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Transforming Planet Earth into a Paradise of Heaven

In the Universe there are different Energetic Dimensions: in our Planet Earth we have a Material Dimension and a Non-Material Dimension that we can describe as being a Spiritual Energy Dimension we could call Holy Spirit. When the In-animated Material Dimension is ‘habitated’ by the Spiritual Energy of the Holy Spirit, the in-animated becomes animated, and is transformed into a Living Being that lives the Miracle of Life through the Holy Energy of the Spiritual Dimension. The Energy of Life of the Spiritual Dimension is the Creative Expansive Energy of the Universe, the cosmological anti-gravity, the so called Lambda Constant of the equations of Einstein. Thus, the Living Being is formed by a material body and by a ‘Spiritual Soul’ that is part of the Holy Spirit. When the body dies, the Spiritual Soul goes back to the Spiritual Dimension to follow its course of Spiritual Evolution in the different Dimensions of the Universe. All Living Beings have a Spiritual Soul; thus, like human beings, plants and animals also have a Spiritual Soul, each species with their different States of Evolution, being the evolution of the Spirit-Soul subordinated to the state of evolution of the material body. Hence, a monkey is more evolved than an ant (both materially and spiritually), and the ant is more evolved than a bacteria, and the bacteria is more evolved than a virus; plants also have the Spark of Life of the Spiritual Soul of the Holy Spirit in their material constitution and plants have a different state of evolution. Just like the material body evolves during natural selection, there is a Spiritual Evolution, an Evolution of Spirits, with different Levels of Spirits that exist in the different Energetic Dimensions of the Cosmic Universe. The religious authorities say that animals have no Soul, as does man, and they are again wrong: Homo sapiens has a Soul, and his ancestor Homo habilis had a Soul too, and Homo erectus also had a Soul, and so until the ancestor Australopithecus afarensis, and the simian monkey had a Soul too, and a mouse has a Soul, and a parasite has a Soul: the Creative Energy of the Holy Spirit that gives us the Miracle of Life is present in all Living Beings that exist on Planet Earth.

Thus, all Living Beings are constituted by a material physical body (with millions of specific cells that form the different organs), and a Spiritual Energetic Field that is part of the Divine Cosmic Energy that allows expression of the Miracle of Life. The spiritual energetic field is also called Soul or Spirit; hence, the physical body is cohabited by the Energy of the Soul, or the Energy of the Spirit, that allows the expression of the Miracle of Life. Humans are wrong when they believe that human beings are the only Living Beings that have a Spiritual Soul; all animals also have this same Spiritual Energetic Field called Spiritual Soul that cohabits the physical body to express the Miracle of Life. Planet Earth could also be considered a ‘Living Entity’ that has a material body (water, earth and air), and the immaterial energetic field of the Divine Universal Energy, expressing together the Miracle of Life, where the cells of its body are the living beings, with all the material elements and the energy together forming a complex organism; the Spiritual Energy of Planet Earth would be the Spiritual Soul of Mother Gaia, the Holy Spirit of Holy Nature, that expresses the Miracle of Life.

The Spiritual Dimension may Manifest small Miracles, or Paranormal Phenomena, through the Soul of a Saint, like Lord Jesus and the Virgin María, or through the Spirits of Angels, or other Spiritual Beings, and maybe through the Holy Spirit of Gaia, the Holy Spirit of Holy Nature. The Spiritual Souls can make Manifest Paranormal Phenomena, such as Apparitions of Light, Synchronicity, Kinetic Manifestations, and many more, to demonstrate to mankind the existence of a Spiritual Dimension, to help us achieve the establishment of a Positive Creative Energy of the Spiritual Dimension in this wild chaotic cruel Material World. These Spiritual Ethereal Energies however cannot intervene or change the big material evolutionary dramas of life, like diseases, deaths, and other expressions of the suffering of PanGaia, such as earthquakes and climate catastrophes that cause so much havoc and pain, and that mankind, if we survive, one day will be able to control, to transform the cruel chaos of nature into a Paradise of Nature. Indeed, I believe that the human species has been created recently by Planet Earth, by the Soul of PanGaia, to transform the cruel imperfect world into a harmonic Perfect World, where all of its creatures will live together in harmony and peace, without having to eat each other with the ensuing utmost suffering pain, but rather will consume or live through the Cosmic Spiritual Energy or Holy Spirit (like plants do with the Energy of the Sun), which is the Creative Energy of the Expanding Universe, that humanity will be able to discover through a Spiritual Revolution for the Evolution of the World (see below). What the reader should do to help save the world of the actual course of destruction, is remove the terrible suffering of animals, by not eating animals, to eliminate the suffering of the Holy Spirit of the Soul of PanGaia (below).

Because every Living Being has a Spiritual Soul, all animals and plants have the same right to a good life as experienced by humanity, to enjoy liberty, longevity, and all of the pleasures that are offered by the Material World. It is unconceivable that for example chickens have to live all their lives in very small cages (up to 3 chickens per square meter), under the torture industry of animal production for human consumption, when mankind must be a vegetarian (my chickens live free in my farm, they give me their eggs, and sometimes they even sleep with me in my bedroom). For many years I am a vegetarian and I do not miss the meat that I used to eat in the past; moreover it does me good not to eat meat: for many years I no longer suffer the terrible pain of kidney stones that many times took me to the hospital because of eating meat (not to mention the known cholesterol fat issue and cerebral and heart infarcts caused by meat). The evil carnivore abuse of man is causing great suffering in all the animal population, causing great environmental contamination and damage to the Spirit of PanGaia, the Spirit of Nature, and also to the Spirit of Humans, with extinction of thousands of animal and plant species that suffer due to the ignorance and mean egoism of the human species. Because the Human Being is the most evolved Living Being in the World, with the capacity to direct the Evolution of the World, creating without destroying, it is responsible to provide protection to all Living Beings, like a good Father does with his children; thus, Mankind is the God of this World. Homo Sapiens must impose Good over evil, Love over hatred, Harmony over chaos, Peace over war; mankind can change the cruel chaos of the world into a Paradise Order, a Material World where the Loving Spiritual Energy is prevalent, a Planet Earth with no suffering or pain, where all Living Beings live in peace, harmony and liberty, respecting all material elements of the Material World. Thus, a radical change easy to achieve to reduce the suffering and the environmental contamination of our Holy Nature is that the human population all over the world will NOT consume animal food. If you want to do something good for this world, do not consume animal food (this includes all fish that already are on a course of extinction, and birds). Being a vegetarian is very easy to achieve (much easier than giving up cigarettes, alcohol, or even do a diet to slim down), and if you do not become a vegetarian, you will also be responsible for the suffering of every encaged animal, and of the predicted Apocalypses, and hence your children will no longer have a material world fit to experience a good life on Planet Earth.

How can we transform the wild cruel chaos of the world into a Paradise of Heaven? The wild cruel chaos of nature is present everywhere, at all times, in everything, provoking great suffering in all creatures that share our Planet Earth. A common example of barbaric cruelty in nature that I frequently see in my farm is the problem of the larvae of nasty flies that infest many different animals: when an animal gets cut, the horrible flies place eggs in the wound (a drop of blood will do), and in a couple of days there are many thousands of larvae, eating the flesh of the animal, and if the larvae are not killed with a drug, they will slowly eat alive the animal until death with great suffering in the defenseless animal because the animal cannot take out the larvae from its wound. This is a terrible design of nature that should not be the creation of a supposed intelligent compassionate God. The list of cruelties in nature is also endless: male lions that kill innocent little cubs so that the mother lioness enters again in heat to engender its own cubs; animals that kill only for the sake of killing without eating their prey (skunks kill many of my rabbits only to eat one head); bad dogs trained by evil humans that may kill innocent lambs, et cetera; these are all examples that are a bad design of nature, or a bad invention of the supposed imperfect god; they are merciless creations that can be reverted and changed by the intelligent human species through environmental and genetic manipulation, because the phenotype, or character of an animal, is the expression of its genes with the environment; thus, modifying the environment (for example, giving much Love or food), cloning genes, eliminating mutations, a dog will no longer kill lambs, or the lion will no longer kill cubs; eliminating the egoistic genes and promoting the expression of altruistic genes will produce harmony in the world (my cock is altruistic: when I feed my chickens bread, the cock will not eat until he has assured himself that all chickens have eaten; moreover, the cock cuts the big pieces of bread into small pieces, so the chickens can eat faster). Man has already achieved the creation of a species with characters to his own wish of design: the dog, in only a few centuries, generating from the ancestor the wolf all kinds of races, with specific forms and characters: I prefer my loving Golden Retriever than the aggressive Doberman or Cimarron. Thus, through intelligent environmental and genetic manipulation, controlled by man, one can modify any plant or animal species, for the prosperous evolution of the World. The climate is another cruel and destructive manifestation of nature (or another merciless creation of the all peaceful merciful god), and another great problem that humanity will have to solve and control. If humanity survives the course of human induced extinction, in a few years, through science and technology, with extraordinary scientific discoveries, helped by computers, we will be able to control the climate, and create a perfect climate, all over the world, to establish a Paradise on Earth, with no more thirst or hunger, with no suffering in all animals and plants that today die and suffer so much mainly due to merciless draughts and freezing colds all around the world. The control of the climate will be relatively easy to achieve. The most difficult problem to solve is the painful design of life of ‘eat or be eaten’ (another awful invention of the supposed Perfect Loving God). There will never be a true peace and harmony in the world as long as the living creatures are hungry and kill each other for the cruel survival of the fittest, and men continues to kill millions of animals to satisfy its greedy appetite. The terrible aggressive dinosaur experience was eliminated from Planet Earth, through the Evolution of PanGaia and constitutes a great change in a Spirit of Peace towards a more harmonious and peaceful direction, as planned for the evolution of the Earth. The creation of the human species may be another radical change in the evolution of Mother Earth to create a perfect Paradise on Earth. Humans have received the Grace of the Spirit of Intelligent Consciousness, the most evolved on the planet, to direct the evolution of all living creatures of our Planet Earth; thus, it is the responsibility of humanity to take care of all creatures of Mother Earth, with the gift of its high intelligence and manual dexterity, to transform the cruel wild chaos of nature into a Kingdom of Heaven of our beloved Miraculous Planet Earth.

If animals would not have to eat each other to obtain the energy from the food of animals to preserve life then animals would not kill each other, and thus no creature would have to kill another creature, and hence all creatures would live together in harmony and peace, surviving by the Food of the Holy Spirit of the Spiritual Dimension. Indeed, if humans and all other animals would not have to consume food, and kill innocent animals to preserve their life, then, all the suffering that is produced by each fight, and each death, would be eliminated from this cruel chaotic wild Earth. Herbivores seem to be more evolved animals than carnivores, because they do not kill other animals. Maybe Planet Earth, with the creation of the destructive man, will evolve so that only herbivores survive, to eliminate the cruel design of eat or be eaten, established by carnivores (maybe carnivore animals will be extinguished before herbivores, such as the current trend with the big cats, polar bears, wolfs, etc. that are already in the course of extinction). Man, the most evolved animal, must give the example and thus no longer consume animals. Moreover, mankind must provide food to all animals that do not have sufficient food to meet their needs, including wild animals, such as the polar bears, in course of extinction, that each year have more trouble finding food, and even mankind kills them when the poor bears go to seek the human thrown food in human garbage. With balanced feed you can pacify even the most wild animal, such as a tiger, a most beautiful and extraordinary animal that because of man is also on the verge of extinction. Plants are even superior creatures than herbivores because they do not kill animals or plants, because they use the Energy of Life given by our Holy Sun. A similar strategy with Spiritual Energy that provides the energy to feed the material body like Love Brother Sun we have to find, to establish this energy in the genetic material of all animals, so we may eliminate death, diseases, and all the suffering of the cruel painful World. Until we find the way to modify the design of the drama of ‘eat or be eaten’, mankind can and must feed all animals with balanced food. Indeed, if you feed hungry foxes, wild boars, and wolfs, these will not eat your lambs and sheep and no one will suffer the loss of a loved one (neither the cubs of foxes nor the lambs of sheep). With balanced food, over many years, you will eliminate the predator instinct, and transform a species that is strictly carnivore into an omnivore species, like the dog, the best friend of man that today survives with pellets of balanced food. In the near future, through genetic manipulation one could clone the vegetarian herbivore system and the photo-synthetic system of plants into carnivore animals, so that they use as energy the light of the Sun. And even much better still, instead of using the energy of food to maintain life in the body, in the same way as plants use the Energy of the Sun, mankind and animals could use the Spiritual Cosmic Energy (the lambda constant of cosmological anti-gravity), or the Holy Spirit, stored in the Spiritual Dimension to feed the human body and Spiritual Soul! The discovery on how to use this Source of Energy of the Spiritual Dimension may take hundreds of years to discover, to establish Heaven on Earth, using the Energy of the Holy Spirit, the Universal Cosmic Energy, to sustain the Divine Miraculous Life on our dear Planet Earth. If human beings survive the current course of Apocalypses, and continue to exist on Planet Earth, I believe that in the future we will find the way to obtain and control this Spiritual Energy, to harvest and store the Energetic Holy Spirit, to direct the Energy of Life, and thus the Evolution of the Earth, to establish the Celestial Paradise. And then, there shall no longer be the suffering of deaths, diseases, or pain, in all Holy Nature; no more killings, no more cages, no more torture of animals, no more suffering for the poor innocent creatures of my Love Planet Earth! Holy Spirit of Our Love, give us the Sacred Energy of your Holy Spirit, so we can be as Angels of the Lord, so that we never ever have to kill another beloved innocent creature of our Beloved Mother Earth! Please! Do NOT consume animals! Do NOT kill animals! Do NOT put animals in cages! Love all animals as yourself: become a Saint of Nature, and inherit the Paradise on Earth!flecha-arriba