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Response to Pope Francis

Dear Holy Father Francis:

Thank you very much for your extraordinary encyclical on the care of our Mother Planet. I believe that it can be the catalyzer to fulfill the necessary actions to save the life on Planet Earth.

With great wisdom you invite scientists and all the religions of the world to an urgent dialogue to find a new way of life to stop the destruction of the planet caused by the human species. I am a man of science (doctor in veterinary medicine with a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of California); and I am a man of God because I have the blessing to receive many Miracles of God as I describe in the work of my life that I will quickly publish in my website in the Internet: here I give material evidence of my spiritual experience with Manifestations of God with miracle pictures that I receive through the intercession of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin, the Saints and the Angels of God ( You are a wise man and a man of God and thus you will understand this letter where I present the message of my Soul; our Lord Jesus said: ‘by their fruits you shall recognize the good man’; thus, I hope you will visit my internet site to see my miracle pictures, the description of my Miracles of God that I receive in my life, to listen to my music with their lyrics that stimulate ecological and spiritual consciousness, to look at my pictures of my adorable animals that I have in my sanctuary of animals and plants, and read my intellectual discussions on Nature and God; I was born on a 25th of March, on the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin, and thus I present further evidence of my written destiny with Jesus and María to fight for the well being of our beloved Planet Earth.

In this text I quote your writing and message (in italics), with the most important words of your encyclical, so that others that may not have read the encyclical may read your important message; I analyze and praise your message, and thanks to your invitation to an honest dialogue, I criticize certain tenants of the church, which I believe is also responsible for the crisis of the planet; then I present my diagnosis of what is the cause of the current crisis of the planet; and I propose the specific urgent changes that humanity needs to do in its way of life to stop the destruction of the planet. You are the most powerful person on earth, with influence over thousands of millions of habitants: what you say and do in your life is the example that humanity needs to follow to alleviate the suffering of all the living creatures that suffer because of the abuses of man; therefore, after quoting and analyzing your message, I will ask that you make one simple resolution to fulfill the message that the Holy Spirit has made you write in your encyclical, so that all Christians make the big change that you are proposing, to alleviate the great suffering of all the creatures of God, and to help stop the actual course of extinction caused by the human species.

Response to the encyclical of the Holy Father Francis

Sister Earth cries out because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her…
Sister Earth is crying out pleading that we take another course…
Never have we so hurt and mistreated our common home…
The destruction of the human environment is extremely serious…
As never before in history our common destiny beckons us to seek a new beginning…
The gravity of the ecological crisis demands that we all look to the common good…
In times of great crises we need to make brave decisions…

Excellent! In view of the grave crisis suffered by the planet due to the abuses of humankind we urgently need to change the course of human life taking brave decisions and actions (below).

 Faced with global environmental deterioration, I wish to address every person living on this planet…
I would like to enter into dialogue with everybody to outline actions to stop the destruction…
I invite everyone to a new debate on how to construct the future of the planet…
All religions need to enter into a dialogue oriented to the care of the planet…
Science and religion can enter into an intense dialogue fruitful for both…
Honest debate must be encouraged among scientific experts…
There is a need for forthright and honest debate…

Excellent! At last a Pope that is wise and recognizes the grave problem we and the planet have and invites us all to a new dialogue with scientists and all religions of the world. Only through a wide consensus, with all cultures of humanity, with rational science, and with ecological consciousness and spiritual consciousness, we can save the life of the planet.

Humanity needs to change…
Towards a new lifestyle…
The proposal of new attitudes and a new lifestyle…
The need for a change of direction and courses of action…
The gravity of today’s ecological crisis must be translated into new habits…
Every effort to protect and improve our world entails profound changes in lifestyles, models of production and consumption…

Excellent! Humanity needs to change and start with a new life-style and make profound changes in consumption (below).

Let our time be remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life…
Members of society must be adequately motivated to respond to a personal transformation…
Spirituality can motivate us to a more passionate concern for the protection of our world…
This basic awareness would enable the development of new convictions, attitudes and forms of life…
We must encourage a ‘culture of care’ which permeates all of society…
God has entrusted the world to us men and women…

Excellent! With motivations of consciousness and spirituality, with much education, and examples of life, we need to initiate a new reverence for life, a conscious spiritual love for all Living Beings: to love, respect, and care for all our little brothers and sisters the adorable creatures of God that God has placed under our care; creatures that today suffer, and claim for the damage and pain they suffer due to the abuses of the human species.

Nature as a whole not only manifests God but is also a locus of his presence…
Each creature reflects something of God and has a message to convey to us…
The Spirit of life dwells in every living creature…
Finding God in all creatures…
Jesus is alive in every creature…
The intimate connection between God and all Living Beings…
No creature is excluded from this manifestation of God…
Nature is also a continuing revelation of the divine…
We learn to encounter God in creatures outside ourselves…
The discovery of this presence of God in all living beings stimulates ecological virtues…

Excellent! The Spirit of God lives in every Living Being. God is present in every Living Being. With this knowledge we stimulate spiritual virtues to love God, love our neighbor, and love all creatures of Holy Nature.

A crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and a sin against God…
Our indifference or cruelty towards fellow creatures of this world… is a sin against God…
Sin is manifest with attacks against nature…
We must examine our lives and acknowledge the ways in which we have harmed God’s creation through our actions…
We are not disconnected from the rest of the creatures, but joined in a splendid universal communion…
Not one creature is forgotten before God (Lk 12:6). How then can we possibly mistreat them or cause them harm?
The same wretchedness which leads us to mistreat an animal will show itself in our relationships with other people…
Every act of cruelty towards any creature is contrary to human dignity…

Wise words: a crime against Nature is a sin against God; a crime against any creature is a crime against the Love of the Creation of God. Humanity needs to recognize all the ways that it offends the creation of God: mis-treating an animal, placing an animal in a cage, and killing an animal, are all offenses against God, it is a crime against God, it is a crime against our Mother Earth that sustains us with much suffering with all its Maternal Love.

All creatures must be cherished with love and respect…
Living our vocation to be protectors of God’s handiwork is essential to a life of virtue…
We need to be conscious of the bonds with which the Father has linked us to all living beings…
May the power and the light of the grace we have received be evident in our relationship to other creatures…

Excellent! We need to protect the work of God, every Living Beings needs to be loved, respected, and cared for against any abuses perpetrated by the ignorant man.

In your final prayer for our Planet Earth, with great wisdom, you ask God for the well being of all its creatures; here I quote some of the words:

Bring healing to our lives, that we may protect the world and not prey on it…
To recognize that we are profoundly united with every creature…
Father, we praise you with all your creatures, they are filled with your presence and your tender love…
Jesus, today you are alive in every creature…
O Lord, seize us with your power and light, help us to protect all life…

Excellent! All creatures are full of the Presence of God; and Jesus is alive in every creature; and you say with great wisdom: let us be protectors of animals and not predators…

Well then Holy Father, the message is:

Do NOT kill animals! Do NOT kill animals to eat animals! Do NOT place animals in cages to produce animals that are killed to eat the meat of the suffering animals!

This is what you wisely preach in your encyclical as shown in the summary of the text that I have quoted above. You wisely ask God in your final prayer to heal our lives to make us protectors of animals and not predators of animals.

Conclusion: man should not be a predator: mankind should not eat the meat of animals that are mis-treated, caged, beaten, killed and devoured by mankind!

Please Holy Father: proclaim from your royal box of the Vatican, and to the whole world, that you are a vegetarian!

And you say in the beginning of your encyclical:

I took the name of Saint Francis of Asisi as my guide and inspiration…
I believe that Saint Francis is the example par excellence of care for the vulnerable and of an integral ecology…

Excellent! Saint Francis was a wise man and a great Saint and he was Vegetarian!

I quote the words of Saint Francis: ¿How can you devour mercilessly these adorable animal creatures that give you their love, help, friendship and company?

The strong words of Saint Francis shows us his anger, his frustration, because humans are devouring mercilessly his adorable creatures of God.

Please Holy Father declare unto the whole world that you are a vegetarian like Saint Francis and that you are not an active participant of the suffering and killing of animals because you do not eat the meat of animals that are killed by man.

Please ask from all the people of the world that they should not to kill animals, they should not put animals in cages, they should not eat animals, for this is the Will of God.

The Desire of God from the beginning of mankind, as indicated in Genesis, is that humans should take care of the Garden of the World; taking care of the Garden of the World means to care and love all creatures of God and thus humans should not kill, nor mis-treat, nor put animals in cages, for this is the Wish of God (below).

Stopping the killing of animals to eat the meat of animals is the great change in the life-style that you announce in your encyclical to save the life of the planet!

The suffering and killing of the creatures of God (a true holocaust of animals) is today the great sin of man, it is the worst problem that Mother Earth has, it is worse than the problem of climate change!

Anybody that eats the meat of animals participates of the suffering and killing of these adorable creatures of God that you mention so many times in your encyclical.

As indicated by your predecessor Saint Benedict: Purchasing is always a moral act and not simply an economic act.

If someone buys meat to eat, this buy is an immoral act, it is a sin against the Creation of God, it is an offense against God, it is a sin against Holy Nature, because the buyer of the meat pays others to produce animals that will suffer and will be killed; thus, the buyer of meat pays to kill animals and this is a sin against God.

If humanity stops killing and eating animals, peace and love will return to Mother Earth and we will again have a good relationship with Nature and with God (below).

The most gifted scientists and geniuses of humanity were vegetarian and below I quote their own words:

Albert Einstein (maybe the most intelligent man in the history of humankind): ‘I am by principle a passionate follower of vegetarianism. Mainly because of ethical and moral reasons. I strongly believe in a vegetarian order of life, even if it were only due to physical effects that influences the temperament of men’. 

Leonardo da Vinci (maybe the most genial man of the history of humankind): ‘There will be a time when human beings will only eat vegetable food and the killing of animals will be considered a crime in the same manner as killing a human being. The day will come when men like me will see as a crime the killing of an animal as we now see in the killing of a human being‘.

Pitágoras (one of the greatest philosophers of all time): ‘If men keep on killing his younger brothers the animals we will continue to suffer wars on earth and men will continue to kill each other, for he that sows pain and death will never harvest peace, happiness and love‘.

Mahatma Ghandi (a great saint and activist of human morality): ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way they treat its animals’. ‘I feel that the spiritual progress demands from us that we stop killing and eating our brothers the animal creatures of God only to satisfy our perverted and sensual appetites’.

San Francisco of Asís (one of the greatest saints of humanity): ¿How can you devour mercilessly these adorable animal creatures that give you their love, help, friendship and company?‘.

Buda (the great prophet of the Buddhist religion). ‘Love all living beings and pacify your spirits by stopping the killing and eating of animals; this is the true test of religiosity, because the true wise man of God not only will not kill and not eat animals, but will also love and keep and potentiate the life of all creatures in every manifestation‘.

Thus, the greatest saints of the world say the same thing: humanity needs to take care of the creatures of God; man should not kill animals, man should not eat animals; thus, since you are also wise and a man of God you should ask all your christian followers to refrain from killing animals, to stop eating animals, because this is the Wish of God, the Wish of Jesus, and the law of the Prophets of God!

And you wisely write in your encyclical the following quotes from the Bible:

God tells us to “till and keep” the garden of the world (Gen 2:15)…

Farming and caring for the land does not mean to produce animals to kill animals; it means to work the land to plant vegetables, so that humanity can eat all the vegetables that grow on the earth of Mother Planet; but its adorable creatures humanity should not harm: killing and eating animals is the original sin of mankind quoted in the Bible, when Adam, instead of eating apples, started to kill and eat animals that God had forbidden to hurt and kill because this would lead to the destruction of the world (below).

Not one of the birds is forgotten before God (Lk 12:6)…

If someone eats a chicken, or an egg bought in the supermarket, he should be conscious that those poor chickens are in horrible very small cages at 3 chickens per square meter, suffering in this horrible human jail all of their lives: this is a very grave sin against Nature and against God! I prefer to be dead than to be in such a horrible hell that has been created by the immoral evil human species! Please, do not eat chickens and do not eat eggs from chickens that are jailed and suffer all their lives in tiny cages created by the mean evil human being!

All the birds in the world have to live all of their lives in compete freedom. The freedom of all Living Beings is the most important universal right of any Living Being, freedom is more important than life itself: I prefer to be dead than to be put in a human jail. This important Liberty Right or Law of Freedom was already known by a little boy that was only 8 years old: Saint Francis of the Apparitions of Fatima: with the little money he could get he would buy the freedom of birds that had been captured by others, to release the captive birds with all of his love into the freedom of the sky!

You shall not see a donkey or ox fallen down by the way and withhold your help (Dt 22:4, 6)…

Of course! One has to help, care, and protect all creatures of God; you should not eat donkey, or ox, or bull, or cow, nor its adorable calve, because all are divine precious animals adored by the Love of God!

Uncontrolled fishing is leading to a drastic depletion of certain species

I remember having read that mankind has reduced the total world population of fish by 70%: this number is a barbaric atrocity perpetrated by humanity! Many times I confronted immoral fishers in the beach that mutilate the fish they extract from the ocean with no moral conscious, leaving the poor fish alive in a pool of blood for hours until they die in great agony; these same immoral fishermen leave on the sand of the beach their killing hooks, nylons and plastics that contaminate the beach and hurt and kill other animals that live in the sea or on the coast of the polluted ocean. Fish should not be killed and should not be eaten: they are also animals with blood, and they also have consciousness, they also suffer and have pain as do human beings: they are Creatures of God that also have the right to the Miracle of Life that is given by the Creator to all Living Beings.

The WWF has written in its 2014 report that humankind has destroyed 52 % of all the animals of the planet in the last 40 years! This destruction is to me impossible to comprehend. If mankind does not change its way of life and keeps on killing and eating animals, very quickly (I believe in circa 30 years) will come the final crisis with the announced Apocalypsis.

My criticism to the Church and certain concepts of the encyclical

You write in the encyclical: human intervention on plants and animals is permissible…. All such use and experimentation….

Excuse me, here I think you are wrong, and you indicate in your own words why: in all your encyclical you indicate that we have to protect and care for all living beings: using animals in experiments is not taking care or protecting them; rather, it is torturing them; it is worse than killing them, it is like eating them alive!

For this issue of cruel experimentation on animals I quote the words of Jesus and his golden rule:

Do unto others what you would want others do unto you (Matthew 7:12). And I add: Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

This rule of behavior with your fellow human being and your fellow animal being is very simple: you would not want that some extra-terrestrial will do experiments with your body; thus, do not make experiments with your younger little brothers and sisters the adorable creatures of God! You would also not want that the extraterrestrial would kill you and eat you, or put you in some cage; well, this is what the human being is doing all the time with all the little divine creatures that cannot defend themselves from the all powerful evil human being that hurt and kills the creatures of God. If somebody does experiments with animals, at some time, someone will do experiments with him: this is the law of action and reaction that exists in the Universe.

The Beatles (the genius Paul McCartney is also vegetarian) sung this wisdom very eloquently: And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make…

And you write: not to carry out experimentation on living human embryos…

I agree that abortion should not be done, except in cases of violation. I do not see a problem in making investigation with, say, 2 cell embryos: I do not believe that a 2 cell organism would suffer physical pain, like the pain that is suffered by a poor little animal used in experimentation. Investigation with embryonic cells could mitigate much suffering in the world: I lost my beloved mother to the long devastating disease of Alzheimer, and embryonic cells could have the clue to this painful problem that hurts millions of good people around the world. During many years I did investigation with cell cultures: I believe that this technique does not cause pain and suffering to the cells and it is a very important tool to advance in biology and health investigation. Fleming did not use animals to make his great discovery of penicillin, the first antibiotic that still today saves the lives of millions of human beings and animals. In addition, making experiments with animals to create drugs for human use is not proof of safety and efficiency for the use in human beings. Instead of using poor innocent monkeys that suffer in cages and have pain, and even are in extinction due to the barbaric crimes of the human being, I ask myself: why not use criminals and crooks, without harming them, reducing their jail sentences to inject them with some new drug? And if this horrible idea is not acceptable, because I do not have any other idea, then, do not do any more experiments with animals: with 80 years humans live long enough, diseases should be healed on their own, with the Healing Holy Spirit. But please: no more hurting and torturing of my beloved innocent adorable Holy Animals!

The Church has great responsibility in the destruction of the planet with their stance against the control of natality, and thus you write:

It must nonetheless be recognized that demographic growth is fully compatible… But in another place you write:  the present world system is certainly unsustainable…

Here is the problem of the ‘Vogelstrauss Politik of the church: humans can keep on reproducing, and making many children, because the Lord will take care of the millions of children that suffer starvation; the problem is that the Lord is not taking care of the millions of children that suffer starvation. I believe that the church needs to do better the mathematics because the planet cannot sustain the 7 billion inhabitants that plague the planet, as shown by the grave problems we already have in the planet; if we were 3,000,000,000 humans: we would not have the current state of destruction. If there is no control of natality, in 30 years we double our number today and the poor planet cannot sustain so many human beings. I do not understand what is the grave sin against God for implementing a control of natality: one can abstain of having children (I do not have children and I am celibate now for 20 years after a Manifestation of the Virgin), one can take contraceptives, or can undergo castration, using immune, chemical or surgical methods, as my brother did after his second child, and as they do with animals all over the world: I have my cats spayed, because I cannot have 100 cats in my house! This is a good example why castration is sometimes necessary, and even when cats are much better animals than humans! Europeans are already doing their good homework, but other less civilized countries, many mothers have 4, 6 and more children, when they do not have even money to give them food to eat, lest giving them education, and thus they send 6 year-old children to work in the fields, and this is a grave sin against the child and against God. Some children are even armed and used for wars! I am no expert in natality, but here we sure have a problem; maybe we should consult the chinese…

Every man and woman is created out of love… this shows us the immense dignity of each person…each of us is willed, each of us is loved, each of us is necessary…

Here is the constant problem of ‘Wishful Thinking’ of the church: all humans are good, and God is present always, and helps us all the time; I think that we are not fully conscious that there are many very bad evil human beings in the planet: criminals that kill children, that rape women, that torture innocents, that kill elephants, rhinoceros and whales, that burn saints alive, that mutilate women, that hurt old people to rob them 2 cents, terrorists that kill girls that want to go to school, terrorist that rape girls and cut the heads of those that believe in a different god, and the list goes on and is very extensive. Do people actually believe that God loves all these criminals that I have described above? I believe that God does not love anyone of these criminals and they are not wanted and they are not necessary. If God is gone from the world because people eat meat (below), I could not believe that God loves a criminal that rapes and kills a little girl. Jesus also does not want these criminals on the planet, and I quote his words from the Bible:

And who so shall offend one of these little ones, it were better for him that a millstone be hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea (Matthew 18:6).

And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell (Matthew 5:30).

This quote I could extrapolate to society: And if one of thy members offend you, cut it off, and cast it from you: for it is profitable for you that one of your members should perish, and not that your whole society should be cast into hell.

So shall be the end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just, and shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth (Matthew 13:49).

If I would be an Angel, I would exactly do what Jesus is saying: I would separate those that are evil from those that are good, and I would throw the wicked into the fires of Hell!

Evil in all its manifestations is a great cause of the destruction of the world and those that are responsible for so much evil, which is on the rise, are the religious authorities and the very bad inefficient unjust legal system. Today the criminal is protected by law, specially in the third world countries; I have had very bad experiences all of my life with the immoral justice system: they have robed me, burned my farm, killed my animals, criminals have threatened me to kill me because I defend local fauna from criminal hunters that are exterminating the animals in the country; yet hunters continue to kill everything they see because they are protected by the law; delinquency is on the rise in many countries because crooks and criminals are protected by the legal system. The religious authorities and the legal system take care of the lives of millions of criminals in expensive jails, investing great fortunes in caring for the criminals, when this fortune should be invested in the care of good children that are hungry, have no water, no education and no health care, while suffering in the misery of their poor existence.

It was right to kill sick evil Hitler so he could no longer kill millions of innocent people. Ego-maniac Assad needs to be removed in order to stop the killing of innocent people so peace can return to Syria. The Taliban and terrorists of Isis need to be sent to Hell so the ancient cultures of Syria and Afghanistan recover their life, peace and freedom. All men are not good and bad men need to be removed from the planet: we have to grab the devil by its horns and kick him out of the planet in order to avoid the spread of evil in the planet. As you indicate in your encyclical: we have to take brave decisions. This is one brave decision: if you have gangrene in one foot, it is better to cut the foot than to loose the whole leg or even loose your own life.

I commit many mistakes, and surely I have a few sins, but I can assure you that I will throw the first stone to any of those evil bastards that hurt and kill children and defenseless creatures of the world! Whenever comes the time that the Lord asks from me, I will go to Africa, get a shotgun, and with other saints, we are going to kill all those evil cowards that are killing the adorable rhinoceros and elephants of Africa!

I like the following quote from God in the Bible regarding Angels:

‘See, I am sending an Angel before you, to guard you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared. Be attentive to him and heed his voice. Do not rebel against him, for he will not forgive your sin. My authority resides in him. If you heed his voice and carry out all I tell you, I will be an enemy to your enemies and a foe to your foes (Exodus 23:20).

My Angel does not forgive my errors and does not forgive my minor sins; thus, I am sure that God or the Angels will not forgive the many mortal sins that so many evil criminals perpetrate on the planet. The issue of the immoral inefficient legal system and what to do with the evil souls is a big problem that needs to be solved to have a loving peaceful and prosperous evolution on the planet, and the Church of Jesus needs to intervene to help solve this difficult problem.

You quote from the Bible. The Son of Man came eating and drinking and they say: Look, a glutton and a drunkard! (Mt 11:19).

I had no idea of this interesting and funny quote. Impossible! Either Matthew was wrong or someone of the many editors that changed the text over the many centuries! Religious scholars have not accepted that most of what is written in the Bible are inventions or exaggerations of man and this has caused a great hindrance in the evolution of christianity. God did not make a bet with the Devil and allowed the slaughter of the thousands of animals of Job and did not allow the killing of his 10 daughters and sons; God did not order Isaac to kill his son in the altar for an offering; such as the offering of the aztecs that cut out the hearts of their little children at the altar to appease the ‘wrath of the lord’; God did not send a universal flood in the story of Noe, it was only a big local flood in the lands of Noe, who had a dream with his Angel that told him about the flood, and thus Noe built a great boat and saved all his animals of the farm; God did not open the Red Sea so that Moses would pass to escape from Egyptians, maybe it was a miracle of a great low tide; and in my opinion, Jesus did not resuscitate Lazarus from the dead, he resuscitated Lazarus from a cerebral coma, and that is a great Miracle of God!

Jesus was not a drunkard; Jesus did not drink any alcohol because it is very bad for the Soul, and it is forbidden in the sacred texts of the most wise cultures as indicated also in some Middle East countries. When I was young, I used to drink some alcohol with my friends during parties, like everybody else does, until the day the Blessed Virgin made manifest a Tear of Sadness on the image of the Apparitions of Banneux as I was drinking a beer in front of the image of María: right then, on the spot, I never drank a drop of alcohol for the rest of my life, and thus I became more wise: this is the power of the Blessed Virgin! And Jesus was no glutton; we do not know what Jesus ate; maybe he was vegetarian, maybe he ate very little, or nothing; they say that before starting his evangelization he made a trip to India where he learned from spiritual masters the mystic experiences of life: if that was true, then surely Jesus was a vegetarian! The gluttons are the many human beings that eat meat and thus they are dying from cancer! I have seen the Light of Jesus! The fact that Jesus has given me dozens of Miracles, as described in my work, indicates that Jesus supports the message of my Soul: that humans should be vegetarian: humans should not kill animals, should not eat animals, should not mis-treat animals, and should not put animals in cages; the Message of Jesus that I receive in my Soul is that mankind should love, respect and care for all the plants and all the animals of the world: humans should not kill and eat animals!

Mankind has disappointed divine expectations‘.

To your accurate comment, I add, with great sorrow: God has disappointed human expectations.

I wrote a complete chapter on how God has disappointed and abandoned many good loving men that fight for the well being of the poor and the adorable innocent creatures; and I quote that last words of Jesus on the cross, according to 2 gospels: ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me’. God exists as a Divine Holy Spirit that lives in all Living Beings of Holy Nature, but the crude reality shows us that God does not intervene in the planet to establish justice, love, and peace in the world: God does not save the lives of little children that starve to death, and does not save the lives of poor innocent animals that are tortured and killed by evil human beings. In my opinion, God is only one Divine Holy Spirit that is Manifest in the constant Miracle of Creation, in the Miracle of Life, in the Expansion of the Universe; the Energy of God is the cosmological anti-gravity, the lambda constant of the equations of Einstein, or the alpha and omega of the prophets; but I do not see any Divine Intervention in the cruel dramas of the planet. I do see the Spiritual Manifestation of Spiritual Beings, like Angels and Saints, that with the Spiritual Energy of the Holy Spirit give us subtle signals (Miracles) to try to drive the Heart of the Human Spirit into an adequate evolution on Planet Earth, to achieve what God wanted when it created mankind on our beloved Mother Earth.

God is right to be angry with mankind and to have abandoned humanity on the planet, as indicated by God in the chapter of Genesis in the Bible; the reason, also indicated by Saint Francis, is that humanity is mercilessly killing and devouring its adorable creatures that were created by God with all the Love of the Heart. God must have thought: mankind has turned evil, they are killing and eating my adorable animals; hence I go, and leave them alone in the planet. Thus, this sin of merciless killing of its creatures is what humankind needs to change, to come back on track and have again a spiritual communion with God, and a spiritual and ecological communion with Holy Nature so that peace and love returns to Mother Earth. This is indicated in the Bible and I come back to your quote of Genesis: ‘God asks us to care for the garden of the world (Gn). Indeed, God has indicated that we should care for the garden of the world, but according to Genesis, mankind disobeyed, and this is what happened:

God created man as a vegetarian; this is evident at first sight: man does not have the large canine carnivore teeth to destroy the meat of animals as do all other true carnivores: like dogs, cats, wolfs, lions, tigers, foxes, and many more. In the chapter 3 of Genesis, where the creation of man is described, it is written that God had placed man in a ‘garden of eden’ where he could eat all the fruits of almost every tree, but God had forbidden man to eat one type of fruit (food) of the garden (planet) that the writer called the ‘tree of life’; but the symbolic Adam, sometime during his evolution, instead of eating the fruits and the apples of the garden, started to kill animals to eat the meat of the animals which was the fruit of the tree of life that God had forbidden to touch; God had entrusted man to take care of its creatures, but instead man was destroying its creatures, and today we have established the holocaust of animals. The text of Genesis, which means creation, indicated that the day that man would eat from this tree of life mankind would die: ‘The day that you eat from the tree of life thou shalt surely die‘. The Tree of Life is the Evolution of Life, and this life means the Creatures of God, the Animals of God; thus, the demise of humankind started when mankind killed and ate the creatures of God. When mankind killed animals to eat the meat of animals there was a transformation in the temperament of men, it made mankind more aggressive, men started to make tools to kill animals: knifes and swords, then arrows, and then came the shotguns, and with them we have today massive killing of millions of animals. With the change in the temperament of men that came from eating animals, quickly we had the wars between villages and then societies, and for the last 30 centuries we had so much suffering and misery from wars all over the world. The prophesy of Genesis is now at hand with the threat of the extermination of humankind, because man had violated the symbolic tree of life, killing and eating all the beloved creatures of God, animals that today are mis-treated, tortured, put in cages, killed and slaughtered by the millions by the disobedient evil man! If mankind reverses this original sin of mis-treating and killing and eating the adorable animals, and do no longer mis-treat, and kill, and eat animals; then, God will return to Mother Earth, and peace and love will return to Mother Earth, and again we will have harmony with God, harmony between the people of the planet, and harmony with Love Mother Earth. Eureka!

The most intelligent man on earth Saint Albert Einstein was a fervent vegetarian and wisely said:  ‘I am by principle a passionate follower of vegetarianism. Mainly because of ethical and moral reasons. I strongly believe in a vegetarian order of life, even if it were only due to physical effects that influences the temperament of men’.

Thus, when mankind started to kill animals to eat the meat of animals, there was a change in the temperament that made man change his philosophy of life, that eventually changed the world, and the rest is history. And here I can quote again the great Pitágoras: ‘If men keep on killing his younger brothers the animals we will continue to suffer wars on earth and men will continue to kill each other, for he that sows pain and death will never harvest peace, happiness and love‘. The only way to revert the course of destruction of the human species is to return to our roots, to become vegetarian, to go back to a life without killing animals, without eating animals, so there will be no more wars, and we can live a life with harmony and love with all Living Beings, to live a life in communion with the Holy Spirit and with the Spirit of Holy Mother Earth!

And I bring back the quote of the great Buddha: ‘Love all living beings and pacify your spirits by stopping the killing and eating of animals; this is the true test of religiosity, because the true wise man of God not only will not kill and not eat animals, but will also love and keep and potentiate the life of all creatures in every manifestation‘.

Still there will be suffering on Earth. We have to be conscious that the Nature of God is not all ‘Tenderness’ as you describe in your beautiful poem to God. Tyranosaurus Rex did not have much tenderness with its poor vegetarian victims; lions do not have much tenderness with the extraordinary brave buffalos, even when the lions have much tenderness with their own kind, as all animals have. A few days ago I had a traumatic experience in my sanctuary: a mountain cat entered into my chicken-house and killed all of my adorable chickens, many of them laid their wonderful eggs in my bed; the wild cat had already killed 30 of my 40 ducks, and that day he did not eat a single chicken. Skunks do the same thing, they can kill 10 small adorable little rabbits and eat only the head of one rabbit; this is not the fault of the wild cat or the skunk; they were designed that way by the ‘Lord’; in my opinion the cruel design of nature of ‘eat or be eaten’ (carnivores-herbivores) is a mistake of evolution; but to change this horrible aggressive design, the Creator created the extraordinary Homo sapiens, the species of wisdom, that if it survives the current ecological crisis, becoming vegetarian, could eliminate, in less than a 1,000 years, the suffering of all animals on earth: those that have to kill other animals to survive (the poor carnivores), and those that suffer when they are eaten by other animals (the poor herbivores): when the intelligent Homo sapiens discovers what is the Nature of God, the Nature of the Holy Spirit, the Nature of the Energy of Creation, the Nature of the Miracle of Life; to obtain and harvest and use the Spiritual Energy in the material body of all Living Beings, so that all Living Beings may survive with the Food of the Hoy Spirit, without having to eat each other; we will then all survive and live in a Heaven on Earth as today do our Holy Plants with the Energy of our beloved Holy Sun!

Actions of the Church

The Christian Church and other religions of the world are very guilty for the destruction of the planet: the evolution of civilization has been delayed by the church because the religious authorities have not paid attention to the facts presented by scientists; one example: the church almost burned alive Galileo Galilei for stating that the Earth circles around the sun. The knowledge of the church has been based upon their beliefs or ‘faith’ in the existence of God and not on the evidence of the facts that science discovers; scientists as myself do not believe in faith, not even when it comes to describe the Nature of God; indeed, as written by the famous philosopher Simone Weil: ‘In what concerns divine things, belief is not appropriate; only certainty will do; anything less is unworthy of God’. Once I realized I was experiencing Manifestations of God during my mystic experiences, I bought a camera, and started to capture on print the material evidence of my Spiritual Experience, for ‘seeing is believing’ in Manifestations of God.

Due to the theological differences of the many different religions we had and still have terrible wars all over the world. Muslim religious authorities are responsible for the ecological and spiritual disaster we have in the Middle East, with the destruction of very old cultures such as those of Afghanistan, Syria, and Irak; there is a genocide with the murder and violation of women and children in many of the muslim countries: when one turns on the TV, and sees the bombs thrown by muslims and exploding in their lands, killing innocent people, women and children, you hear the voices of the muslims when the killing bombs explode, saying: ‘Ala is great!’; this is an indication how wrong they are when muslim religious authorities do not condemn such barbaric murderous acts. Saddam Hussein (that he may rest in Hell) committed one of the most atrocious ecological disasters in the world when he torched all the oil fields in Kuwait. Religions have been responsible for the most barbaric acts in the history of humanity: the christian church burned alive the young girl Saint Joan of Arc. And I also mention herein: the church has abandoned all the poor terminal patients that suffer the agony of up-coming death, persons in great pain that cry out for our help, to relieve them from the suffering agony of death, to release them from their material body and help them return to the Peace of God.

The christian church has made many mistakes, but we also recognize the spiritual knowledge that humanity has gained: thanks to the church we are more conscious about Angels and the Miracles of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin; many saints have given evidence of the existence of God showing us Miracles, such as Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Pater Pio, the Saints of Fatima and Lourdes; other saints have done extraordinary works of charity: such as the great Saint Teresa of Calcuta, who suffered all of her life taking care of thousands of poor little children that die from starvation in the streets of India. The church has to promote spiritual and ecological consciousness to care for the planet, which now has begun; it needs to help the poor, as it always has done; and it needs to help eradicate evil from the world.

The men of science have helped humankind to move forward in its evolution, to have a more comfortable life, to suffer less disease, and today we live 40 years longer than in the past; but now it is the men of God that can help to save the planet, and the Church of Jesus can be the catalyzer to save humanity from self-destruction: the great problem of humanity and collapse of the planet will no be resolved with the intelligence of the brain, it can be resolved with the Intelligence of the Heart. The desperate ideas of scientists to save the planet for example sending sulfur particles or millions of disks into space to reduce the impact of the rays of the sun that increases the temperature of the planet is another madness of man; the solution is simple: the only way to save the life of the planet is to reduce the impact of mankind; many of the actions we need to take we already know by heart (renewable energies, etc); but the first and most important action to save the planet is not being mentioned, and this is to stop the killing of animals and stop the killing of trees!

All men and women of science and religion of the different cultures of the world need to join and come to a consensus on what to do with the problems of the planet, to try to reach the Supreme Truth of the Creator and its Creation, using the scientific method that scientists have used with much success during many centuries: observing and analyzing the facts of the material and spiritual life, sharing and publishing the conclusions, to help us understand the many Miracles of the Creation of the Creator God. I do not believe that God or Jesus will appear in all the Light of their Glory in all the TV sets of the world, to tell us what to do: we have to do it on our own, and as Michael Jackson used to sing: ‘Make that Change!’ The religious authorities have the power to achieve the great change in humanity to save the world because they have the moral influence on billions of people to make the personal change of ecological and spiritual consciousness to stop the killing and eating of animals.

The government authorities have the power to close slaughter-houses, to close all money enterprises that have animals jailed in cages to produce meat for human consumption, experiments with animals should be prohibited, the use of guns should be prohibited, hunting should be prohibited, fishing should be prohibited (in the beginning at least the fishing with mass killing of fish with ships and boats), and very large fines should be imposed to everyone that causes harm and damage to the planet. As you indicate in your encyclical: brave decisions need to be taken; that brave decision is to come back to the original Plan of God: man should become again Vegetarian. Here I quote the words of God according to Saint Job: Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me (Job 40:7).

A style of life not killing animals does not mean that the flesh of animals will not be used by humankind: millions of animals will die old or by natural causes and their biological material can be used as deemed appropriate; but the current model of life of having animals in cages to kill them and eat them is the original grave sin that will lead to the auto-destruction of humankind. Transforming all the population of the world to a vegetarian diet in a short period of time will be very difficult, but it is not impossible; but if humans want to keep living they will have to change their lifestyle and become vegetarian. Becoming vegetarian is very easy: I did the change 10 years ago when I became conscious of what was happening with the poor animals; it was only a simple decision and today I have much better health and I have gained much wisdom and spiritual contact with Nature and God. Becoming vegetarian is like making the decision to keep on smoking and die, or quit smoking and live: my father used to smoke 50 cigarettes a day and when he was 50 years old he paid the price with a stroke that caused him the loss of the vision of one eye; at that moment he stopped smoking and never again did he touch a cigarette in his life and he lived to become 84. Humanity needs to make a similar decision, to stop killing and eating animals to keep on living on Planet Earth. Humans need to take care of all animals and plants; humanity should not cut trees nor burn trees because these adorable living beings give us the oxygen of our life. If humanity cares for the Garden of the World it will continue to live and prosper for millions of years until the end of the world which depends on the energy of our Love Brother Sun.

Christians of the more civilized countries are the main contaminants of the planet, and thus need to give the example and lead in this difficult crusade; they have to join with Buddhists and other vegetarian cultures to establish the Change of Heart needed to save life on the Planet. I am pessimistic about the human future because humans do not have a good Consciousness of Love for animals and plants; maybe 20 % of humanity has that Spirit of Love for animals, but this will not be sufficient to change the destruction of the world. There are many good human beings, but they do not see, or they do not want to see, and they do not take action to stop hurting and killing animals, they just do not care for the suffering of animals and keep on eating meat of animals: they have the ‘After me the Flood’ philosophy; the news is: the flood is already here. If humankind becomes vegetarian now, we will save the life of the planet and of the human species; otherwise, we will soon have the announced Apocalypsis.

I end with your beautiful petition to the Blessed Virgin: we can ask the Blessed Virgin to enable us to look at this world with eyes of wisdom.

 I was raised as a christian protestant and I had never heard anything of the Blessed Virgin until I was 45 years old, when the Blessed Virgin came unto me with an extraordinary mystic experience next to the Image of the Annunciation in the Sanctuary of Banneux where the Blessed Virgin had appeared to a little girl that had been born on the same day that I was born, on the celebration of the Annunciation; in an instant my life was changed forever, and since then, I see the world with more wisdom. I ask forgiveness if I have erred; many faults I have, but as I became more wise with the help of the Angels and the Saints I have less sin and thus I am closer to the Truth of God. I too, as you, ask God and the Saints and the Angels to help us see the world with more wisdom, to help all the good loving innocent Living Beings that suffer so much on our beloved Mother Earth.

Dear Pope Francis: what a great help is your encyclical! You have inspired me to write this letter to see with more wisdom. You are showing that you are the best Pope that humanity has seen with your message of love and care for our planet. You are the moral authority to initiate actions to save the life of the planet; maybe you will get a little extra push from the Blessed Virgin so you can fly like an Angel of the Lord, to save the planet! May Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin illuminate your path so you may see how to save the world with eyes full of wisdom!

Dear Holy Father Francis: on my knees I beg you, in the name of all the animals that suffer and die because of the abuses of mankind, I ask with the Blessed Virgin and Lord Jesus Christ, with the Angels and the Saints; I implore you, with a thousand Tears of Pain in my Heart, tears that I shed all of my life for the suffering of my adorable animals: proclaim to the world that you are vegetarian, so that millions will follow your great example, to achieve the Change of Heart, to establish a Consciousness of Love for all the adorable Creatures of God of our Mother Planet! Become the Messenger of God, like an Angel of the Lord, to console and eliminate the suffering of all our beloved little brothers and sisters, our adorable loving animals of our beloved Creator God Holy Spirit with the Heart of Love!


The letter to the Holy Father, surely the most important letter of my life, I wrote first in spanish, during 7 days, when my brother Jan van Kuyk was very sick in the hospital of his home in Brazil. I translated the english version the following 3 days and I ended the last edition of the letter, and with it, all the work of my internet site, the 5th of november at 6 am in the morning. A few hours later, his eldest son informs me that my beloved brother had unexpectedly passed away at 6 am of that same early morning. As I write this text, one week has passed, and in remembrance of my dear brother, I would like to share the letter I sent to his family and to the many friends he had all of his life all over the world (section 11).

My brother died much too early in his life due to one of the many sins of man: a deadly cancer was awakened in his body because his organic defenses were low due to an emotional trauma brought about by a lack of money: because of a brief financial crisis, in less than one year, due to a small debt, his house which he had built during many years of hard honest work was sequestered by a judge. His many intimate millionaire friends with their many billions of dollars did not help my brother even with one cent to help release the transitory debt with the legal sequestration that had been placed upon his dear house. My father had suffered the same problem: when some vulture fund crook stole halve of all his money, all of his ‘intimate friends’ that came to eat and drink for free every weekend to his nice large house, suddenly all were gone, they all disappeared, the small house we now had with no swimming pool was no longer nice enough for these ‘champagne friends’ that parasite on the lives of good hard working people. My mother suffered and eventually lost her life to a deadly mental disease that I believe she suffered so she would not be conscious that her two beloved brothers were fraudulent crooks that stole all the fortune of her great inheritance she was entitled to have from her rich parents (CW). I also lost many of my ‘champagne friends’ when I ran out of money spending all of my small fortune for the well-being of my plants and animals of my sanctuary.

These constant fights for money that I suffered during many years caused great havoc in my heart. I could write a whole library of books describing the evil of idolatry of the love of mankind for mammon the money and the immoral crooked law system that protects thieves, crooks and criminals that destroy the world. The evil of idolatry is a very grave sin of man that here I define, in rime, in 3 words: ‘dollars above morals’. Money for man is today even more important than the love of a mother: I remember one day that I had to send the money of my whole salary to help an old female friend because her rich sons did not help with any money. One day the best friend of my father came to ask us for a loan of 15,000 U$S to buy a special handicapped car because he had lost one arm to cancer; his rich adult children did not give him the money he needed for the car; on the act, I made a check, and within one year later, the friend was able to sell his large house, and returned all the money; everything was done by the word of good friends with honor.

The planet and its human population is like a basket full of apples; today 50 % of all the apples in the basket are totally rotten; another 30 % of the apples are in the process of putrefaction; another 10 % will soon start the process of putrefaction; only 10 % of the apples with not rot in the basket. Mankind was not able to contaminate my Soul, was not able to rot my Heart, human beings were not able to rot my Soul even when I was exposed to many rotten Souls that passed throughout my lifetime, such as the rotten souls of my crooked uncles that stole money of their saintly sister my beloved mother. My Soul is today the same Soul of Love that I received from the Creator when I was  born: I have the same love for good human beings and for plants and animals as I had when I was 3 years old, the moment in time when I remember my first experience with animals. I wish that all human beings would have this love for our beautiful planet; however, the cruel reality is that mankind has transformed this wonderful planet into a dark valley of suffering and destruction.

Fatwa for the extermination of the human species:

Dear Holy Father:

A few important matters suffered in my heart I had not written in this letter; however, with the death of my brother my life has again changed and thus I write the full letter I have in my Heart: one issue I have already addressed above, the second more important issue I describe to you herein with a complete broken heart. Yesterday my second brother told me he had seen the most terrifying video in the internet he had ever seen and thus below I describe one of the worst atrocities perpetrated by the human species against animals that I have ever heard in my lifetime:

To produce the hot dogs of meat consumed by human beings, mankind uses a great CRUSHING MACHINE, a grinding machine that crushes, or grinds, the body of many animals, to produce the chopped meat for human consumption. The video shows that the monster of man throws into the crushing machine many types of animals, and all these animals that are thrown by man into the grinding machine are ALIVE !!! That is, humans throw into the crushing machine many kinds of animals, to crush their bodies in the grinding machine while all the animals are still alive, so that humans may eat the hot-dogs produced by the MONSTER of MAN ! These diabolical human beings throw into their large CRUSHING MACHINE many animals such as horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, pigs, and many more, all animals that are ALIVE, to CRUSH ANIMALS ALIVE, in this big CRUSHING MACHINE of the MONTER of MAN !

Holy Father: this criminal atrocity of human beings against defenseless loving animals has totally surpassed my tolerance for the sins of man; I have now lost my patience and my diplomacy against this terrifying human evil being that is at hand: if this holocaust of animals does not stop immediately, quickly, the end of the human species is at hand: here I raise a request of a ‘Holy Fatwah’, with my Archangels of God, to initiate the extermination of the human species; but before describing what we will do, allow me to give you a brief list of several atrocities perpetrated by the human species against the dear loving animals of the world, to show you what this MONSTER of MAN is doing to the animals of the planet, so that you too, may come to realize, that the best thing that could happen to the world, is that the human species will perish and disappear forever from the world. We need to establish the COMMON GOOD for the COMMON HOME of our Planet Earth, and the common good for the planet, today, is the extermination of the human species. Planet Earth does not need this ABOMINABLE MONSTER of the HUMAN PLAGUE that is brutally criminally ruthlessly savagely mis-treating mutilating torturing destroying killing all the vulnerable defenseless innocent good loving adorable Creatures of the Planet.

Please Holy Father, read this brief list of atrocities perpetrated by man against animals; we cannot close our eyes to the crude realities that affect our lives and the life of the world; this list is the most difficult thing I wrote in my life, but it may help alleviate the suffering of innocent poor loving creatures of Planet Earth:

Short list of atrocities of man against animals:

  1. Peeling (skinning) of all the skin of all the body of living dogs: a video has been described to me of a farm that produces meat of dogs in China: the evil chinese bastards eat the meat of dogs, the best friend of man: in this diabolic farm, the human devils peeled off all the skin of living dogs, with knives; the dogs were crying out in their agony of pain, while the evil devil human beings were peeling off all the skin of the dogs that were alive; the dogs were tied up, screaming alive until these monsters had finished the peeling of all the skin of their complete bodies; once they had finished this evil torture, they threw the dog on the floor still alive, to let the dog die, to eventually prepare the meat for human consumption. This is the Monster of Man. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Torture to the death of geese to produce liver paste for human consumption: I was told that to produce liver paste of geese, evil humans nail the feet of the geese with nails to the floor, so that the geese will not move; then they stuff through their throats a large catheter through their esopaghus, to reach their stomachs, to pass by force greasy food to its intestines, so that the liver of the goose will hasten the production of a greasy liver, so that the evil devil human being may eat liver paste of these loving animals. This is the Monster of Man. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Chopping of living turtles: many years ago I saw an awful video were some evil humans had captured a huge tortoise, she was surely 100 years old; the devils turned around the turtle in the beach, on her back on her wonderful shell, and thus she could not escape from the devils, she moved her little feet, while the devil human beings were eating the tortoise alive: slowly the devils were cutting out little pieces of meat of the turtle that was always alive, while the turtle suffered in her silence of pain, alive maybe during hours, while these evil coward criminals were eating this wonderful creature alive. This is the Monster of Man. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Crushing of live animals in a great crushing machine of live animals to eat their hot-dogs and hamburgers: humans throw into their crushing machines many different animals that are alive, to crush and shred the bodies of the living animals that enter into the human crushing machine alive; some of the horrified animals try to escape from the crushing machine, but once that the crushing machine captures a leg of the animal, the animal can no longer escape, it is driven alive into the crushing machine to be crushed to death alive into little pieces to be eaten by the Monster of Man. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Burning of living cats: certain diabolical human beings have fun burning many different animals alive. It seems there are several videos of cats that are burned alive: the human perverts spray the living cats with fuel to burn them alive in a agonizing painful death of this most noble creature the cat. This is the Monster of Man. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Extraction of eggs from sturgeons without anesthesia: these beautiful animals are produced in captivity in small pools, and once in a while, the human devils catch them, and they cut their bodies open, without anesthesia they cut open the abdominal cavity with knives, to extract their eggs that are eaten by human predators; I do not know if they sow the cut, or just leave them in their pool of blood, with time they will heal, and soon they will be cut again without anesthesia to extract their eggs to be eaten by the evil human being. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Mayor abdominal surgery of cocks without anesthesia: I read in veterinary books that producers of chickens castrate the cocks so that the meat of the cock will have a better flavor. The cocks have their testicles inside their abdominal cavity, and close to their ribs, and to take out theses testicles it will require a mayor abdominal surgery that these evil brutal savages do without general anesthesia; there is 20 % of mortality caused by the pain of the animals. The pain of these cocks is the same pain that a woman would suffer if some butcher would take out her ovaries without anesthesia. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Fights between dogs until death arranged by human beings: this amusement of evil men has been around for many years: men organize these fights in small rings, fights that can last for hours, they end with much blood and with the death of one of the dogs, the other dog is seriously mutilated with much blood, and will be used again when he recovers, he will be put again in another fight by his evil criminal owner that earns a little money with the suffering of the noble animal that surely is the best friend of man. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Fights between cocks until death arranged by human beings: this amusement of evil men has also been around for many years: men organize these fights in small rings, fights that can last for hours, they end with much blood and with the death of one of the cocks, the other cock is seriously mutilated with much blood, and will be used again when he recovers, he will be put again in another fight by his evil criminal owner that earns a little money with the suffering of this noble animal. I know very well how these precious animals are: they treat the female chicken with great love, much better than millions of evil men that have many sex slaves: many of these sex slaves are small girls that they kidnap and rape, sometimes they even die. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Confinement of 3 chickens per square meter during all their lives to produce meat for human consumption: chickens are one of the most tender animals I have in my farm; I would rather be dead than live in such over-crowding conditions suffering their entire lives in these jails of evil humans that are authorized by the immoral evil authorities to perpetrate this crime: this is another of the many brutal crimes of the human being to produce meat for human consumption. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Confinement of 3 laying hens per square meter all their lives to produce eggs for human consumption: the adorable hens (as I write this text I have one hen laying eggs in my bed), would be much better dead than living in such hellish conditions imposed by the evil man: not even Hitler would have his enemies in such over-crowding conditions: another hell created by the evil human being to eat the meat of living animals. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Confinement of pigs in human jails that are so small that even the animal is larger than the jail of the evil man: the piglets are crushed, the mother cannot move, they almost cannot turn around in their brutal human jails; pigs are divine creatures (as I write this text, a white wild boar and his family has appeared in my sanctuary); not even evil Hitler would have his worst enemies in such a solitary confinement. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Separation of mother and child of the holy cows to produce food for human consumption: when a cow has her calf, the criminal man steals away her child, seconds after birth: the mother never sees her child again, and the calf never sees her mother, and the calf will eventually be devoured by man. This separation of mother with off-spring is another barbaric crime of man. I was told that men many times kill the newborn calf trampling them with their legs and feet if the calf wants to drink the milk of her mother. One of my criminal neighbors killed a cow with blows on her head because the cow would not follow his command of entering into the cow jail he uses for meat consumption. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Shearing the protective wool of sheep in the cold of the winter to put 2 more coins in the pockets of evil human beings: here in uruguay the government sponsors the shearing of the wool of sheep in the winter: the sheep without their protective wool will have cold in the winter, and thus they will eat more or as fast as they can to increase the energy they need to meet their needs to stay alive; apparently, the sheep gain one more pound of meat and thus the immoral sheep producer, and the immoral government, have 2 more coins to put in their pockets. When cold storm comes into the farm, the sheep suffer, and many may die; and when the storm of cold comes with rain, sometimes all of them die. This is another barbaric act committed by the criminal human being. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Slaughter of whales, rhinoceros and elephants, so that men may (as the evil coward human liars say), have increased sexual erections. The sacred lovable rhino has been almost exterminated, and the elephants, one of the most adorable animals of the planet, are being massacred at a rate of thousands per month, and the powerful countries with their arsenal of guns do not come to their rescue. Hundreds of thousands and millions of animals are massacred by coward hunters with legal guns, exterminating thousands of divine creatures that are lost forever from this beautiful planet. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Coward killing of pumas: in argentina, in many large tourist farms, they charge many thousands of dollars to millionaire coward hunters to kill pumas that these bastards capture in the land; in order that the coward hunter can kill the puma, these criminal ‘estancieros’ inject the puma with a tranquilizer before releasing the puma free; so that the coward hunter will be able to kill the puma and be content so he can come again and pay money again to kill more pumas: the poor puma cannot defend himself because he has been intoxicated with the tranquilizer and is not able to run from the big guns of the coward hunter; thus another noble creature is lost in the land. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Torture and killing of bulls in spain: this atrocity of the perverse human being can be seen on television, all the time, all over the world: how coward perverts mounted on big horses pierce and perforate with long spears the body of poor animals bathed in their own blood, animals that cannot understand what is at hand, one can see this in the expression of their stunned faces, because the animals cannot comprehend that such barbaric acts may exist in the world; and after the long torture with the large bloody spear, comes another criminal, to kill the groggy blood bathed poor animal, with a different spear that perforates his body, in front of a cheerful happy crowd, that pays money to see this barbaric torture of animals in this roman circus of pain and blood. What a great shame for humanity that a country with thousands of years of culture, that supposedly is christian and civilized, allows such barbaric atrocity against their own nobel animals, and this is what they teach to the children of the country; even the king of spain has fun killing sacred elephants in Africa. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!
  1. Military criminals from civilized countries, who dedicate their lives to kill human beings with knives and shotguns, practice their killing skills on live innocent defenseless animals: the military criminals torture, maim and kill living animals with their knives to practice the killing skill they will use on humans; and they use living defenseless animals that are tied up, and caged, to practice their killing skills with shotguns. These military criminals are as perverse and evil as coward hunters that kill innocent defenseless animals with their shotguns.

The list of atrocities goes on and on, and is very extensive; I believe that my list is sufficiently complete in order to bring down to Earth the Divine Forces to initiate the extermination of this Abominable Monster that is brutally and mercilessly destroying all loving creatures of Nature.

Holy Father: ¿Did you read the whole list of atrocities? Were you able to read everything? I suggest that you do not see the videos of these atrocities in the internet because you might loose your important Papacy; I will not see them either, because I am yet not ready to loose my life with a heart attack, or I would not like to hang myself in a jail after sending to hell some of these brutal bastards. I do not want to imagine what kind of monsters will the next generation of children be when they see all these examples on how human beings are treating the adorable loving creatures of the world. The Church should never forgive such barbaric acts of human perversity: we have to eliminate all these criminals from the world and send them to hell; it is the only way that peace and love will return to our Mother Earth.

Tyrannosaurus Rex was millions of years ago the most fearsome animal of the planet; today mankind is much more fearsome than a hungry TRex loose in a cage with many other animals; TRex killed his victims to eat them as the carnivore he was, but he did not torture the animals as the intelligent man does even when man was designed to be vegetarian; compared to man, TRex was a Lamb of God, and even so, because he was so aggressive, he was eliminated from Planet Earth. The human species is next in the row, and will be eliminated from Planet Earth.

The human species has been transformed in the worst monster that the planet has seen, and when God the Creator realized what he had created on the planet he left the planet because he would not see what this monster would do to the loving creatures of his planet: maybe the Creator has such a Good Heart that it cannot destroy even a bad evil devil like the human being. God was gone from the world since Genesis, when man began to kill and eat the adorable creatures of the planet. Jesus was crucified when he found in his Temple of the Mount the idolater man selling for money the animals they had in their cages, animals that Jesus released from their captivity, destroying all the cages of man, to release and save the defenseless animals from the sin of man. The human species has transformed the beautiful planet into a whore-house where humans rape vulnerable innocent children, abuses defenseless plants and animals, loves money more than the love of a mother, and tortures and kills divine animals. We need to bring back Saint Sanson to bring down the human whore house that is killing the planet. Good men will come down too with the extermination of the human species, but we shall continue to live forever in a more Spiritual Planet.

This Order of God of not hurting the Tree of Life (animals and trees) was violated by mankind thousands of years ago as described in Genesis.  As indicated by Pope Francis we are on the breaking point of human existence: if this Order of God given thousands of years ago is not immediately obeyed, the final count down for human extermination is at hand. The Common Good for our Common Home is that life continues on the planet: it is preferable to loose the human species than to loose all life on the Planet.

Weep with me Holy Father, weep with me: I am very sad with what is happening on our beautiful planet; I have a sword piercing my heart for the suffering and pain of all the adorable creatures of our beloved planet.

Here hear my Fatwa for the extermination of the human species:

Herein I raise a request for a Holy Fatwah against the human species: I ask my Guardian Angel to give God an up-date of the atrocities perpetrated by the human species against all the loving living creatures of the world, in order to obtain authorization from the Supreme Creator to initiate the actions for the final elimination of the human species from the world. Once more: due to the barbaric criminal atrocities perpetrated by man I here raise a request for a Holy Fatwah against humankind, to exterminate and eliminate humanity from the world. I will not use atomic bombs, nor guns of fire, nor knives or swords, nor toxic gases or biological weapons that have been used by humanity to kill each other all over the world; I will use the most powerful weapon of the planet: a prayer and a little feather of a Bird of the Lord, to put in writing a Message to God, that will be given to the Lord by Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael, the two most important Angels that intervene in the affairs of the World.

The Angels of God can easily initiate immediately the necessary actions to exterminate humanity out from the planet, in a very simple way that here I describe: during the multiplication of our little brothers the viruses, the Angels can use their Spiritual Energy to change the location or change with a mutation a certain specific nucleotide in the genetic chain of the virus, to achieve a small mutation, for example in the influenza virus, to transform the virus into a 100 % mortal virus, with a absolute mortality rate of 100 %, and thus, with its 100 % transmission rate, through the air, with a total contagious spread, and resistance to the different climates of the planet: in less than 6 months there are no more living humans in the planet. It is very easy for Angels to move nucleotides in a genetic sequence; the Angels can move objects in the world: I have seen this many times before: one day in my sanctuary, under a bad stress suffered with my holy cows, I pushed with my arms a large truck of 20,000 kilos 50 meters up a mountain to solve a problem of my cows: there are two (2) human witnesses that can testify on that Miracle of the Angels; I can barely lift a 30 kg bag of animal feed; thus, this was the Force of my Angel that pushed the truck up hill to help relieve my suffering and fulfill my destiny I present herein.

Resolutions to save the human species

Holy Father, maybe we have a last chance to save the human species from destruction. The Angels are watching. Mankind today does not listen to words of love and compassion that may convince humanity to do good in this world; mankind today only listens to the force of fire-arms that rule this world; humanity needs to know about the fire of hell that will soon be unleashed on the human species; humanity needs to understand the law of consequence of human deed: you reap what you sow: thus, mankind will reap the suffering and the destruction he sows on the planet. I consider that you are the most important representative of humanity unto God; you have a direct contact with all the presidents of the planet, everybody listens what you say; thus, before all good women and men that love animals, I ask you to contact all the leaders that manage the planet with their financial power, their fire-arms and atomic bombs, to transmit to these world leaders, to all the members of the United Nations, that if they want their children they love to survive, and have a future on this planet, they must declare immediately, by the Force of Law, all over the world, the following URGENT RESOLUTIONS:

  1. The ABSOLUTE PROHIBITION to KILL any vertebrate ANIMAL of the Planet.
  1. The ABSOLUTE PROHIBITION of EATING any vertebrate ANIMAL of the Planet.
  1. The COMPLETE LIBERATION of ALL the ANIMALS sequestered in human cages.
  1. The LIBERATION to their NATIVE HOMES of ALL the ANIMALS sequestered in human zoos.
  1. The COMPLETE LIBERATION of ALL the ANIMALS that are used in human experimentation.

Those that do not comply with these resolutions will be penalized with harsh fines, will suffer expropriation of their personal assets, will loose their freedom in prison, and may even be executed by the guillotine sword.

I transmit here to the Holy Father, the representative of humanity, once more, the ORDERS of GOD, that the MESSENGERS of GOD the ANGELS of GOD ask me to give for the salvation of the human species:

The human species must not kill animals, must not mis-treat animals, must no put animals in cages, must not eat animals, must not cut and burn trees, must not abuse children and must care for children, all over the world.

For the dear children, for the dear plants, and for the dear animals !!!

In Christo,
Robert van Kuijk, med. vet., Ph.D.
20th of November of 2015
Santuario Abba-Ama