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Mystic Experiences in the Sanctuary of Lourdes

The Miracle with the Flowers of Saint Bernadette of the Miracles of Lourdes

The Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to Saint Bernadette in the French village of Lourdes is one of the most exciting stories in the history of the human species. This is a time when the Light of God came down to Earth to show Miracles of God and provide evidence of the existence of God. The Holy Spirit was Manifest to 14 year old Bernadette Soubirous during 18 Apparitions of a Lady of Light in the Grotto of Masabielle. The Miracles of Our Lady of Lourdes are legendary and several books would be required to describe the thousands of Miracles of God that are ascribed to the Sanctuary of Lourdes. Saint Bernadette had asked the Lady of Light to reveal her identity and on the 25th of March of 1858 the Lady of Light revealed: I Am and I was the Immaculate Conception. This Revelation of God to Saint Bernadette that the beautiful Lady of Light was the Immaculate Conception happened on the celebration of the Annunciation of Archangel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin announcing the Immaculate Conception of Jesus. The 25th of March is perhaps the most important date in the life of Saint Bernadette and maybe in my life because it is the date I was born and my life is linked to Saint Bernadette with a remarkable Mystic Experiences I had in my life with a Kinetic Manifestation through the Intercession of Saint Bernadette during my spiritual preparation to visit Bernadette at Lourdes on the 25th of March of 1999 to celebrate my birthday and the date of the Annunciation of the Immaculate Conception to Saint Bernadette in Lourdes.

In 1998 I visited several Sanctuaries of María in Belgium, Germany, and France, and now was the time to visit the famous Sanctuary of Lourdes. My birthday on the 25th of March of 1999 was coming up and I thought that there was no better place to celebrate this event than in the Sanctuary of Lourdes. Soon I would celebrate my birthday with Saint Bernadette at the Apparition site on the anniversary of the Revelation to Saint Bernadette of the Apparition of the Immaculate Conception. During the month of March I prepared myself spiritually for my important pilgrimage to Lourdes, and during a few weeks I read all the literature that I could find regarding the Apparitions of Lourdes and the life of Saint Bernadette. My first book that I purchased on the Apparitions of Lourdes had a picture of Saint Bernadette that I cut out from the book and placed this image in a portrait that soon would become a target of Manifestations of God. The portrait of Saint Bernadette stood on a bookcase in my living room surrounded by other relics that I displayed in this corner of my apartment. These relics would become the target of a magnificent Kinetic Manifestation with the portrait of Saint Bernadette. On the shelf on the wall are pictures of my mother and family and behind the last picture of my parents is a vase containing artificial flowers that became the target of a remarkable Kinetic Manifestation because a bouquet of Red Flowers was Taken Out from the vase that contained many flowers and the Extracted Red Flowers were placed on the hands of the portrait of Saint Bernadette as described in detail below.

During the month of March, as I prepared myself spiritually to visit Saint Bernadette in Lourdes, the Spirit of Bernadette seemed to be constantly knocking at the door of my Soul with Expressions of Presence of the Spiritual World. During one full week, before my departure to Lourdes, I took this portrait of Saint Bernadette with me to bed to sleep at night, using the Miracle Portrait of Saint Bernadette as a ‘Teddy-Bear of Love’: I wanted to love, and absorb the Spirit of Love of Saint Bernadette before my pilgrimage to Lourdes to visit this new Saint of my Heart. I had used as Teddy-Bears my Icon of Sleeping Jesus, my Miraculous Medal of María, and the Miracle Portrait of Saint Therese to soothe my Spirit from the stresses of life with the Spirits of these Representatives of God. Holding the Portrait of Saint Bernadette close to me, both physically and mentally, I would meditate with Saint Bernadette, pray to Saint Bernadette, Love and Call her Spirit, as I had learned to Love the Spirit of Saint Therese (CW). Each night during 6 days I took the Miracle Portrait of Saint Bernadette with me, to sleep with me, to stimulate my contact with her Spirit, to become ‘Spiritually Primed’ for my up-coming visit to the Sanctuary of Apparitions of Lourdes.

The last night before my departure to Lourdes my Inner Little Self told me to place the Miracle Portrait of Saint Bernadette back in the living room where it belonged, and thus I followed the suggestion of the Angel of my Love. During the 6 days that I had loved the Spirit of Saint Bernadette with the Miracle Portrait my rational mind had not seen any Miracle, and thus I began to doubt whether Saint Bernadette would come unto me and show me a Manifestation of God. Six days had passed with my mind concentrated on the love of Saint Bernadette, but no Miracle was Manifest through the Intercession of Saint Bernadette. I felt that I had not reached the level of Spiritual Connection with Bernadette as I had reached with Saint Therese and the Blessed Virgin; therefore, that night I took the Miracle Portrait of Saint Thérèse and my Miraculous Medal of María to use as Teddy-Bears for a good night sleep because I was quite nervous due to my airplane flight next morning to Lourdes. I returned the portrait of Saint Bernadette to its original location, on the cabinet, and took to bed these other Icons of God. This all seems a little crazy, or maybe very crazy, but soon the reader will realize that this Child-like behavior brought forth a great Miracle of God! My Inner Little Self was taking the Perfect Decision in Absolute Harmony with Saint Bernadette and the Holy Spirit of the Angel of my Love. That night my rational mind would realize how wrong my rational thoughts had been thinking that I had not reached with my Call of Love a connection to the Spirit of Love of Love Saint Bernadette. Soon I would realize that my Guardian Angel Within, my Inner Little Voice telling me that I should place the Miracle Portrait of Saint Bernadette back in the living room was the right thing to do, so I may see the Miracle of God that was come that night with the Spirit of Bernadette in my Heart. Quickly was Come the Spirit of Saint Bernadette with an awesome Miracle of God!

During the night, before taking the morning airplane to Lourdes, I was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night with a severe weird attack of asthma! Never in my life did I have or would have again an asthma attack! But here I was in the middle of the night with a life threatening asthma attack! As I regained my consciousness from my sleep, because of the lack of oxygen, I realized that I could not breath, and sitting upright in my bed, I was choking to death, gasping to breathe some air that was completely missing in my body, my brain and Heart! Some strange ‘Spiritual Force’ had closed my throat to obstruct my breathing, and either the lack of oxygen in my brain woke me up, or my Guardian Angel woke me up, to deal with this life threatening asthma attack! I gasped and struggled to regain my air, my composure, and my color, for I really felt in my body the lack of the life giving oxygen. I had never before in my life suffered an asthma attack and was distressed and alarmed about this surprising lack of oxygen situation. Quickly I was more than wide awake sitting up right in my bed, struggling to breath, to recover my breath, as I wondered what on earth was this weird physical asthma madness that was threatening the existence of my life!

Slowly I recovered my breath and my health and soon I remembered a Wonderful Dream I had with a Miracle Light before some Spirit closed my throat and choked me with the weird asthma attack. I do not remember details of the Dream with the Light but I had been exposed to a Bright Light, with a beautiful Woman of Light; the Spirit of God was come to Visit my Spirit in my Dream with the Light of a Spirit as I had prayed many times before! I also was able to remember a wonderful beautiful music that seemed the sound of Church Bells, as I saw right above and surrounding me the beautiful Light of an Angel. After several minutes of regaining my breath to normalcy, I remembered the Dream with the Light, and soon went back to sleep because next morning I had to catch an airplane to Lourdes. It was early next morning that I would comprehend the full significance of my asthma attack, to realize that the Angel that had Come to wake me up from my asthma attack, was no other than the Angel of Saint Bernadette! The Spirit of the Light that was come in the night was no other than the Spirit of Saint Bernadette in my Heart! Saint Bernadette suffered from asthma attacks all her life, and would eventually die from such an asthma attack when she was 35 years old! Thus, the asthma attack was the Spirit of Saint Bernadette or God Within Me that was Come into my Dream to establish a Spiritual Presence with such a Sign of God! Verily, it was Love Bernadette that was Come to visit my Spirit in my Dream, with the Light of the Holy Spirit, waking me up with an asthma attack, like the ones she had suffered all her life, so I could recognize that this was the Spiritual Presence of Saint Bernadette that was Come to give me a Miracle Material Gift of Love! Indeed, quickly I come with the Miracle Gift of Love that was Materialized by Saint Bernadette that provides evidence of the existence of theses Angels of God, such as Saint Bernadette of my Heart!

Next morning I was awakened by my alarm clock and before rising up I meditated in bed for a moment about my weird choking asthma experience and the Dream with the Light and the Sounds of the Bells with the Angels of God. Soon I was up and running, to prepare for my trip to Lourdes. As I walked into the living room, the first thing I see is Saint Bernadette, showing me the Miracle Gift of her Spiritual Love! Saint Bernadette was holding for me Red Flowers of Love in her hands; indeed, Love Saint Bernadette was extending to me Flowers of Love as a Material Gift of her Spiritual Love! There is no better way to describe this Mystic Experience of what I felt in my Heart, and what I saw with my eyes, because Saint Bernadette was holding a Bouquet of Red Flowers in her hands that she was extending to me from her Miracle Portrait as the most precious Love Gift of Flowers that I will ever receive in my entire lifetime! As I came out from my bedroom and reached the middle of the living room I saw right in front of me, the Miracle Portrait of Saint Bernadette holding a Bouquet of Red Flowers in her hands, while looking at me, straight into my Heart! My body and Soul was immersed in the Spiritual Physical Experience as my Spirit realized that this was the Spirit of Saint Bernadette that was come unto me with a Gift of God, with her Flowers of Love, to show me her Material Gift of her Spiritual Love!

After recovering from this Spiritual Encounter with Saint Bernadette, my rational mind, without understanding what was at hand, was quickly brought into action to asses the Miracle of the Materialization of the Red Flowers on the hands of the Image of Saint Bernadette. The Bouquet of Flowers was Manifest on the bookcase, in front of the Miracle Portrait of Saint Bernadette, and the Red Flowers were placed by the Spirit in such a position, that Saint Bernadette was holding the Bouquet of Flowers with her own hands, reaching the Miracle Flowers out to me, as I entered the living room, presenting the Red Flowers as a Gift of Love! The picture shows how the bouquet of flowers were placed on the hands of Saint Bernadette. On the floor, right next to the cabinet with the Portrait and the Flowers of Saint Bernadette, was the vase containing all the other artificial flowers that normally stood above on the shelf, right above the cabinet with the Miracle Portrait of Saint Bernadette. This vase with artificial flowers always stood on this shelf for over 6 years, since the time I had moved into my apartment, as shown in the picture. The vase with flowers on the floor had all the flowers inside the vase except for the Bouquet of Red Flowers which had Been Taken Out by the Spirit Angel to be Placed in the Perfect Position, as shown in the picture: on the hands of Love of Saint Bernadette! The Miracle Flowers had been Touched by the Hands of God that Took the Flowers out of the vase to present them to my eyes and to my Heart on the hands of Beautiful Love Bernadette! This was the Spirit of Sainte Bernadette, or my Loving Guardian Angel, that was Manifest with Holy Spirit, to show me that Saint Bernadette loved me as I loved Bernadette!

As I stood in the middle of the living room, looking in astonishment at the Material Gift of the Red Flowers on the hands of Saint Bernadette, I understood that Saint Bernadette was extending and giving me a Bouquet of Red Flowers of Love! The 2 family portraits that were in front of the vase of flowers, up on the shelf, had both fallen on the floor, and later I rationalized that the sound they had made, as they crashed landed on the floor, must have been the 2 Wonder Sound of the 2 Bells that I heard during my Dream with the Light with Saint Bernadette. I had seen in my Dream with Spirit the Light of an Angel of God, and I had heard the Sound of Heaven in the Church Bells, because the Angel was Come into the Sanctuary of my apartment, to show me through Saint Bernadette the Miracle Kinetic Manifestation of the Love of Bernadette! In addition, I soon realized that the asthma attack that had awakened me up in the late night was related to Saint Bernadette because Saint Bernadette had suffered severe asthma attacks all of her life, and one such asthma attack would bring Saint Bernadette to Heaven when she was 35 years old! Standing in my living room, while looking at the whole Miracle Scene, with the Flowers of Love held by the hands of Saint Bernadette, I began to understand the significance of this Miracle Manifestation with the Flowers of Saint Bernadette. The Holy Spirit was Incarnate in my body, in my throat, to produce the asthma attack, that Saint Bernadette suffered, to wake me up so I could recognize the Dream with the Light, to hear the Sound of the Church Bells, as the Spirit of Saint Bernadette, or the Angel of my Heart, took out the Red Flowers from the falling vase with flowers and placed the Bouquet of Flowers on the Image of Love Saint Bernadette! This was the way I could now understand that this was the Spirit of Bernadette that was Come to my Spirit, breaking the laws of Nature with a Miracle, to show me her Spirit of Love! Indeed, I had searched for the Love of Bernadette all week long, using her Miracle Portrait as my Teddy-Bear of Love, and finally this Love was Manifest with this Miracle Kinetic Manifestation with the same Miracle Portrait of Love Bernadette!

The Kinetic Moving Force that took out the Bouquet of Lowers was strong, but also absolutely delicate and accurate, because only 1 Bouquet of Red Flowers, with the Color of Love, from the bunch of the many other different flowers, was Taken Out from the vase of flowers, and this Bouquet of Flowers was Placed in the Perfect Position: on the hands of Saint Bernadette! Indeed, there are 13 flowers in the vase of artificial flowers, with different shades of colors of yellow, white, blue, green, pink, orange and red. It is no casualty but a Causality of God that from the many different flowers with different colors that were in the vase, it was the Red Bouquet of Flowers that was chosen by Love Saint Bernadette to be taken out from the vase with 13 different flowers, since the Bouquet of Red Flowers was the most beautiful, and had the Red Symbolic Color of Love! A few weeks later, after returning home from my pilgrimage to Lourdes, I would receive another Miracle Gift of Love from Saint Bernadette: the Materialization of Red Flowers of Light that was Manifest in another Miracle Picture by Saint Bernadette, on another Image of Love Saint Bernadette! The Materialization of Red Flowers of Light made Manifest in a Miracle Picture in a Black and White photo of Saint Bernadette is supporting material evidence of this awesome Spiritual Miracle of this beautiful Saint of God!

I was not done with Saint Bernadette and Saint Bernadette was not done with me because the Miracle Picture of a big Rose of Light acknowledges all what is written herein, about my Spiritual Interaction of Love with Saint Bernadette in my Heart. Saint Bernadette came quickly to my assistance to provide further material evidence to the personal Kinetic Manifestations that was for my eyes and Spirit only, with the Miracle of one additional Apparition of Light, so that others may see Light with the Spirit, in the Gift of the Flowers of the Saint of my Love. There was one beautiful picture of Beautiful Saint Bernadette in the book of pictures of Saint Bernadette that I had brought from Lourdes, and I decided to put this beautiful image in a portrait to display in my living room. I took a photo of this black and white picture print of Bernadette from the book of Lourdes, and through the Spiritual Forces, ascribed to the Light of God, after development of the pictures, I realized that Saint Bernadette had given me one more time the Miracle Gift of a Red Flower of Light, with the Symbolic Color of Love, to show me the Gift of Love! The Miracle Picture shows Saint Bernadette of my Love, with a Bouquet of Flowers of Red Light, or maybe one big Red Ghost Flower, made Manifest on the hands of Saint Bernadette of my Love. In the original black and white picture Saint Bernadette is holding for me a Red Flower of Light in her hands that was given by Grace of God as a Miracle Picture with the Light of God for the Cause of our Love!

In the Sanctuary of Lourdes I had many awesome Mystic Experiences: for the first time in my life I smelled the famous scent of Roses of María; I found a Petal of a Rose of Maria with an Image of María; and I fell in love with a love at first sight with a most beautiful human angel (CW). On the the 25th of March while celebrating my birthday with the Annunciation to Saint Bernadette I took two pictures of the Cave of Apparitions. A close-up scan of a Miracle Picture shows a Red Spiritual Light that is Manifest like a ‘Person in a Robe’ standing on the terrace of the Basilica. No such Ghost of Light is present on this same location as shown in the control picture that I took seconds after taking the first Miracle Picture. The control picture has all the features as the Miracle Picture, except that it lacks the Red Mystic Light of the Red Spirit Person in the Robe of Light. The Robe of Light with a Veil of Light shows the classic pattern of the robe and long veil that Bernadette used on her head as shown in many pictures of this Saint of God. Moreover, the Person of Red Light has the same color as the Red Flower of Light that was Manifest in the Miracle Pictures with Saint Bernadette in her Gift of Love. In the Sanctuary of Lourdes my mind was always bombarded with the same mental message that I receive from the Saints and the Angels: to fight for Animal Rights of all the Sacred Animals and stop the mistreatment and killing of Holy Sacred Animals!

As I finish writing this text while looking at the Miracle Picture of Bernadette and her Red Flower of Light, I state with a little tear in my eye: la adoro totalmente, which means in Spanish: I totally adore her! I received so much Love from Saint Bernadette that she inspired me to compose in a matter of seconds, in 10 seconds, a little Poem of Love that is a Sweet Lullaby Song for my Sweet Little Flower my Love Saint Bernadette of my Heart:

Lovely Little Flower brought a Lovely Little Flower for my Lovely Little Flower was the Word of God,
I Love my Little Flower of my Lovely Little Flower for my Lovely Little Flower is a Miracle of God.

Manifestations of Light of María the Beautiful

It was Good Friday, with the Crucifixion of Jesus, and I was celebrating the week of Eastern in the Sanctuary of Lourdes, and I had a wonderful day, full with Mystic Experiences with God. It was a beautiful night in the Sanctuary, and I had participated, with thousands of other pilgrims, in the famous ‘Candle Procession’, praying the Mystical Words of the Ave María. After being exposed to the Ave María with the light of thousands of candles for almost two hours, I was in a Trance Passion State, as many other pilgrims, in Mystic Communion with the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin. After the candle procession was over, I spent two more hours walking around in the Sanctuary, holding my large candle with light, seeking more Matters with the Light.

The celebration of the Passion of Jesus was almost over, and I had come to the candle station, to leave my procession candle to burn out its light over the night, next to the Cave of the Apparitions of María. As I was enjoying the view of the light of my burning candle, I soon found the Material Symbol of the Presence of the Love of God! On the iron back surface of the candle station I soon saw the melting wax of the Candles for María making Manifest the image of a Heart of Love right next to the image of a Gestalt of María. Love was in the Air at this mystical place and perfect time in the candle station of Love of María. Indeed, quickly I was surprised to see, right next to me, one of the most beautiful human ‘Angels’ that I had ever seen in my entire life!

My Heart fell in Love, right there, as I saw her standing there, for she was just seventeen, and you know what I mean, right next to me, this beautiful ‘Angel’ of flesh and blood! The material Angel of flesh and blood was a most beautiful blond blue-eyed girl, about 17 years of age, with a perfect face and innocent purity, that in an instant, had lighted up my Inner Fire with the Spirit of Love! Beauty Angel Girl was suddenly next to me, attending her own procession candle, in the candle station of love. As I saw the Heavenly Creature, my Heart started beating loud and strong, in joy and in anxiety of pain, for I knew that I could not have this flesh and blood Angel Beauty that soon would vanish into the memories of my Heart. Since my love at first sight called ‘Sweet American Dream’, and ‘Little Angel Girl’, I had never again fallen in love at first sight so quickly, with such a Beauty of God. In one second, I had literally fallen madly in love, with the one that I shall call herein ‘Lovely Lolita’.

The many minutes that I had Lovely Lolita standing right next to me seemed like an Eternity in Heaven, since now my Trance-like State with María was attended by this ‘Apparition’ that was a ‘Vision’ of a real life encounter with a flesh ‘Angel Incarnation’ of God. My flesh and blood Soul could not desire in my Heart any more perfect physical beauty in the woman that I had searched all of my life. This was the most gorgeous pretty young woman, in her prime beauty, that was not only physically beautiful, but also Spiritually Beautiful, for she had the Purity of Heart, with a Spiritual Soul, that irradiated out of her Countenance of Beauty, that was praying with the light of María, in search of the Love of God! We stood together at the candle station alone, for several minutes, and soon thereafter Lovely Lolita and her family were done attending their candles, while I was with mine, and thus we walked towards the Cave of Apparitions, with the Image of the Blessed Virgin. It was late, almost closing time of the Sanctuary, and Lovely Lolita and her family were at the Source of Water, filling their containers with the Holy Water of the Grotto of Lourdes. As my Heart was Dreaming with Lovely Lolita, I suddenly heard my Inner Little Angel, telling me to let go of Lovely Lolita, and walk into the Cave of the Apparitions. I did not understand why Inner Little Voice was telling me to go into the Cave of María once again, for I had been inside the Grotto many times, and it was late, and furthermore, I still was not done enjoying my beautiful Lovely Lolita! There was nothing I could do about Lovely Lolita, but only admire her adorable beautiful presence, from a gentleman’s distance, and dream with her beautiful angelic countenance, without her noticing my admiration for my flesh and blood Beauty. Lovely Lolita did not catch me in the act of ‘spying’ on her, as I ‘lusted’ for the Love of her Heart! Little Inner Voice in my Heart got intense and further insisted that I should move into the Cave of Apparitions. Soon I thus decided to leave my earthly ‘Angel’, and obey the Orders of my Personal Angel to enter the Cave of the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin. It was tough to depart from Lovely Lolita, but quickly I was inside the Cave of Apparitions, sitting in a bench, minding my new business, in other Matters of the Heart. Twice I would see again my Lovely Lolita in the Sanctuary during the following 3 days of my pilgrim stay at Lourdes. Lovely Lolita was another brief encounter of a big ‘love at first sight’, with these earthly angelic creatures, that I miss so very much.

It was now 11:45 pm, almost midnight, with closing time at 12 pm, and I was sitting in the bench inside the Cave of Apparitions, meditating and watching the last pilgrims pay their respects to the Miracle Image of the Immaculate Conception. My Inner Little Voice had brought me into the Cave of Apparitions for some good reason, and quickly I was made to see this reason, just a few meters away from me, in the ground of the cave, when I saw this attractive Red Heart of Light, that immediately captured my Heart, still searching for the Heart of the Blessed Virgin! I grabbed Little Red Petal from the floor with one hand, and carefully placed the Red Rose Petal on the palm of my other hand, protecting my Gift of María with all of my fingers, as if this Little Material Object was the ultimate Incarnation of the Spirit of Love. I returned to the bench of the Grotto and sat down with my Gift of Love, and to examine my Rose Petal of Love I lighted up my candle that I still had from the candle procession. Then and there, I saw another Miracle of María, as I watched in awe the Gestalt of María in the Light made Manifest on the Red Rose Petal of María. The awesome Apparition of the Gestalt of Light on the Red Rose Petal of María was a personal Manifestation of María, but the Spirit did want to show some evidence of the Vision, since a few pictures do show the Gestalt of Light of María on the Petal of María.

The Gestalt of María is shown highlighted in red color on the red background of the Petal of María. The Image of the Gestalt has similar features as my own statue of Notre Dame de Lourdes, which I had bought in the town of Lourdes before having seen the developed pictures of the Red Rose Petal of María. I did not get on print the Miracle Image of the Yellow Light of María that I had seen right after the Materialization of Red Rose Petal, but the image provides evidence that I could see the Person of Light on the Rose Petal in my Trance Passion State during the celebration of the Passion of the Lord. Once I was back home, I took a few more pictures of my Miracle Relic that shows a Tiny Little Heart within a larger Heart, and within this Tiny Black Heart is Manifest a Light, through Grace of Revelation, for I did not see neither the Light nor the Heart as I took this Miracle Picture of my little Red Rose Petal. Several weeks after the Mystical Experience, when little Red Rose Petal had dried out, I took a couple of pictures of the Rose Petal that I had placed inside a case which I had bought in Lourdes, which had the image of the Blessed Virgin and Saint Bernadette in their classical portrayal of the Apparitions of Lourdes. The Miracle Picture shows the Red Rose Petal inside the case, and on the cover was Manifest the Image of María with Saint Bernadette with the Mystic Light of the Apparition of God. A Face of Light is Manifest on the veil on the back of the head of Saint Bernadette, to establish that Saint Bernadette is the Messenger of God that shows Presence of the Lord.

Near Lourdes I found a Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe where I had a Mystic Experience with the Angel of the Lord. Quickly I was confronted with the image of a Black Madonna, holding the Child Jesus, that stood in the main altar, and this was the Miracle Icon of Guadalupe. A Miracle Picture shows a Manifestation of Light with the Miracle Image of Guadalupe, when the Angel of my Love moved my Soul, my body and my camera, in such a way, to Manifest in Light, the Name of Guadalupe! Indeed, the Miracle Picture shows many little G’s of Light, the G of Guadalupe, with the ‘Name of Light’ all around the Image of Guadalupe. Furthermore, in the garden of the sanctuary I found a statue of Guadalupe. The face of the statue of stone does not show any particular beautiful face in the image of María. However, the second picture is an extraordinary Miracle Picture that shows a most Beautiful Face of Our Beautiful Lady of Guadalupe the Beautiful. The defective nose of the statue, as shown in the control picture, has been Transformed into this Perfect Beautiful Nose in the Beautiful Mater Milagrosa! The Miracle Image of Guadalupe the Beautiful is to me one of the most beautiful Faces of María that the Blessed Virgin has given to me in a Miracle Picture of María the Beautiful! The Face of Guadalupe the Beautiful is a totally different Spiritual Face than the face of stone that is actually carved in the true statue of the Blessed Virgin!