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To The New York Times

Dear editor:

In the name of all the suffering innocent loving vertebrate animals that are tortured, imprisoned in cages, killed, and even exterminated, by ignorant evil human beings that are destroying our Mother Earth:

PLEASE publish the letter below to stimulate ecological spiritual consciousness for our dear Planet Earth to reduce and eliminate the abuse and suffering of our family of animals all over the world.

Arresting the extermination of the human species

Climate change is one evident symptom of the deterioration of the planet caused by the irresponsible actions of the human species. Contamination of the earth, the water and the air produced by humans is the main cause of the current material climate change; however, even worse than this environmental disaster is the human barbaric abuse, mis-treatment, torture, killing and extermination of millions of defenseless innocent animals that belong to the same family of vertebrates as human beings and have the same right to live a long life and in complete freedom on our common home our Planet Earth. Climate change due to the destruction of the environment may be reversible; the destruction of life and the extermination of animal species is not reversible, it is lost forever from the planet in this horrific holocaust of animals perpetrated by the human species, the most terrible predator that ever existed on Planet Earth. Mankind is destroying the planet with all its living beings and has to make a big change in moral consciousness to save the life of the planet and humans own existence: humans should not kill vertebrate animals, should not eat animals, should not mis-treat animals and should not imprison animals in cages to avoid the imminent human extermination with the re-action of nature to the human destruction of the planet.

The most important change to avoid our own extinction is that humans become again vegetarian and stop the current holocaust of animals which is causing great suffering in the ‘Spirit of Gaia’. The human species has been created and designed to be vegetarian; when mankind began hunting and killing animals and eating their meat it changed the temperament of man that initiated aggressive wars and the degradation of a peaceful co-existence with nature, specially with animals, and today we have mass extermination and the reaction of nature that includes climate change; this was also indicated by the most intelligent man of the world Albert Einstein: ‘I am by principle a passionate follower of vegetarianism; mainly because of ethical and moral reasons. I strongly believe in a vegetarian order of life, even if it were only due to physical effects that influences the temperament of men.’ Moreover, considering the injustice and misery suffered by billions of innocent living beings all over the world, maybe ‘God the Father’ left the planet when humans broke ‘his’ law of not touching ‘his’ animals, the ‘Tree of Life’, and forecasted the demise of the human species as indicated in Genesis of the Bible; we need to reverse this mistake and become again vegetarian to arrest the demise of the human species. Wise vegetarians are healthier and have a higher IQ and moral consciousness than meat eaters: the most intelligent wise geniuses of the history of humankind such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Pitágoras, Mahatma Ghandi, San Francisco of Asís, Buda, Jane Goodall and Paul McCartney, to name a few, are fervent vegetarians; indeed, the greatest genius Leonardo da Vinci qualified killers of animals as criminals when he stated: ‘The day will come when we will see as a crime the killing of an animal as we now see in the killing of a human being’.

Millions of vegetarians have realized the terrible holocaust that all animals are suffering due to the barbaric criminal activities of the human species that mis-treat, torture, imprison and kill other living species to consume their meat and violate their existence for immoral human selfish gratification. Vegan activism is not stopping the many other billions of humans who directly or indirectly participate in the killing and torture of animals, because most humans, especially the most powerful and influential, do not care for animals, have no moral consciousness, or have no education and have not realized the terrible suffering of animals during production of animals for human consumption; vertebrate animals are living beings that love and have consciousness and a Soul like human beings, they suffer and have pain, and have the same right as the human animal to a long life in complete freedom as designed by Creation and the Creator for all living species that inhabit our shared Planet Earth.

To make the change in moral consciousness, to stop the destruction of the planet, humans should live their lives with the conscious realization that other living beings also have a ‘Spiritual Soul’, with a ‘Divine Spiritual Energy’ we call God or Holy Spirit that is Manifest in all Life in the Universe: it is the energetic cosmological anti-gravity that directs the Creative Expansion of the Universe; it is the Spirit Creative Energy author of the Miraculous Creation, that is Manifest in different Life Forms, all over the Universe, and is Manifest in our Planet Earth, in all its Living Beings; like human beings, all animals on Earth also have a Spiritual Soul which is the Vital Energy of the Divine Holy Spirit that drives the Miracle of Life on Planet Earth. The two most brilliant scientists of the history of humankind believed in a Spirit that is Manifest in the Laws of the Universe as indicated by their own words and publications:

Albert Einstein: ‘Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe’.
Isaac Newton: wrote a book with his own arguments of his evidence of the existence of God in his publication: ‘Letters containing some arguments in proof of Deity’.

Paranormal Miracles that supersede the laws of nature of the material world provide supporting evidence for the existence of a driving Divine Energy that is Manifest in the material world from a Spiritual Dimension. I have experienced such Paranormal Mystic Experiences with different types of Manifestations of Miracles, and I provide material evidence of my Spiritual Experience with hundreds of Miracle Pictures that show these Spiritual Manifestations of the Spiritual World. The hundreds of Miracle Pictures that I show with Manifestations of Light, or ‘Angels of Light’, generated in the context of hundreds of Miracle Manifestations, experienced by 1 single individual, in a brief period of 3 years, the time I spent searching for Miracles to provide evidence of the existence of God, provides scientific statistical significant material evidence that supports the claim of the existence of a Spiritual Energy that is Manifest on Planet Earth ( This Universal Cosmic Energy gives me the one message I bring to the world: human beings should not kill animals, should not eat animals, should not mis-treat animals, and should not imprison animals in cages; all Holy Animals have the Universal Right to live a long life in compete freedom on our Miracle Planet Earth.

To save the planet from the current course of destruction the human species has to make a radical change in its way of life and stop killing and eating our own family of vertebrate animals. Many humans are fighting to promote ecological consciousness to stop the climate change; vegans expose the atrocities perpetrated against animals and promote vegetarianism; I help presenting evidence of the existence of a Spiritual Dimension and a Holy Spirit that also is Manifest in the Soul of all Animals, to stimulate Spiritual Ecological Consciousness to make the moral change to eliminate the abuse against all animals in the world. Vertebrate animals are like 3 to 7 year-old children, innocent and defenseless loving creatures that do no harm, but are abused and killed by the powerful perverted evil human being, and thus, like any human child, animals need to be protected from barbaric criminals, like hunters that kill elephants, rhinoceros, lions, and thousands of other adorable creatures that are being exterminated forever all over the world. It is beyond my comprehension how on earth, at this age, hunting with fire arms is still legal all over the world: the laws protect barbaric criminals to exterminate defenseless animals; my neighbors have threatened to kill me because I do all I can to protect the wild animals that are being killed and exterminated in this country; coward hunters are even exterminating birds with their shotguns. The different barbaric atrocities and the holocaust of animals perpetrated by evil humans that torture in cages and kill animals for human consumption is beyond my comprehension; even scientists torture our ancestors the lovable monkeys, and the military, which should protect us from criminals, are criminals that torture and kill living animals to practice war tactics with their killing weapons; thus, I am ashamed to belong to this ‘monster species’ the human being that tortures and kills defenseless loving animals that do no harm and only embellish our lives with their presence on our extraordinary miracle planet; human beings are destroying their own home and killing their own family of animals and has set in motion its own extermination; hence, Homo sapiens is no sapiens after all.

Those responsible for the current state of our planet such as government authorities, religious authorities, legal justice authorities, scientists, intellectuals, politicians, billionaires, artists, media personalities, and many others that manage the natural resources of the world, need to realize the current dramatic deterioration of the planet, and that there is an urgent need to establish a big change in the ways of life of the human being to stop the destruction of the planet. Since ignorant human beings do not see beyond their stomachs and the money they have in their pockets, and peaceful vegans will not initiate a ‘holy war’ throwing bombs against ‘infidel’ meat producers, the United Nations has to intervene and dictate orders to save the planet and the human species, imposing laws to protect all animals all over the world:

  1. The first Universal Animal Right to impose by the United Nations is the ‘Right to Freedom’: all animals have the right to live a life in compete freedom; it is moral crime against Creation and the Creator to imprison animals in cages for production of meat or any other animal product (skin, leather, feathers, wool, etc); it is a moral crime to imprison animals in cages for experimentation; and it is a moral crime to use animals for entertainment (zoos, circus, rodeos, aquariums, bullfights). Freedom is the most important asset of a living being, freedom is more important than life itself; indeed, I would rather be dead than live a life in a prison as do billions of innocent defenseless animals that are caged in jails by the evil human being for human consumption.


  1. The second Universal Animal Right is the ‘Right to Life’: all animals have the right to live a long healthy life; it is a moral crime against Creation and the Creator to kill animals for unnecessary human consumption; the human species has been created and designed to be vegetarian. Animals should live their natural life in freedom and die a natural death, and when the ‘Soul’ is liberated from the body, their material body can be recycled as food and other products as deemed appropriate; but animals should be left alone, to live their existence, they have the same right as a human being to live a long life and die in freedom on their own time when the Spirit with Nature calls them back Home.

All Animal Rights groups, vegans and vegetarians need to act together, to keep exposing the barbaric holocaust of animals perpetrated by humans and educate the ignorants, to stimulate moral consciousness to stop the abuse and suffering of all animals. Since moral and consciousness activism is not achieving significant results, and we do not have another 500 years to make a slow change in moral consciousness, we need to take urgent legal actions in the International Court of The Hague, to impose by the force of law the Universal Rights of Animals, to protect all animals all over the World: all animals have the right to live a long life and in complete freedom. If humans abide by this law, the destruction and suffering of animals will stop, and we will avoid the current re-action of ‘Cosmic Nature’, or ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, and stop the course of extermination of the human species. If no action is taken, and the killing and suffering of animals continues, in a few years, all humans will be dead; then, the only consolation for our loss is that Planet Earth will do much better with the extermination of the human species.

I clearly hear the loud Message of Nature to stop the destruction of the world: ‘All animals have the right to live a long life and in complete freedom on my Miracle Planet Earth’. To stop the destruction of the world and the extermination of the human species we need to establish and practice the first commandment for the salvation of the human species: ‘You will not kill animals, you will not eat animals, you will not mis-treat animals, you will not imprison animals in cages; you will love plants and animals with all the Spirit of your Soul to love and care for all living species of your Mother Planet Earth’.

Robert van Kuijk, DVM, Ph.D.
Sanctuary Abba-Ama

Post-scriptum: the newspaper did not publish my letter; I imagine that the editor that received my letter was another carnivore that participates in the holocaust of animals. However, I was very happy with the mail I received from the most famous and important animal rights activist of the world, who qualified my letter as ‘excellent’, and stimulated me to keep on writing to fight for the cause of our dear animals.