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On the absence and existence of God

‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?!’ (Last words of Jesus on the cross, according to Saint Mathew [27: 46], Saint Mark [15: 34]; and Psalms 22).

One of the most important questions that man has addressed during all the history of human kind is about the existence and nature of a Supreme God Creator of everything that exists in the Universe. Regarding the theory of the existence of God we can identify 3 types of theological beliefs: 1) those that believe in God (like christians, muslims, jews, buddhists); 2) agnostics (those who do not know or are not sure or doubt about the existence of God; 3) atheists (those who do not believe in God, such as many scientists that base their conclusions on scientific evidence of the facts of life).

The strongest argument in favor of the existence of God is the absolute Miracle of Creation, a Manifestation so Perfect that it is almost impossible to explain the existing universe by the chaotic casual interaction of matter and energy through the process of evolution and selection of all that exists in the Universe. Scientists have discovered that the physical and chemical universe, with the laws of nature that govern its perfect state, are completely and precisely fine-tuned, in perfect balance, to support the existence of the material universe and the phenomenon of life. The physical and chemical theory of creation supports the existence of a Divine Creative Energy we call God. Thus, scientific thought based upon the laws of nature indicate that life cannot be a coincidence of chance encounters of matter and energy, but must be the consequence of Causal Encounters of Created Matter and Spiritual Energy driven by Intelligent Design. The argument against the existence or presence of God in the world is the cruel brutal and unjust manifestation that exists in the planet which is not compatible with the existence of an All Powerful God that has a sense of Justice and Love and cares for the well beings of its Divine Creation (see below).

I was raised as a Christian Protestant and during 40 years I had the conviction of the existence of God that was All Powerful, All Loving, All Just, All Compassionate, that takes care of its children (its creation) and of the good men that love and take care of the creation of God. However, with the experience that comes with age, I began to see more clearly the hard facts of life, with the horrible injustice and cruelty and suffering that is present in the world, in the human society, and also in nature, and thus I started to doubt on the nature of the God that I was taught by the religious authorities. After my long education and scientific career, in the year 1997, I decided to establish and demonstrate the existence of God by seeking Paranormal Miracles that in my opinion would be the best evidence of the existence of a Deity or a Holy Spirit that intervenes and is manifest in the material world. During 3 years I visited several sanctuaries of Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin (such as Fatima, Lourdes, Banneux), the Holy Land of Jesus (Israel and Jerusalem) and sanctuaries of Christian Saints (such as Saint Therese of Lisieux), searching for Paranormal Miracles to demonstrate the existence of God. During several years I had many Mystic Experiences with all kind of Miracle Manifestations that I described during many years in a book of 1,500 pages, presenting the evidence of these Paranormal Phenomena with Miracle Pictures that show Miracles of God. My Mystic Experiences and Miracle Pictures could be Manifestations of God (or the Holy Spirit), or Manifestations of Spiritual Beings from a Spiritual Dimension, such as the so called Angels of Light, but they could be the material consequence of my unconscious mental power that searched for these symbols or signs of the supposed god; the Hearts of Light and Faces of Light and Angels of Light that I saw with my eyes on various occasions, and that I show in Miracle Pictures, could be the Materialization of Light produced by my powerful mind that can bring about paranormal phenomena that science has not yet characterized. However, I believe that my Mystic Experiences with Paranormal Phenomena and Miracle Pictures show Manifestations of a Spiritual Energy that go beyond the material reality that we currently know in the laws of nature, and I have come to the conclusion that there is evidence of the existence of another Spiritual Dimension with Spiritual Beings that exist in the many Dimensions of the Universe (below).

It is evident that the world has many problems due to the abuses of the human species that progressively is destroying the life of the planet: there are many wars (in the past with atomic bombs), there is hunger, extreme poverty, death of children, criminality, robbery, violations, mis-treatment of women and the elderly, child abuse, all kinds of evil, greed for money, egoism, alcoholism, addiction to drugs, corruption of authorities, a total unjust judicial system, there are horrible fatal accidents, painful diseases, a continuous killing of innocent animals by the criminal man, all over the world there is much cruelty against animals, there is a destruction of nature, devastation of millions of trees, extermination of thousands of animal species, there is an evident climate change by the excess and greed of the human species: all of this is slowly destroying the planet and the supposed ‘good god’ is not intervening to stop the evil of mankind. In the world of animals the problem is the cruel and barbaric design of herbivores and carnivores, the design of ‘eat or be eaten’, where some animals eat other animals to survive, and this painful killing produces great suffering in the animals that are eaten, and in the animals that do not eat because they cannot get the meat to feed their off-spring, and thus many little animals die of hunger, causing a chain of suffering in the families of animals: all this is a very violent and cruel design with much suffering that in my opinion should not have been created by a supposed All Powerful Peaceful Lovable God that loves and cares for its Creation.

It is evident that a God, called the Father by the religious authorities, that is supposed to be All Powerful, All Loving, All Just, All Compassionate, and that takes care of its children (his creation), is not manifest in the history of man, neither in the present nor in the past in our Planet Earth, which is a painful, unjust, cruel and chaotic World. The God of the Church that takes care of its good children, and of all creation, and all the stories about the fallen Angel called Satanas, which is manifest with so much cruelty in the world, are an invention of man. If God would exist, it could not be subdued by a Devil, to Manifest so much Evil in the World. Even worse would be that God is God and the Devil at the same time, that expresses both Good and Evil, and thus God the Father would also be the author of all the cruelty, evil, pain and suffering, and all the injustice that affects human beings, and each living species of this suffering chaotic Planet Earth which is a wild, painful, cruel and unjust world. Thus, either God does not exist or it is gone from this world, because if God would exist, it seems ‘he’ (the father) cares nothing if, for example: a little 5 year old girl or boy is raped (many times by priests, the representatives of god); if hundreds of children of schools of the earthquake in Haiti asphyxiated and died buried alive beneath the rubble; if hundreds of children were tortured for many days, with no food and water, and then killed by a barbaric band of Chechen terrorists in the tragedy of Beslan; if millions of innocent Jews were burned in ovens by the delusions of 1 maniac, that even god helped save during the heroic attempt against his life in 1944; if hundreds of thousands of children and women are mutilated in the many genocides of Africa; or die of hunger and thirst and disease all over the world; if criminals and crooks all over the world are free, rich and happy; if millions of innocent poor animals suffer and die of thirst and hunger due to an imperfect cruel climate (it seems that the almighty god cannot even intervene to produce a simple rain to save lives); or suffer of terrible pain when they are mutilated to be eaten by other animals; or are held captive in small cages, suffering all their lives, until they are put to death, after a brief life in pain, due to the abuses of the human species. The list of barbaric atrocities that this supposed loving god allows today and has allowed in the past is endless; thus, life is not compatible with the existence of a supposed All Powerful All Loving God that loves and cares for its children. The last words of Jesus surely were: ‘My God, why have you forsaken me’; if God would exist, he not only abandoned the perfect innocent son, and the entire human race, but also all the innocent animal creatures that suffer in this painful cruel world. Thus, a Compassionate God does not exist, or is not present on Planet Earth, but Jesus as a Divine Spiritual Soul did exist and still exists in a Spiritual Dimension, as well as many other Saints that may be Manifest from the Spiritual World (like the Apparitions of the Virgin), to help humanity establish in the Material World a prosperous Spiritual Evolution, to transform our Planet Earth into a Paradise of Heaven. If God the creator and destructor would exist in the world, it would not have a Consciousness of Love, neither a Sense of Justice, nor a Sense of Compassion, it would only be Evolutionary Energy, which favors the strongest and fittest in the Natural Selection, during creation and destruction of everything that exists in the Universe. Thus, humanity should not trust its fate to a non-existent god that is not present in this world, and that supposedly observes and cares for him; humanity must care for itself, and for all other innocent creatures that live and suffer in this cruel chaotic world, but that thanks to the wise intervention of the intelligent Homo sapiens may be transformed into a better world.

Thus, due to the facts of life that in the world there is no justice, that there is great suffering in many good people and good animals, that good animals die all the time, that innocent children die of hunger, that there is evil and violence and total destruction of animals and plants; as shown by the reality of facts, I believe that the possibilities of the existence and nature of ‘God the Creator’ can be summarized in different compound possibilities:

God does not exist, the Universe is driven by Universal Selection; Planet Earth is driven by the material laws of Natural Selection; life is a reaction between matter and energy, with a continuous evolution of life; there is no life after death.

God does exists, but after the creation of the world is no longer present on Planet Earth that is driven by the laws of Natural Selection; a Spiritual Dimension could exist in parallel with the material dimension, with Spiritual Beings called Angels.

God exists, but does not intervene in the affairs of Planet Earth (rarely subtle Miracles may be Manifest by Saints or Angels); when a life ends the Souls of all animals go back into a Spiritual Realm for further evolution; the human soul moves to different spiritual realms according to the behavior of the soul experienced in the material world.

God exists as a Cosmic Energy that is constructive and destructive at the same time, it is a Spiritual Energy that has no feelings of love, has no compassion nor justice; it is driven by the law of Universal Selection, on Planet Earth it is Natural Selection.

God exists as a Constructive Good God, but another ‘Energy God’ also exists on Planet Earth; it is a Destructive Bad Deity we call Devil, and this Destructive Energy is prevalent in the world because our Planet Earth is on a course of destruction.

God exists but does not intervene in the evolution of life in the planet; it created mankind to take charge of the world, to destroy the current design of life, to eliminate the cruel design of carnivore and herbivore, to eliminate the suffering and create a new system with no pain to create a Paradise of God.

God exists but perhaps it is not All Powerful and All Perfect; it is in Constant Evolution, it sees the problems of its creation and wants the creation to be better, and with time it changes the design with evolution, to reach the final Perfect Design of a Paradise of God.

The ‘Theory of God’ is perhaps a combination of the many possibilities listed above; maybe science is right and there is no God: everything is a reaction between matter and energy, including love and thought are chemical reactions, the Soul does not exist, and there is no other life after death; maybe the Catholic Church is right and there is a Heaven and Hell, the good humans go to Heaven and the bad humans go to Hell; maybe the muslim authorities are right when they preach that martyrs that blow themselves up killing infidels (christians), go to heaven with 70 virgins; maybe Buddhists are right with their theory of re-incarnation, the bad humans incarnate as worms, and the good humans incarnate as birds; everything about God is still a theory; the only thing that is a True Reality is the very bad state of our Planet Earth due to the immoral evil abuse and complete negligence of the intelligent human species.

According to the current state of affairs and facts of life I have come to the conclusion that there is no God Father that is on Planet Earth taking care of its creation; I do believe in a Cosmic Spiritual Energy that is Manifest in all the Universe and is the Author of Creation. This Universal Cosmic Energy may also be called Holy Spirit, a term used by the Church. The Spirit of Life of the Living Beings on Planet Earth is part of the Holy Spirit. Extra-terrestrial life has the Spirit of Life of the Holy Spirit. Angels of Light have the Spirit of Life of the Holy Spirit. All the different Manifestations of Existence have the Spirit of Life of the Holy Spirit. But the Holy Spirit does not intervene in the dramas of creation that follow the laws of Natural Evolution.

The scientific breakthrough of 1998 was the discovery of the ‘uncharacterized energy’ that fills the immaterial space of the universe, and that is imparting a repulsive gravitational force on the matter of the Universe, expanding the Universe (Scientific American, January 1999). The scientific breakthrough has come about by data that shows that our Universe is undergoing a ‘cosmic accelerating expansion’ by a ‘force’ that has been defined by cosmologists as an ‘ethereal energy’ that is present in the immaterial space. This ‘new form of energy’ is intrinsic ‘in the vacuum of space’, in the context of a ‘yet undiscovered physical law’ of the universe. The ‘additional form of energy not associated with ordinary matter’ is imparting a ‘positive repulsive gravitational force’ on the matter of the universe. This ‘unaccounted energy’ defined as ‘cosmological antigravity’ is considered the ‘missing energy in the universe’. Einstein defined this ‘strange vacuum energy’ that ‘resides in empty space’ by the ‘cosmological constant lambda’.

I believe that this ‘ethereal energy’ that is missing in the calculations of scientists, is nothing else than the Expanding Energy of the Holy Spirit that also is the Spark of Life or the Vital Energy that resides in all Living Beings! The ‘cosmological antigravity’ could be nothing else but the Expanding Creative Energy of the Holy Spirit! The expansion of the universe, generated by this energy, discovered by cosmologist Hubble, was described 3,000 years ago by Saint Job in the Bible: and God which spreadeth the heavens… (Job 9:8). Thus, the cosmological anti-gravity described by the most brilliant scientists could be the Expansive Creative Energy of the Holy Spirit that drives the Miracle of Creation and the Miracle of Life!

The two greatest geniuses of the history of science believed in a Spiritual Energy that is Manifest in the Universe:

Albert Einstein, the most intelligent man of the history of humankind wrote: ‘Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe’. It is interesting to me that one of the persons that I most admire in this world, is using the same words ‘manifest’ and ‘spirit’ that I so frequently use in my descriptions of Manifestations of the Spiritual Dimension. Indeed, in my same style of words, for Einstein, ‘a Spirit is Manifest in the Laws of the Universe’! Here is another quote from my dear Albert, that I translate from a quote in Spanish: ‘The most beautiful thing that we can experiment, is the mysterious side of life; it is the profound feeling that lies in the heart of art and in the truth of science’. Einstein supports again my work where I describe my mystic experiences (the mysterious side of life) with my profound feeling of the heart of the art (my text, pictures and music) and the truth of science (my intellectual discussion on the mysterious side of life).

Isaac Newton, maybe the most brilliant physicist of all time spent much of his time studying mystic alchimia, trying to discover the secrets of the cosmic creator. According to Newton, the Will of the Divine Power was Manifest in the construction of Nature, as indicated in his own words: ‘The growth of new systems out of old ones, without the mediation of a divine power, seems to me apparently absurd’. Moreover, Newton wrote a book with his own arguments of his evidence of the existence of God in his publication: ‘Letters containing some arguments in proof of Deity’ (PiC). I have not read this paper, and do not know what are the arguments of Newton that prove the existence of Deity. In this publication in the internet I present my own arguments with my evidence of the existence of a Divine Spiritual Energy with the description of Paranormal Miracles and Miracle Pictures that provide material evidence of the Spiritual World; because, as the most prestigious science publication ‘Nature’ writes on its cover: ‘seeing is believing’ in manifestations of nature or Manifestations of the Spiritual World. (746-747).

Thus, the greatest geniuses of science believed in a Divine Energy that is Manifest in the Universe and its Creation. However, this Divine Energy or Holy Spirit, that is Manifest in the Universe, after its creation seems not to intervene in the affairs of the planet, it seems that it allows the natural laws of energy and matter take control of all matters of life and thus we see the injustices and suffering in the world. The strongest argument that is constantly raised against the existence of God is the question: why, and where is God when something real bad happens to good people. Why would a Compassionate Almighty God allow such terrible suffering of beloved good creatures of God, when the Holy Spirit can mitigate this suffering, through the Miracle of a simple Thought? The accidental death of an innocent child that is taken away from a loving couple that lives by the laws of God is argument against the existence of a Loving Creator and Master of Destiny, established according to the Desire of God. The existence of millions of poor mothers in the world that have no money to attend for basic needs of their children, while surrounded by rich fraudulent crooks that live ‘abundant happy’ lives, is a harsh reality difficult to accept. The answer to this paradox can be resolved with the existence of a life after death, with the certainty that in the other life the good will be compensated, and the bad will be punished establishing the final ‘Justice for All’. A re-action always comes to the action, what you make is what you take, what goes around comes around, the suffering you make equals to the suffering you take, for vengeance is mine, saith the Lord God (CW). The child that dies goes to Heaven, but the good innocent mother stays behind with great suffering all of her life, and this is difficult to accept in a life that is driven by a Just Lovable God. I believe in a life after death, that the Soul or Spirit is independent of the flesh; the Spirit that was incarnated on the flesh during birth is separated from the flesh during death, to move into a different Spiritual World. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed, for this is the Spiritual Law. I quote herein the words of Shakespeare: ‘There is more between Heaven and Earth that one can imagine’.

In my opinion, it seems that suffering pain is an essential component in the human experience, for the material and spiritual evolution of the human species, to reach the ultimate final knowledge of the One Single Truth, to obtain final communion with the Holy Spirit in the Dimension of God. If there was no painful suffering in this world then we would be living already in Paradise, and thus, rather than being in a Journey of Evolution towards a Paradise of God, we would have already finished that journey and reached destination. If humans were just pampered and served everything on a silver plate, with no suffering, there would be no expanding evolution of the human species. ‘No pain no gain’ says the wise refrain.

My favorite author Edgar Allan Poe wrote it elegantly: ‘All things are either good or bad by comparison. A sufficient analysis will show that pleasure, in all cases, is but the contrast of pain. To be happy at any one point we must have suffered the same. Never to suffer would have been never to have been blessed. The pain of the primitive life of Earth, is the sole basis of the bliss of the ultimate life of Heaven.’ Indeed, the pain of the primitive chaotic suffering life on Earth, is the sole basis of the bliss of the ultimate Life of Heaven!

I quote here the wise words of Saint Job of the Bible, written more than 3000 years ago, a great saint that was unjustly mistreated by the ‘lord’ as few people have been mistreated in the history of humankind (in a bet with the Devil, the Lord burned his home, killed all of his thousands of animals, and killed all of his 10 daughters!): And after losing everything Job said to the Lord: For the arrows of the Almighty are within me, the poison whereof drinketh up my spirit: the terrors of God do set themselves in array against me. Even that it would please God to destroy me, that he would loose his hand, and cut me off. O remember that my life is wind: mine eye shall no more see good. The eye of him that hath seen me shall see me no more: thine eyes are upon me, and I am not. The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is He? Then the Lord answered Job: Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? Hast thou perceived the breath of the earth? Declare if thou knowest it all. Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me. Then Job answered the Lord: Teach me, and I will hold my tongue, and cause me to understand wherein I have erred. And why dost thou not pardon my transgression, and take away mine iniquity? For now shall I sleep in the dust; and thou shalt seek me in the morning, but I shall be not. Hear Lord I beseech thee, and I will speak: I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me.

Beautiful words are written in the Bible: everything is a poem of love and pain. I cry tears of emotion as I read the wise words of the great Saint that suffered so much from the terrible injustice of the cruel world. Thousands of years have passed since the written words of Job and the same questions raised by Job we still have today: we still cannot comprehend the great ‘Mystery of Creation’ and we still do not know what is the ‘Nature of God’.

To finnish I summarize my opinion on the existence of God: mankind should live its life with the conscious realization that there is a Divine Spiritual Energy we call God or Holy Spirit: it is the Expansive Creative Energy of the Universe, it is the cosmological anti-gravity, that directs the expansion of the universe, it is the cosmological lambda constant of the equations of Einstein; this expanding energy of the universe is the Spiritual Creative Energy of God Holy Spirit: the Holy Force of the Miraculous Creation, and it is Manifest in our Planet Earth, and in all its Living Beings, with the Spirit of the Soul, and the Miracle of Life.

Mankind has to realize that other Spiritual Beings exist in other Dimensions of the Universe; and that like humankind, all Living Beings have a Spiritual Soul; it is the Vital Energy of the Holy Spirit that gives the Miracle of Life; and that with the death of the body, the Spiritual Soul moves into a different Spiritual Realm in other Dimensions of the Infinite Cosmic Universe. The human being needs to realize that his actions on this material world will be compensated in the next Spiritual World, because an action brings forth a re-action; thus, for the evolution of the Soul man should live a moral and honest life, respecting all the other lives of the planet, because the suffering you make will be equal to the suffering you will take; the love you make is equal to the love you will take in the constant Evolution of your Soul.flecha-arriba