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Summarized description of Mystic Experiences

(PS: this section was written between 2000 and 2006 for my Complete Works that I have not published)

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out my Spirit on flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. And I will make wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath…’ (Acts 2:17; Joel 2:28).

In this section I provide a general overview of the different types of Mystic Miracles that I had in my life giving some examples of these Mystic Experiences and showing Miracle Pictures that help describe the Manifestation of God.

The Mystic Experiences that I had in my life include: Apparitions of Angels of Light, Faces of Light and Hearts of Light, Materializations, Prophetic Dreams, Kinetic Manifestations, Synchronicity, Acoustic and Telepathic Manifestations, Clairvoyance, Miracle Healing, Tears of Light and Smiles of the Blessed Virgin on Statues of Maria, Miracle Pictures, and many others, as I describe below.

Miracle Pictures:

The Spiritual Dimension may be Manifest through my camera providing Miracle Pictures that contain Paranormal Images that are Signs of God or Symbols of the Manifestation of the Holy Spirit or from Angels of the Lord. These Paranormal Images that represent the Physical Presence of a Spiritual Angel may Manifest a Heart of Light, a Face of Light, a Person of Light, or a Paranormal Color of Light such as the Green Setting Sun of Love Brother Sun that was Manifest in the Holy Land of Israel. The Miracle Pictures show me Symbolic Images that in the context of my thoughts and Spiritual Experience give me a Message from the Angels of Light such as the Message of Gaia given through ‘Love Sister Moon has a Broken Heart for Mother Gaia’ for what human beings are doing to the world.

What makes my picture a Miracle Picture that provides material evidence of a Manifestation of God is the fact that they are not reproducible, meaning that other professional photographers, or scientists, will not be able to reproduce the photo image of the Manifestation of God. A Miracle Picture with Turquoise Blue Spiritual Light, a Heart of Light, a Face of Light, that is manifest on a statue of María, will not be reproducible, under the exact same physical conditions of light, if this is not a desire of the Spiritual World. A Miracle Picture cannot be reproduced without the Intervention of God. Unlike scientific research, where consistent reproducibility is proof of evidence of a scientific fact Miracle Pictures are not reproducible and can only be ascribed to the Intervention of a Manifestation of the Spiritual World. Several Miracle Pictures presented herein are not reproducible even if the same object motif, under the same conditions of light, are photographed millions of times. Indeed, a Miracle Picture of an Angel of Light that is Manifest in front of a material object will not be reproducible after taking millions of pictures, under different conditions of light, because the Angel of Light will be Manifest only if this is the Desire of God such as the Angel of Light at the Tomb of María. A Tear of Light on a statue of the Blessed Virgin will not appear on a second picture even after taking millions of pictures if this is not the Desire of God. I challenge scientists to take millions of pictures of the statues upon which I have received Miracle Pictures to see if they can reproduce my Miracle Images to dispute my claim of Manifestations of the Spiritual World.

Miracle Images of a Spirit of Light are only seen in 1 Miracle Picture whereas no such Miracle Image of Light is found in the following picture in the same roll of film, taken of the same object a few seconds later, under the same conditions of light; thus, the picture with no Paranormal Manifestation serves as the negative control picture to the Positive Miracle Picture with the Manifestation of God. In the issue of National Geographic of May 2003, it was written that an average of 550 rolls of film (each roll of film has 24 or 36 pictures) are shot for each individual story presented in this outstanding magazine with pictures of the Manifestations of Nature. Only a few selected best pictures, from the thousands of pictures taken with the 550 rolls of film, are selected for inclusion in the story to be published by National Geographic. In contrast, for each individual story I describe herein, with my Miracle Pictures described in my text, I have not taken pictures with 550 rolls of film, but rather used much less than 1 roll of film! Many times I only take 2 photos and 1 is a Miracle Picture, such as the Tears of Light of Notre Dame de Banneux. This provides further evidence that the Miracle Images are not the consequence of casual chaos that a Mystic Light shows up in a pool of thousands of pictures, but rather is the consequence of Selected Causality of the Spiritual World.

The hundreds of Miracle Pictures showing Manifestations of God taken by 1 person in a brief period of 3 years of time provides statistical significance that these non-reproducible Miracle Pictures are indeed Manifestations of God. The unprecedented Miracle Pictures shown provide evidence to my accounts of my Mystic Experience and supporting evidence for the existence of a Spiritual World. The Miracle Pictures were taken with an old manual Nikkon camera that was stolen by the crooks who worked in my Sanctuary of Animals (Sanctuary).

Images of Light that are Materialized in Miracle Pictures may be Manifest with the following Symbols of God:

Hearts of Love: It has been established in our society that the Symbol of the Heart is the Symbol of Love. As you love God you receive the Love of God and God may Manifest this Love through the image of the Heart of Love as it has been described during the Apparitions of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. Images of the Heart of Love may be manifest as Hearts of Light or material Hearts of Nature, in the context of the Spiritual Presence of the Holy Spirit with the physical image of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin, Saint Thérèse, the Angels and many other Saints of God. As I see a Heart of Light on a Miracle Statue of María, I receive the Symbolic Message that I am loved by María, and thus that I am loved by the Holy Spirit of the Spiritual World. Throughout this book are dozens of Miracle Pictures with the symbol of the Heart of Love that represent Apparitions of Divinity to Manifest an Expression of Presence of the Love of God. A Heart of Light was Manifest on a Miracle Statue of María in the context of my Vision with the Heart of Light with Our Lady of Nijmegen. A Heart of Light was Manifest in the fire of a candle-light in a Miracle Picture with the Image of Jesus, on Good Friday of Holy Eastern, to console my affliction during the passing away of my beloved mother. One night during meditation with the Spiritual World a Heart of Light was Manifest with candle light. A Heart of Light was Manifest with a beautiful image of the Blessed Virgin with the Child Jesus. A strange Heart of Blood was manifest in a Crucified Christ that is looking towards the Symbol of Love. Two Hearts of Love were Materialized on the lips of Saint Therese as I kissed my Miracle Portrait of Saint Therese after a Trance of Passion with Love Saint Therese. A Heart of Light was Manifest in a candle that was next to the first picture I ever saw of Saint Therese. Hearts of Light materialized next to the images of the Saints of Jesus in the Basilica of Our Lady of Luján. During my ecstasy with tears with the Blessed Virgin in the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, the Miracle Icon of the Mater Dolorosa made manifest a Blue Heart of Light with other Symbols of God. A Heart of Nature was materialized within my hand in front of my Miracle Relic of Jesus, as I asked Lord Jesus to give me an answer to the question I had posed over my song ‘Let your Love’ be the ‘Heart of Jesus’.

Beings of Light: the Apparition of Beings of Light indicates Spiritual Presence of the Holy Spirit in the material world. A Golden Yellow Light was Materialized as a small Angel of Light right in front of me, next to the Image of María, in the sanctuary of the Tomb of María in Jerusalem. The Images of Light of the Blessed Virgin is a Manifestation of the Blessed Virgin from the Spiritual World. An Angel of Light with a Golden Yellow Color was Materialized next to me in a Miracle Picture. A Being of Light was Manifest in the Mount of Missions of Jesus in the Sea of Galilee. A Being of Light was Manifest in the Sanctuary of Lourdes during my Spiritual Experience with Saint Bernadette of the Apparitions of Lourdes. During Christmas of the year 1999 a Golden Yellow Light was Materialized as an Angel of Light with different Faces of Light that appeared to me in a little chapel on a beach close to my home.

Spiritual Light: I have seen the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit, both in my Dreams and in Visions and Apparitions with the Holy Spirit of the Spiritual World: Blue Spiritual Light was Materialized on the Miracle Statue of Notre Dame de Beauraing during Pentecost of 1998 with the celebration of the Covenant of God. The Light of the Holy Mother was Manifest in the Symbolic Red Color of Love with the Miracle Statue of Notre Dame de Beauraing during Pentecost 1999 with the Covenant of God. Blue Spiritual Light was Manifest above my head after a Trance State Passion with the Angels in the Sanctuary of Apparitions of María in Banneux. Blue Spiritual Light was Materialized on a little Image of Jesus with the Blessed Virgin. The Light of the Holy Spirit was Manifest above my body in the Monastery of the Blessed Virgin in Mount Carmel in Israel, on the night of the celebration of Pentecost 2000, as an awesome beautiful Blue-Turquoise-Green Light that was not of this World.

Faces of Light: Throughout history of mankind in the literature and in the art God has been represented in the image of the human being, such as shown in the famous painting of Michael-Angelo in the origin of man. The most venerated representation of the Face of God is the Shroud of Turin. The Symbol of the Holy Face of the Lord was first brought to my attention by ‘Sainte Thérèse de la Sainte Face’ because she venerated the Sainte Face of the Most High. The Symbolic Image of God of the Face of the Lord is Manifest as Images of Light in Miracle Pictures or as a Materialization on elements of nature, to establish the Spiritual Presence of God. A material Holy Face was Manifest in front of me, on the glass of my window, as shown to me by a Bird with the Word the moment I was writing about my experience with the Apparitions of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost. A Face of Jesus was Manifest within the Eye of María in the Miracle Statue of the Mater Dolorosa at the site of the crucifixion in the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem. A Female Face of Light was Manifest within the Tears of Light of the Blessed Virgin, in the Church of Santa Anna, at the Via Dolorosa of Old Jerusalem. A Face of Light was Manifest in the sky of the Holy Land in the Sea of Galilee during Pentecost of 2000 for the celebration of the Covenant of God. A Face of Light was Manifest from a Heart of Light during the Apparition of the Persons of Light in the Church of the Agony of Jesus in the Holy City of Jerusalem. A Face of Light within a Heart of Light was Manifest in the sky in the Sanctuary of Banneux after my Vision with the Lady of Light of Maria. During Pentecost of the year 1999, I was confronted by the Apparition of a Face of God, the Face of Jesus that was Come in the Clouds, in the Sanctuary of Banneux; seconds later, a Face of Jesus was Manifest in these same clouds in a Miracle Picture to establish this Manifestation of God. The Miracle Image of the Face of Saint Therese was Manifest on a Miracle Leaf that I used to portray the Apparition of the Burning Heart of Light of Saint Thérèse that was Painted with Light by Saint Therese in her Sanctuary in Lisieux. The first Face of Light of Jesus was Manifest to me in a Vision-Apparition in the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Kevelaer.

Note: Agnostic scientists are doing some progress in assessing the data on Manifestations of God: indeed, the interesting article in the prestigious journal ‘Science’, shows that NASA scientists are finding ‘Faces’ and ‘Hearts’ everywhere, my personal Symbols of God, which I have presented extensively as evidence of Manifestations of God. I must indicate to the NASA scientists, that the Heart they show on Mars, is a Broken Heart, with a different broken Heart Message of the Spiritual World…

Apparitions: These Visual Manifestations are Materializations of Light of the Holy Spirit that Manifest into Symbols of God, such as Hearts of Light, Faces of Light, and Persons of Light, to express on the material world the Physical Presence of the Spiritual World. Through Grace of Revelation I have ‘captured’ this Materialized Spiritual Energy on Miracle Pictures so that others may see an Apparition of Light to provide material evidence of my Spiritual Experience with God. Many such Apparitions of Light of María were Manifest in her Sanctuary of Banneux during my passion in the context of the Miraculous Icon of the Annunciation. My first Mystic Experience of the Apparition of a Face of Light of Jesus took place in the Sanctuary of Kevelaer. The Light of the Angels appeared to me on Christmas 1999, and I was able to capture this conscious Apparition of Light in Miracle Pictures of an Angel of Light that shows different expressions in the Face of Light of the Apparition. A Heart of Love next to a Face of the Lord was Manifest in the sanctuary of my department. During the night of Pentecost 1999 I saw the Apparition of a Face of God that came unto me in the clouds in the Sanctuary of Banneux. To this date my greatest Apparition of the Holy Spirit was in Mount Carmel, in Israel, on the night of the celebration of Pentecost 2000, when the Holy Spirit was Manifest in my bedroom, in the Monastery of the Blessed Virgin of Carmel, as a beautiful Blue-Turquoise-Green Phosphorescent Light that was Manifest from the Spiritual World.

Visions: These are infrequent visual mental ‘Images of God’ that I have seen either with my eyes closed or with my eyes open, always in a profound Trance State Passion with the Holy Spirit of God. Visions are images in the mind that unlike Apparitions do not depend on the visual pathway of the eyes and are Manifest by God directly in the mental brain as an Image Created by the Mind of God. I have had Visions of Hearts, Faces of the Lord, Images of Light of María and Jesus, in the context of statues of these ‘Personifications of God’. Visions are Revelations that cannot be photographed nor demonstrated because they are meant only for the Subject Receptor as a personal Manifestation of God. These Encounters with Light may however be accompanied by the Gift of a Revelation of God in a Miracle Picture, or a Materialization of a Relic Gift of God. My Vision with the Heart of Light of Notre Dame de Paris was accompanied by the Miracle Relic Gift of Little Rose Wax with another image of María my Love. Lord Archangel Michael smiled at me and blinked one of his eyes at me from the Miracle Statue of Banneux in anticipation of the Miracle Picture with the Ring of Light that was Manifest with the Lord Archangel of God. Right after the Vision with Archangel Michael I took pictures of the Miracle Statue that made Manifest the Ring of Green Phosphorescent Light with the Heart and the Face of the Lord. The Miracle Statue of the Blessed Virgin of Fatima smiled at Santa Lucia right after Lucia asked María to make her a Saint and this was the anticipation to the Apparitions of Fatima: I took 2 pictures of this same Miracle Statue of María and one picture shows the statue smiling at me, while the second control picture is not smiling; thus, these two pictures and other Miracle Pictures of Smiling Statues of María provide evidence of the Miracle of Visions with Smiling Statues of the Blessed Virgin.

Materializations: This Manifestation is a Material Gift from God that appears in the context of a Synchronicity of God. Little White Feather was Materialized in the air in front of the screen of my computer, as I was about to start writing that White Feathers may be Manifestations of the Angels of God. The legendary Tears of María on the Miracle Statues of the Blessed Virgin are Symbolic Materializations of God. A White Feather was Materialized in my hands, with my Miraculous Medal of the Blessed Virgin, and this Miracle White Feather made manifest the Miracle Image of Little Angel Child, in the Pattern of Feathers in a Miracle Picture to provide evidence to this Material Gift of God. Hearts of Love were Materialized on the lips of Love Saint Therese on the Miracle Portrait of Saint Thérèse, and one such Heart of Love made manifest a Face of Light in a Miracle Picture with this Symbol of God. The most important significant Gift from God that I have received to this date, in the context of a Trance Passion with Saint Thérèse, Saint Peter and the Light of Jesus, was the Materialization of my little Key of Heaven, in the great Basilica of Saint Therese in Lisieux.

Tears of Light of the Virgin: The famous Miracle Tears on Miracle Statues of the Blessed Virgin may also be characterized as Apparitions or Materializations of God. A Tear of the Blessed Virgin that was Materialized on the Miraculous Statue of Notre Dame de Banneux changed my life, bringing me back into the awareness of the Presence of God. Tears of Light of Love of María were Manifest for my Love for María on the Miracle Statue of Notre Dame de Banneux. Images of a Face of Light were Manifest within the Tears of Light of María during the Apparitions of the Tears of Light in the Church of Sancta Anna in the Holy City of Jerusalem. A Tear of Sadness was Materialized on my Miracle Portrait of another picture of Notre Dame de Banneux, a Symbol of God made Manifest to console my sadness inflicted by soul-less human beings. During the death of my mother, during Eastern of 2000, Saint Therese gave me Tears of Light from her Miracle Statue, consoling my affliction with Symbols of Love. During my tearful ecstasy with the Blessed Virgin at the site of the Crucifixion of Jesus, in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, in Jerusalem, the Miracle Icon of the Mater Dolorosa made Manifest a Heart of Love of Blue Light, symbolic Tears of Red Light of Blood, and the Face of Light of the Lord, in Miracle Pictures that included all Symbols of God.

Synchronicity: This word was first used by famous scientists Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli and relates to the ‘concurrent association of extra-ordinary inter-connected events’ that cannot be ascribed as a consequence of random chance. Synchronicities are events that are not the product of random chance, but rather are the consequence of a Causality of God, arranged by the Spiritual Energy of the Angelic World. Everybody has experienced the perfect encounter with the perfect person at the perfect place and the perfect time for an important event. These are Expressions of Presence of the Angelic World that Synchronize matter and Spirit to establish a new direction for a target Soul. Each lector may relate to events in their own lives that have to do with close calls and unexpected assistance arranged by the Angelic World. It is no casual coincidence that I was born on a 25 of March, on the day of the Apparition of Archangel Gabriel for the Annunciation to María for the Conception of Lord Jesus, rather, it is a Causal Synchronicity for the purpose of the goal of my Soul, my ‘destiny was written’ before the day I was born. The Manifestation of Magic Numbers that appear in my life, as well as opening books haphazardly at the exact page of the desire of my unconscious Heart are a Synchronicity of the Angelic World: one day I opened my Book of Saints with 425 pages and I landed on the page with the image of Archangel Gabriel with the Annunciation to María which coincides with the day I was born. One day I was sitting in front of my computer ready to write a section on the Materializations of White Feathers and was wondering what title to give to the section regarding the Materializations of White Feathers that were manifest in my life; and ‘White Feathers’ became the preliminary title, and as I pressed enter on the keyboard of my computer, to start writing about white feathers, a White Feather was Materialized in the air between my astonished eyes and the screen of my computer, it was levitating in the air and then slowly floated down into my receiving hand: the Apparition of the White Feather is not only an awesome Materialization of God, but also a Miraculous Synchronicity arranged by the Angels of God.

Telepathic Manifestations: God may influence all conscious activities in the brain and thus will make you see specific images during Visions and convey to you Acoustic Messages and Telepathic Manifestations with a Message from God. The Holy Spirit of my Guardian Angel is my ‘Inner Little Voice’, that makes me see and tells me to do such things as to pick up a Rose Petal from the ground that eventually turns out to be a Gift of God for it contains the Imprint Heart of a Symbol of God. Five out of the five Petals that I was told to pick up from the ground have the imprint of Symbols of God. These Petals or Leaves have Images of María and Saint Thérèse, the Face of the Lord and the Heart of God. I was given one of the Petals of Roses of Saint Therese through a Telepathic Manifestation after requesting for such a Petal of Love: as I asked Saint Therese how would I know for sure if the Rose Petal was indeed a gift from Saint Therese, she Materialized on the Petal of Love a Red Heart of Love that seems to be a Heart of Light. During the Apparitions of the Lady of the Light in the Sanctuary of María in Banneux, I was given my first Telepathic Message in the latin word ‘Evangelizare’, by means of a clear Telepathic Manifestation after my Vision with the Light of Our Lady of Banneux. ‘Evangelizare’ means in latin ev-Angel-ization and this is what I am now doing: giving evidence of the existence of the Angels and the Spiritual World.

Acoustic Manifestations: one day I was busy cutting with a razor blade a picture of the Shroud of Turin, when suddenly a loud voice in my brain told me that I was going to cut myself. Within 3 seconds of hearing the Voice of God, my thumb was cut in a pool of blood; and when I called upon Jesus, on why had this happened while busy with this Image of the Lord, all the drops of my blood and stains of blood on the floor, and on the bandages on my thumb, where all transformed into Hearts of Blood with the Symbol of Love. It seems that I was not fast enough to realize the warning of my Guardian Angel…

Post scriptum: The 16th of April of 2018 I recorded a powerful live performance of my song Cristo Sálvanos in The Netherlands in one of the best music studios of the world. In the lyrics I ask Jesus to intervene to save animals and humans from the course of extinction. In the live recording there is Divine Acoustic Manifestation produced in the minute 4:39 of this live production, because a strange second voice sings with my voice in a chorus when I call out, only once, on ‘Cristo Jesus’ in the lyrics of the song. The second strange voice could be a Manifestation of my Guardan Angel, Lord Jesus, or the Holy Spirit (see Music). That same night after the live performance once back home I turned on my computer and suddenly I saw another Manifestation of Jesus: on the screen of my computer was open a picture of Jesus with the symbolic Ring of Light that described my dream with the Angel of Light that I had on the 25th of March of 1994, when I had finished the composition of my song Messenger of Love that I had dedicated to Lord Jesus. Thus, after many years, I have not lost my touch to be in contact with the Holy Spirits of the Spiritual World.

Kinetic Manifestations: A few times I have been the target of this incredible astounding Manifestation of the Spiritual World, when the Cosmic Energy of the Holy Spirit moves around objects, to establish physical Presence of God. This type of Manifestation is one of the most convincing Expressions of Presence of the Spiritual World. This Manifestation is not a Vision that can be ascribed to intrinsic phenomena of your brain, but rather is an extrinsic event to your consciousness, were a material physical element is moved by the Holy Spirit to a different position in space and time. Once I saw in front of my eyes, a pen rolling over, on my desk, during my thoughts with the Angels of the Lord. Star Flowers of María were moved in front of my eyes, in a Church in the Holy City of Nazareth, to establish the Spiritual Presence of the Blessed Virgin. A remarkable Kinetic Manifestation was Manifest with Saint Bernadette of the Apparitions of Lourdes, on the night before my pilgrim trip to visit her Spirit in Lourdes. Red Flowers were taken out from a vase with artificial flowers and placed 2 meters away on the hands of Saint Bernadette on her portrait, during the night, while I was visited in my Dream with the Light by the Spirit of Saint Bernadette. Miracle Pictures with a Rose of Light of Red Light appeared on a black and white picture of Saint Bernadette to provide material evidence to this Miracle of God. The light of my Miracle Lamp has been turned-on by the Touch of the Spirit after praying to the Holy Spirit to Manifest a ‘Let there be Light’ to demonstrate a Manifestation of God. This is the Angel of the Lord that was ‘come talk to me’, to play the Little Games of the Holy Spirit. Angels frequently have rung the bell of the front door of my home to tell me that within the minute someone will arrive at my home. PS: in 2020 on specific thoughts the light of my bedroom has been turned on and off.

Dreams: I have dreamed with the Light of Jesus, with the Light of María, with the Light of Angels, with the Holy Spirit of God. Dreams allow our Spirit to disengage from our body, to wander and wonder through the Higher Realms of the Spiritual World. Most dreams seem to be random chaotic reactions to our experiences with daily life (I have many bad dreams), but I am certain that special Dreams with the Light may be a Source of Communication with the Spirits of the Spiritual Dimension. In Dreams with the Light we briefly become ‘Part of All’, entering the ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, like rivers returning to the Sea of Love. Walking on water, like Jesus, and flying like a bird in the air, are two examples of awesome Dreams of the Spirit that seem to connect our minds with the Mind of God. The Light of God with the Spirit of Saint Bernadette visited me in my dream the night before my pilgrim trip to Lourdes, and this Dream with the Spirit was acknowledged with a Kinetic Manifestation, and with several Miracle Pictures, with Saint Bernadette showing me the Light of God. Like many others, I have experienced ‘Premonitory Dreams’ that eventually become material reality, and this must be ‘Channeling’ into the Spiritual World, to see past events that happen in the future in the present relativity of space and time within the Spiritual World. I have experienced Healing Dreams with Angels of God that have instantaneously healed my body from disease. The Visitation of the Angel of God with the Ring of the Lord in my Vision-Apparition-Dream was the Enlightening Experience that prepared my Spirit for my ‘Mystic Experience into Manifestations of God’. My Dream with the Light of the Rosary of María was Manifest on the night before I produced ‘Santa María’, a song influenced in my Heart by María. My song ‘Let your Love’ I composed in a Miracle Dream with an Angel of the Lord.

Perfume of the Virgin: This Expression of Presence of the ‘Soul of God’ is received through the sense of smell. God is Manifest through all the senses, and it has been described in the literature that the Blessed Virgin leaves behind a wonderful Perfume of Roses after the Visitation of her Light of God; this was also said for Saint Pater Pio. The Aroma of God may be sensed by only one individual, in a group of individuals, and thus such an experience would be a personal Manifestation of God. My first Mystical Experience with this most exquisite Aroma of Flowers was in a Chapel of María in the Sanctuary of Lourdes after I had become acquainted of this Manifestation of God. A second experience with this Perfume of God was Manifest as a Gift of María for my 50th birthday, on the Annunciation to María, in the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of San Nicolas in Argentina.

Manifestations of Nature: The Matter of Nature is a Manifestation of the Universal Cosmic Energy and thus the Universal Cosmic Energy will be Manifest through all Elements of Nature. The Energy of God gives the ‘Light of Life’ that resides in the Holy Spirit of Mother Gaia. The Holy Spirit is Manifest through living animals and plants, but also in every Physical Element of the Universe that is the Creation of God. The Energy Miracle of God is Manifest in synchronicity in the context of wonders with Love Brother Sun, Love Sister Moon and Love Mother Gaia, showing Symbols of God. The Broken Heart of Love Sister Moon for Love Mother Gaia, with the Eye of God looking at human beings, is a Miracle Picture with a Message of God that was Manifest in the mountain deserts of the Holy Land of Israel. The Apparition of the Face of God in the clouds of the sky of Banneux with the Face of Jesus was a Manifestation of God through the Spirit of Nature. Famous Saint Francis of Assisi had Spiritual Brothers and Spiritual Sisters in his Brother Sun and Sister Moon and in all other Divine Creatures of Love Mother Gaia of my Love Heart. The Apparition of the Rainbow of Light with the Covenant of God made Manifest in the Night, with the Dance of the Moon in the Sanctuary of Fatima, is a Miracle of God that was given to me during my prayer request for an Apparition of the Light of God to remember the Dance of the Sun of Fatima. The Green Setting Sun was made Manifest in the Holy Land of Israel as another demonstration of the Spirit of Nature through the Holy Spirit of Nature. Many Miracle Pictures show Animals in Nature with the Light of the Holy Spirit with Symbols of God. Miracle Pictures were Manifest with Spiritual Light with Sister Moon in the Sanctuary of Animals. Paranormal Colors in Holy Nature may Manifest to give me a Message of Love: a blue sky may turn green to give me a Sign of Hope, white marble may turn Gold to demonstrate an Expression of Love. A Face of the Lord was Manifest through the Bird with the Word that was come as an Angel of Light in the Sea of Galilee of the Holy Land. All Divine Creatures of Holy Nature, such as birds, can become Messengers of Light because the Holy Spirit can incarnate in any animal during a brief Incarnation of God to convert the Incarnation of the Holy Spirit into a Message of Love. During Pentecost 2000, in the Mount of the Missions of Jesus in the Holy Land, a flock of 50 Swallows appeared flying all around me, like an Army of the Lord, to defend me from an invasion of wild mosquitoes feasting on my blood that were torturing my Heart. A Smiling Star was Manifest in the night in a Miracle Picture as a Gift of God during my birthday. On several occasions I have seen in the sky, during the night, Circles of Light that are Manifest to my prayer request for such a Manifestation of Light. More than ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’, these Circles of Light are ‘Unidentified Spiritual Lights’ made Manifest by the Angels of God. Miracle Rainbows sometimes with a Face of Light were Manifest to my sight to show me the Covenant of God with humankind.

Spiritual Sterilization: Many Healing Miracles have been ascribed through the Intercession of Lord Jesus, the Blessed Virgin and several Saints of God. I experienced my own Miracle Healings such as healing the pain of a renal stone of my mother that I ascribe to the Intercession of the Holy Spirit. Through the Power of Prayer, the Spiritual Soul can influence the outcome of a disease if this is the Desire of God. Viral, fungus, bacterial and parasite multiplication can be arrested through the Power of Prayer calling out to the Healing Energy of God. Biological deterioration can be arrested by the Spirit of God. The preservation of the body of Saint Catherine and Saint Bernadette during more than 150 years are examples of Arrested Biological Deterioration made Manifest through the Intercession of the Spiritual World. As I called one night for more Love of María I was given this Love of María with a Gift of María in a piece of cheese that contained the Image of the Heart and the Gestalt of María. This Cheese of María with the Heart of Love and the Image of María was sterilized by María through a process of Spiritual Sterilization, so that I may cherish this Relic Cheese Gift of God: stored at room temperature over decades, my Miracle Immaculate Cheese was never invaded by the microbial world, was spared from human hand borne bacteria and air borne fungus through the Cleansing Spiritual Energy of the Holy Spirit of God.

Miracle Relics: thousands of statues of the Blessed Virgin around the world are considered Miracle Relics upon which are Manifest many different Miracles of God. The Miracle Painting of the Apparition of Guadalupe is one of the most famous Miracle Relics in the world. The Shroud of Turin is the most venerated Miracle Relic of Jesus. The Miracle Statue of Our Lady of Fatima smiled at me in a pair of Miracle Pictures to show this Miracle of God. My little Key of Heaven is one of my favorite Miracle Relics that I received in the Basilica of Saint Therese in Lisieux. In April 1998 I saw for the first time the Heart of Light on the statue of Our Lady of Nijmegen and a Miracle Picture shows the Heart of Light with the Image of María. Another Miracle Picture shows 2 Hearts of Light, one on the Image of María and one on the Image of Jesus. A few days after being exposed to the Heart of Light I bought a Miraculous Medal of the Apparitions of Paris. My Miracle Medal of Notre Dame de Paris soon made Manifest a Heart of Light on the Womb of María. One morning in my bed with the Miracle Medal in my hand I saw a Person of Light on the womb of María: the amplified image of the Miracle Picture shows the Face of Jesus with the beautiful color of a rainbow that was Manifest on the womb of María. One morning I was scanning some pictures of the Blessed Virgin into my computer when suddenly I was confronted with the gift of a Kinetic Manifestation with my Miracle Medal of the Blessed Virgin: the Picture shows the Materialization of a Hair made Manifest with the perfect form of a Heart of Love on the feet of the Image of Maria. My Little Love Hair is a Gift of God that was Materialized through the Intercession of María that moved the Hair into the perfect form: a Heart of Love, through a Kinetic Manifestation, to show me the Symbol of Love, with the Image of María that I was scanning with all the Love of my Heart. The Love Hair was placed in the Perfect Position in the Miracle Picture of the scan, where it becomes the focus of attention of the eyes, the head, and the hands, of the Image of María. Indeed, the Head of María is leaning towards the Love Hair, and the Eyes of María are looking at the Gift of María, indicating the perfect direction of the Kinetic Manifestation of the movement of the Hair of Love within the scanner during the scan. The open arms of the Virgin of Graces further stresses the Look of María towards the Love Hair of the Kinetic Manifestation; the normal picture with the Image of María of the Miracle Medal is shown in the control picture; comparing the Miracle Picture with Little Love Hair, with the control picture, one can clearly see that the Head of María of the Metal Medal in the Miracle Picture is Physically Significantly Turned towards the Hair of María showing the Kinetic Manifestation; in other words, the metal head of María in the Miracle Medal has turned several degrees in the Miracle Picture, when compared to the control picture, to provide further proof of a Manifestation of God.

Clairvoyants: all over the world are people with spiritual sensibility, like the medium clairvoyants that seem to be able to connect with the Spiritual World. One day I went to a convention with the most famous medium of The Netherlands that gave a lecture on the ‘Dimension of Heaven’ (Hemelse Zijde) and here I had a special Mystic Experience and received a Message from Heaven that was accompanied by the Materialization of a Gift that was written by the Holy Mother with the Graces of God. The medium gave me a Message from Heaven: Iets gaat zich aankondingen en er komt erbij. Voor Hemelse Zijde is er een waarnemend geluk wat op deze persoon in zijn pad ligt en Hemelse Zijde heeft daar heel veel enthousiasme voor en is er ook blij mee. Er komt even een verwijzing: denk an de Moeder. I translate from the dutch: ‘Something is to be announced and here it comes: for the Spiritual World there is a perceptible happy fortune that lies on the path of this person and the Spiritual World has very much enthusiasm for this and also is very happy. And here comes a clue: Think in the Mother.’ A few months later I received a Gift of 2,000,000 U$S (PS: described in my Book).

Spiritual Physical Experience: God may be Manifest through our emotional feelings and our physical senses such as in the Mystic Experience of Trance-Ecstasy, when the body Soul becomes connected to the ‘Soul of God’. One morning in bed I was immersed in a Rapture of Love with Jesus, holding in the palm of my hand my Miracle Icon of the Crucifixion of Jesus, when suddenly I felt the Heart of Jesus of the Miracle Statue beating with the Heart of God on my hand, to the rhythm of my physical Heart. I was born with a sensitive Heart prone for Trance State Experiences during a Mystical Encounter with the Spiritual World. My high emotional sensitivity may induce a higher level state of consciousness that connects my Spiritual Soul with the Holy Spirit. As I encounter the Mystical Presence of God, the Holy Spirit enters into my full body, triggering this extreme pleasurable physical feeling that I call a Spiritual Physical Experience (SPE). It seems that my Spiritual Encounter with the Spiritual World triggers the release of ‘pleasure-morphine chemicals’, all over my body, at different levels of ‘pleasure concentration’, depending on the intensity of my Spirit Encounter with God. These are Endo-Teo-Pheromones released in my brain and all through my body, when my Spirit connects to the Spirit of God. This Nirvana Pleasure Feeling is the most frequent Mystical Experience that I have encountered with the Holy Spirit of God. As I feel this Physical Electrical Shock, running throughout my body, I know that I Am Connected with the Body of God. This Spiritual Physical Experience may last from few seconds to few minutes, depending on the Spiritual Significance of the Mystical Encounter with God. The SPE is like an ‘electric energy’ of physical pleasure, elicited by thoughts of the highest Heart. Spiritual Matters with Lord Jesus, the Blessed Virgin, Spirits of Saints, Angels of Light, and Love Mother Gaia, all trigger the Spiritual Physical Experience. The Spiritual Physical Experience may eventually manifest Miracle Pictures, such as the awesome Miracle Picture of ‘Guadalupe the Beautiful’. The Apparition of the Persons of Light of God in the series of Miracle Pictures in the Church of the Agony of Jesus, in the Mountain of the Olives in Jerusalem, were taken in a Trance State Passion with the Lord, while seeing the Manifestation of the Face of Light of the Lord. The Miracle Pictures of Banneux made Manifest on Pentecost 1998, I took under the influence of a Trance Passion with my Lady of Banneux. The Miracle Picture of the Broken Heart of Light in the candle-fire, made manifest during the death of my beloved mother, consoled my terrible pain, through this Miracle of God. The Broken Heart of Light of Love Sister Moon with the Eye of God watching over human beings is an awesome Miracle Picture that I took during a Trance State Ecstasy with the Spirit of God. One great Miracle in my life that was witnessed by 2 persons was Manifest under a Passion of Suffering for my animals, when I pushed uphill a 30,000 kg truck to relieve the suffering of my Adorable Animals.