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About the author:

Robert van Kuyk, dutch and argentinian, born in Buenos Aires, on the 25th of March of 1952.

Profession: doctor in veterinary medicine, doctor in genetics, research scientist, professor, scientific editor, musician, writer, lecturer, ecologist, animal rights activist

International experience: dutch father, german mother; international education; 30 years in Argentina, 10 years in USA, 10 years in Europe, 15 years in Uruguay

Education: primary in english, secondary with german and french, doctorate in veterinary medicine, doctorate in genetics, post-doc in virology:

University of Buenos Aires (UBA); Faculty of Veterinary Science; degree: doctor in veterinary medicine (DVM) (1970-1978)
UBA; Faculty of Nature and Exact Sciences; Doctorate in Biological Sciences; courses complete, dissertation not concluded (1983-84)
University of California at Davis (UCD) (Genetics Department); Doctor in Philosophy (Ph.D.) (1985-1991)
The Scripps Research Institute, California; Post-doctoral Fellow (1991-1993)

Honors and Fellowships

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society; Phi Sigma Honor Society; UC Davis Regents Fellowships
Distinguished veterinary graduation (Gaceta Veterinaria)
Grade point average at UC Davis: 4.0 (A+/A)

Instructor of Genetics: (for graduate students at UC Davis)

Professor in charge of Molecular Genetics (1989)
Professor in charge of General Genetics (1987)

Work experience:

Development of vaccines against Foot and Mouth Disease
Investigation with viruses: HIV, SIV, SRV, EBV, AAV
Investigation on the genetics of DNA repair
Publications (Journal of Immunology and others)
Scientific editor: (vaccines, in english and spanish)
Veterinarian in my own Sanctuary of Animals

Various talents:

Musician: (singer song-writer and producer of symphonic rock; CD PanGaia (section X)

Writer: in english and spanish (books, articles in newspapers and magazines, assays and poems)

Ecologist: creation, development and care of a sanctuary of plants and animals (section X)

Languages: spanish, english, german and dutch (comprehension of french and portuguese)

Photography: mystic christian pictures, pictures of nature and animals (

Christian synchronism: born on the celebration of the Annunciation of Archangel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin for the conception of Lord Jesus

Philosophy of life: vegetarian, philanthropist, moralist, ecologist, promoter of vegetarianism and the well being of animals, animal rights activist

Mission of life: protect animals, cure sick animals, promote vegetarianism and the well beings of animals (

Marital status: single with no children

Sports and photos from my family album:

Photos Music Live!