someone who eats the meat of asessinated animals today is uneducated or has little moral ecological spiritual consciousness because he does not care if poor innocent animals suffer; a meat eater is today a total ignorant of the facts of life, and although he says he is a christian, as indicated by the words of Buda, he is no true human of God. One cannot be a good human being that is well educated and intelligent and spiritually moral, and at the same time eat the meat of killed animals that are abused and caged, tortured and slaughtered with enormous pain and suffering for these adorable innocent defenseless animals.

The great genius Leonardo da Vinci was right when he said 500 years ago that it is a crime to kill an animal. The lector that eats meat should take a good look at the videos on the internet where it is shown how the men of the industry of meat are torturing and killing animals, in the most savage of ways, such as crushing to death animals alive! in a crushing machine, to produce chopped meat for hot dogs and hamburgers for human consumption (below). If you can eat meat after watching the crude reality on how this meat is obtained, by looking at the atrocities presented in the internet, then you must be a criminal as indicated by the great Leonardo. The ignorant human beings should be educated to realize that abusing and killing animals is a grave sin against your spirit, against life, and your planet. If you participate, directly or indirectly, in the holocaust and suffering of animals, you do not have ecological and spiritual consciousness and sometime during your existence you will suffer with the evolution of your Soul (below). There is always a reaction to your action, what you sow is what you reap, either here on earth or beyond in some other Spiritual Dimension. The human being should make that great change and become again a vegetarian, to be able to proceed with a prosperous evolution on the planet (below).

The holocaust of marine life:

Mankind not only destroys animals on earth, it also destroys animals on the seas and rivers of the planet. There is a dramatic crisis in the marine fauna of the planet with many species of fish on the path to extinction; humans have killed almost to extinction the oldest animals on earth such as tortoises and marine mammals such as sea lions and whales, and today there is a catastrophic reduction in the number of fish all over the planet. Climate change is modifying the chemistry of the water of oceans that leads to the destruction of marine life: the elevation of the temperature of the water, the reduction in the concentration of oxygen, the increase in acidity, all affects the growth of fish and the reproduction and the life of all marine animals. Corals on the coasts of different continents are dying, affecting the habitat, nutrition and reproduction of millions of fish that live in these corals. There is an incredible contamination of the oceans with plastics, with billions of tons of plastic that affects and kills marine life; studies indicate that in a few years there will be more plastics than fish in the oceans, and that before the year 2050 there will be no more fish to fish in the oceans. Humans have not realized that the slaughter and destruction of fish will be the final blow for the extermination of the human species. Below more specific data that show the dramatic state of the marine life of the planet:

A study of marine fauna in the Mediterranean Sea describes the crisis, and I quote from the article: ‘a loss of 41 % of its marine mammals…93 % of the population of fish are over-exploited, some are on the verge of collapse… fish threatened by contamination, climate change, and over-fishing…if no action is taken there will be irreversible damage and a colapse of the fish reserves that are essential…’.

On April 2017 the New York Times published an article about the ecological catastrophe that is happening in the seas with uncontrolled over-fishing that is reducing the population of fish all over the world. According to FAO and the United Nations, 90 % of the fishing areas of the seas are being over exploited and are on the brink of collapse. The article describes in detail the problems with China, that with its enormous population and economic power is invading the marine spaces of other countries, and with this over-fishing the population of fish is collapsing and having a great impact on fisherman and the lives of humans in many Asian, African and south American countries. Below quotes from the article that describes the crisis due to over-fishing that has dramatically reduced the population of fish in the planet:

‘The impact has been devastating’…’we are facing an unprecedented crisis’…‘if things keep going the way they are, people will have to eat jellyfish to survive’…’we always thought that sea life was boundless, we used to have big grouper and tuna, but now we are fighting over a few sardinella’…’now we are forced to catch juvenile fish, which is like going into a house and killing all the children. If you do that, the family will eventually disappear’; indeed, all the families of fish, birds and wild animals are disappearing!

And as I was writing this section today I read with uttermost pain that a new catastrophe happened in Antartica: thousands of chicks of penguins died due to a climate change problem: the parent penguins had problems of getting enough food on time for their chicks that died from starvation; and conservationists are trying to stop the invasion of the big fishing industry in the seas of Antartica, the last ecological zone that thanks to its hostile climate appeared to be protected from the incursion of the plague of the human species…

On the 9th of November 2017, the Argentine news agency Infobae published an article with horrifying pictures of the criminal slaughter of dolphins and whales that every year are massacred in the Feroe Islands of Denmark in the North Atlantic Sea. The diabolic adult humans, with the help of their small children, guide pilot whales and dolphins into the low waters of the coast and kill hundreds of animals with large spears that they introduce into the animals neck, to crush their spines, and finish their criminal jobs with knives. This year the conservationist group Sea Shepherd was able to take many horrifying pictures of the slaughter of 436 whales and 198 dolphins that made me very sick and made me suffer a profound depressing insomnia.

The killing of great whales, the greatest animal to have ever lived on the planet, is also one of the worst crimes in the history of the humans species. Please boycott the criminal merciless countries that are killing divine whales and dolphins, animals that belong to all of humanity! The killing of fish, tortoises and marine mammals, such as dolphins and whales, is another brutal merciless crime perpetrated by the inmoral criminal human being. Not only fish and marine mammals are captured from the sea and tortured and killed: with horror I sometimes see on television how humans torture and kill crabs by cooking them alive! Hey you! Brute criminal human animal: do you know that lobsters are, like you, living animals?

Humans are vegetarian and should not kill and eat marine animals and should not eat fish that are suffering the torture of the human animal. Fish are also vertebrate animals, they have blood, they have a nervous system, and they suffer and have pain when they are tortured and eaten by the human animal. The New York Times published an article on October 2017, describing scientists that study the depression of fish that are jailed in small aquariums. Fish suffer depression due to the human animal! Scientists use fish as an animal model to study depression in humans to develop anti-depressants for depressed human animals. Thus, like human animals, fish animals also have consciousness, they have a Soul like the human animal, they suffer when they are jailed for life in small fish bowls just for the pleasure of perverse human animals.

The fisherman that I see fishing on the beach are all soul-less brutes that do not know that fish are also animals: they catch the fish with their hooks, they cut them up, and throw the fish full of blood into a container with little water, they leave the bloody fish still alive in this water, for hours, and they do not cut the heads of the fish to stop the suffering of the long agonizing death of the suffering fish; when I asked a fisherman, who told me he was a christian, why he was not killing the suffering animal, he answered my questions, many times, saying he did not care, that eventually the fish would die; I had to go, because I almost got into a fight with this brute soul-less human animal.

I cannot understand that humans qualify fishing as a sport, such as the ‘sportsmen’ with their ‘fly fishing sport’ that fish in the rivers, and because it is forbidden to take the catch back home, they throw the fish back in the water, but the fish has now a big hole in his jaw, a hole that will take weeks or months to heal, and the poor fish will suffer pain, and will not be able to eat, and suffers so that this inmoral ‘sportsman’ can have pleasure torturing these defenseless loving animals that embellish our planet. Most human beings are soul-less uneducated idiots because they do not realize that animals are living beings like human animals: when I lived in my farm, I quickly realized that my brute soul-less farm neighbors treated their dogs with less care and respect than the way I loved and cared for the stones of my sanctuary!

To stop the extermination of animals, mankind needs to stop the slaughter of fish in the planet. The killing of fish will be one of the most difficult problems to solve: urgently we need to stop the industrial fishing with those huge boats with their giant nets that also kill so many tortoises and marine mammals; and until there is a big change to vegetarianism, and a dramatic reduction in human population, the only fishing that should be allowed is the small fishing by local fishermen of the poorest countries of the planet.

I know that most of what is written in the Bible are inventions of man, and like other religions, christians are very wrong in the most basic ideologies of life: such as saying that animals have no Soul like the human animal! Or when muslims state that dogs, the best friend of man, are impure! The religious authorities of these faiths are very responsible for the crisis of the planet and the extermination of animals and the abuse of children and women all over the world. The stories about Jesus in the Bible with the famous miraculous capture of fish is another invention of man, because Jesus was vegetarian, and like Buda he defended the life of all animals, as he did in the story of his release of animals in the market, before he was crucified by the powerful evil men. Humans should stop the torture and the slaughter of fish if they want to survive and have an evolution on this planet.

Short list of atrocities of man against animals:

All human beings that eat the meat of animals should be aware of what they are eating (colesterol, antibiotics, hormones), and how this meat is produced for human consumption, because all the chain of production of meat is a brutal criminal torture against defenseless innocent animals that suffer, and that horrible suffering is consumed by meat consumers. Every meat eater should see the videos of the atrocities perpetrated against animals during the production of meat as shown in many videos presented in the internet. Below a describe in text some of the atrocities perpetrated against animals, in case the lector is a coward or is sensitive and cannot see with his own eyes the reality of what is truly happening to defenseless innocent good animals that suffer the terrible torture of the inmoral criminal human animal:

  1. Crushing of live animals in a great crushing machine to produce hot-dogs and hamburgers: humans throw into their big crushing machines many different animals that are alive, to crush and shred the bodies of the living animals that enter alive into the human crushing machine; some of the horrified animals try to escape from the crushing machine, but once the crushing machine captures one leg of the terrified animal, the animal can no longer escape, it is driven alive into the crushing machine to be crushed to death alive into little pieces, to be eaten by the Monster of Man!
  1. Peeling (skinning) of all the skin of all the body of living dogs: some criminal asian countries eat dogs; a video has been described to me of a farm that produces meat of dogs: the human devils peeled off all the skin of living dogs, with knives; the dogs were crying out in their agony of pain while the evil devil human beings were peeling off all the skin of the dogs that were alive; the dogs were tied up, screaming alive until these monsters had finished the peeling of all the skin of their complete bodies; once they had finished this evil torture, they threw the dog on the floor, still alive, to let the dog die alone, the demon left the scene to prepare the meat for human consumption. This is the Monster of Man. My God my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Chopping with knives to eat living turtles: many years ago I saw an awful video were some evil humans had captured a huge tortoise, she was surely 100 years old; the devils turned around the turtle on the beach, on her back on her wonderful shell, and thus she could not escape from the devils, she moved her little feet, while the devil human beings were eating the tortoise alive, slowly the devil humans were cutting out little pieces of meat of the turtle that was always alive, while the loving turtle suffered in her silence of pain, alive during hours, while these evil coward criminals were eating this wonderful creature alive!
  1. Torture to death of geese to produce liver paste for human consumption: in france evil humans nail the feet of the geese with nails to the floor, so that the geese will not move; then they stuff through their throats a large catheter into their esophagus, to reach their stomachs, to pass by force greasy food into its intestines, so that the liver of the goose will hasten the production of a greasy liver, so that the evil devil human being may eat liver paste of these loving adorable animals!
  1. Extraction of eggs from sturgeons without anesthesia: these beautiful animals are produced in captivity in small pools, and once in a while, the human devils catch them and cut their bodies open, without anesthesia, they cut open the abdominal cavity with knives without anesthesia, to extract their eggs that are eaten by human predators; I do not know if they sow the cut, or just leave them in their pool of blood; with time they will heal, and soon they will be cut again without anesthesia to extract their eggs to be eaten by the devil human animal!
  1. Mayor abdominal surgery of cocks without anesthesia: producers of chickens castrate the cocks so that the meat of the cock will have a better flavor. The cocks have their testicles inside their abdominal cavity, and close to their ribs, and to take out theses testicles it will require a mayor abdominal surgery that these evil brutal savages do without general anesthesia; there is 20 % of mortality caused by the pain of the animals. The pain of these cocks is the same pain that a woman would suffer if some butcher would take out her ovaries without anesthesia!
  1. Burning of living cats: certain diabolical human beings have fun burning many different animals alive. It seems there are several videos of cats that are burned alive: the human perverts spray the living cats with fuel to have fun burning them alive in this agonizing painful death of this most wonderful creature the cat!
  1. Fights between dogs until death arranged by human beings: this amusement of evil men has been around for many years: men organize these fights in small rings, fights that can last for hours, they end with much blood and with the death of one of the dogs, the other dog is seriously mutilated with much blood, and will be used again when he recovers, he will be put again in another fight by his evil criminal owner that earns a little money with the suffering of this noble animal, the best friend of man!
  1. Fights between cocks until death arranged by human beings: this amusement of evil men has also been around for many years: men organize these fights in small rings, fights that can last hours, they end with much blood and with the death of one of the cocks, the other cock is seriously mutilated with much blood, and will be used again when he recovers, he will be put again in another fight by his evil criminal owner that earns a little money with the suffering of this noble animal. The are many videos showing brutal fights between animals organized by evil monster humans, such as fights between many dogs and a boar…!
  1. Coward killing of pumas: in argentina, in many large tourist farms, they charge many thousands of dollars to millionaire coward hunters to kill pumas that these bastards capture in the land; in order that the coward hunter can kill the puma, these criminal ‘estancieros’ inject the puma with a tranquilizer before releasing the puma free, so that the coward hunter will be able to kill the puma and be content so he can come again to kill more pumas; the poor puma cannot defend himself because he has been intoxicated with the tranquilizer and thus is not able to run from the big guns of the coward hunter; thus another noble wild creature is lost due to criminal hunters!
  1. Killing of lions reared in captivity: in africa there are several tourist farms where they breed or raise lions in captivity that become accustomed to humans and are more tame and easier to be shot by criminal coward hunters; the criminal owners of these farms charge thousands of dollars to these criminal hunters who have fun killing lions in these touristic farms that are legal in africa!
  1. Torture and killing of bulls in spain: this atrocity of the perverse human being can be seen on television, all over the world: first criminal perverts mounted on big horses pierce and perforate with long spears the body of poor animals that are bathed in their own blood, animals that cannot understand what is at hand, and after the long torture with the large bloody spears, comes another criminal, to torture the groggy blood bathed poor animal with many different spears, in the end the coward ‘torero’ will perforate his heart with a large spear, in front of a cheerful happy crowd, that pays money to see this barbaric torture of wonderful animals, in this roman circus of pain and blood, in a country that says is part of a civilized planet!
  1. Military criminals torture and kill animals to practice killing skills: military from civilized countries, who dedicate their lives to kill humans with knives and shotguns, practice their killing skills on live innocent defenseless animals: the military criminals torture, maim and kill living animals with their knives to practice the skill of the killing of humans; and they use living defenseless animals that are tied up, and caged, to practice killing skills with their shotguns. The military criminals that practice this crime are as perverse and evil as other criminals of war that torture and kill innocent defenseless animals that live in the war zones of criminal human animals!
  1. Killing of pigeons to practice the skill of shooting animals: humans have fun killing pigeons with fire armas; the pigeons are released into the air from their small cages, to be shot by coward criminals that have fun killing animals. Humans pay money to practice the sport of shooting to kill animals in this criminal act that is legal and even sponsored in many countries!
  1. Criminal confinement of animals for life: this can be seen in television, even in commercials, when the businessmen cage three chickens per square meter, during all of their lives, to produce meat for human consumption. The same crime is perpetrated against laying hens that live all of their lives to produce eggs in cages that are so small they cannot even move. Pigs are put in human jails that are so small that even the animal is larger than the jail of the evil man, and the piglets are crushed, and the mother cannot move, they almost cannot turn around in their criminal jails, due to the appetite of the monster of man!
  1. Criminal confinement for life of experimental animals in small cages, and all the long list of fur animals that are tortured in jails for life and are killed to extract their skin for human consumption. I swear by God that I rather be dead than live in a jail of this Monster of man!
  1. Separation of mother and child of holy cows to produce food for human consumption: when a cow has her calf, the criminal human steals away her child, seconds after birth, the mother never sees again her child again, and the calf never sees her mother, the mother goes back to production and the calf will be devoured by man!
  1. Shearing protective wool of sheep in the cold of the winter: here in uruguay the government sponsors the shearing of the wool of sheep in the winter: the sheep without their protective wool will suffer cold in the winter, and thus they will eat more to increase the energy they need to meet their needs to stay alive; apparently, the sheep gain one more pound of meat and thus the inmoral sheep producer, and the inmoral government, have 2 more coins to put in their pockets. The sheep has no wool and thus will suffer from the cold all winter, and when a storm comes many may die from the cold because they do not have their natural coat to stay alive. Also, the criminal men eat their offspring, the small little lambs, these are so good natured that they are called the ‘Lamb of God’; however, these lambs of God are tortured and devoured by the monster of man!

The list of atrocities goes on and on, and is very extensive; but this short list is sufficient to expose the crimes of the Monster of Man. I recommend you see videos in the internet on the atrocities against animales, such as shown by PETA, the most important animal rights organization of the world. How difficult it was to write this section; it makes me sick and I have been sick, writing and reading about the suffering of animals due to the crimes of my own species: the brutal criminal man.

In the name of all animals, I shout out loud, to God and to the World, the same last words of Jesus on the cross: My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!

Any action elicits a reaction and thus all evil humans will pay for their crimes, either here on earth, or in some other Heaven. I am pessimistic about the future of the human species; to me the end is very near: in less than 30 years there will be some very bad world crisis and the human species will soon disappear. I pray that God will quickly send a lethal plague, to exterminate 80 % of humans, so that other animals may survive, and select wise humans to take care of our wonderful planet!

‘And so will be the end of the world: the Angels will come and separate bad humans from the good and they will throw the bad humans into the fires of hell’ (Words of Jesus according to Saint Mathew).

Urgent actions to save the life of the planet:

The First Commandment: ‘Love your Planet Earth and all its Living Beings with all the Force of your Heart’.

Once you comply with this essential commandment, all the rest will be accomplished and the world would be saved, because someone who loves animals will not kill them nor mistreat them, rather will care for them; someone who loves plants will not destroy them, rather will care for them; and if he loves his neighbor he will not kill him, and will not rob from him, rather will help him, so that everybody does better in life for a prosperous evolution of our planet.

The worst damage that humans are causing to the planet is the abuse, torture and killing of animals, producing great pain to the Spirit of the Planet. To stop the current reaction of the planet against humans (like climate change), which already is on a path to extinction, mankind needs to establish a new ‘Consciousness of Love’ for all Living Beings, and will need to respect the laws of Ecological Consciousness to save the Life of the Planet. Below I list the basic 10 ‘’Do Not’’ to save humans and the life of the planet:

  1. Do not kill animals: do not hunt wild animals and do not kill domestic animals for human consumption…
  1. Do not mis-treat animals: do not place animals in cages (zoos); do not use animals for experimentation nor entertainment (rodeos)…
  1. Do not kill trees: do not cut trees, do not burn vegetation, give water to the trees during droughts and provide nutrients to help against parasites…
  1. Do not contaminate the air, the earth and the water: do not liberate toxins, poisons, pesticides, herbicides, industrial waste, in the water the earth and the air…
  1. Do not use fuel oil and carbon as a source of energy: use alternative energies such as solar, wind, hydraulic, electrolysis…
  1. Do not throw garbage in the earth and in the water, do not throw plastics in the water; recycle all garbage like paper, plastics, batteries, tires, old cars…
  1. Do not allow over-population, implement a strict control of nativity, the planet cannot sustain more than 3 billion human beings…
  1. Do not invest fortunes on criminals and delinquents, change the unjust judicial system, employ harsh punishment including death penalty…
  1. Do not allow abuse of multi-millionaires, better distribution of resources, establish 0 % poverty, care for children, the sick and the old…
  1. Do not allow ignorance, with free moral quality education; free public health, forbid use of nicotine, drugs, alcohol; invest in science and technology…

Based on these basic principal rules we can save the life of the planet. Those that have influence and govern the state of our planet, such as government authorities, religious authorities, justice authorities, scientists, intellectuals, politicians, millionaires, artists, musicians, actors, celebrities, sport personalities, and many others that manage the natural resources of the world, need to realize the current dramatic deterioration of the planet, and need to promote the establishment of a big change in the ways of life of humans to stop the destruction of the planet. Since ignorant humans do not see beyond their full stomachs and the money they have in their pockets, and peaceful vegans will not initiate a holy war throwing bombs against infidel meat producers, the supposed intelligent United Nations has to intervene, and dictate urgent orders, to save the planet and the human species, imposing new laws to protect all animals, all over the world, laws that are based on two Universal Rights that all animals need to have, as was designed and created and desired by God the Creator:

The first Universal Right of animals is the ‘Right to Freedom’:

All animals have the right to live a life in compete freedom; it is a crime to imprison animals in cages for the production of meat or any other animal product (such as skin, feathers, wool); it is a crime to imprison animals in cages for experimentation (such as monkeys, rats, mice); and it is a crime to use animals for entertainment (zoos, circus, rodeos, aquariums, bullfights). Freedom is the most important asset of a living being, freedom is more important than life itself; indeed, I would rather be dead than live a life in a prison as do billions of innocent defenseless animals that are caged in small jails to satisfy the inmoral desires of the evil human being.

The second Universal Right is the ‘Right to a long Life’:

All animals have the right to live a long life as designed by the Creator; it is a crime to kill animals for unnecessary human consumption, because the human species has been created and designed as a vegetarian animal. All animals should live their natural life in freedom and die a natural death, and when the Soul of the animal is liberated from the body, their material body can be recycled as food and other products as deemed appropriate (below). Wild animals should be left alone to live their own existence, they should not be bothered, they have the same rights as human animals to live a long life and die in their own time in complete freedom.

Non human vertebrate animals have the level of consciousness of 3-7 year old children, they are defenseless innocent loving living beings that do no harm; however, they are abused and killed by powerful evil men; thus, like any defenseless child, animals should be protected against powerful evil human beings through the force of the law, as sometimes is done, on certain occasions, in determined civilized countries.

International organizations that rule the world such as the United Nations, the International Court, the UNESCO, and many others, have the duty to implement laws of protection for all animals, not only to protect their universal rights of life and freedom, and assuring their well being, but also to assure that possible future human generations will also benefit from the existence of the wild animals of the planet.

The countries of the world should invest many billions of dollar per year in different programs to protect the wild fauna of the planet. Instead of wasting trillions of dollars in the production of deadly armament, and hundreds of billions in useless extra-planetary exploration to find life in other planets, the countries of the world need to invest fortunes in taking care of its own animals, to assure the life on our own planet.

The countries of the world with the United Nations and the most powerful countries like the United States and the European Union should send their military troops of thousands of men to Africa, right away, to eliminate the many criminal poachers and hunters that are exterminating the wild life of Africa.

The laws for the protection of animals should be very harsh to be able to save the wild fauna from extinction. The criminals of the planet are a plague and should be removed from the planet and that can only be achieved with the death penalty! China was able to stop the extinction of its panda bears imposing the death penalty, eliminating the criminal hunters that killed panda bears. Societies should not invest fortunes in taking care of criminals in the costly jails; rather, the limited financial resources should be invested in the care of poor and uneducated children that today suffer all over the world due to the ignorant management of financial resources. Removing criminals and hunters with the death penalty is essential for the survival of all species (including humans): by removing criminals we protect animals from extinction and we save financial resources to care and educate the poor uneducated children all over the world. There is an ongoing war in the world: good versus evil; we need to fight to remove evil to save the life on planet earth. Natural selection of the fittest should be replaced with a spiritual selection in human beings, removing ignorant evil human beings, removing evil genes from the pool of genes, promoting the good genes and altruistic genes, to achieve a moral altruistic human being for a positive evolution on the planet!

The mayor cause of the destruction of the planet, and the climate change, which today is not even addressed, anywhere, is the excess in the number of human beings that today plague Planet Earth. Almost 8 billion humans are contaminating the small planet which cannot absorb the great pollution produced by so many humans living from the small planet. The extreme pollution of the air in big cities like New Delhi in India and Beijing in China is already killing human animals. It seems to me a miracle that the planet has not yet exploded into total environmental disaster due to this number of contaminating human beings. The mathematics are very easy: if we were only 1 billion humans living in the planet, we would not have so much contamination, we would not have climate change, and the killing and extermination of so many animals. Thus, it is imperative and urgent to start a program of control of natality of the human species. Today we cannot have more than 3 billion humans living from the planet. And again I give the good example: I do not have children, and not because I can´t, (I adore children), but because I have orders in my Soul that is connected to my Mother Planet. The mistaken religions such as catholicism that have done much harm to the advancement of humanity, and to the health of the planet, does not see the evident reality of the current situation and still promote their mistaken ideology or ‘laws’ against the control of natality; humans should avoid being brain washed by these obsolete ignorant sects that so much harm have done to all the living animals of the planet.

The actions to save the life on the planet and establish the universal rights for the well being of animals are done not only through the force of laws, but also through the education of humanity, using all methods of communication; every educated citizen, the activists and all organizations for animal rights, vegans and vegetarians, intellectuals, scientists, famous actors, famous musicians and sport personalities, all have to get involved and do social activism, all over the world, for the well being of all animals. Children in schools are not given adequate education: they are not taught to respect and love animals; children are not taught that non human animals are living beings just like human animals and that they have to be respected and loved as much as the human animal:

Everybody needs to educate children, at home and at school, about the importance of the love and respect for plants and animals.

Everyone needs to stimulate everybody to achieve moral consciousness to stop the abuse, the suffering, and killing of animals.

Every religion needs to educate their followers on the essential first commandment to respect and love all plants and all animals.

Citizens need to organize prayer chains in all media outlets to protect all animals that are abused by those evil human animals.

Citizens should vote their governors wisely, and demand from them to instate new laws for the protection of all animals.

Citizens should expose and denounce the mis-treatment of animals, to authorities and animal shelters, and through all media outlets.

Citizens should initiate legal lawsuits against corrupt authorities, unjust judges, and inmoral businessmen that abuse and kill animals.

Citizens should boycott countries that abuse animals: abstaining from doing tourism and buying things in countries that mis-treat animals.

Governments should establish new laws and rules to assure the good management and complete protection of forests and its animals. These laws should be enforced with harsh punishment, including death penalty for arsonists, poachers and hunters.

All countries in the world should triplicate the area of all National Parks, to be destined only for animals, prohibiting new settlements of humans that are now invading natural parks. In these parks, animals will live in peace and multiply, with no human interference, thus assuring the patrimony of the wild animals for possible future generations that survive on the planet.

Authorities should prohibit farmers to use fire to burn their lands, in order to prevent pollution and the fires that burn forests that destroy trees and animals.

Authorities should prohibit smoking outside, in nature parks, and use fire to cook in the national parks, to prevent the fires of forests provoked by humankind.

Authorities should implement good management of forests to have healthy trees and protect them from pests that attack and make sick and kill trees.

Citizens should initiate massive chains of prayers to eliminate criminal humans and hunters that torture and kill animals. Human criminals that kill humans or animals do not understand the language of love to correct their criminal sins, they only understand their own language of fire arms; thus, they need to be treated (eliminated) with their own same language (fire) that they use to kill animals, as was indicated also by Jesus:

‘And so will be the end of the world: the Angels will come and separate bad humans from the good and they will throw the bad humans into the fires of hell’ (Saint Mathew).

To all the muslims of the world: I was born on a 25th of March, on the day of the Apparition of Archangel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin for the Annunciation of the Conception of Jesus. Muslims like Christians also venerate Archangel Gabriel, the Blessed Virgin and Lord Jesus. On a 25th of March the Archangel Gabriel appeared to me in a dream; the Light of the Holy Spirit appeared to me in Palestina; an Angel of Light appeared to me in Jerusalem as shown in a Miracle Picture; and during several years I received many Miracles of God and Miracle Pictures that help me expose the Message I have in my Soul to try to change the course of destruction of animals ( Thus, here I come: In the name of Archangel Gabriel, in this Fatwa, I ask all islamic activists, that they have to change their Jihad, they have to stop killing innocent people, and fight against those true infidels that are violating and destroying the beloved Creation of God: the Animals of the Planet; the fight is against those that destroy the life of the planet, we have to eliminate humans that kill defenseless animals, and the first fight is in Africa, where the first man was born; in the Name of God and the Life of the Planet: we have to eliminate those evil human criminals that are hunting and killing defenseless animals; we have to eliminate all those who are killing the beloved Creation of God: the Sacred Holy Animals of our Holy Miraculous Planet!

Consumption of animal products:

Meat consumption destroys the planet. According to a recent report from FAO, cattle farming to produce meat for human consumption generates more pollution than the toxic pollution produced by all the transport sector combined (cars, trucks, trains, ships, etc). Indeed, the production of meat for human consumption is one of the principal causes of global warming of the planet, with the cutting of trees and destruction of forests, the degradation of the soil, the contamination of the water and the air, and the loss of biodiversity (see

The human species has been designed vegetarian and to stop the extermination of animals it has to change its course of mistaken evolution returning to a vegetarian diet to stop the destruction of the planet and the extinction of the human species.

To stop the course of extinction human beings should not kill and eat animals, specially vertebrate animals, because non human animals are evolutionary related to the human animal; these animals also have a brain and thus have consciousness and they suffer when they are tortured and killed to be consumed by the human species. Mankind should not consume animals that have a brain because these non human animals have the same nervous system as human animals and thus it is a moral crime to kill and cause unnecessary suffering to other non human animals that have the same right to a live and long life and in complete freedom as do human animals.

The change in ecological consciousness and the establishment of a vegetarian diet all over the world is a process that can take several years; a slow transition based on education and a change in consciousness to love all animals, and implementing strict laws that protect all the rights of all the animals of the planet.

Those ignorant humans with no education nor moral consciousness that choose not to change to a vegetarian diet could continue consuming meat from animals, but only from those animals that die a natural death in the fields, where domestic and wild animals live naturally their full life and in complete freedom.

Those humans that will not adopt immediately a strict vegetarian diet, may also consume meat produced in the laboratory: this meat cultured in vitro in the lab should be part of the human nutrition, to eradicate immediately the holocaust and the suffering of domestic animals that today are tortured during the production of meat for human consumption. This cultured meat is the same meat that comes from the animal, but it is a meat that is not extracted from the suffering animal, but rather it is produced in vitro by the culture of muscle cells that are obtained from animals that have died naturally, the isolated muscle cells are immortalized in the lab and then grown in artificial cultures to be produced commercially without the suffering of animals (see Wikipedia).

The cultured meat is different from the vegetarian meat which is a vegetarian product derived from plant protein. This vegetarian meat is important for the nutrition of the human animal.

In addition to the cultured in vitro meat and the vegetarian meat, scientists are now designing and producing meat from vegetables, designing a meat from vegetables that has the exact same taste as animal meat to satisfy the selective appetite of ecological non conscious human animals. This ‘meat’ from vegetables is much more healthy for humans, and will be more healthy for the planet, and avoids the suffering and killing of animals.

Thus, to stop the criminal killing and suffering of animals to produce meat for human consumption, those human beings with no ecological consciousness that will not become strict vegetarian may consume: 1) meat from animals that die naturally in the field, 2) meat produced in vitro from immortal muscle cells; 3) meat designed and produced from vegetables; 4) vegetarian meat produced from plant protein.

Humans may consume the meat of animals only after the natural death of animals that live a long life in complete freedom. When an animal dies due to natural causes the body parts of the dead animal can be consumed o recycled to be used for animal or human consumption. The consumption of meat or recycling of animal parts from domestic animals can only be done after the natural death of an animal. The meat and organs of the recently dead animal may be consumed by humans or other carnivores; indeed, when a sheep dies of old age in my sanctuary, my dogs and my cats eat the meat of the deceased animal, and the wild foxes and vultures take care of any rests after my animals consumed what they want from the recently dead animal. All the natural products of a dead animal such as leather, hair, bones and horns, can be used at any time after the natural death of an animal.

Humans should not kill young animals to consume their meat; if they still need to eat meat they have to wait for the natural death of any animal. It is a crime to kill domestic animals to eat their meat because the meat of millions of animals will be available anyway with the natural cycle of natural death of millions of animals!

Humans may consume milk and its sub-products (like cheese and yoghurt), when that milk is in excess of the requirements of milk for her calve; the mother cow or mother goat will live all their lives in freedom, together with their calves, family group and friends, and let the calf decide if she wants to separate from her mother.

Humans may consume the excess of eggs produced by chickens that live free in the natural vegetation of a farm, protected from predators and hazardous climate with a good safe chicken house to sleep in the night.

Humans may harvest the wool of animals like llamas and sheep that can be sheared only once a year, at the beginning of the summer, with animals that live in freedom and protected from predators and hazardous climate.

By law, all domestic animals need to have enough food and water, ample shade for protection against the sun and the heat of the summer, a roof to protect against rain and hail, and protection against winds and other hazardous climate.

If a species multiplies into excess and over-population and threatens the loss of natural equilibrium, the control of natality can be done with castration, or any other method of contraception before conception, without affecting the life of any animal that lives in the womb of her mother.

Protection of carnivore animals:

Herbivore animals do not have problems in getting their necessary food, except in cases of droughts or criminal hunters. Wild carnivore animals such as wolves, bears, lions, tigers and other wild cats, today have a very difficult life for getting their food and to feed their litters and thus many are on a course of extinction due to the human induced destruction of the planet. To ensure that we will not loose the great patrimony of carnivores, humans need to intervene to help and take care of these majestic animals, providing all the animal protein that carnivore animals need to survive.

Hear the wise words of prophet Buda: ‘Love all living beings and pacify your spirits by stopping the killing and eating of animals; this is the true test of religiosity, because the true wise man of God not only will not kill and not eat animals, but will also love and keep and potentiate the life of all creatures in every manifestation‘.

Wise Buda says that the true wise person will care for all living beings; everyone should take care of all the animals and plants, and thus we need to help all animals, and these include wild animals, especially carnivores. Humans need to provide food to every animal that has no sufficient food, like polar bears, that are in a course of extinction, animals that each year have more problems to get enough food for their cubs due to the receding ice of the poles, due to the climate change produced by humans; and even humans are killing bears when the poor hungry bears come to the trash seeking food for their little cubs that are hungry.

And here with the help of Buda, I will refute what many scientists say about certain ways to care for nature: many scientists say that man should not intervene in the natural course of nature, meaning that if an animal is dying in the Arctic or in the jungle, one should let the animal die because it is the natural course of nature. To me it is an immoral crime not to intervene and let a poor animal die in nature if one can assist the poor animal that is dying due to some cruel chaos of nature. If you find a human being that has had an accident in the car, you assist that person: it is moral duty and even a legal obligation to help your fellow human being; likewise, it is a moral obligation to assist an animal that is sick or in danger of dying, it is a spiritual moral obligation to assist the animal with a problem that causes suffering and that threatens the life of a fellow animal. And here I describe such a moral mistake perpetrated by scientists of National Geographic:

One day I saw on TV a documentary of Nat Geo on the life of a polar female mother bear that had two cubs under her care; the 3 bears, the mother and her 2 little bear cubs were in trouble, in danger of loosing their lives due to starvation because the mother was not finding enough food due to a shortage of food due to the human induced climate change; during several weeks the scientists observed and filmed the mother bear and her 2 cubs, from their trucks and helicopter; the mother bear did not find sufficient food (maybe due to the noise of the human truck and the helicopter), and thereafter the 2 little bear cubs starved to death; the scientists were filming how the bears were dying of hunger, and in the end, the 2 precious little bears died from starvation! That was a mortal sin not to intervene to help the poor mother bear with some food to save the two precious cubs from starvation. I ask myself, what was the problem in throwing at the mother bear a large piece of meat from their truck or helicopter? Surely the scientists were eating lots of meat during their adventure in Antartica. And what did we learn from that scientific experience with Nat Geo? Nothing new: there is a climate change and bears are dying from starvation due to irresponsible immoral human beings. That documentary was a painful horror, a documentary on the ‘holocaust of animals’, on what inmoral ignorant human beings are doing or not doing to help animals; it would have been better to make a deal with the king of spain (who enjoys killing elephants), or with the son of president Trump (who also kills elephants for fun), charge him 100,000 U$S so he could enjoy killing the two little bear cubs, with a big rifle, from the helicopter; and with the money the scientists could do more documentaries showing deaths of animals, and the criminal hunters could show one more time their macho virility, killing defenseless little animals with shotguns, from a helicopter, to profess their criminal ideology of ‘conservation of fauna’ of the millionaire hunters, as described in the Nat Geo article of October 2017.

In another horrifying video presented by Nat Geo in December of 2017, some so called conservationists show in a terrible video a dying polar bear starving to death; he was unable to walk due to his extreme weakness, the bear was starving to death because he had no food due to the reduction of ice in the arctic because of global climate change. I cried when I saw this most horrifying scene, and burst into a rage of hate against these soul-less heart-less humans that did not help the poor polar bear: humans that did not feed the starving animal, an innocent most noble creature that was dying in front of their eyes, dying due to the crimes of humanity. And the excuse of the soul-less conservationists, to wide-spread criticism to the article, was that they did not feed the bear because it is ilegal to feed a wild animal. These heart-less brutes followed the laws of soul-less ignorant authorities and are also responsible for the death of this most noble animal. It was so easy to save this poor wonderful animal with some food; but again these inmoral brutes of Nat Geo did nothing to save the life of innocent defenseless animals that again dies due to the ignorant evils of heart-less mankind.

We need to help carnivore animals and feed them so they get their animal proteins and do not disappear from the planet. Considering the changes in the conditions of the current world produced by the destruction by man, it is a moral duty to help all carnivore animals of the planet, so that they will have the food they need to survive in this planet that has been depleted and destroyed by the human species. Urgently we need to take care for all the wild cats, all over the world, such as lions, tigers, pumas, jaguars and leopards that are on the verge of extinction.

In this document that is my testament, when I die, and my spirit passes into the next life, I ask that my body shall be given, with no clothes, to a group of lions, or a group of tigers, or any big cat, (or even vultures or condors), so that my body will be recycled in these Adorable Animals of my beloved Mother Earth!

God and the creation of man to change the evolution of the planet

Circa 90 % of the world population with all its different religions believes in a God that has created the universe and our life on the planet. Agnostic science may also believe in a Creator; indeed, the greatest scientists of all time also believed in the existence of a Spiritual Energy that is Manifest in the Universe, as indicated by their own words and publications:

Albert Einstein wrote: ‘Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe’. Isaac Newton published his arguments on the evidence of the existence of God: ‘Letters containing some arguments in proof of Deity’.

I had hundreds of mystic miraculous experiences in my life and thus I know of the existence of this Spiritual Creative Energy that is manifest in all life of the planet. To make the change in moral consciousness to stop the destruction of life, human beings need to live their lives with the conscious realization that other living beings also have a Soul, this Spirit, which is the Divine Spiritual Energy, that we call God, or Holy Spirit, that is manifest in all the Living Beings in the Universe and in the Planet. This Energy of Life is the energetic cosmological anti-gravity that directs the Creative Expansion of the Universe; it is the Creative Spiritual Energy author of the Miracle Creation that is manifest in all the different Forms of Life in the Universe, and is manifest in all Living Beings of our Planet. Thus, like humans beings, all animals also have a Spiritual Soul which is the Vital Energy of the Divine Holy Spirit that rules the Miracle of Life on our Miraculous Planet.

To survive and procreate on the planet all living beings need a material fuel which is extrinsic to their energetic Spiritual Soul, and God created a carnivore/herbivore design of nutrition for the procreation and energetic sustenance for the life of all animals in the planet. Carnivores need to kill other herbivore animals to survive and procreate for their evolution on the planet.

This herbivore/carnivore design of creation, where some animals need to eat other animals to survive, produces great suffering for animals that are eaten (herbivores), and great suffering to carnivore animals that do not eat because they cannot catch other animals; and thus herbivores suffer pain during their own death, and the death of their offspring, and carnivores suffer their own death when they cannot eat, or when they loose their offspring because they cannot feed their offspring. This design of eat or be eaten produces a chain of great suffering in all species of animals, a design that is very violent and of great suffering that should not have been designed by a supposed All Powerful Loving Compassionate Creator.

When God during her evolution and the evolution of the planet realized this horrible suffering that God had created with this carnivore/herbivore design, he decided to change the evolution of life of the planet, and in order to avoid the extermination of its beloved carnivores that she had created in the planet, decided to produce its most complex creation of the planet: Homo sapiens, so that the wise new human creation would change the evolution of the carnivore/herbivore design, to eliminate the suffering of his/her beloved planet.

God created humans as vegetarian animals; this is evident at first sight: humans do not have large canine carnivore teeth to destroy the meat of animals as do all other true carnivores: like dogs, cats, wolfs, lions, tigers, foxes, and many more. In addition, God created the vegetarian Homo sapiens with an extraordinary intelligence and manual dexterity, so he could subordinate all other animals of the planet, and change the violent model of life, to eliminate the brutal herbivore/carnivore design, to eliminate the suffering, and create a new design of life with no more suffering in the planet. Indeed, mankind has already changed the evolution of two species: the domestic cat and the dog that after a short period of evolution today no longer need to kill animals to survive, because humans provide for all the food they need, and thus these carnivores, under the care of humans, today, in civilized countries, no longer suffer and do not kill other animals to survive; thus, today dogs and cats suffer less, and their prey are in general no longer eaten by cats and dogs. This is a positive pacified evolution for humankind and for these adorable animals; every human family of the planet should have a loving dog or a cat in their homes, to be part of the family, so that each child and every human being receives a spiritual therapy of these wonderful animals, to transform human lives and the planet into a more pacified world for a positive evolution of the planet.

Not only cats and dogs should be part of the human family; all domestic animals should also be part of a wonderful experience in the lives of human beings. Indeed, during almost 2 decades I was blessed to live one of the best experiences of my life when I created a sanctuary of plants and animals. In my 300 hectare farm I cared for more than 1,000 domestic and exotic animals, around 20 different species, all living together in harmony, in complete freedom, always having sufficient food, and water (I made 100 lagoons), all protected from hazardous climate, protected from disease, and wild predators. I also took care of all kinds of wild animals that lived in my sanctuary: I gave them food when food was scarce, I healed wild animals when they were sick, and protected them with my life from criminal hunters and criminal neighbors that I hate so much for having killed many animals. I could write a full book on my wonderful experience, with hundreds of pictures of my domestic, exotic and wild animals, to show with my own example how we can establish a paradise on earth when one loves and cares for the life of all animals ( However, due to evil criminal human beings, after fighting for many years, with no help from no one, I eventually lost my sanctuary of animals; it is very probable that without help I will also loose this battle against idiotic evil humans to save the life of my current home: the Miraculous Planet.

God created humans to make that big change to achieve a Paradise of Heaven on Planet Earth. However, Homo sapiens did not turn out to be that sapiens after all and soon humans realized that killing animals and eating animals was quite easy, and thus changed the evolution of the planet. Although I do not believe most of what is written in the Bible, chapter 3 of Genesis, written thousands of years ago by a famous prophet, describes symbolically well what happened during the creation of man and predicts the extinction of the human species: God had created and placed man in a ‘garden of eden’ (the planet) where he could eat all the fruits of almost every tree, but God had forbidden humans to eat one type of fruit (food) of the garden (planet) that the writer symbolically called the ‘Tree of Life’; but the symbolic Adam, sometime during his evolution, instead of eating the fruits of the garden, started to kill animals to eat the animals which was the tree of life that God had forbidden to humans; God had entrusted humans to take care of all animals, but instead man was destroying animals, man had become an idolater for power (today money), he had become selfish and no longer had compassion for his other fellow vertebrate species of animals, and thus entered into a mistaken path of evolution, with the killing of all animals, and today we have established the criminal holocaust of animals.

The text of Genesis indicated that the day when man would eat from this tree of life mankind would die: ‘The day that you eat from the tree of life thou shalt surely die’, and this path to death has initiated with the climate change and all other ecological disasters and human suffering that we see all over the planet. The Tree of Life is the evolution of life, and this life means the Animals of God; thus, the demise of humans started when mankind killed and ate animals. When man killed animals to eat the meat of animals there was a transformation in the temperament of men, it made mankind more aggressive, like Einstein used to say, and men started to make tools to kill animals: sticks and stones, knifes and swords, then arrows, and then shotguns, and with them today we have the mass killing of millions of animals. With the change in the temperament of men that came from eating animals, quickly we had wars between societies, and for the past 30 centuries we had so much suffering and misery from wars all over the world. The prophesy of Genesis is now at hand with the threat of the extermination of the human species, because man had violated the tree of life, killing and eating the beloved animals of God, animals that today are mis-treated, tortured, and slaughtered by the millions by the disobedient ignorant evil man. Thus, when men started to kill animals to eat animals, there was a change in the temperament that made humans change its ideology of life, that initiated a change in the evolution of the planet. And listen to great Pitágoras: ‘If men keep on killing his younger brothers the animals we will continue to suffer wars on earth and men will continue to kill each other, for he that sows pain and death will never harvest peace, happiness and love‘.

The terrible unjust death of small good children due to starvation or earthquakes, the killing and torture of millions of innocent animals that are exterminated all over the word, and many other unjust cruelties all over the world, shows me that God the Spirit does not intervene in matters of the planet; God was gone from the world when he realized that she had created the worst evil predator of the planet. As man killed her beloved animals, God released the hand of man, and of the planet, to let human beings evolve to their new evolution, with its own extinction. The prophesy of Genesis is at hand with the course of human extermination for having violated the fundamental law of not touching the tree of life which are all the beloved Animals of God that today are tortured, jailed and assassinated by the brutal ignorant criminal human species. If mankind reverses this original criminal sin of mis-treating and killing and eating animals, and no longer mis-treats, and kills animals; then God will return to Earth and will intervene for the well being of the planet, and peace and love will return, and again we will have harmony between humans and God, harmony between humans, and harmony between humans with all our beloved Holy Animals of the Holy World!

Transforming Planet Earth into a Paradise of Heaven

When a was little boy, circa 6-7 years old, I had a bad experience with nature that marked my life; it is maybe the first important recollection since I have memories of my life. I was in the farm of my grand-parents, walking in a field, with the horses in the distance, about 300 meters away from the house, walking and enjoying nature that since a little boy I loved with my Heart. Suddenly a hare appeared running close to me, about 20 meters away, and behind the hare was a fox, running to catch the hare. Seconds later, I saw that next to the big hare, and the fox behind, was a little hare, running in front of the big hare. Quickly I realized that the big hare was the mother of the little hare. Mother hare was running between her little one and the fox, running in zig-zag, from side to side, trying to steer away the fox from her little one. Mother hare was getting in the way of the fox, trying to become the target of the fox, to save her little one. Again and again the fox came closer and closer to the little hare, but the mother hare was able to intervene and steer away the fox from her little one. The clever fox knew that her best bet was to catch the little hare and thus focused her catching skills on the little hare; maybe the fox was also a mother fox that had to feed her little ones. The suffering scene was to me absolutely distressing, as I saw the mother hare and her little one fighting for the life of the little hare. Quickly I started to run towards the 3 animals, shouting at the animals, shouting at the fox to please leave the little hare with her mother. I ran and ran behind the animals, maybe for half a minute, shouting from the distance at the animals, until I saw that the fox had now caught the little hare, the fox was now carrying the little hare in her mouth, and the mother hare was trotting behind the fox, looking at the fox and her little one. Several seconds later, the animals disappeared from my sight that now was heavily blurred, due to the thousand tears I had in my eyes that were suffering for the suffering of the mother hare and her little one.

Humans have been created by the Divine Spiritual Energy to transform the savage planet into a perfect harmonic world, where all of its creatures can live in harmony, without having to eat each other; a Miracle Planet where all Living Beings could survive from the Cosmic Holy Spirit (like plants do with the Energy of the Sun), to live by the Energy of God, the Creative Energy of Universal Expansion that humans could find through a Spiritual Revolution to change the Evolution of Planet Earth.

In the Universe there are different Energetic Dimensions; in our Planet Earth we have a Material Dimension and a Non-Material Dimension that we can describe as a Spiritual Energy Dimension we could call Holy Spirit. When the In-animated Material Dimension is ‘co-habitated’ by the Spiritual Energy, the in-animated becomes animated, and is transformed into a Living Being that lives the Miracle of Life through this Cosmic Spiritual Energy. The Energy of Life of the Spiritual Dimension is the Creative Expansive Energy of the Universe, the cosmological anti-gravity, the so called lambda constant of the equations of Einstein.

All Living Beings have the Spiritual Soul; thus, like human beings, plants and animals also have a Spiritual Soul, each species with their different states of evolution, being the evolution of the Soul subordinated to the state of evolution of the material body. Religious authorities say that animals have no Soul, as do humans, and once again they are completely wrong: Homo sapiens has a Soul, his ancestor Homo habilis had also a Soul, the predecessor Homo erectus had a Soul too, and the ancestor Australopithecus afarensis like simian monkeys have a Soul too, and a mouse has a Soul, and so forth: the Creative Energy of the Holy Spirit that gives us the Miracle of Life is present in all Living Beings that exist on our Planet Earth.

Because every Living Being has a Spirit Soul, like humans, all animals have the same right to live a long life and in complete freedom, as do human beings, to enjoy liberty, longevity, and all of the pleasures that are offered by the Material World. It is unconceivable that for example chickens have to live all of their lives in very small cages, under the torture industry of animal production for human consumption when mankind has been designed and must be vegetarian.

Because the human being is the most evolved living being in the world, with the capacity to direct the evolution of the world, it is responsible to provide protection to all Living Beings, like a good Father does with his children; thus, Mankind is the God of this World. Homo Sapiens must impose Good over evil, Love over hatred, Harmony over chaos, Peace over war; mankind can change the cruel chaos of the world into a Paradise Order, a Material World where the Loving Spiritual Energy is always prevalent, a Planet Earth with no suffering or pain, where all Living Beings live in peace, harmony and liberty, respecting the material elements of the Material Spiritual World.

The cruel chaos of wild nature is manifest everywhere at all times provoking great suffering in all the animals that share our Planet Earth. The savage climate with its mortal hurricanes and tornadoes, freezing temperatures, deadly draughts and floods, are a very destructive force of nature that causes death and much suffering to all the living beings of the planet. The design of creation with herbivores and carnivore animals, where carnivores kill herbivores to survive causing great suffering to herbivores, and carnivore animals that suffer and may die when they cannot catch and eat herbivores, is a very violent design of life for the survival of animals; in my opinion, this eat or be eaten design should not have been created by an All Loving Compassionate Creator.

I suffer and cannot see documentaries of wild life of Nat-Geo that show the crude reality of the cruel survival of animals, such as watching a pack of lions killing an extraordinary male buffalo, or the killing of a calf of a mother, but then the lion mothers needs this kill to feed their cubs to survive. If I was God I would never have designed such a cruel system of survival of animals where carnivores need to kill other animals to survive and generating this terrible long chain of suffering in the kingdom of animals.

The merciless violent climate with the current climate change will become more destructive over time and is a great problem for humanity and all the animals of the world; if humanity survives the course of extinction, in 300 years, the intelligent human species, with science and technology and with the help of computers, will be able to control the climate, to create a perfect climate all over the world, to establish a paradise, with no more thirst nor hunger, with no suffering of animals and plants that today die and suffer due to merciless draughts, mortal floods, hurricanes and freezing colds that are manifest all over the world.

The control of the climate will be relatively easy to achieve. The most difficult problem to change the savage planet is the painful design of the life of animals of the ‘eat or be eaten’ design, an awful invention of the supposed Perfect All Loving God. Maybe God created mankind to change the cruel suffering design that became too cruel for the ‘Evolution of God’, to transform the wild planet into a Paradise of Heaven. There will never be a true peace and harmony in the world as long as the living creatures are hungry and kill each other for the cruel survival of the fittest. The most recent creation of the planet with the human species might have been the radical change in the evolution of the planet to create a peaceful Paradise on Earth.

Humans have been empowered with the supreme intelligence of the planet, to direct the evolution of all living creatures of our planet, and it is the responsibility of the human species to take care of all living beings of the planet, to transform the cruel wild chaos of nature into a Kingdom of Heaven of our beloved Miraculous Planet. Humans have the responsibility to care for all animals that are the little children of the world; like a good father that cares for his children, Homo Sapiens must impose good over evil, love over hatred, harmony over chaos, peace over war; mankind can change the cruel chaos of the world into a Paradise Order, a world where the loving spiritual energy is always prevalent, a planet with no suffering nor pain, where all living beings live in peace and harmony for the benefit of the evolution of Planet Earth.

¿How do we change the cruel herbivore-carnivore design that produces so much suffering and transform this planet into a Paradise of Heaven? If carnivore animals would not have to kill other animals to obtain the energy from animals to preserve their lives, animals would not fight and kill each other, and hence all creatures would live together in harmony and in peace, and the aggression and suffering would be eradicated to establish a final peaceful Earth.

To modify the behavior of carnivore animals the intelligent human species can use genetic and environment manipulation, because the phenotype of an animal, the physical and behavioral character of an animal, is the result of the interaction of genes with the environment and the character can be changed to improve the life of the planet. Modifying the environment, such as giving much love and food to wild animals, you transform wild animals into domestic animals, and these will no longer kill and eat other animals. This can be seen in certain nature reserves, where lions, wolves or bears, no longer kill other animals, nor attack humans that care for them providing food and love. During many years I took care of many exotic and wild animals in the paradise of my sanctuary of animals and here I learned the pleasure of a life in paradise surrounded by so many different interesting adorable creatures of God (section X).

Through intelligent environmental and genetic manipulation controlled by humankind one can modify animal species, and man has already achieved the creation of a species with characters to his own wish and design: from the ancestor the wild wolf, with love and food, the dog has been designed by man, in a few centuries, into all kinds of races, with many different specific forms and characters, such as seen in the golden retriever and labrador used for emotional therapy, or the german shepherd used as a police dog, or the many small breeds used as companion dogs; this new creation and design by man has been transformed from a wild wolf into the best friend of man for the overall benefit of humankind; thus, with gene selection and environment manipulation human animals can modify animal species for a positive evolution of the world.

Due to the new critical situation of food on the planet, mankind must feed all animals that do not have sufficient food to meet their needs, specially wild animals such as polar bears, which are in a course of extinction due to human climate change; each year bears have more trouble finding food, and even mankind kills them when the poor bears go to seek human food in their garbage. With balanced food you can pacify the most wild animals, such as a tiger, one of the most beautiful and extraordinary animal of the planet that due to the evils of man is on the verge of extinction. If you feed hungry foxes, wild boars, and wolfs, these will not eat your lambs and sheep and thus no one will suffer the loss of a loved one, neither the hungry cubs of foxes nor the lambs of sheep will die. With balanced food, over many years, you will eliminate the predator instinct and transform a species that is strictly carnivore into an omnivore species, as happened with the dog, the current best friend of man.

One can also modify the behavior of animals with genetic selection and cloning, promoting altruistic genes, eliminating egoistic genes, cloning selecting herbivore genes against carnivore genes, everything can be changed though genetic and environmental manipulation. Plants are even more pacific creatures than herbivores because they do not kill animals nor harm other plants, because they use the Energy of Life given by our Miracle Sacred Sun. In many hundreds of years one could clone the photosynthetic gene system of plants into the DNA of animals so that animals may also use the energy from the Sun.

A similar strategy such as used by plants with the sun, using the Spirit Cosmic Energy to provide the energy to feed the material body, we have to find, to establish this Cosmic Energy into the matter of all animals, and become like Angels, so we may eliminate the eat or be eaten design and the suffering of the painful world. Instead of using the energy of food of animals to maintain life in the material body, humans and animals could use the Spiritual Cosmic Energy (the lambda constant of cosmological anti-gravity) that is stored in the Spiritual Dimension. The discovery on how to use this Source of Energy of the Spiritual Dimension may take many hundreds of years to discover, to establish a Heaven on Earth, using the Spiritual Energy of the Holy Spirit, to sustain the Life of Animals to achieve no more suffering on our dear Planet Earth. If humans survive the current course of Apocalypses, and continue to exist on Planet Earth, in the future we will find the way to obtain and control this Spiritual Energy, to harvest and store the Energetic Holy Spirit, to direct the Energy of Life, to sustain the life of animals and plants, to steer the Evolution on Earth, to establish the Celestial Paradise on our Miracle Mother Earth.

And then there shall no longer be suffering and deaths, no diseases, nor pain, no more killings, no more cages, no more torture of animals, no more suffering for the poor innocent creatures of my beloved Planet Earth. Holy Spirit of Our Love, give us the Sacred Energy of your Holy Spirit, so we can be as Angels of the Lord, so we never ever have to kill another beloved innocent creature of our Beloved Mother Earth. Do NOT kill animals! Do NOT put animals in cages! Do NOT consume animals! Love all animals as yourself and become a Saint of Animals to inherit a Paradise on Earth.



Here I present an up-date of my ‘Message to Humanity’ with the new information published in 2018 regarding the data on the atrocities perpetrated against animals and the extermination of wild animals. I also present and discuss the new scientific data and conclusions of the reports of the United Nations presented in October 2018 by the scientific commission on climate change (IPCC) that now warns about the ecological disaster that the planet will suffer in a few years, starting as early as 2030, due to global warming and climate change produced by humankind. In addition I discuss the new data presented by the IPCC to the UN about the negative impacts that the production and consumption of animals is having on global warming and where they finally urge humanity to change to a vegetarian diet to stop the destruction of the planet. Adding to these new important reports presented by the United Nations I also summarize herein the scientific facts of the design of the vegetarian origin of the human species to further address the urgent need to return to a vegetarian diet to stop the course of wild life extermination that will lead to human extinction within the next 30 years. The new scientific reports of the United Nations presented in 2018 show that my predictions I wrote decades earlier regarding ecological disasters were correct and supports my current prediction for the holocaust or extinction of the human species within the next 30 years.     

New scientific data presented by the United Nations warns about unprecedented ecological disasters expected by the year 2030:

Several articles have been published in the internet in the year 2018 regarding new findings on global warming and climate change that threatens the existence of the human species. Herein I summarize and quote several articles written in several newspapers, science journals such as Nature, the National Geographic and the BBC, published in October 2018.

A report published by the United Nations in October of 2018 presents new data from the scientific panel of experts on climate change (IPCC), warning about urgent actions that needs to be taken to stop the global warming to avoid the unprecedented destructive changes that will affect the planet with ecological disasters that will be manifest as early as the year 2030. Below I quote from the articles that describe the problem:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says the world is headed for painful problems sooner than expected as emissions keep rising…The past decade has seen an astonishing run of record-breaking storms, forest fires, droughts, coral deaths, heat waves, and floods, around the world, with just 1.0 degrees Celsius of global warming…Much of this will get substantially worse with 1.5 warming, and far worse at 2 degrees, according to the IPCC’s released report examining more than 6,000 studies…The impact of an increase in 1.5 degrees celsius of global warming will be far greater than expected according to the IPCC released on October 2018 (Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5C)… The IPCC also reported that 1.5 degrees celsius could be reached in as little as 11 years by 2030…Stabilizing global warming at 1.5C will be extremely difficult if not impossible…An additional 0.5 degrees increase permanently heating the whole planet (by production of animals for human consumption) will have grave consequences…the impacts will be felt across ecosystems, human communities and economies…climate change impacts will be worse than expected…

On October of 2018 the BBC published another article presenting new scientific data published in the prestigious science journal Nature, regarding additional bad news on the amount of heat being absorbed by the oceans that will produce an increase in global warming and destructive climate change. Below I quote from the publications that describe the problem:

We have seriously underestimated the amount of heat soaked up by our oceansThe seas have absorbed 60 % more heat from man made pollution than previously thought…This new calculation shows that far more heat than we thought has been going into oceans…It means that the Earth is more sensitive to fossil fuel emissions than estimated…It also means that far more heat than we thought has been generated by the warming gases we have emitted…More heat from the same amount of gas means the Earth is more sensitive to CO2…The extra heat going into the oceans will prompt some significant changes in the water…a warmer ocean will hold less oxygen and that has (mayor) implications for marine ecosystems…

On October 2018 the scientific journal Nature published data on the last intact eco-systems that remain on the planet and warning about the importance of taking action to preserve the last wilderness to safe-guard the planet and human well being. Here I quote from the article that describes the problem:

Today more than 77% of the land and 87% of the oceans has been modified by the direct effects of human activities…Between 1993 and 2009 an area of terrestrial wilderness larger than India (3.3 million square kilometres) was lost to new human settlement and activities…In the ocean, areas that are free of industrial fishing, pollution and shipping are almost completely confined to the polar regions, (and these regions are also threatened, since China, Russia and Norway have blocked a motion to create a protected are in Antartica)…Wild natural places are facing the same extinction crisis as species…Similarly to species extinction, the erosion of wilderness is essentially irreversible…We must change if we are to prevent the intact ecosystems from disappearing completely…The results of these studies show that time is running out to safeguard the health of the planet and human well-being…

The new studies presented in 2018 show the dramatic pollution and rapid deterioration of the health of the planet due to human activity that is destroying plants and animals, the oceans and the atmosphere, and all eco-systems of the planet. Below I quote from the articles that describes this new situation:

The world is now completely off track, heading instead towards an increase in 3C in the global temperature…The researchers have used these facts and numbers to paint a picture of the world with a dangerous fever, caused by humans…This new study says that going past 1.5C is dicing with the planet’s live-ability…And the 1.5C temperature guard rail could be exceeded in just 11 years in 2030…It is the final call, say scientists, the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures…The report says hard decisions can no longer be kicked down the road, they really need to start work immediately, there is simply no more time left for debate…This is the moment we need to decide…We want to move to clean energy, protect our forests and species, this is the year of the turning point…Scientists might want to write (to politicians) in capital letters: ACT NOW, IDIOTS…

Indeed, politicians are IDIOTS; and I add: Its not the economy, its the ecology, STUPID! But scientists are also to blame because they are weak activists, or rather cold blooded, presenting only the data of destruction, without pushing hard to make changes, they do not have the Heart, the Love or Passion, to put up a strong fight for the well being of all the Sacred Animals and the Miraculous Planet…

Report of the United Nations on the importance to change the consumption of food to a plant based vegetarian diet:

The report of the UN on October 2018 by the scientific commission on climate change also warns about the negative impact that the production and consumption of food of animal origin has on the planet, which is producing an important increase in global warming and climate change, and the report exhorts humanity to replace the consumption of animals to a plant based vegetarian diet to reduce global warming to arrest the destruction of the planet. Below I quote from the UN publication that describes their conclusion:

The new study indicates that among the negative impact of production and consumption of animal products is the increase in climate change…The IPCC warns that a difference in only 0.5 centigrades on the temperature of the planet will have devastating consequences on the planet…These factors can push the planet beyond the limits to sustain life for humanity…We can adopt a variety of healthy diets, but what all these healthy diets have in common, according to the scientific evidence, is that all of them are based on food derived from plants…If humanity wants to limit the impact of climate change, the shortage of water and contamination, then we all need to adopt a vegetarian diet based on plants, and only occasionally on animal products…this is a last call to save the planet…

The human primate has been created-designed a vegetarian animal and needs a vegetarian diet to survive on the planet:

The scientific data indicates that the human species has been created a vegetarian animal. The origin of the human species goes back to the evolution of the primates that originated in the equatorial jungles of Africa. The closest relative to human species are the great primate species: gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo, and orangutan. Molecular and paleontological evidence have estimated that the common ancestor of the human species and the big primates lived in Central Africa about 6 million years ago. The human species shares almost 99 % of its genes and DNA sequence with the chimpanzees and the bonobos, and the big primates closest to the human species regarding morphology and behavior are the chimpanzees and the gorillas. The oldest fossils of Homo sapiens date back to 200,000 years and were found in Ethiopia, in Central Africa, which is the region considered to be the cradle of humanity; in this temperate climate region the original primates consumed an abundant vegetarian diet…

All the big primates are vegetarian animals; the ancestors of all primates, all the non human primates, and the human primate, originated in the equatorial jungles of Central Africa, where thanks to its temperate climate, during thousands of years evolved eating an abundant vegetarian diet that included all kinds of fruits, different nuts, flowers, and leaves. Human beings that today devour animal meat like carnivores do not have the canine teeth and claws that characterize the true carnivore animals, such as lions and wolves, animals that need the claws and the canine teeth to hunt, kill and eat animals; the lack of canine teeth and claws in humans gives evidence that the primate human species had a vegetarian design during the creation of humankind. The digestive tract of the human species is very similar to the digestive tract of the big primates that according to their feeding behavior demonstrate to be vegetarian animals. Gorillas have the closest morphology resemblance to the human primate and are strictly vegetarian animals. All the scientific studies indicate that all the primates, including mankind, were created and designed as vegetarian animals. Due to climate pressures and occasional decline in the abundance of vegetarian food the chimpanzees may supplement their diet with meat from animals (up to 3 % of their diet). When Homo sapiens initiated the migration from Africa to Europe, and then to other colder places of the planet, humans did not have enough fruits and nuts to sustain a healthy diet and thus started to kill and eat animals, and later domesticated vegetarian animals, and thus humans eventually were transformed from a strict vegetarian animal into an omnivore animal that ate plants and animals.

The consumption of a new diet that included meat of animals eventually transformed the temperament of men from a peaceful vegetarian animal that did not kill other animals into a more aggressive carnivore animal that ended being a highly destructive animal making wars and hunting and killing all the other animals of the planet. The transformation of the peaceful vegetarian human species into a carnivore animal that kills and exterminates other animals is the reason of the current destruction and extermination of all the wild animals of the planet that will lead to the eventual extinction of the human species. A good analogy was written in a evolution article in Scientific American: if your car is designed to run on gasoil but you feed the car with diesel, you will hurt the engine of your car that will lead to its destruction; the same logic applies to humans: if you feed your body that was designed vegetarian with meat, you will hurt the engine of your body changing the neurons of your brain, transforming the pacified vegetarian temperament into an aggressive carnivore temperament that has led humankind to make wars to destroy their own species, destroy all other animals of the planet, and producing an imbalance in all the ecosystems that is leading to the extinction of the human species.

Today the human species no longer needs to mis-treat and torture and kill animals to eat and survive in regions with extreme cold climate and thus humanity can return to be a strict vegetarian animal as was originally planned for the evolution of the Planet. Today humans can produce plant based vegetarian food in any place of the planet: you can see the example of the wise dutch people that produce and export vegetarian food made in their thousands of greenhouses that have been established in one of the smallest and coldest countries of the planet. My words on the importance of a vegetarian diet are supported by the new article of the IPCC of the United Nations that warns about the importance of changing the production of food towards a plant based vegetarian diet to stop the destruction of the planet. All the data of science supports the moral and the rational survival reasons that humans should change and stop torturing and killing animals if it wants to survive and keep evolving on the planet.

Additional human atrocities perpetrated against animals published in 2018:

The worst slaughter of elephants produced by criminal hunters was perpetrated in Botswana in 2018, when rangers found 87 elephants dead with their tusks removed to be sold to criminal asian countries that profit and consume tusks of elephants to enhance their sexual desires…The hunting of rhinos continues in the corrupt countries of Africa…And there are only 100 Sumatran rhinos left in Indonesia…And today the 21st of October I read with horror that millionaire criminal hunters have killed again more elephants… I cannot and no longer see those terrible images of these atrocities against these magnificent animals; I do not understand how the authorities of the United Nations allow this hunting and killing and extermination of these defenseless innocent animals that are slaughtered by criminals in front of the eyes of the incompetent corrupt governments of Africa…  

Fifty years ago we had 200,000 lions in Africa; today there are less than 20,000 lions; thus, in 50 years humans have exterminated more than 90 % of the population of lions in Africa…And the criminal slaughter of lions continues in certain parks, where perverse evil businessmen reproduce lions that they eventually release into open spaces to be shot by criminal millionaire hunters that pay fortunes to have the pleasure of killing lions with their fire-arms, an evil crime that is not forbidden by the corrupt inmoral governments and the incompetent  authorities of the United Nations…In India 100 years ago we had a population of 80,000 tigers, now we have 3,000 tigers, and many of them are killed by coward hunters…In Argentina the largest wild cats such as the puma and the jaguar are on the verge of extinction due to the slaughter of these animals by criminal hunters which are not persecuted by incompetent rangers that are paid to protect the wild life of the planet… 

In poor Africa there is a new strategy to consume wild animals: the poor inhabitants are using poison in the drinking water of the wild animals, to kill the animals and consume them: since many people in Africa do not have money to buy fire-arms they are using cheap poisons that they pour in the natural water holes where animals come to drink, these animals then die from the poison in the water, humans intoxicate themselves when they eat the poisoned animal, and they also poison the vultures and other wild fauna that feed on the poisoned animals…

The New York Times published an article in October 2018 were a study indicated that with 1.2 billion dollars the wild animals of all the National Parks from Africa could be saved from extermination if these parks would be financed and protected from evil human intervention. It is incomprehensible for me to understand how the United Nations or the many billionaires of the planet will not invest such little money to protect lions, elephants and rhinos and other precious wild life that are on the verge of extinction due to evil coward criminal hunters that are having fun destroying the mot important patrimony of the planet…

The majestic orcas of the Pacific Ocean in the north of California are dying from hunger and they no longer reproduce and are in danger of extinction because they do not have enough fish in the oceans to eat due to the industrial over-fishing that is depleting the oceans of fish all over the world; and all the marine fauna is now under threat due to the lack of fish that are killed by the criminal over-fishing of the human plague, a species that should not eat fish because humans were designed as a vegetarian animal. The marine birds suffer and many sea lions of the coasts of Argentina are also under-nourished because they do not have enough fish due to the industrial over-fishing, and this industrial fishing not only kills the fish, but also all the other marine fauna that get trapped in the monster nets, as happens to the tortoises that also are on the list of extinction…  

The killing of whales continues all over the world, and recently South American countries have not been able to establish a sanctuary of whales in the Atlantic Ocean because 25 countries, including Japan and Norway, which supposedly are civilized countries, have voted against the establishment of the sanctuary so they can still torture and slaughter and make money from these majestic divine animals. Many countries on the UN wanted the Antartica to be established as a sanctuary protected against the invasion and destruction of humans, but this resolution was blocked by China, Russia and Norway that kills the remaining fish and the other wildlife of Antarctica…    

According to an article of the New York Times of October 2018 the frogs of the planet are disappearing. In the last 50 years 200 species of frogs have disappeared and hundreds will disappear in the following decades. Billions of frogs are tortured-killed and eaten each year by the perverse human being in every continent of the planet. Frogs are essential for all the ecosystems of the planet and with the destruction of the essential bees the disappearance of frogs will lead to the extinction of the human species…

The fires of forests and jungles and the cutting of trees all over the world continues and is destroying all the habitats of all the wild life of the planet. In Australia the cutting of trees is threatening the existence of one of the most beautiful animals of the planet: the precious Koala Bear…

According to an article of the BBC and the NYT in October 2018 the government of China has again authorized the commerce of horns of threatened rhinos and bones of tigers which are also on the verge of extinction; these magnificent animals will be killed because the ignorant criminal inmoral chinese populations like to consume horns and bones of these threatened species to increase their sexual desires; the criminal corrupt chinese authorities allow and promote the killing of these threatened species to promote their billion dollar business of horns and bones to enrich their pockets with evil money that is producing the extermination of the most wonderful creatures of the planet…

A new study published in October 2018 indicates that micro-plastics are being detected in the feces of humans all over the world. Plastics have entered into the food chain of humanity because the tons of plastics thrown into the oceans are slowly degraded into micro-plastics that are consumed by the fish and the consumption of the fish that have micro-plastics in their bodies pass into the body of humans that consume fish; this is another reason for you to stop killing and consuming fish…

An article in the newspaper El Pais from October 2018 describes the new scientific data that shows that due to climate change there is an increase in the incidence of brain diseases such as depression, chronic anxiety, sleep deprivation and other mental ailments which will become more prevalent as the extreme climate change will become more manifest; all the changes in the ecosystems of the planet due to the destruction of animals will lead to suffering and destruction of the human species…

One of the greatest crimes of humanity is to have animales in cages for life as happens with different domestic animals during the production of food for human consumption. An article in El Pais of November 2018 informed about a new law that is about to be confirmed in California to increase a few inches the spaces that chickens may have for production of eggs and other beef animals in their cages, because the current laws of the conditions of overcrowding of animals for food production seems to be for them now a ‘little’ cruel, and I quote the rules of the law with the current conditions of space that domestic animals in food production may have in their cages: the current law establishes that the space for laying hens, pigs and calves should be enough so they may be able to turn around in their cages, should be able to lay down, and should be able to stand up with their legs extended. This information of the current rules and conditions regarding the spaces that animals have during their over-crowded life in small cages for food production demonstrates the outrageous barbaric conditions of torture of over-crowding that these loving defenseless animals suffer due to the criminal production of food for evil inmoral human consumption. This data makes me so mad with so much anger and hate that I wish that this evil perverse human species will quickly be exterminated out from the world, extermination is what humans deserve! 

The list of atrocities of the human species goes on and on; here I described only a few new atrocities that have shocked me while reading the news in 2018…

The responsibility of the United Nations to stop the destruction of the planet:

The United Nations has been incompetent in caring for the health of the planet because it has concentrated its efforts only on politics and social issues and has done nothing for the most important issue for human survival which is the well being of the health of the planet and the protection of plants and animals. The UN is responsible of the holocaust and extermination of the wild fauna of the planet because under a competent UN leadership not a single elephant, rhino or lion would be killed and lost in the corrupt poor countries of Africa. The men of power in the world with the government authorities, billionaires, and the media celebrities, have done nothing to stop the extermination of the wild life which is the most important patrimony of the planet. The authorities of the UN are accomplices of the corrupt authorities of countries that are responsible for the killing of little children that die due to useless evil wars and starvation (like Venezuela, Syria and Yemen), and likewise they are responsible for the criminal slaughter and extermination of thousands of rhinos, elephants, lions and other fauna that like children cannot defend themselves from powerful shotguns used by criminals that are destroying the wild-life of the planet.

Recently at last the United Nations is realizing and reporting on the severity of a new situation due to climate change; however, the new reports of the UN stating that ecological disaster will appear in a few years (in 2030) is also wrong, because the ecological disaster has been present already decades ago, as demonstrated by 1 single scientific data: in the last 50 years the human species has destroyed 80 % of all the vertebrate wild animals of the planet (mammals, birds, reptiles and fish; the destruction of the essential bees is 75 %); this level of destruction of 80 % clearly indicates the total ecological disaster that mankind has already done in the past 50 years on the wild fauna which is essential for the survival of our own species.

It is to me also morally deplorable that the men of science and the authorities of the UN present their warnings to reduce the consumption of animals based only on the scientific data on a climate change that will affect the survival of humans, while totally ignoring the moral spiritual importance of preserving the universal rights of all the other animals that share our planet to live a long life and in complete freedom; nothing has been said about the suffering of torture and killing during the production of animals for human consumption for the egoistic gratification of a species that has been created a vegetarian animal, a perverse destructive species that in 100 years will have destroyed all the living beings of a planet that has 4 billions years of creative evolution… 

In this new Global World Order where all countries are inter-connected and depend on each other to survive, the United Nations needs to become a new central governance institution for all nations, to lead over all world affairs, to order and control all the immediate actions to stop the pollution, global warming and the destruction of plants and animals. A global United Nations needs to implement harsh measures by the force of laws that will be economically and socially painful affecting the lives of all humanity until a new biological balance and sustainability is reached; by implementing tough measures such as: the control of natality with sterilization programs, with the immediate replacement for renewable energies and the total ban of the use of fossil fuels for all transportation and industry, reduction of international commerce of contaminating ships and airplane transportation (buy local production), prohibit the cutting of trees all over the planet and protecting all the remaining jungles and forests from new human settlements, cleanup all the oceans, recycling of all garbage, the total prohibition of hunting and killing of all wild animals with harsh fines including the death penalty, banning industrial fishing to stop the collapse of all marine fauna, prohibiting the use and abuse and killing of any animal, prohibiting the production and killing of domestic animals…The only way to save humanity from its course of extinction is to take urgent dramatic survival measures now, by the force of new laws implemented by a global world-wide order of action and control that can only be achieved by a global institution of an efficient United Nations. Either you take drastic actions now and suffer during 20 years to order your house of the planet, or you die and disappear forever within the next 30 years.

Predictions of the past and the future:

Decades ago I had predicted the conclusions published in 2018 by the United Nations on the ecological disasters produced and expected on the planet: in the late 80s I had written in my memoirs that Mother Earth was sick running a fever (climate change studies began in the 1990s); in the early 90s I composed and published my music with lyrics that describes the current ecological disasters and urged humanity to stop the destruction (example: Cry from Gaia); in April of 2018 I published in my website my Message to Humanity with the scientific data that summarizes the human destruction of the planet and predicted the extinction of the human species within the next 30 years (before 2050). The recent report of the UN warning about the destructive consequences of the production and consumption of animals and exhorting humans to change to a vegetarian diet is the major change that I have been preaching for 2 decades to stop the suffering and destruction of the planet. My past accurate predictions and the recent report of the UN with their news on mayor ecological disasters expected as early as 2030 supports my prediction of the date of the holocaust or extermination of the human species before the year 2050. Its not gonna be in 50 years, nor 100 years as Steven Hawkings predicted, its gonna be in less than 30 years; I bet all my net as I state that we are on the final count down to human extinction.

The destruction of 80 % of the wild life of the planet in the past 50 years has shown to be exponential, because the growth of the human plague has been exponential, and thus pollution has been and is exponential, the increase in temperature and climate change will be exponential, the destruction of the planet is exponential, thus, if in 50 years we destroyed 80 % of all wild life vertebrates of the planet, in the next 20-25 years humans will have destroyed all the wild life of the planet, producing the collapse of all eco-systems that will lead to massive extinction in less than 30 years.

As I write this text in November 2018 nobody has reacted to the information of my website (except the King of Netherlands) and thus I see that humanity is still not hearing about the evidence of the up-coming complete destruction; not even my friends read my message nor taken any actions (such as changing to a vegetarian diet) to stop the threat of destruction of their own children. I was born to dedicate my life for the cause for the planet, specially to save animals; I have now published my message, music, pictures and mystic experiences with my message several times during the past 3 decades, and nothing has happened; in this selfish material human world only those with power and money mis-manage to destroy the world; every day I am more pessimistic, I get more depressed and become sick in health as I keep viewing and realizing the horrible suffering of the innocent, and nothing is done, it feels as if I am being hindered to save a child from a house that for too long has been on fire; everybody needs to react now and come out and fight to extinguish the fire that is burning our home that leads to our destruction; and I think that maybe the fight is lost, and this destiny has already been written, and if Jesus was not able to save the world, who or what will ?…

Humans are hurting and killing the Miracle of Nature and thus humans are hurting and killing a part of God; the only way out to save the life of the planet is either the complete extinction of the human species, or the death of billions to reduce the human plague, to allow the planet to recover with less destructive humans; if humans do not ACT NOW, I wish, and I pray, to the Miracle Planet and to the Divine Angels, to Manifest a great plague, such as a mortal influenza plague, to kill specifically 80 % of all humanity, the same % of animals that humans have killed, so that the surviving 20 % of all the remaining animals left on the planet will slowly reproduce and live in peace under the watch of a more wise and compassionate human species, to achieve a new pacified constructive evolution of life on Planet Earth.

Homo sapiens: Quo vadis!

(November 2018)