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Mystic Experiences with Holy Nature

The Eye of God with the Broken Heart of Love Sister Moon with a Message to Humanity

‘And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations… looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken…And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh… so likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.’ (Words of Lord Jesus according to Saint Luke 21:25).

One of my most memorable moments during my pilgrimage through the Holy Land took place on top of a mountain near Mount Sinaí, with the complete silence of the desert, far away from them human beings, calling out loud to the Lord a passionate prayer with Mother Earth. I had never experienced a mystical silent contemplation in the desert such as during this experience in the Holy Mountains near Holy Sinai, listening to the Voice of God, with the wind of Love Mother Gaia in my Heart. My Passionate Interaction with Mother Gaia and the Holy Spirit was answered with a Miracle Picture that has a Message of God for humanity made Manifest through the Interaction between Love Sister Moon, Love Brother Sun and Love Mother Gaia with the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit of God.

I had gone out for a walk with my camera to explore the desert of the wild, with the silence of the lambs, in the mountains of the desert of the Holy Land with the Lamb of I AM in my Heart. The first pictures of the series of pictures that leads to the One Miracle Picture depicts the opening scene of my Mystic Experience in the desert, with a close encounter with a family of wild mountain goats, which were not afraid of my presence, since I could almost touch the cute little goats of the wild. God had sent me Mother Goat and her four Little Goats, to follow them into the desert, high into the mountains, and seek and find close encounters with Nature and God. Father Goat also appeared in the scene and I followed the family of goats in the desert up into the mountains, for one hour, until they got lost from my sight in the silence of the desert of Love Mother Gaia.

Father Goat insisted that I should climb as high in the mountain as I could, and was always giving me this long eye contact of the Spiritual Wild Kind as we climbed up the mountain of the Lord of the Holy Land. Father Goat was an Incarnation of God calling me to climb further into the mountains of Mother Gaia, for close encounters with the wild, and thus I obeyed the desires of the Holy Goat to follow him into the Heart of the Wild. I tried to follow the Wise Goat up into his mountain, as much as I could, but even though the Goat of the Lord stopped now and then to wait for me, I could not keep the pace of the Wise Wild Goat that soon was up and away, high in the mountain of the Lamb of I AM. Zooming into the scan of the picture, one can distinguish Wise Goat sitting high in the mountain, waiting for me, looking towards the light of Love Sister Moon that soon would Manifest a Miracle of God. Wise Goat wanted me to climb high up in the mountain, in search of the Light of Love Sister Moon that soon was Manifest with the Light of Holy Spirit, to give a Message to Humanity, to stop the suffering Cry from Gaia, with the Message of the Angels to stop killing the Miracle Life of Love Mother Gaia!

Soon after my Spiritual Interaction with the family of goats I was at the top of his mountain and suddenly I was overcome by a strong wind, blowing around me; and feeling Embraced by the Spirit, I sensed this was a Holy Place to cry out with Mother Gaia a ‘Little Big Prayer’ to the Holy Spirit of the Lord. Here I stood, alone on the mountain, embraced by the wind, shouting out loud, very loud, a passionate Prayer to the Lord. I had reached my top of the world, in the wilderness, in the Holy Land of Israel and I felt One with Holy Nature and the Nature of God. Quickly I was in this Trance State Passion in Communion with Nature and the Holy Spirit of God. I lifted my hands up in the sky, to Embrace with my Spirit the Holy Spirit, and cried out loud to God, asking nothing but the Loving Presence of the Holy Spirit of God. I was alone with the Holy Spirit, surrounded by mountains of the desert of the Holy Land, with the wind of Love Mother Gaia singing in my Soul the Sweet Sound of the God of Nature with the Nature of God. I was in my Element and the Element was Within Me as the Spirit of I Am came into my body to set my Soul completely free! In my absolute solitary confinement I never felt so free, like a Bird with the Word, in the air, like an Angel of the Lord, as I spoke out my Heart to the Spirit of Holy Nature and God! After several minutes in Communion with the Holy Spirit the Exchange of Love with Nature and God was over and slowly I came down to Earth from my Heaven, in the mountain, feeling as if I had been in a Paradise of Heaven, filled with the Heat Spiritual Energy of the Heart Soul of God. Minutes later I took 2 pictures of the Mountains of the Lord, and here I Am Come, to describe the one Miracle Picture with Love Sister Moon to discuss the important Message of God to stop the killing of Mother Nature and the extinction of the human species!

The first picture shows the mountain, the goat, the blue sky, and the moon, in the desert of the Holy Land. The moon was grown in the light of the sun to about 20 % of a full moon, as shown in the close-up scan of this control picture. The following picture in the same roll of film was taken a few minutes after the control picture and is the Miracle Picture with the Light of the Spirit of Love Sister Moon. One can distinguish even from the far distance, a difference in the form and the size of the light of the moon that shows a Heart of Light with the Symbol of Love in Love Sister Moon! Indeed, zooming the scan of the Miracle Picture, one can distinguish a Heart of Light of the Symbol of God made Manifest in Love Sister Moon. The Heart of Light is one of the Symbols of God that is always Manifest to me to show me the Symbol of Love to establish a Manifestation of God for an up-coming Message of God.

The Miracle Picture with the Heart of Light on the Miracle Moon and the control picture with the normal light of the normal moon are both in focus as shown by the outline of the mountains. Comparing the control picture of the normal moon that has 20 % of light, with the Miracle Picture of the Miracle Moon with about 80 % of Light, one can distinguish a new Pattern of Light that from the distance in the full picture shows the image of a Heart of Light, the Symbol of Love of a Manifestation of God, the Sign of God in the Miracle Moon as predicted by Jesus! Love Sister Moon gave me the Symbol of Love as I had requested or predicted in writing a few months earlier, in my text written for the ‘Annunciation of the Hearts’, when I discovered that God was always sending me Hearts as a Gift of Love (CW). And this I had written in my diary: ‘I love Sister Moon and Sister Moon loves me, thus Love Sister Moon gives me Symbols of Love with Hearts of Love of the Love of God’.

Amplifying further the Miracle Image of Love Sister Moon one can distinguish another Message of Light that is Manifest with the Miraculous Moon. A Broken Heart of Light can now be distinguished in the Light of the Moon which is missing the left edge of the Heart of Light of Love Sister Moon! To provide additional evidence that this is a Manifestation of God, with a Message of God, the Miracle Picture of Love Sister Moon shows that the Heart of Light is a ‘Broken Heart of Light’ made Manifest in the Miracle Light of Love Sister Moon. Moreover, a rim of Mystical Red Light, with the Symbolic Color of Love, surrounds the Heart of Light of Love Sister Moon. No such Red Light is manifest in the control moon. Love Sister Moon shows from the distance a Heart of Light with the Symbol of Love but in the close-up scan reveals a Broken Heart of Light to establish a Symbolic Message of God. The Broken Heart of Light shown by Love Sister Moon is the Broken Heart of God that is angry with stupid evil human beings that are destroying Mother Earth! The Message of God made Manifest in the Broken Heart of Light with Love Sister Moon is the Apocalyptic Sign in the history of the human species as indicated in the quote of Jesus from the Bible! Do you not believe what I say herein ye small spirits of little faith? Do you not believe that this is a Warning of God for humans that you should Free yourself from Evil and seek the Love of God to save the World of your course of destruction? Ye lector of little faith, open your eyes and see the Signs of God that Cometh in the Sky with the Signs of Heaven!

If the Heart of Light of the 80 % full of light Miracle Moon, made Manifest as a Broken Heart of Red Light, was not sufficient evidence of a Manifestation of God, when compared to the control picture with 20 % of light in the normal moon, then there is one additional knock-out evidence to establish that this is a Sign of God with a Message of God for the Human Species. The Miracle Light made Manifest through Love Sister Moon shows a Message of God with a Warning of God for the human species: this is the beginning of the time when your redemption draweth nigh, as indicated in the Bible! Doest thou not see the Watchful Spirit of the Eye of God? Doest thou not see the Eye of God that is Looking at You, with a Message of Light of the Holy Spirit of God? Right above the Red Light of the Broken Heart of Light, on the shadow of Sister Moon, in the Light of Love Blue Brother Sky: is the ‘Eye of God’, the Symbolic Representation of the Presence of the Holy Spirit! Verily, the Symbol of the Eye of God on the Broken Heart of Light of Love Sister Moon is looking at you, towards Mother Earth, towards me while taking the Miracle Picture, and towards the viewer of the Miracle Picture! The Eye of God above the Light of the Moon is looking at you, keeping an eye on you, watching you, warning you, that soon you will follow the footsteps of dinosaurs if you keep messing around with my Loving Mother Planet! Thus the Message of the Angels: Stop Killing Animals!

The Eye of God with Love Sister Moon is Manifest in the 20 % Blue Sky of the light blocked by Mother Gaia from the light of Brother Sun (the Eye of God is better to see in digital form in my eBook or in my Website). A perfect symbolic Eye of God is Manifest in the Light, with the Eye-lid, with white and dark matter that forms an eye, rather the “I”, the I Am God that is looking at you, with a warning, as if saying: I Am Watching you! EYE AM Watching you! The Symbol of the Eye has been represented as the Image of God in the art of the Christian faith and other religions around the world! Such a Representation of God with the Image of an Eye is shown in the Cathedral of my hometown, right above the Miracle Image of a Crucified Christ. Those who are ‘highly sensitives’, and want to see further into the ‘Expression of the Eyes’, will see the same ‘Sad Look’, in the Eye of God in the painting of the Cathedral and in the Eye of God made Manifest in the Light of Love Sister Moon. The Symbol of the Eye of the Symbolic Presence of the Eye of God has been represented not only in the symbolic art of the Catholic faith but also in every 1 U$S bill that is used all over the world. The ‘Eye of God’ in the ‘great seal’ of the dollar bill has been included in the symbol of power by the people of the United States to honor God: ‘in God we Trust’; however: God does No longer trust humans; God will only Trust you when you Stop Killing Animals!

Love Sister Moon loves the human species as shown by the Heart of Light with the Red Light of Love; but Love Sister Moon shows a Broken Heart to humans because the Spirit of the Holy Spirit Mother is sad because of what is happening to Mother Gaia. The Eye of God made Manifest in the Blue Sky above Love Sister Moon is Manifest by Love Mother Gaia that is blocking the light of Love Brother Sun with the Message: ‘I Am Watching you’! The Message of the Broken Heart of Love Sister Moon for Love Mother Gaia fits perfectly well to the lyrics of my song Cry from Gaia. The music of ‘Cry from Gaia’ I composed in 1991, and I put the music on tape in 1996 as a ‘Cry for Gaia’ in the music production of PanGaia (Chapter 4). ‘Cry from Gaia’ has the same Message of the Spirit as the Miracle Picture of the Cry Out of Sister Moon for Mother Gaia made Manifest in the year 2000! ‘Cry from Gaia’ has the same Mystic Introduction with sounds of creatures and the wind of Mother Gaia I experienced in my Prayer to God in the mountain before taking the Miracle Picture. Moreover, the introduction of the Message Song has the mystic opening line that I said in the introduction of the song made Manifest within my Soul 30 years ago: ‘I am your Mother Gaia and I AM Watching you’! It is a Synchronicity of God that my text ‘I am watching you’ in the introduction of ‘Cry from Gaia’, composed with the sounds of the wind, came out from my Soul many years before my Prayer to God with the wind in the mountain that brought forth the Miracle Picture with the Eye of God watching you, with the same Message that was Manifest in Cry from Gaia! Destiny is Written by God when your destiny is linked to the Holy Spirit! The Message in the 1991 song Cry from Gaia is the same 30 years later, in 2020, with the Message of the Angels: Stop Killing Animals!

A picture is worth a thousand words and I have used circa 4,000 words to describe the Manifestation of 1 Miracle Picture. My Experience with God in the desert, close to Mount Sinai, with my Sacred Animals, brought forth a Miracle Picture that depicts one clear Message that my Heart perceives from the Spiritual World. I am sad, and I AM Mad! With the evil stupid human factor wrecking havoc on my Beloved Earth! I am angry with the evil sins of the human factor that cause great suffering to the innocent creatures that are Loved by God! The absence of God in the Heart of human beings allows Evil to rule this cruel world. The Broken Heart of Love Sister Moon for Mother Gaia, with the Eye of God looking down from the sky, is telling human beings to change their evil ways, and become Conscious of the Spirit of Love to Love Holy Animals. The Broken Heart of the Miracle Moon with the Eye of God looking at you from the sky is telling human beings to change their evil ways and start loving Holy Nature of our Beloved Planet Earth. Mother Gaia is sick with fever of the human-induced disease of Apocalypses, loosing every day thousands of Creatures of God worth thousands of years of Creative Evolution! Mother Gaia is the Arc of Life of your physical existence and human beings are punching holes into their very own Boat of Life that is already sinking (Chapter 10). It is imperative for the survival of the human species and all other Living Beings that share our world to establish the ‘Change of Hearts’, to love and care for all Living Beings of Mother Gaia in your Heart. One Message I brought from my visit to the Holy Land is the Message of the Broken Heart of Love Sister Moon for Mother Gaia with the Eye of God showing that Eye I AM is Watching you! The First Commandment to save the life of the Planet is to Love your Planet Earth and all its Living Beings with all the Force of your Heart! If humans follow this First Commandment the destruction of the planet will end and all Living Beings will survive; if there is no change in the Human Heart, the end of humanity is close at hand as indicated by Jesus in the Bible!

‘And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations… looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken…And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh…so likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the Kingdom of God is close at hand’ (Words of Jesus according to Luke 21.25).

The Green Setting Sun of the Star of the Sea of Stella Maris

Mount Carmel is the cradle of the Carmelite Order that has given several famous great Saints to the world such as Santa Teresa de Avila, San Juan de la Cruz, and Saint Therese de Lisieux. At the top of Mount Carmel is the Church of Stella Maris, called in honor of the Blessed Virgin that has the title of the ‘Star of the Sea’. ‘Stella’ is translated from the Latin as ‘Star’, and ‘Maris’ is ‘Sea’ and thus ‘Stella Maris’ is the Blessed Virgin the ‘Star of the Sea’. Many Miracles have been ascribed to Stella Maris the Star of the Sea. Indeed, in the coast of my home in Punta del Este, during Christmas in 1999, I was confronted with the Apparition of an Angel of Light that was Manifest next to the Miracle Image of Stella Maris during the Miracle Remission of the Alzheimer of my Mother (Chapter 7). Moreover, the Light of God was Materialized on the Star of this statue of Stella Maris to show the Star of the Sea. The Church of Stella Maris in Mount Carmel is part of the Monastery Stella Maris where I saw the Apparition of the Light of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost with the Divine Light of the Covenant of God.

After spending a few hours at Mount Carmel in the Sanctuary of Stella Maris I drove south and reached another historic place on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. I was busy walking in the shore meditating on my Spiritual Experience in the morning with Stella Maris while looking at the sunset that was coming up on the wonderful clear blue sky of the Mediterranean Sea. The light of the setting sun was extremely strong and it was not possible for me to look into the light of the sun going down the horizon without risking eye-sight damage of the retina. I was watching the sun go down and as the sun ‘touched’ the water of the sea I could not look at the sun for even a split second because the strong light of the sun was a blinding pain to my eyes. Suddenly, Inner Little Self suggested that I should prepare my camera to take a picture of the setting sun because this was my last opportunity to take a picture of the setting sun going down on the Mediterranean Sea from the coast of the Holy Land. My rational mind thought it was not worth taking a picture of the strong light of the setting sun that was blinding my sight, but I complied with the orders of my Guardian Angel. I took my camera out of the bag and set the exposure time at maximum speed to take a picture of the white light of Love Brother Sun. I waited for the sun to go further down into the sea and slowly started to peak every few seconds through the lens of my camera to see if there was anything to see on the horizon of the sea with the light of Love Brother Sun. The light of the sun was amazingly strong on my eyes and I could not look at the sun for more than 1 second, even when half of the circle of the sun had disappeared under the horizon of the sea. My rational mind thought I was wasting my time, and my sight, trying to take a picture of this ‘painful sunset’, but Inner Little Voice insisted I should take a picture of Love Brother Sun. Inner Little Self proved to be right again because the ‘painful sunset’ would quickly become the most Pleasurable Sunset that I had ever seen in my life! As the white setting sun had about 35 % of its total surface still above the water of the sea, I saw something that I believe nobody else has ever seen in the history of humanity! At least I have not read nor heard from anyone else experiencing such a magnificent view of a total Green Setting Sun of Love Brother Sun!

I was now looking at the sun through the lenses of my camera and the whole image of the Light of the Sun had now suddenly turned All Completely Green! The sun that was totally white was now Totally Green! 35 % of the circular sun still above the sea was Totally Green! The Setting Sun had this intense Deep Green Color, as green as the most green of a green plant can ever be, the most green of greens that I have ever seen! Indeed, I never saw such a beautiful Green Color before! This Green Light with Love Brother Sun was one of the most beautiful sights that I have seen in my entire lifetime. More than 1/3 of Love Brother Sun had this awesome Total Green Color as never seen before! The Green Setting Sun was now no longer blinding my eyes, but rather Caressed my Spirit, with the Holy Spirit of the Light of God! This was no longer the normal sun, but rather was Love Brother Sun, the sun was now ‘Sun Aton God’: Sun God Manifest in Deep Green Light in Love Brother Sun!

Here I was, dumbfounded in awe, looking at the Apparition of the Green Setting Sun, through the lenses of my camera, without understanding nothing but the Beauty of God that was Manifest in the Green Setting Sun! Although my rational mind was almost gone, my Angel Within pushed the finger that I had on the button of my camera, to take the first shot of the Mystical Sunset of the Green Light of Love Brother Sun. My mind was numbed by the Apparition of Mystical Green Light that was caressing my sight and my Soul and I could not think in anything related to taking a picture with my camera of the magnificent Manifestation of the Green Sun. Thank God that the ‘Angel In Me’ took control of my body, to shoot the two Miracle Pictures shown herein, to show the Miracle of Green Light made Manifest by Love Brother Sun! The Apparition of the Green Setting Sun that I saw through my camera was moving away, behind the sea, and before it was gone, within 2 seconds, my Guardian Angel triggered the second shot before the Green Setting Sun disappeared behind the waters of the Star of the Sea. This was the end of the awesome Apparition of the Green Light Manifest with Love Brother Sun, on the Holy Land of Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin of Stella Maris the Star of the Sea of the historic Mediterranean Sea in the Holy Land of Palestina-Israel!

Once back home I received the pictures back from development and I became disappointed as I saw the pictures since I could not see on the prints the Green Color of the setting sun that I had seen with my eyes when I took the picture of Love Brother Sun. Inner Little Voice was however telling me something like ‘don’t worry, be happy’, and thus I still had hope, to see some Green Light in the negative film as I scanned the Miracle Pictures. Indeed, hear my dear, do not fear, if Jesus is here, for quickly I Come, to show Miracle Pictures of the Light of God of the Star of the Sea of my beLoved Love Brother Sun! Although the Miracle Pictures that I show do not come close to the extraordinary Miracle Apparition of the Green Setting Sun that I saw with my eyes, the two Miracle Pictures clearly show the Miracle Green Light of the Green Setting Sun of Stella Maris of the Miracle Sea.

The overall image of the first Miracle Picture with the ‘little sun’ is at first sight already a Manifestation of God since scientists at the University of Nijmegen have told me that the Green Color Manifest in the blue sky is a very unusual ‘Apparition of Green Light’ in the Blue Sky. The second overall image is also a Miracle Picture for it contains the Green Color of Light of a Manifestation of God. As I zoomed with the scanner into the negative film into the small setting sun of the pictures, I became excited as I realized that I had been able to ‘capture’ at least some of the Miracle Green Light of the Green Setting Sun. The whole area of white light of the sun that is shown in the first Miracle Picture, I saw Totally Green, as I shot the first Miracle Picture. A Halo of Green Light can still be distinguished surrounding the white light of Love Brother Sun and a spot of Green Light is Manifest with the Green Setting Sun. Blue Spiritual Light in little dots is Manifest in the Red Sky above the Black Sea of the White Green Star of the Blue Sea! The second photo is the larger Miracle Picture since it contains more Miracle Green Light in addition to Symbols of God that had been Manifest to me that same morning at the Sanctuary of Stella Maris the Blessed Virgin of the Star of the Sea. The Light of the Green Setting Sun is split in two separate Manifestations of Light: one can clearly distinguish on the left: the Yellow-Green Light of the ‘Little Star’, with Rays of Light; and to the right of the Little Star, one can see the Green Image of a ‘Little M’ of Maris (Sea), the Signature of María, called the Star of the Sea! The Miracle Picture shows the Miracle Image of the Little Star right next to the Miracle Green Light with the ‘M’ of María and/or Maris (Sea), to write together in a Miracle Image: ‘Stella Maris’, the Star of the Sea! The Green Light of Love Brother Sun makes Manifest the little ‘Star’ that stands for ‘Stella’ and the little ‘M’ that stands for ‘Maris’, to write together ‘Stella Maris’, the Star of the Sea: the ‘Stella Maris’ I had seen and prayed that same morning in the Holy Sanctuary of Stella Maris of Mount Carmel where I had seen the Light of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost with the Covenant of God! The Mystic Experience with the Green Setting Sun with the Miracle Green Light with the Color of Hope of the Angels of Light is a Sign of Peace for this Holy Land and is related to my song “Peace for Palestina” (Music).

The Synchronic Materialization of Little White Feather of the Angel of God

PS: Mystic Experience in 1997 (written in 1997).

Two years had passed since my first Mystical Encounter with the Bird with the Word and the White Feathers that were ‘Come talk to me’ with Messages from the Spiritual World. It was late in the evening, and I was sitting in front of my computer, in the sanctuary of my apartment, writing a chapter on Synchronicity and Manifestations of God, explaining that the Spirit of God is Manifest with Miracles through the elements of Nature in perfect Synchronicity with our personal life experiences to demonstrate the Spiritual Presence of God. The section I was about to start to write was regarding my Close Encounters with the Bird with the Word and their White Feathers made Manifest in Synchronicity with a Message of God.

I had just finished writing the first section on Synchronicity of God, describing that the Holy Spirit becomes Manifest at the perfect time and at the perfect place, through the Creatures of Nature, to establish a Physical Message of Its Spiritual Presence, when suddenly I see a white pigeon flying down from the sky and landing on the veranda of the terrace of my 12th floor apartment. The Bird with the Word looked at me straight in the eye, to make sure I understood this was another Omen of God. After a minute or so of Eye-Contact with this Creature of God, that was Come talk to me, to show me the Synchronicity of God, the Visitor from Heaven flew away into the sky, to leave me alone with my thoughts regarding the Messengers of God with their Synchronicity of the Holy Spirit. This Miracle Picture shows such a Visitor of Heaven, that was come into my apartment, to bring me the Good News of the Lord. Indeed, the close-up scan shows the Manifestation of a bearded Male Face on the countenance of the Holy Face of the Shroud of Turin brought forth by the shadow of the Bird with the Word. No such Face of Light is Manifest on the image of the Lord as shown in the control picture of the Shroud of Turin.

It was no chaotic chance that the pigeon had come to me as I was writing about Synchronicity and the Apparition of Birds that come talk to me to establish the Presence of God. This was the Bird with the Word that was Incarnate with the Holy Spirit that was made to fly into my balcony to bring me the Good News of the imminent Miracle that was about to Materialize with a perfect Synchronicity of a Gift of God! Indeed, quickly here I come, with the Materialization of a White Feather, with the Miracle of a Synchronicity, made Manifest by the Spirit of the Angel of God!

The Bird with the Word was gone, and now I was ready to write the next section, about Birds and the Materialization of White Feathers that may become Messengers of God. At the time of this Visitation of the Pigeon, I could not realize what was the Omen of the Good News with the Bird with the Word, except that the Visit from the Sky had come minutes after writing about the topic of Synchronicity of God and the Apparition of Creatures as Messengers of God. Only on a few occasions had my interesting feathered visitors come to me, to bring me the Good News of the Message of Love. What was the Good Omen of this specific Visitor from Heaven? Was the brief Visitation of the Bird just an ‘Acknowledgment of Synchronicity’ to what I had written a few minutes earlier, about the Synchronicity of God and the Manifestation of Nature? I thought that this was a very nice Synchronicity, but I did not pay too much attention to this Visit from Heaven, and soon I was back with my thoughts in front of my computer, reading my text on Synchronicity and the Creatures of Nature that become Messengers of God.

The darkness of the night had set in and I was sitting in the twilight of my apartment, in front of the light of the screen of my computer, thinking for a few minutes for a title for my next section, that would describe the Birds with the Word and the Materialization of the White Feathers made Manifest as Messengers of God. The next topic of my discussion would be the many White Feathers that I had found, in perfect Synchronicity for my thoughts and actions, in the context of my Spiritual Experience with the Angels of God. The topic would address the Bird with the Word and their White Feathers, that ‘Come talk to me’, as Messengers of God. I did not find any suitable title to the section at this time, and I was surprised that I could not find an adequate title to the section, but I was sure that the title would include the words ‘White Feathers’, the main topic to be described. I thought I might be more inspired with the name of the title after I had written the section and thus typed in my computer as preliminary title the words ‘White Feathers‘, to describe the Apparition of White Feathers as Messengers of God. After writing the title ‘White Feathers’, I pressed the ‘enter’ key on the keyboard of my computer, to start writing the first paragraph about my Mystical Experience with the Bird with the Word and the Apparition of White Feathers, when suddenly I see, the Miracle of a Materialization of this Wonder Miracle Gift of God! Indeed, right in front of my eyes, between my astounded eyes and the screen of my computer, levitating in the air, was the Miracle Materialization of a Little White Feather of the Angel of God! As I edit this text, 6 years after the Apparition, I shed a few tears of emotion as I recognize again the awesome Miracle Synchronization of the Gift of God!

Right after hitting the enter button in my computer, to the above title of ‘White Feathers’, I saw with great wonder, to my astounded surprise, between my eyes and the light of the monitor of my computer, the Materialization of a Little White Feather that was Floating in the Air, suspended in the space of time, while my Heart rejoiced in happiness with the awesome sight of the Miracle of God! After 2 seconds, the White Feather started to descend, floating down very slowly, towards the keyboard of my computer, into my extended hand that was to receive the Gift of God! I was in awe and dumbfounded, as I saw between me and the light of the screen of my computer with the text of ‘White Feathers’ this beautiful White Feather that was Come from Heaven, that was Materialized in the air in front of my eyes, to show me the Materialization of a Synchronicity of God! As the Little White Feather began floating down, very slowly in the air, I stretched out my hand, to receive in the palm of my hand the Feather Gift of God! Call this some Synchronicity and Materialization of a Gift of God!

The Floating White Feather was slowly coming down in the air and I had much time to extend my hand and watch the Miracle Materialized Gift of God slowly landing into the receiving palm of my hand! As I had in the palm of my hand my little Gift of God, my Spirit was elated in the Bliss of Communion with the Holy Spirit of God! I knew this was a Miracle of a Demonstration of the Love of God! I could not think of any more precious Gift of God with the Symbol of Peace and Love that I had found in my Little White Feather that was Materialized in the Air by the Angel of God! This is a beautiful example of a Synchronicity of God, combined with the Materialization of a Gift of God, with the Spiritual Message of the Love of God! I enjoyed for several minutes a Trance Passion of Love with God, sitting in front of my computer with the title of my text ‘White Feathers’, while holding in the palm of my hand my precious Little White Feather of the Angel of God. I was in a Rapture of Love, with the Spirit of God, as I held in my hand and in my Heart this most precious Relic Material Gift of the Love of God! A beautiful White Feather that was the symbol of the Peace and Love of God!

Eventually I came down from my Trance State Passion, and with great loving care, I took care to place my little Gift from Heaven in a little relic case, to save my Little White Feather as one of my precious Gifts of God. My rationale mind could not understand how on earth was Manifest this Materialization of the Gift of God. It was cold outside and my windows were closed when I received the Gift of God, and I do not have any birds inside my home that would account for this Materialization of God. Maybe my Guardian Angel may have moved the air in my apartment, in such a away to lift from the ground a white feather that ‘happened’ to be in my apartment, to make Manifest the Little White Feather in the air, right in front of my eyes, right after having written the title of ‘White Feathers’ to start the description of this type of Manifestation of God! Easier to happen would be that my Guardian Angel just Materialized for me the White Feather of an Angel of God! Maybe even so, my Little White Feather maybe one of the Feathers of my Angel of God! This is thus an extraordinary Synchronicity of God with a Kinetic Manifestation of my Angel of God! I do not need to show the Materialization of a dinosaur in the little room of my apartment to show you a Miracle of God; the Apparition of a Little White Feather will do very nicely!

I took a picture of my Little White Feather of the Angel of God, and the Miracle Picture further shows that the Gift from Heaven is a Manifestation of Heaven. Blue Turquoise Light with a little Green Spiritual Light is Manifest on Little White Feather to provide supporting evidence to the Miracle Experience with my Guardian Angel of God! The Manifestation of Light shows the same Turquoise Green Color of the Holy Spirit as was Manifest to my eyes in the Sanctuary of Mount Carmel in the Holy Land, on the celebration of Pentecost of the new millennium.

Another Materialization of a Feather was Manifest with the Blessed Virgin and the Lord. The Materialization of the Gift of Heaven brought forth a Miracle Picture made Manifest by the Angel of the Lord. White Silky Feather was Touched by the Angel to produce the Image of Feathers of Little Angel Child, with the Face of the Lord! The Head of a Child formed by the pattern of feathers of the Materialized White Silky Feather is clearly Manifest between the Image of Light of Little Praying María and the Image of the Lord! The White Feather that I saved in my Relic Case of Jesus was Arranged by the Hand of God, or by the Angel of God, to produce the Miracle Image of ‘Little Sleeping Child’, right beneath the image of the Lord! To help me recognize that the Child of Feathers made Manifest in White Silky Feather is a Child of the Lord, the Child of Feathers was Made to Have physiognomic features as the face of the Miracle Icon of my Little Angel Child that I had bought a few months earlier. Indeed, the closed eyes, with the pointed nose, the chubby cheeks, and the baby type lips, are all clearly visible in the Child of Feathers and my Baby Angel of Love! The Miracle Image of the Face of the Child in the Pattern of Feathers is the Symbolic Face of the Child Jesus, or a little Angel of God!

My White Feathers are Miracle Relics of my collection of Gifts from God. Little White Feather was made ‘Magic in the Air’ with much Peace and Love with the Angels of God. As I wrote this sentence, that my Little White Feather was ‘Magic in the air’, I remembered that I had written a similar text 3 years earlier, in the booklet of my published music CD of PanGaia. As I look for the text that I had written for the story ‘White Feathers and Magic Numbers’, I read: Magic was in the air and in the PanGaia project, like Angels playing their little games of Love. Indeed, my Angel of my Love, my beautiful wonderful adorable Guardian Angel of my Love, was ‘Come Talk to me’, to play with me Adorable Little Games of Love! What is written so it shall be done! Come! Angel of my Love: come and play with me, the Sweet Little Games of Your Love!

Cry for Gaia with Cry from Gaia of PanGaia of my Love

PS: Mystic Experience in 1995 during the recording of my song “Cry from Gaia”; written in 1995).

It was a disappointing day at the studio, struggling to lay down the horn parts for my songs ‘Cry from Gaia’ and the Messenger of Love’. After working for hours with the recording engineer, to see if we could mix and sample any of the horn parts, which had been seriously misplayed the day before, I finally came to the wise conclusion to dump all that crap. The previous day, I had fought with the ‘Garbage Horn Ensemble’ for over 5 hours, during the recording of the horn parts, and today I was able to rescue only 4 horn notes, I must repeat, 4 notes, from the overall rubbish, to use in the final mix of my songs! Too late I had realized that the ‘Garbage Horn Ensemble’ had taken my money and run. My stupid naïveté would cost me dear, another tough lesson with the evil of the human factor, and a major leak to my poor wallet, for each horn note had cost me 200 dollars! Thus I thought, why had I not hired Miles Davis to do the job! When you buy something at the store that is defective and the next day you find it is kaput, broken down, don’t you get your money back when you return it? For good business, is not the good customer always right? Will humans never learn ‘what you sow is what you reap’, ‘what goes around will come around’, ‘the love you take is equal to the love you make’? I must include herein, ‘the suffering you make, will equal to the suffering you will take’, for there will be lots of gnashing of teeth in Hell for all those evil bastards that manifest Evil in this world! Again I had shed my ‘blood’ for the sins of others, and thus I considered if I should rename PanGaia as another ‘blood, sweat and tears’, for indeed, those were many suffering years of much human factor, with much blood, sweat and tears.

Quickly I had to find a solution to generate the absent horn parts, because my steady horn players from the conservatory were all gone on vacation, and studio time was ticking very expensively. In the pain of it all I decided to consult the Spiritual Heart with Mother Gaia, by taking a long walk in the woods, to inspire my Spirit to seek a solution in the Heart of God. Soon I nourished my Soul with the sounds of nature, with trees ‘blowing in the wind’, and the songs of the birds soothing my troubled Heart in the Heart of Nature. As I reached an open field, with a large castle in the woods, I suddenly saw, maybe 100 meters away, a huge bird, about 2 meters long, with an ornament of magnificent colors that I seldom had seen before. The beautiful bird was minding his business, which was eating. I stood still, in the silence of Nature and prayed to Mother Gaia, asking to draw this extraordinary creature towards me, to make it come closer to me, so I could further admire its majestic beauty in a close encounter with the Nature of God. Thus, to get the attention of the bird, I called out loud: Come! Come Bird come! Immediately, to my dumbfounded surprise, to my call, the bird lifted his head from the ground, and quickly started to walk towards me! The beautiful bird came slowly closer, step by step, looking at me, now and then, from the far distance, while still pecking here and there for some food, that during his walk towards me, he was finding on the ground. As the magnificent bird came closer to me, I started talking to the bird, with a firm but soft voice: Come baby, come; I have composed ‘Cry from Gaia’, and sing for you ‘keep my bird, this is my word’, to save you from mean human beings. As I talked to the bird, I slowly entered a Mystical State of Connection with Love Mother Gaia and the Holy Spirit of God! As the bird was about 5 meters away from me, I sat down on the ground, and watched in awe at the awesome creature, as it suddenly displayed his beautiful beauty with the Colors of a Rainbow of the Nature of God.

The main purpose of this magnificent Creature of God, through selection and evolution, was to be beautiful, and was one of the special Toys of God. The most prevalent color that embellished his astonishing splendor was blue, the bluest of blues, the Color of the Holy Spirit; but all other colors of the spectrum were painted on his magnificent ornament: yellow, black, white, brown, grey, several greens, faint reds, pink and violets. Am I missing any other color in the ornament of this Bird with the Word of the Beauty of God? His head was adorned with a crown of blue and greenish plumules, and his large awesome tail featured rainbow colored eye-like spots, like Eyes of God, with the form of the Heart, the Symbol of Love. Blue Turquoise Light with the Color of the Holy Spirit were Manifest in the Eye Heart Spots of this Bird with the Word of this Messenger of Love. The creature was an awesome Beauty of God that stirred my Heart into awe, in Mystical Contemplation with the Nature of God!

You’re so vain‘ kept walking towards me, proud and tall, thinking ‘I am the prettiest of them all’. Closer and closer, the bird came walking to me, so close to me, looking at me with occasional eye contact, embracing my Spirit with the Heart of Mother Gaia of my Love. Very close next to me was now the Bird with the Word, and I stopped talking to the bird to feel his physical presence, so close to me that I could have touched the bird with my hand, which I did not, because I knew this was a Holy Creature sent by the Spirit of Gott! I found myself One with Nature, and One with God, connected to the Spirit of the Bird with the Spirit of God! Be still and wait for the Lord, and I did, and found God! I felt that the Spirit of God was Incarnate in the Bird, to become the Bird with the Word, with the Love of the Spirit of God! After a few minutes in perfect silence with the Bird of the Word one meter away from me, looking at my Spirit and into my eyes, the Creature of God suddenly turned around, and walked away, slowly, in the direction from where it had come from! My Heart was elated and full of joy, as I realized that I had been visited by the magnificent bird for a Close Encounter with the Spirit of Mother Nature of Mother Gaia of my Heart!

Soon I recovered from the Mystic Experience and I slowly walked back to the studio to finish the production of ‘Cry from Gaia’ and the ‘Messenger of Love’. Quickly was manifest in the studio a very talented musician that repaired all the missing horn parts, with horn computer samples, and soon we were done with the awesome ‘Cry from Gaia’ and the ‘Messenger of Love’. The songs inspired by Mother Gaia and the Spirit of God were now complete and ready to roll to blow your horn with rock and roll! My pain had been comforted by the Bird with the Word that had come to me, as I called out with my Spirit to Love Mother Gaia of my Love. My ‘Cry for Gaia’ to help me with PanGaia had been answered with the Love of Mother Gaia watching over ‘Cry from Gaia’ with the Messenger of Love.

Geese Cosmic Consciousness

The Gaia Hypothesis proposes that Mother Earth is One Conscious Living Being and that all the life forms on the Mother Planet may be connected to each other by some ‘Mother Consciousness’, which has influence on the activity of other life forms; each individual consciousness may have influence on other individual and/or community consciousness, specially in species of the same kind. This ‘Community Consciousness’ can be seen in the awesome display of thousands of fish that swim together in perfect synchrony, or in thousands of birds flying together in perfect unison synchronic dance patterns that seem to be possible only through some form of telepathic communication. Indeed, I have experienced Telepathic Communication that must be the Manifestation of a SpiritualDimension that exists on Mother Earth (Chapter 5). I have experienced MacroCosmic Consciousness that shows that there is more to life than just a chemical reaction. Genius Shakespeare wrote something like this: there is much more between Heaven and Earth than what your small little mind can image. Below I describe a Mystic Experience of Cosmic Consciousness that I enjoyed one day with a group of geese in a Nature Park.

During several years I had been feeding deers, goats, swans, geese and many other birds in my hometown animal park where I cared for animals as a volunteer. My feathered friends that lived free in the lake of the park caressed my Spirit, as I caressed their bodies with my hands, while I fed the birds with my Love. Many times the wild birds came to me and allowed me to touch them, to caress their soft feathered bodies with my hands, whereas other times, they would be a little more shy, they came close to me but would not allow me to touch them with my hands; this was my Spiritual Mood or the Spiritual Mood of the birds that made this physical contact between bird and man possible. One bird that never had problems coming up to me and rub all his body against mine was a big large goose that sometimes got angry with me when I did not obey his orders of giving him all the food that he was entitled to have! This was my Goosy the Goose, he had a yellow heart marked on his forehead, a Symbol of God that reminded me that a Bird with the Word may become Messengers of God. Goosy challenged every human being that he did not like and was fearless as Pheasy the Pheasant who many times attacked certain heartless humans that had locked him up in a prison of the park.

One special day my musician friend and I went to Arnhem to have lunch on the shore of a lake in the park. As we arrived at the restaurant and walked towards a table I was greeted by a large flock of about 30 white geese that quickly came walking towards me, and surrounded me, talking to me loud with strong geese talk, telling me things I initially did not understand. All of the geese were in front of me, surrounding me, requesting something from me, as they stood looking at me and talking to me, in their goose language, waiting for my quick reply! I inquired what was all this geese raid, and why were they making such a riot, with much loud goose talk that I did not understand. The gorgeous big white geese had surrounded me, and demanded from me, with their loud Geese Talk, that which they knew was already theirs, by a Written Destiny, through the Spiritual World of MacroCosmic Consciousness!

After some geese talk my friend and I walked away and we sat down in a nearby table to have lunch, and the ex-excited calmed-down geese slowly moved away. They were now back to their geese business, near the water of the lake, on the grass, picking here and there in the grass to seek food from the ground. I became curious about the riot-full reception committee of the geese that had been manifest towards me, and thus I analyzed the behavior of the geese with other human guests that came in and out of the restaurant. Soon I realized that the geese were not greeting other visitors that walked into the restaurant, and the birds did not move from their normal geese business on the grass as they had done with me half an hour earlier. I felt special about having received this attention from my little large white geese feathered friends that I had come to love and know well through Goosy the Goose of the animal park of Nijmegen.

I had been regularly feeding ducks and geese in the lake of Nijmegen during several years and it seemed that this other flock of geese in Arnhem, a few miles away, knew through ‘Geese Cosmic Consciousness’ that I had been, or was, a Source of Food for all the geese of the wild! I wanted to believe that the geese had come to talk to me to give me their love, or what they wanted from me was the Food of my Love, but the reality of the matter was, that what they wanted, was the love of my food, and not the Food of my Heart! None of this really mattered much because the geese knew very well, that sooner or later, I would feed them with the love of my food with the Love of my Heart! It became sooner, rather than later, because the geese had Come Talk to me with a Whole lot of Love! I did not make the geese wait and quickly I ordered an extra large special lunch for the geese, and the geese understood well my human talk, because after calling them to come unto me, they all came running, very fast towards me, and quickly they where all surrounding me, eating the food from my hands! Come! Goosy, Come! And in 30 seconds I had all the crowd of 30 geese surrounding me, showing me their Spirit of Love! Seek and ye shall find! Ask and it shall be given! Even so for all the Creatures of the Wild that have the Food of Love of God in their Hearts!

The geese knew via Universal Cosmic Consciousness that they would receive food from me; it was God in the Geese, and God in Me, the Spirit of God Incarnate in the Geese that knew Me, so that it may be written and so it may be done. Come! Lets have some fun! With all the little creatures under the Sun! So help me God, take me by Your Hand, to make me understand, All Your Land, with the Bird with the Word with the Lord that is Manifest in Mother Gaia in my Heart!

Spiritual Sterilization of the Immaculate Cheese with the Heart of María

I was back home in The Netherlands recovering from a pilgrim weekend trip to the Sanctuary of Köln and was writing about my Mystic Experience with a Miracle Icon of the Blessed Virgin in the magnificent Cathedral of Köln. It was in this Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin where God had Made me Invisible to human guards to be able to enter into a Chapel of María to take photos of a Miracle Icon of the Blessed Virgin (CW). I was not happy with the results of my pictures because they did not capture the Heart of Light I had seen with the Madonna of Köln. I wanted to see more Miracles of María, and more of María I wanted of María, I wanted more of María my Love for Maria with more Miracles of God. I wanted more Love of María, I wanted more Miracles of María with the Heart of the Love of God. I was disappointed I had not received a Miracle from Maria but also thought I had received enough from María and felt I was pushing too hard, asking always too much, in my constant request for Miracles of God. As I realized my greed for more Manifestations of María, I raised from my chair, and went to kiss my Miracle Statue of Notre Dame de Beauraing and asked María to forgive my greedy Heart that wanted more Love and Miracles of God. I kissed the Heart of Love of my statue of the Blessed Virgin and said aloud to the Lady of my Heart: María, I cannot get enough of You!

This child-like behavior I thought was interesting and decided to include these words in my memoirs writing the paragraph above with the words I said out loud: María: I cannot get enough of You! After writing ‘María, I cannot get enough of You’, I took a break from my computer work for a super fast non-wasting time TV news dinner with some bread with the hole-filled Dutch Gatenkaas cheese. Here I was happy in my Heart unwrapping the piece of cheese from the paper and quickly I see what I had requested from María seconds earlier which was more Miracle Love of María as I saw her Mystic Image with a Heart of Love in the cheese of my dinner! Indeed, as I unwrapped the paper covering the piece of cheese I saw a big Heart of Love made Manifest in the Cheese, and as I raised the cheese with my hands to analyze the Heart, I saw the Symbol of Love with the image of the Gestalt of María! Carved on the front of the cheese was a Heart of Love and behind the Symbol of Love was a Gestalt of María, both manifest in one Big Hole of the Cheese of Love to acknowledge with a Symbol of Love my call for more Love of María! As I saw these 2 Symbolic Images of the Heart of Love and the Image of María carved on my dinner cheese I recognized this was a Miracle of María answering my appetite for more Love of María as I had requested in writing one minute earlier with my words: María, I cannot get enough of You!

Soon I settled down from my happy encounter with the Gestalt of Maria and started to think what was next in my menu of Experiences with God. I thought that before sacrificing my Cheese of María to the digestive enzymes of my stomach I should take pictures of the cheese to provide evidence of this little wonder of God. I grabbed my camera and asked the cheese to say cheese and thus I took some pictures! After taking the pictures I did not know if I should eat the Gift of God and fill my body with a Miracle of God or if I should not eat the Gift of God until I made sure that I had some good pictures of my Gift of María. Eventually I cut out the square of cheese with the Gestalt of María with the Heart of Love and saved the Cheese of María; eating the rest of the cheese, while thinking where to store my edible Gift of God. I was not sure whether I should put the Piece of Cheese in the refrigerator, where cheese is stored, but Inner Little Self decided to leave the Cheese of María on the table of my kitchen, and wait for the results of the pictures of my Cheese of Maria. Next day I received the nice pictures, and still did not know what to do with my edible Cheese of María: to eat or not to eat the Miracle Cheese was my question, because I wanted more of Maria with another Miracle of God.

Another day passed by with my Cheese of María on the table of my kitchen, exposed at room temperature in the hot summer, and I still did not know what to do with my Gift of María; the cheese would start to decompose due to the wrath of the microbial world and thus I had to do something with my Gift of God. Was I to eat my Gift of Heaven expecting a Miracle Cure made Manifest by the Blessed Virgin? I was healthy at the time, and did not need any Miracle Healing; I wanted to eat the Cheese with the Heart but also wanted to save the Miracle Cheese as a Relic Gift of God. How would I preserve the Miracle Cheese of María from biological decay? We were having a hot summer and quickly the cheese would show normal biological decay. I had touched the Cheese of María with my bacteria and fungus-filled hands, and the clerk in the cheese store had handled the cheese with bare hands; thus, at room temperature, the microbial world would quickly bear witness of its multiplying presence on my biological cheese Gift of God. Was there any way I could sterilize the microbes of the cheese without destroying its natural structure? Would I be able to sterilize away the biological creatures by a brief microwave treatment? Quickly I realized there was nothing I could do to save the cheese but wait for the biological wrath of natural law. While discussing with Inner Little Self how to save the Miracle Cheese from the contaminating microbial world I heard Inner Little Voice say pray: Wait for the Lord; thus I decided to leave the Cheese of María do its own thing and I placed the Cheese Gift in my cabinet with my other Miracle Relics, and waited for the Lord…

Still I did not get enough of You, and every day, as I returned from work, I would peak into my cabinet, to check the health of my Wealth of my Gift of God, to see if my Cheese of María was subject to the wrath of the microbial world. Behold, the next day my Cheese of María was as fresh as the day before, and the next days the cheese was as impecable as the first day because not a single stain was visible on my Gift of God! Five days passed and then seven and my Gift of God was not touched by the microbial world! At the ninth day I realized there was more to the Cheese of María than the natural law! Indeed, two days later, I realized that my lust for María of I cannot get enough of You had Sterilized my Cheese by a Miracle of God! The days passed and then the weeks as I checked on my Cheese of María in my cabinet to establish that the Miracle Cheese remained Immaculate with the Spirit, spared from the wrath of the microbial world! I was now convinced that the Miraculous Cheese had been Touched by the Sterilizing Energy of God! Twenty years have passed as I edit this text and I still have my Miracle Cheese in my cabinet with other Miracle Relics of my Mystic Experiences with my Lady and the Lord!

It has been argued by religious scholars that not through merits but only through Grace of God one can receive a Miracle of God. I think that merit is essential because I am certain that my call for more Love from María was critical to receive this Miracle of God. The Manifestation of God comes when the Target of a Miracle seeks God and wants to find God and opens the Heart to receive a Manifestation of God. The Miracle of God comes through Interactive Play between God and the Child, when the Child with Merit seeks God, and God sees the Child with Merit, to give out the Graces of God! Still my Inner Little Child states what I want I want I want! More Love of Maria I want! I want more Miracles to Save the Sacred Animals of my Lady and my Lord! María: I cannot get enough of You!

Lunch Party with the ‘beasts of the wild’

(PS: Experience in 1992; written in 1996; photos in 2018 in Yellowstone)

During my trip to visit Niagara falls, one afternoon, I stopped at a restaurant, to eat lunch, along gorgeous Lake Ontario. As I stepped inside the restaurant, I got sick about the sick environment, induced by the human factor. There were people smoking, drinking bear and booze, playing pool and watching football on TV, while outside it was wonderful weather, with a deep blue awesome breath-taking sky. I did not understand how humans would intoxicate themselves in the crowded contaminating smoke-filled inside, when there was so much beauty outside, on the shores of the beautiful lake, with the wonderful blue sky. The lake and the sky was absolutely lovely, and thus I quickly ordered some food and asked the waiter to bring it outside. I was completely alone at the shore of the lake, with all the blue sky, all the fresh air, and all the beauty lake for myself, while inside the contaminated restaurant, was all the human factor, drinking beer, smoking drugs, and watching behind a screen many large human beings chasing a ball while punching themselves down hard to the ground!

I sat down on a table next to the water of the lake, and soon I had 3 ducks next to my side! They started talking to me, saying something like ‘kwak kwak kwak’, telling me they were hungry. I could not immediately comply with their requests, but told them to wait, and be patient, for soon the lunch would arrive. The ducks understood what I said, decided to wait, and sat down next to me, while I took pleasure in the peaceful presence of my patient feathered guests! As soon as the food arrived I gave the three ducks part of my bread and all of my oily French fries, which they appreciated much more than I. Quickly, 3 more ducks joined our lunch party, and I was thrilled with the party, as I fed the 6 wild ducks out from my hands! Soon 3 additional small birds and a seagull joined us for lunch. The small birds catered for the little pieces of bread, and the seagull handled the larger potato fries. There was no fighting for the food between the many ducks, the small birds, and in particular the seagull, who did not steal any food from the other birds, and behaved like a true gentleman of the sky! Have you ever seen a seagull that does not steal food from other birds and behaves like this gentleman of the sky? The food was running out, and thus quickly I had to order more bread and potato fries, for my hungry feathered guests of the sky. To my pleasant surprise, 3 rabbits appeared in the scene to join our picnic party! The rabbits were however not interested in the food since they did not eat bread nor the fries, but seemed interested in the party, since they stayed with us until we all had finished our lunch! The most interesting visitor joined us a little later, for dessert, and this was a tiny cute little mouse, that came for the last toast of our party in the wild!

The human factor inside thought they were having a party, with beer, drugs and football games, but they did not know the interesting party they were missing outside, with all the little beasts of the wild that had come to visit my Heart! Soon the lunch with the little animals was over, and I continued my pilgrimage through Holy Nature, to the see other Wonders of Nature. Indeed, a few hours later, I had a different close encounter with the Wonders of Mother Gaia, with the astonishing Niagara Falls! Still, I remember even better, my Lunch Party with my animal friends of the wild!

Thank you Mother Gaia with the Holy Spirit of my Heart for sending me all your loving little creatures with the Heart of Your Love! Send me Your Little Creatures with the Heart of the Holy Spirit so I may see the Love of the Spirit that I must seek and find within me!

Sluggy the Slug with the Message of Love for all Creatures of God

During Pentecost 1998 in the Sanctuary of Banneux I had a Mystic Experience with a Lady of Light that changed my life to become more aware of the Angels of God (above). Next morning I was in the Chapel of Archangel Michael where I experienced my first Trance Ecstasy with this Archangel of God. After this Mystic Experience I went for a walk under the nice blue sky and many hundreds of other pilgrims were also walking along the trails of the sanctuary. Suddenly I came upon a slug, a shell-less snail that was crossing the asphalt trail, and quickly I realized that the crawling creature was in harms way because he could be accidentally trampled by the passing crowds. I decided to put the slug in a safe place and thus I grabbed Sluggy the Slug with my fingers and left him on the other side of the trail on the ground in the woods, in a safe place away from the passing human crowds. Quickly I realized, a prima facie, that my action might have been quite dumb, because Sluggy the Slug had lots of sticky stuff on his body and had left this glueish sticky stuff all over my fingers when I grabbed Sluggy the Slug with my hands! The very sticky stuff on my hands was now a problem I had to solve, and once I made sure that Sluggy the Slug was crawling in the right direction, away from the dangers of human crowds, I commenced the task of removing the sticky stuff that was left on my fingers, the glue sticky stuff remnant wrath of Sluggy the Slug. Quickly I realized that removing the sticky stuff was to be no easy task, and verily I say unto you, it took me half an hour to remove all the sticky stuff of Sluggy the Slug! After messing around with leaves from the ground to remove the sticky glue from my fingers I had to seek assistance of the Holy Waters of the Source of Notre Dame to remove the sticky stuff of Sluggy the Slug. While in the business of removing the sticky mess from my fingers I still felt good about my action to save Sluggy the Slug, and thought that I would do it all over again, even if I had to suffer the wrath of the sticky stuff of Sluggy the Slug! Sluggy the Slug deserved all my Heart to be saved from any potential fatal intrusion of careless humans that do not care much for such crawling creatures of our Miracle Mother Earth.

Soon I was released from the sticky glue stuff of Sluggy the Slug and I continued my walk in the trail, and minutes after this incident with Sluggy the Slug, the Lord was Manifest with an awesome Gift of God: the very First Miracle Picture that I received in my life after caring for a Slug! I was next to the statue of Saint Alphonsus that was present when I received the Telepathic Manifestation of Evangelizare when I was interrupted by two pilgrims that eventually took a picture of me with the statue of the Saint that turned out a Miracle Picture, with a symbolic Blue Spirit Light of the Angelic World. My action to save Sluggy the Slug was rewarded with this beautiful Mystic Miracle Symbolic Picture with Holy Mother Nature with the Holy Spirit of God.

A few months later the same creature brought forth another Miracle of God with another important Message of God. Another Miracle of God would be Manifest with a slug to follow up on my Act of Love that I had given to my little Creature of God. During my visit to the Sanctuary of Lourdes I was in the mountains, where I would hear a Thunder of God and then see a great avalanche of the Mountain of the Lord (CW). Soon after hearing and seeing the avalanche I climbed up the mountain of rocks to come as close as I could to a beautiful image of the Blessed Virgin holding a beautiful Child Jesus that captured the attention of my Heart. I took several pictures of this Image of María and Jesus in a great Passion of Love because I could not get enough of the Beauty of this María the Beautiful and the image of Little Child Jesus that was also absolutely gorgeous, with his wide open arms, inviting my Heart to come and Embrace the Heart of the Child of the favorite Child of God. I climbed as high as I could, but could not reach the top of the rock, to be next to the wonderful statue of Beautiful María and the Embracing Child Jesus. During a few minutes I took several pictures that are shown herein and quickly was Come a Manifestation with Sluggy the Slug with a Message for all the Creatures of the World!

One of the pictures Materialized the Light of a Slug on the chin of the Embracing Child Jesus! During the scanning session of the pictures I would realize that a Sluggy the Slug had Materialized on the chin of Little Child Jesus. There was a black little thing on the chin of Jesus that I could not identify in the image but when I zoomed in for a close-up scan I would recognize that Embracing Child Jesus was carrying on his chin a second Sluggy the Slug!

Only 1 picture in the series of 7 pictures that I took that day shows Sluggy the Slug on the chin of little Embracing Child Jesus; all the other pictures do not show Sluggy the Slug in any other part of the 3 meter high statue of the Blessed Virgin. I took all the pictures in a matter of a few minutes, and thus it is impossible to explain how could the slow snail crawl so fast to make this Sudden Apparition on Little Child Jesus. The slow snail of Sluggy the Slug must have crawled really fast to the chin of Jesus from the bottom of the statue, from one picture with no snail to the next picture with the Snail. Maybe the Slug was a real slug Incarnate with the Holy Spirit that made him crawl really fast to the chin of Little Child Jesus? Or is this a Slug of Light made Manifest by my Angel to bring a Message of God? Verily I say unto you: there is much more between Heaven and Earth than material little creatures that crawl all over the world! Why was Sluggy the Slug crawling on the top of this marble stone image of Jesus? Was the slug searching for food on sterile marble stone, high on the statue, when biological food was on the ground? Maybe Sluggy the Slug was searching for Spiritual Food in a Message of the Lord for a Cause of Love for Humanity. Why did little Sluggy the Slug crawl to the specific site of the chin of Little Child Jesus, to Show Itself, to become famous around the world? I know why: there is no other better place in the whole statue of the Blessed Virgin with the Child Jesus for Sluggy the Slug to make Her Apparition; because this is the perfect site: on the Chin of the Embracing Child Jesus! To give a nice Message of the Lord! Indeed, not even the forehead of the Beautiful Blessed Virgin would be a better Choice of God to make an Act de Présence of Sluggy the Slug, in the overall 3 meter statue, because the Major Spiritual Activity of the overall Miracle Statue is in the adorable image of the Wide Open Arms of the Little Inviting All Loving Embracing Child Jesus!

The Miracle Picture shows that Embracing Child Jesus is embracing Sluggy the Slug! As I analyzed my overall Mystic Experience with Sluggy the Slug I felt that the Holy Spirit, through the Image of Little Child Jesus, was giving me Love for the Love I had given for Sluggy the Slug. Little Sluggy the Slug brought forth the Message of the Lord that whosoever whenever you do something good for a needed Creature you do something Good for God! The Lord uses all Elements of Nature to Manifest Loving Presence in all creatures Great and Small. Be aware in your going about with all the Creatures of the World for the Holy Spirit Loves and Lives Within the Soul of all Its Sacred Creatures of Love Mother Earth! Indeed: Who shall so receive any such little creature (children and animals) in my Name receiveth Me (Mathew 18:1); and: Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unaware (Hebrews 13:2). All Adorable Animals are all Angels of God!

Words of Buda: Love all living beings and pacify your spirits by stopping the killing and eating of animals; this is the true test of religiosity, because the true wise man of God will not kill animals and will not eat animals, but will : Love and Keep and Potentiate the Life of All Creatures in Every Manifestation.

This little poem appeared in a few seconds after finishing writing this Mystic Experience with the little Creatures of the Lord:

For the flowers and the trees, and the mountains and the seas,
For all creatures great and small, I am your servant for you all,
Until my final day when God Holy Spirit becomes my Call.

Little Hanging Bird and the Flower Power with the Face of the Lord

(PS: Mystic Experience in 1997; written in 1997)

It was a holiday monday morning, on the celebration of the Ascension of Jesus, and I was again in Kevelaer, vistng the Sanctuary of María where 6 months earlier I had experienced the Apparition of the Face of Light of the Lord. I had recently bought my Baby Camera, and was ready to take pictures of the Sanctuary of Kevelaer, and put on print images of the Face of Light and the Angel of the Annunciation. After taking pictures of the Chapels and the Basilica, I went to the site next to the tree with the Heart of Blood, to see the window from where I had seen the Face of Light, to prepare myself mentally for the night, for the pictures that I would take of the Face of Light of Kevelaer. Soon however I realized that the summer trees had grown foliage, and the leaves of the big tree would block my vision of the Reflection of Light, and thus interfere with a picture of the Face of Light. Thus I became very worried about not being able to put on print the Miracle Image of the Face of Light of the Manifestation of Kevelaer.

While figuring out how on earth I would take pictures of the Image of Light through the leaves of the tree, I suddenly heard a strange noise in the tree of some kind of creature, right above me, that was calling out to capture my attention. As I looked up, within the tree, I was stunned as I saw a bird, in full distress, hanging upside down from the tree, with his eyes looking at me, in a weird scene that I could not understand! The bird was tied up to the tree by something that was holding one of his legs to a branch of the tree, and the bird was struggling to free itself from its captivity, fluttering with its wings, to try to fly away, moving her little body to the sides, but without going anywhere, because it was tied up to the tree that had made Manifest the Heart of Blood of Light of Kevelaer. The sight of the poor bird, hanging upside down, tied from the tree, as if crucified to the tree, was very disturbing. At first sight I could not recognize what was holding the leg of the captive bird, hanging from the branch of the tree. The Little Hanging Bird was hanging relatively high in the tree, and I could not reach him with my hands, to set the bird free. I jumped as high as I could, to see if I could grab a branch of the tree from whence the bird was hanging from to bring him down to release him, but my attempt was unsuccessful, for the branch was 1 meter beyond my reach, to help release the poor Little Hanging Bird. Right there, I made a pledge and promised Little Hanging Bird that quickly, sooner than later, I would set the bird free. I was committed to do whatever it would take, to free Little Hanging Bird from its distress, and Little Hanging Bird was to be released from its weird ordeal, even if I had to bring in the whole fire department!

The four alternative preliminary plans to rescue Little Hanging Bird, was to climb the tree, climb above something to reach the branch of the tree, bring down the branch with something, or call in the fire department, to set the bird free. Climbing the tree was not an easy option, for the tree was thick at its base, and the first branches were high and beyond my reach. Since I was not Tarzan, I would need a rope to reach the branch to climb the tree, or get some long stick to bring down the branch that was holding Little Hanging Bird to the tree. It was to me quite remarkable, that in the middle of the Sanctuary, during one of the most crowded holidays of the year, with hundreds of pilgrims walking constantly below this tree, that nobody had seen, or realized, the Little Hanging Bird, hanging upside down from the tree in distress, in the middle of the Sanctuary. The Lord had given me again the ‘Awareness of Angels’, that I would be the one to see Little Hanging Bird, to release the bird from its torment, and set the little creature free! It seemed that again I was alone on my own, fighting against the chaotic elements, and quickly it was time to take action to release Little Hanging Bird from its distressful tribulation. I decided to try first the most simple plan, and thus I went to find a long stick within other trees, to bring down the branch of the tree from which Little Hanging Bird was hanging from, and once I had the branch within my hands, I would set the captive bird free. A few minutes later, I arrived with my long stick, to help Little Hanging Bird, and soon I was joined by a young man, that saw the overall weird activity that I was putting forth beneath the tree, to help me in the rescue operation of Little Hanging Bird.

Now we had a complete rescue team for the project ‘Rescuing Little Hanging Bird’, and the team was quick, efficient and professional! We took hold of a bicycle that was nearby, and I helped my colleague to mount on the bicycle, and with my stick, and a little bit of balanced equilibrium, we brought down the branch that was holding Little Hanging Bird. Quickly thus, we were able to free the distressed bird from his hanging ordeal! The leg of Little Hanging Bird was all wrapped up in a green string, that had been wrapped to the branch of the tree. The misfortune of Little Hanging Bird was most weird, because, although the ordeal was human-induced, by the man made string, the captivity of the bird could not have been done with a malicious intention. I could not believe that someone would be so mean to hang Little Hanging Bird upside down from the branch of a tree; however, when it comes to evil actions perpetrated by the human factor, there are almost no more surprises to the evils that can be inflicted by evil human beings. After releasing Little Hanging Bird from the tree, the bird was almost ‘free as a bird’, but not quite, for his leg was still wrapped up in the string that had caused her bizarre captivity.

Little Hanging Bird had still her little leg all wrapped up with the green string, and the poor little thing was in shock, totally stressed out, very much dazed and confused. Little Hanging Bird was very distressed and did not move as we held it in our hands to analyze what to do next to set him free from her string chaining tribulation. Not only was she still caught in a net of a string, but also in our hands, and thus she might have thought that she would become the next meal of the human factor! Little Hanging Bird would become someday the meal of someone, but surely would not be the meal of the Hanging Bird rescue team. My colleague grabbed the bird with his hands, while I started to entangle the green string wrapped around the fragile little fingers of her little delicate leg. It was extremely difficult to release her fingers from the strong string without damaging his fragile little leg, and I committed myself to use all my skills to free unharmed the distressed Little Hanging Bird. We now had a big crowd of about 20 curious spectators, surrounding us, watching the rescue team working hard to release the Little Hanging Bird! The scene was quite peculiar and the task at hand was not easy, but knowing that soon we would become successful, I became a little funny and sarcastic and thus asked for a doctor veterinarian. Indeed, I was the veterinarian! I requested from the crowd for some kind of a tool, some instrument such as a key, to perform my delicate surgery, to help unloosen the nasty strings from the little fingers of Little Hanging Bird. Immediately, someone in the crowd told me she had a pair of scissors, and this was the perfect tool I needed, to set this bird free, once and for all, completely free in the Skies of Heaven! The tool I was given was so perfect, that maybe the human pilgrim with the scissors was a Materialization of an Angel, disguised in human form, to assist us in the liberation of Little Hanging Bird! The rescue project was looking good, and the Hanging Bird operating team, composed by the surgeon, assistant to the surgeon, and instrumentalist, was very professional! Slowly I cut with the scissors the green nylon string around the foot of the bird, without touching the small delicate fingers of Little Hanging Bird, and thus quickly, the bird was released unharmed! My commitment to free the bird was fulfilled as I had promised her fifteen minutes earlier! And I didn’t have to call in the fire department! As we released Little Hanging Bird from our hands, he was free as a bird, but ex-hanging bird flew only a couple of meters away, and crash landed in the ground! Little Hanging Bird was still in shock, dazed and confused, and could not fly away into freedom. We grabbed the dizzy bird and put him in a safe place, within the bushes of the sanctuary, where he would not be found very easily by other animals, and become the next meal of the beasts of the wild! Hence the job was done, I thanked my colleague for his help, and we departed towards our next destination!

That afternoon, I checked a few times on my Little Hanging Bird within the bush, to see how she was doing, for I still was a little concerned that she would become the meal of some prowling cat of the ground. Little Hanging Bird remained in the safety of the bush without moving, during a few hours, and late in the evening, I bought for him some bread to feed the little bird in the bush, but to my pleasant surprise, ex Hanging Bird was finally gone, with no traces of feathers, and thus I was relieved that this bird had found its freedom into the skies! A few weeks later, I returned to Kevelaer and came upon a very similar bird, that seemed to be Little Hanging Bird, walking close to the bush where I had placed the Free Bird, and this time the bird was in the company of a very tiny little bird, that might have been Tiny Little Hanging Bird Junior! Little Hanging Bird Junior was a baby bird, that still could not fly, and thus was walking on the ground, with the bird mother following her little baby all around. It seemed that Little Baby Bird had fallen down from her nest and thus I picked the baby bird and placed her inside the bushes, in safety, away from the beasts of the wild. Mother Bird watched me closely, a few meters away from the new nest that I had found for Little Baby Bird, and when I was done and walked away, she flew towards the new nest of Baby Bird Junior. I do not know nothing more of the lives and times of Little Baby Bird and Little Hanging Bird of the Sanctuary of Kevelaer! I shed Tears of Emotion as I edit this text and remember my strange but interesting loving experience with Little Hanging Bird in this special Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin! Indeed, how many times would I shed Tears of Emotion for all the Gifts of Heaven that I receive from the Bird with the Word of the Incarnation of God. Verily, 3 years after having rescued this little bird, as per a Miracle of God, I was saved from the beasts of the wild by an Army of Birds in the Mount of the Missions of Jesus.

At the time that I had this strange experience with Little Hanging Bird, I did not understand the meaning, or message, behind the weird experience with Little Hanging Bird. Was this the casual activity of the cruel chaos of nature? Or was this the Causal Activity of a Message of God? What was the purpose of having a bird hanging up-side down from a tree that could not even have been reached by a cat to become a meaningful meal for even the most acrobatic of cats? Was this again the consequence of the cruel chaos of the merciless Nature? Or was this another lesson for human beings, that were made to be Masters of Nature, to learn and steer the chaotic cruel world into the Perfect Order of a Paradise of Heaven on Mother Earth? Indeed, I did not share the philosophy of some nature conservationists, that one should leave nature do its own thing; but I rather think that we need to help and steer Nature to reach its Perfect Thing! I believe that human beings have been placed on Earth, not only to evolve into Perfect Spiritual Beings, but also, to transform the cruel chaos of Nature into a perfect Paradise on Earth (section 9). In addition to this Message in my Heart, I realized that the job to set Little Hanging Bird free was done through human teamwork. I was most of my time alone, in a ‘solo trip’, many times fighting against the evil human factor; but this time, getting help from kind human beings, turned out to be really wonderful! I would not have been able to set free Little Hanging Bird so efficiently, and so quickly, without the help of my assistant, and the essential scissors that I received from someone in the crowd! We are true social creatures, and thanks to symbiotic cooperation, we have evolved into this highly complex efficient creature. Indeed, it is the altruistic feature of humans that makes humanity great, the ‘celebration of humanity’, that is so much loved by the Heart of God! Where it not for the many good human beings that exist in this world, the human species would long have been gone. All human beings need to evolve to become Saints of God.

On the night of the rescue of Little Hanging Bird I could not see the Face of Light of the Vera Effigies of Kevelaer. I never saw again the Apparition of the Face of Light, but one day, the Holy Spirit gave me Grace of God, and made Manifest the Miracle Picture of the Face of Light of the Vera Effigies on a very special day with Miracles with Nature. I was working in my office, writing a dossier about vaccines, when for a moment I lost concentration from my work, as I thought about the ‘Holy Experience’ that I had experienced with my plants back home the night before. I had been taking pictures of my Divine Gloxinia Flower that was showing a Miracle of ‘Spiritual Arrested Deterioration’, in response to my Spiritual Treatment of Love. The flower was displaying this unusual life splendor, well over her normal life time span, to comply with the petition of my Heart, to conserve over time her Beautiful Spiritual Beauty. This brought back to memory the crying spell that I had suffered a few years earlier for the death of a beloved plant of mine. During several minutes I was gone from my work, dreaming with my past, remembering my little palm tree, and the Flowers of my Love. As I woke up, I felt that I had to write a few words regarding the outcome of my experience with this plant, to include in my diary, and thus I wrote in a little yellow pad, per verbatim: ‘plants love me because I adore them’ and put the paper in my bag. I thus had been busy in my Spirit, for a moment in time, with deep Emotions of Love, with the world of the Spirits of the Plants. I describe here this event, with my Thoughts of Love with my written Text of Love for my Plants of Love, for within 1 minute, I must repeat, within one minute from writing my text of Love for Plants, the Plants of Love would give me back Much Love, with a Miracle of God, showing me a Manifestation of Love!

I placed the paper note with the words ‘plants love me because I adore them’ in my bag, to take back home, to transcribe the text later into my diary, and immediately thereafter I went out from my office, to the office of my boss, for some consultation on my work. I was standing next to my boss, who was sitting at his desk, showing him my statistical data from my papers, when suddenly, in wonder, we realized, that a ‘little something’ had ‘Materialized’ in the Air, right next to my body, and floating in the air, it slowly fell to the ground! I was amazed and confused about what was at hand, and as the ‘Little Materialized Something’ reached the ground, I picked it up from the floor, and became astounded, like my boss, when we realized that the ‘Materialization in the Air’ was a Little White Flower that was showing us the Flower Power of my Love! I was stunned as I looked at the Little White Flower in my hand, as I heard my boss say in a happy astounded tone: ‘Robert, you are making flowers materialize from the air’! Indeed, each time that I edit this text I brake out in great laughter! My boss already knew about my legendary reputation at work about the accounts of my Little Miracles that sometimes I shared with my colleagues, and this was such a Little Miracle of a Materialization of a Flower in the air, right in front of a doctorate scientific top director of the Registration Department of one of the largest and most prestigious pharmaceutical companies in the world! I did not pay much attention to the interesting words of my boss, for I was too busy with the Apparition, astounded by what I knew was an awesome Materialization of God! I replied with a Happy Heart, to the interesting words of my boss, regarding the Materialization of the Flower in the Air: ‘How beautiful it is’! Surely indeed this was an Awesome Beauty of my Love Angel of my Heart, playing Synchronicity Games with beautiful creatures of Love Mother Gaia of my Heart!

I was elated about the Apparition of Little Flower Power in the air, and quickly I returned to my office, carrying carefully my White Little Flower in my hand, and in my Heart. As I was about to place the White Little Flower in my bag, I saw a second White Flower in the floor that apparently also wanted to come with me back home, to give me additional Loving Messages of the Spiritual World. I placed both Little Flowers in a box, to take them back home safely, where I would eventually discover the full Miraculous Nature and Spiritual Message of this Manifestation of God. Little Flower Power was come from a plant called Christus Doorn, the Thorn of Christ. Indeed, the plant that gave me the Gift of God of White Little Flower in the air was full of thorns, and might have been the plant used as the Crown of Thorns during the flagellation and crowning of Jesus! Little White Flower was a Message of God because soon the Flower Power of the flowers would Transmute by the Forces of the Spirit to an Image of a Bird with the Word with a Message of the Lord! Little Flower Bird number one, shows the wings and the little head of a bird, with the open mouth, a beautiful eye with eyelashes, and the beak of a Bird with the Word. Little Flower Bird number two, looks like a little Bat, or like the Swallow Bird of the Holy Apparition, showing wings and the little head, with the eye, a nose, the mouth, and large ears of a White Bat, and is carrying in its beak a Message of Love. I wondered whether the Mystical Experience with Little Flower Bird had anything to do with the Mystical Experience of my rescue of Little Hanging Bird at the site of the Apparition of the Face of Light of the Lord. That same night I went to the Sanctuary of Kevelaer and finally I was able to take the Miracle Pictures of the Face of Light, to give the lector a visual idea what I had seen during the original ‘Holy Apparition’ of the Face of Light of the Lord. That day was a ‘destiny is written’, for one little Miracle led to another little Miracle, and eventually to the Miracle Picture of the Face of Light of the Lord. I had loved and cared for Little Hanging Bird, and I had loved and cared for the Plants of my Love, and thus I received the Care and Love from the Holy Spirit with the Gift of Love of a Miracle Picture of the Face of Light of the Lord!

Rescued by an Army of Birds of the Lord in the Mount of the Missions of Jesus

Birds may become Messengers of God to bring the Good News of a Manifestation of God, or become Incarnations of God to be the Manifestation of God. In this section and many others I describe my Mystic Experiences with Birds with the Word that provide the evidence to such temporal Incarnations of God to establish Manifestation of Presence of the Holy Spirit of God. Indeed, the Miracle Picture of the Bird with the Word that was come unto me, in the Sea of Galilee, made Manifest as an Angel of Light, with Hearts of Light, and a Face of Light, is an awesome Miracle of God. Keep my Bird this is my Word, saith the little Servant of the Lord to protect all the Birds of my Love (Cry from Gaia).

One beautiful summer evening I went out to my balcony, when suddenly I saw this wild ‘flying crazy little creature’, fluttering in front of my apartment, maybe 20 meters away, doing all kinds of astounding acrobatic pirouettes, with so much speed that not only my mind but also my eyes were not able to follow. Up and down, left and right, back and forth, this weird ‘crazy little creature’ was displaying the most astonishing flying skills that I had ever seen in any creature of the wild. Within the minute of a prayer requesting to bring me closer the crazy little creature, I suddenly saw in great amazement this little brown fire-ball flying towards me, with astonishing speed, and within three seconds ‘crashed’ right next to me, on the wall of my apartment! I was shocked when I realized that the little brown fire ball was ‘crazy little creature’, that all of a sudden had ‘crash-landed’ on the wall of my apartment! The Lord had thus brought to me the crazy little creature, right next to me, in my apartment! For a second, I felt hurt for the poor bird, thinking that the crazy creature was hurt as he crashed with great speed against the wall of my apartment. Quickly however, I realized that my ‘crazy little creature’ was quite all right, for he was looking at me with this sweetest cute look, while hanging comfortably from the vertical wall of my apartment. I did not understand how on earth and from where he was pulling this additional acrobatic stunt, but she seemed to have no problems in just ‘hanging there’! My mind was numbed about what was going on, because I did not know that birds could crash-land against vertical walls, and then hang on the wall, as if this was a normal bird business!

Crazy Little Creature had ‘crash-landed’ with this loud landing-crashing sound, right next to me, on the vertical wall of my balcony, 1 meter away from me, and was looking at me, straight into my eyes, with his cute little wide opened eyes! I was relieved to recognize that the bird was not hurt and thus I welcomed my interesting visitor, with some friendly ‘human to bird’ talk, asking her if she was all right, and what was she doing, hanging on the wall of my apartment! Crazy Little Creature did not respond to my questions, but seemed to be paying attention to what I was saying, as the bird kept her sight fixed on my eyes, that were fixed on the interesting guest of my Heart. I guessed that the reason why the bird was hanging on the wall, ‘hanging in there’, was ‘because it is there’! The bird did not show the slightest fear for me, and thus I even approached my little friend further, a little closer, to establish a Close Encounter of the Wild Animal Spiritual Kind! I asked whether she was hungry, but he seemed not to be hungry, for she did not accept my bread that eventually I placed next to his beak with my hand. I was excited and thrilled and delighted with my Visitor from Heaven right next to me, giving me much more than the close call that I had requested from God a few minutes earlier! I slowly came closer and closer to my little Bird with the Word, until I was so close, that I whispered my Words of Love into the ears of my adorable Crazy Little Creature of God of my Love! I was so close to Crazy Little Creature that my breath with my words moved the feathers of the little Bird of my Love! I could have kissed the adorable Creature of God with my lips, that were hungry for her Love, but I confess I did not, for I thought this might be a true Angel Incarnation of God! How much I regret today this mistake of missing such a Kiss of Love to this little Love Incarnation of God! Never again would I miss another such Kiss of Love for my Creatures of God that I eventually gave to many other wild animals and little birds of my Heart! Crazy Little Creature was so adorable lovely that I not only wanted to kiss her, but wanted to eat her all up, with a whole lot of my Love! During 10 long minutes, I had this wonderful bird-talk with Crazy Little Creature, that was more a monologue, but what a monologue this was, this ‘Conversation with God’! I was in a Rapture of Love with Crazy Little Creature that brought into my Heart the Spirit of the Love of God. A few more minutes passed, in this Interaction of Love, and having satisfied my Heart with a whole lot of Love, I decided I had to take a picture of my Visitor from Heaven and eventually I took pictures 10 cm away from the Bird with the Word with the Spirit of God. As I edit this text, and look at the picture of my little bird, I say to myself, in Spanish: ‘lo adoro totalmente’, which means: ‘I completely adore him’, and I burst out in Tears of Emotion! Closer I could not come to the bird to take another picture, because when I did, I would loose the focus on the image of the bird with the close-up macro lens of my camera! I just could not get enough of my Little Crazy Creature, and took many pictures with my camera, for I was in a Rapture of Love with my Love Incarnation of God! I was thinking to take a picture with one hand while caressing the Bird with the other hand, when suddenly, I heard in great surprise, that I had another feathered Visitor from the Skies, right next to me, 1 meter away, demanding the immediate attention of my Heart!

Flutter, flutter, flutter, was the sound of the bird, close to my feet, walking on the ground of the balcony of my apartment! Quickly I kneeled close to this other Bird with more Word, asking my new friend what he was doing in my apartment! This bird was a pigeon, and was also not scared, and after some interesting pigeon talk, I took a picture of my second feathered Messenger from Heaven. Soon thereafter, I grabbed the pigeon with my hands, and threw her away into the air, out from my apartment. The pigeon however had made his plans to stay in my apartment, and after flying about 10 meters away in the air, I was astounded to see her fly right back to me, and settled right next to me, on to the veranda of my apartment! Quickly, Pigeon Bird started to walk on the veranda, towards Little Crazy Creature, hanging on the wall of my apartment! The scene of seeing the Pigeon Bird walking towards Little Crazy Creature was a Mystical Experience with the Love Heart of Mother Nature of the Lord! When both birds came close together, Little Crazy Creature decided it was time for her to leave the arena of Bird Encounters of the Spiritual Kind! Thus, my Miracle Bird flew away, as free as a bird of a Miracle Kind! As I saw Little Crazy Creature flying away from my life my Soul got a little sad to loose my special Visitor from Heaven! Little Pigeon Bird was Sent by God to sooth the sadness of my Heart for the up-coming imminent departure of Little Crazy Creature! Little Crazy Creature was now gone, but Sleepy Sleeping Pigeon was still with me, although she did no longer want to play, but only wanted to stay, and sleep the night away, with his Angels of God. Soon my Sleepy Sleeping Pigeon found a nice comfortable place on the chair that I had in the balcony; the Mystical Picture shows Sleepy Sleeping Pigeon with Mystical Lights, ready to sleep for the night, next to my bedroom and the Heart of my Soul.

Crazy Little Creature was a swallow, and I totally adored my adorable Little Swallow Incantation of God. Some pigeons come close to human beings, but a shy swallow of the wild will not come so close like this to humans, unless this is the Desire of God. The Apparition of Little Swallow Incantation was a prologue to a Miracle with Swallows that I experienced a few months later, during my pilgrim visit to the Holy Land. Indeed, a whole Army of Swallows with the Holy Spirit was come to my rescue, from beasts of the wild, in the Mount of the Missions of Jesus, to acknowledge the Miracle Apparition of Little Swallow Incantation with the Spirit of the Angel of God (below).

To celebrate Pentecost of the year 2000 I had come to the Holy Land of Lord Jesus, where I experienced many Miracles of God. After visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulcher of Lord Jesus I went to the Wailing Wall, the famous 3,000 year-old wall, the only remaining old structure still standing on the Temple Mount of the Holy City of Jerusalem. I spent 2 hours with the Wailing Wall of the Temple Mount, due to a Visitation from Heaven that was fallen from the Miracle Wall of this Holy Sanctuary of God. As I reached the Wailing Wall to say a little prayer, following the examples of the Jews, I saw right in front of me, next to me on the floor, next to the Wailing Wall: a Little Bird with the Word that was a lost Bird of the Lord. Right in front of me was a little black bird in the ground, next to the Wailing Wall, looking at me, with helpless little eyes, crying out loud, in silence, like a ‘Blackbird singing in the dead of the night’ (one of my favorite songs). I kneeled for a close encounter with the bird to analyze what was happening to the poor little bird creature of the Wailing Wall. Soon I realized that the large little bird was a Baby Black Crow that was fallen to the ground from its nest, somewhere high from above in the crevices of the Wailing Wall. I grabbed Little Baby Crow very carefully with my hands, kissed the poor creature in distress to bring back its health and mitigate the pain of poor suffering Baby Black Crow of the Wailing Wall. During more than 1 hour I had Baby Black Crow in my hands, walking around in the Sanctuary of the Wailing Wall, trying to come up with an idea how to save the life of my little Baby Black Crow fallen down to the ground from the heights of the Holy Wailing Wall.

There had been many people praying on the wall right next to me, and I felt a little concerned that nobody had seen or paid any attention to do something about this poor distressed little Creature of God. Maybe nobody had seen the poor bird, but I wondered why no other Soul of the many very religious Jews praying in the Wailing Wall had not noticed the suffering creature on the floor right next to the Wailing Wall. It was Inner Little Self that brought me to this exact site at the Wailing Wall for me to discover the little creature, suffering from chaos of nature, so I could help the suffering creature, with the Help from God. I would do everything that I could to release Baby Black Crow from its suffering ordeal. While having Little Baby Crow in my hands I thought that whereas praying Jews were talking in prayer to the Wailing Wall, the Wailing Wall was talking to me, with some Message of God, with the Bird with the Word of God! I told the Lord at the Wailing Wall: I’d rather have 10 flying birds in the air than 1 lonely bird in my hand; because there is a very ugly saying in Spanish: mas vale pájaro en mano que diez volando, which translates: its better to have 1 bird captured in the hand than 10 flying in the air; and another ugly saying: matar 2 pájaros de 1 tiro, which translates to kill 2 birds with 1 shot; I always say: kill 2 criminals with 1 shot, because no bird should ever be killed, and that includes Sacred Chickens that are beloved Holy Creatures like Little Swallow Incantation and Baby Black Crow of the Holy Wailing Wall of God that Loves all Sacred Animals!

I held on to Baby Black Crow committed to do everything I could to save Little Baby Bird of the Wailing Wall. I remembered my successful rescue of Little Hanging Bird in the Sanctuary of Kevelaer two years earlier after seeing the Face of Light of Jesus (above); and again I would do everything I could to save this additional creature that was ascribed to my care by the Lord of the Wailing Wall. After one hour walking back and forth in the area of the Sanctuary of the Wailing Wall, with Little Black Crow in my hands, I had become famous with the children, and suddenly I realized that I was being watched by someone in the skies that was carefully assessing what was I doing with Baby Black Crow of the Wailing Wall. Quickly I became excited when I realized that Mother Black Crow was watching me closely, analyzing every single move I was making with her Little Baby Crow in my hands! The Large Black Crow started to fly over me, a few meters away from me, towards me, back and forth, flying up and down from the Wailing Wall; indeed, Mother Crow would perch itself on the wall and then fly towards me, wanting to tell me this is my baby, my Baby Black Crow of Mother Black Crow of the Wailing Wall! Now I saw the Light, with some hope in sight, to save Little Black Crow, because now was come to the rescue Mother Black Crow of the Wailing Wall! Moreover, soon I recognized Father Black Crow, when a larger bird, flying with Mother Black Crow, watched me closely with Little Black Crow in my hands.

Mother Black Crow could not carry her large Baby Crow and soon I came to the conclusion that the best chance for safe survival was to leave Baby Black Crow at some safe place on top of the Wailing Wall, to be rescued by the Mother Crow. Thus I went with Baby Black Crow to the administration and found the caretaker of the Wailing Wall and quickly we were walking through the stairs and passages of the building to go towards the roof of the Wailing Wall. Once on top of the Wailing Wall I soon found Mother Black Crow perched on the wall, watching what was I doing with her Baby Black Crow! Quickly I found a good high place in the wall, close to Mother Crow, to leave Baby Black Crow in the hands, or rather in the wings of Mother Baby Crow! Not only Mother Crow was close to Little Baby Crow, but also Father Crow was around, watching over their Baby Black Crow, now safe in the Wailing Wall! I was very happy to see when Mother Black Crow was perched next to Little Baby Crow, protecting her baby from the beasts of the wild; indeed, several hungry Jerusalem Cats were around! That was the last time I saw Little Baby Crow next to Mother Black Crow of the Wailing Wall. Two weeks later, I would receive Payback from the Bird with the Word, for having rescued Baby Black Crow with a wonderful Miracle with Birds of the Lord that came to my rescue to save me from beasts of the wild that were feasting on my blood in a Holy Sanctuary of Christ Lord Jesus!

Two weeks after my Close Encounter with Baby Black Crow I was in the Sea of Galilee, the home of Lord Jesus, and one night I decided to sleep outside on the top of Mount Arbor, which must be the Mount of the Missions of Jesus, which was my favorite hiding place from human beings for Mystic Contemplation with God. At 4 AM in the night I became exhausted after hours of meditation, and I grabbed my sleeping bag from the car, and laid down on the ground, next to the Tree of Jesus (photo) to get a little sleep of what was left of the night of my final day in Galilee the Home of Jesus. I was about to doze away into a much needed and well-deserved sleep when suddenly I was surrounded and harassed attacked by a swarm of nasty pestering mosquitoes! There was first one mosquito on my flesh, but quickly there were two in my neck, and soon I had three mosquitoes on my head biting into my flesh, feasting from the blood of my Heart. Quickly I was fed up with them mean nasty mosquitoes that had appeared in my life, to destroy my peace, and ruin the end of a wonderful night of Mystic Communion with God. Soon more mosquitoes arrived in the scene and I would not give my right cheek to my stung left cheek to be stung again by the vicious swarm of mosquitoes; thus, I was wrought in a fight against the stinging beasts that were eating me alive, as I suffered in body and Heart. I was loosing the battle because every round was won by them nasty pestering blood sucking mosquitoes that were eating me alive; the irritating blood thirsty beasts were flying all around me, with their annoying buzzing sounds, determined to stay, and eat all my blood away. The light of a new day was slowly appearing in the scene and I was wrought with anger that I could not sleep for one hour due to these nasty pestering hungry beasts of the wild. PS: we will have to do some genetic engineering to change the behavior of the wrongly designed poor mosquitoes (Chapter 13).

Soon I rationalized there was only two ways to solve the problem of the stinging mosquitoes: leave the ground to the conquering invading mosquitoes with no sleep, or leave the battleground into the Conquering Hands of the Lord to see if I could get some sleep. I had not considered this idea before, and thus I started to pray to God to Incarnate in all the mosquitoes, to make them fly away, to find another target, and leave me alone to sleep in Peace with the Lord. I had done this in the past with instant success (CW). Thus I asked God to Come, and Incarnate in the Mosquitoes, and order the creatures to move away, and leave me alone because I was in urgent need to get some sleep before driving my car for hours all the way to the south for my last days in Jerusalem. Soon I realized that the Lord God was not answering my prayers to incarnate in the wild beasts because they just kept coming at me, with their stinging tools, feasting on my flesh and blood, destroying the peace of my Heart. I did not know what to do and kept praying to the Lord to Come and relieve me from this horrible close encounter with them nasty stinging beasts that were feasting on my blood and tormenting the peace of my innocent sensitive Heart.

Suddenly I saw the Light in the distance, or rather a Creature of God in the sky, that I thought might become my Incarnate Servant Saviors of the Lord! About 20 meters away I saw 2 swallows that suddenly had appeared in the air, flying high in the sky, behind the Tree of Jesus (photos). As I saw the swallows in the sky I remembered Crazy Little Creature that came to kiss me as a Bird with the Word after becoming an Incarnation of God. I also remembered that this Miracle Bird ate insects: thus I had my Eureka! I now had my Prayer to God! My Close Encounter back home with Little Swallow Incantation had been a Miracle Experience and thus I thought if the two swallows could become the Answer to my Prayers to God. As I watched the swallows in the distance, I changed my prayer to God, asking God to Incarnate in the 2 Swallows to make them Come and Help me get rid of the mosquitoes. Within 2 minutes of my prayer, I must repeat: within two minutes of my prayer requesting God to send me the 2 swallows, I suddenly had, all around me, a flock of more than 50 Miracle Swallows! Taking care that not 1 single mosquito would ever bite me again, in the Miracle Mount of the Missions of Jesus!

I had prayed to God to Come and Incarnate in the 2 swallows to defend me from the nasty mosquitoes, and within 2 minutes, I had a flock of about 50 Swallows of God, guarding my flesh my Heart and my Spirit from these hungry beasts of the wild! The Incarnate Miracle Swallows were flying all over me, close to me, eating all the nasty mosquitoes that were around me no longer biting me, but rather trying to save their lives from the Army of Swallows sent by the Lord! It was amazing to see the Miracle Incarnate Swallows flying around me, coming with high speed from all directions, flying down on the mosquitoes around me, like Kamikazes, avoiding my face by 2 inches; indeed, the Miracle Bird Acrobats flew so close to me that I could feel on the skin of my face the wind of the wings of the Bird Angel Incarnations of the Lord!

With the Army of God protecting me from the pestering mosquitoes I came out from my sleeping bag and laid with my full body exposed to the air, enjoying the view of the Magnificent Flying Creatures that were flying all around me like Guardian Angels of the Lord! This was one of the most wonderful and peaceful Mystic Experiences that I have lived in my life! The Army of Swallows were flying fast around me, eating the mosquitoes that were around me, no longer biting me, for the mosquitoes were too busy trying to save their own flesh and blood! Since the arrival of the Army of the Miracle Incarnate Swallows I did not suffer one single bite, nor did I hear again one single buzz in my ears that had annoyed the Peace of my Heart! Moreover, I only heard the Lullaby Love Song of the Sound of the Wind of the Flying Swallows of God flying next to me ears to hear the Nature of God! I closed my eyes and listened to the sweet Sound of the Wind of the Wings of my Flying Visitors from Heaven, flying around my body, close to my head, realizing they had come to my rescue, in the Name of the Lord, in the Mount of the Mission of Jesus!

I remembered Baby Black Crow that I had saved two weeks earlier from other beasts of the wild in the Sanctuary of the Temple Mount in the Holy City of Jesus. Thus: this was Payback of the Lord! With the Bird with the Word in the Name of Love! With my eyes closed, I was hearing the wonderful sound of the wings of the Flying Angels of the Army of God, flying so close to me that I could feel the wind of the Flying Divine Creatures on the skin of my body that was caressed by the Feathered Angels of God! This was one of the most wonderful Lullaby Songs that I had heard in my life with the Sweet Sound of Flying Angels of the Lord! The Incarnate Swallows were all around me, a dozen at the same time, and I felt under the Protective Veil of my Lady and my Lord! As I opened my eyes, I saw the beautiful sight of the Flying Angel Creatures coming to my rescue: I could see their faces, with their eyes looking at me, as they flew 10 CM away from the eyes of my head! They flew very close to me, assuring that I would not be touched by a single sting of the beasts of the wild! I was in Heaven and Heaven was in me, enjoying the Manifestation of God, aware that God was Incarnate in the Swallows that were Come to me as a Bird with the Word to be Saved by the Lord form the blood sucking beasts of the wild! I had the Swallows of God flying all around me during 45 minutes, and while listening to the lullaby sound of my Flying Rescue Angels, feeling on my face the Wings of my Angels, I slowly dozed away into a light sleep, with Angels of God, while being caressed by the Word of the Birds of the Lord in the Mount of the Missions of Jesus!

Soon Inner Little Voice woke me up to show me that the Army of Swallows of the Lord were slowly moving away, because there were no more mosquitoes around in the Mount of the Lord. Quickly I took some pictures of the Swallows of God of my Flying Guardian Angels that were flying away. Two weeks earlier I had rescued Baby Black Crow in the Sanctuary of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and after my Mystic Experience at the Wailing Wall dozens of swallows were suddenly Manifest in this Sanctuary of God. The amount of Swallows at the Wailing Wall gives you a good idea of how many Swallows of the Army of God had come to my rescue in the Mount of the Missions of Jesus!

The Mystic Experience with the Army of Swallows was one of the most beautiful experiences with Holy Nature that I had in my life. Holy Spirit of my Love, bring me your Bird with the Word that I may see the Light of the Lord, to preach the Word of the Lord, to become a Saint of God, to save many Loving Creatures of God of Our Love Mother Planet Earth! Lord Jesus thank you for sending me your Bird with the Word in your Mount of the Missions, so I may be a Witness to Miracles, to present evidence of the Angels of God, to teach all nations the Love of God, to save all Sacred Creatures, great and small, to be with You Always, until the end of the world!

‘Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them… Go ye therefore, and teach all nations… I am with you always, even until the end of the world’ (Mathew 28).

Cat Animal Therapy with the Deity of Cats

Cats have a mystical power for physical and Spiritual Healing; indeed, the incredible cats have been considered Deities by the old Egyptian culture! Cats take good care of themselves and have no problems, they accompanied me with much love all the time, and every day, me and Taurus received their therapeutic massages with 4 legs of my wonderful Therapy Cats, to take away the physical and emotional pains of the stresses accumulated in the day, and to eliminate cancer that can grow due to the stresses of life due to the evil human factor. I suffered much with the loss of several dear cats that accompanied me throughout my life. My favorite cat was abuelito Bilito (grandpa cat): he gave me much love during all the 16 years of my life in the Sanctuary:

A few months before the death of Bilito, at age 17, I had to take Bilito to the Vet to remove a tooth and scrape the maxilar bone, because he was suffering from cancer that slowly was eating the bone of his jaw. He was put to sleep with general anesthesia to take out the tooth and clean the maxilar bone to remove cancer cells. Once back home in the sanctuary, I got him out of the car; Bilito was quite awake and he surprised me when he suddenly ran away towards the bushes near the house, to hide from any further mean human factor. Bilito was angry with me, because I had taken him in a car, which was his first time, and to a veterinarian, also a first time, who punctured him with a nasty needle and caused him some pain. Bilito was thus angry with me and he was hiding from me in the bushes near our home. I called Bilito to come and looked for him during 1 hour to bring him to the peace of our home, to care for him, because he was still under the effects of the general anesthesia. I wanted to care for him but Bilito would not come home, he was hiding from me, because he was mad with me for having taken him to a nasty vet for a painful injection! Hours passed by and the night arrived and Bilito was still hiding in the bushes because he was still angry with me. I went to sleep for the night, without Bilito; I was worried when I fell asleep. At 1:30 AM at night a little Angel of God wakes me up, as I felt a hairy angel caressing my neck: it was Bilito! In my bed Bilito was curling himself around my neck, wrapping his entire body around my neck! Beloved Bilito could not be closer to my body and to my Soul, to give me All his Love: he was wrapped around my neck, caressing me, and was purring and singing for me, the most beautiful Cat Lullaby Song that I had ever heard, and will hear, in my lifetime! Bilito had forgiven me for the nasty vet ordeal! Bilito was come to me in my bed to give me All his Love, he was loving me again, caressing me with all his body, with his loving peaceful cat lullaby song! Soon I went to sleep with my little furry Angel of Love hugging my Soul around my neck! A few months later Bilito stopped eating: he did not want to eat anymore, even the best liver pate or the soft tuna he now refused to eat, and he stopped drinking milk; Bilito was dying from the cancer of his jaw; he was now suffering from the cancer, and soon was going to die; and that day he totally stopped eating, that day he said enough is enough, hasta aquí llegué: I want to go Home! Thus came for me the worst part: I had to put Bilito to sleep, to help Bilito return to Heaven: in 3 seconds, without painful injections, and without pain, without realizing what happened, I shot 4 bullets into his brain, in 3 seconds Bilito was again in Heaven! I was left with a deep depression during many days, but was comforted that my Beloved Bilito had lived with me for 17 years! With great pain I buried Bilito next to my Love Tango, a few meters from the Chapel of the Angels, in the most important Sacred Place of my Sanctuary of Animals, where a few months later I had to bury my great Love Taurus (WS).

Canine Cosmic Consciousness

Dogs are the best friend of man. All of my life I had dogs that accompanied me through my voyage through life. Since I have conscience and memory, as from the age of 3, my life is a continuos passion of love for dogs and all the animals that I love with all my Heart. Cats also have accompanied me all of my life and I have suffered much with the loss of several animals; this is Mushita, showing a Heart of Light through her eyes; this very special cat today rests in peace in her tomb in the Chapel of the Sanctuary. The death of my beloved San Tango caused me a profound depression that lasted several weeks. With the death of San Tango I wrote an important chapter of my life over the absence of the unjust god that is not present to assist good people and innocent animals that suffer the injustices of this cruel world. In this moment I am accompanied by San Taurus, the brother of San Tango, and Taurus is the great joy and love of my life that I love with all the Passion of my Heart. I had many mystic experiences with dogs during the many years of my life; here I describe some with Taurus:

One night I was in a birth day party and the visitors were given the traditional ‘asado’ which consists of all sorts of meat. I was the only vegetarian and I was delighted with the many salads. We were a group of people sitting in a large table eating dinner, when suddenly came the dog of the house and quickly he sat right next to me, looking at me, straight in the eyes, and immediately I understood what he was telling me: he was hungry, and wanted some meat. I was the only one eating salads, and all the other at the table were eating meat and had meat in their plates, but the dog was with me, sitting right next to me, looking at the only vegetarian that did not eat meat and had no meat in his plate with salads. The scent of the dog is one of the great marvels of nature and surely the dog smelled that I had no meat in my plate, and that the meat was in the plates of the other people in the table; however the dog was with me, sitting next to me and staring at me. Soon I raised my voice and said to the attendees of the dinner table: ‘here is a dog that comes to bring a nice message of universal cosmic consciousness: the dog is hungry, and wants to eat meat, but he is sitting next the vegetarian that does not eat meat, and has no meat to give him to eat; thus, why is the dog waiting that a vegetarian without meat will give him meat to eat? The dog kept looking at my eyes, and quickly, I grabbed with my hand a piece of meat from the plate of my neighbor and gave the dog the meat to eat! I had never seen the dog before, and the dog had never seen me before, but the dog knew that I was the only one that would give him the meat he requested to eat! This can be explained by the Universal Cosmic Consciousness: the dog knew through his Spiritual Soul that my Spiritual Soul would give him the meat! And so it was, and the dog received more meat, because after having a nice laugh, I gave the dog more meat for he was another Adorable Dog full of Love that I always receive from all the Dogs of my Heart!

Mystic Experiences with my Angel dog Taurus

I had many Mystic Miracle Experiences with my beloved Taurus. The Soul of Taurus was Connected to my Soul through the Soul Consciousness of the Holy Spirit as shown also by the following Mystic Experience I had with Taurus. A few years ago I was operated from an abdominal hernia in the city; it was a surgery with general anesthesia in the public hospital of San Carlos. Early in the morning at 7 AM I left Taurus locked in the living room in the house of my farm, and drove with my car to the hospital. I left an employee in the sanctuary to take care of Taurus and the other animals. One hour after the operation, at 8:30 AM, as I laid in bed in the hospital, with pain due to the abdominal surgery, a neighbor calls me, and tells me that he saw Taurus on the road, running towards the highway, towards San Carlos, to look for me in the hospital! Taurus got out from my house pushing open the window, which I had left a little open, and Taurus escaped from the house, and was running towards me, many miles, to seek and find me in the hospital! Taurus had run 2 km to get out from the Sanctuary, passing 7 gates and 8 wire fences that were dog and goat proof; Taurus then crossed the farm and the house of the neighbor with 17 dogs trained to kill (thank God there was no problem with the 17 dogs); then Taurus covered several kilometers running towards the dangerous highway, to seek me in the hospital! Since I was in bed still recovering from the hernia operation with general anesthesia, with serum canalization in my vein, and could not leave the hospital, I told my neighbor to urgently get my jeep and get Taurus to bring him back home to the safety of my house. I knew that Taurus would jump into the jeep and told my neighbor to call me immediately when he had Taurus in the car. If my neighbor did not find Taurus, I would take the catheter out of my vein, leave the hospital, drive my car, and get beloved Taurus to take him to the safety of my home. 12 minutes later my neighbor called me with the good news that he had Taurus in the car! I was more than elated to hear the good news; the neighbor took Taurus to the Sanctuary and tied him up with a rope, as I had indicated, so that Taurus would not escape again to seek me in the hospital. A few hours after this ordeal I decided to go back home: I was worried about the safety of Taurus and needed to be with Taurus, and thus I decided to escape from the hospital! I took out the catheter from my vein, and hiding from nurses and doctors I silently escaped from the hospital! And came driving alone back home, with difficulty and pain, but I was relieved that soon I would be with Taurus in my home sweet Home! Once back home I was greeted with great enthusiasm by Taurus; and many other animals came also to greet me, with all the cats, a chicken climbed on my body; the cats tried to carefully give me their usual massage with their paws, and Taurus was always with me, happy with me in my bed. That day I remained in bed, but next day I already was walking in my farm to care for the well being of all my animals and that was the crazy dangerous part. Next day I went for a checkup in the hospital and the doctor was very mad with me: my escape from the hospital had been madness; I really did not care, I only cared about the safety of Taurus! My Enlightened Taurus knew something bad was happening to me; Taurus felt my emotional suffering, he felt my physical pain, from the operation of the hernia in the hospital! Taurus with his Soul connected to my Soul through the Spirit of Cosmic Consciousness knew of my physical pain and my emotional suffering, and he knew where my Soul was from a 30 Km distance from the hospital, and thus he quickly escaped from my home, through the window, to seek and find me; Taurus was going to find me, he was coming in the exact right direction towards the hospital! Taurus knew where my Soul was through Macro Cosmic Spiritual Consciousness! Below pictures of Taurus and a picture of that day when I escaped from the hospital and returned home with Taurus: laying in my bed, the small band-aid still protecting my vein from the canalization of the operation, with a chicken in my bed; and next to me, looking at me, very attentive, still worried, as shown in the expression of his face: my Faithful Angel Protector Consciousness Enlightened Saint Taurus!

Here comes another Mystic Experience of MacroCosmic Consciousness with Saint Taurus. One afternoon my criminal neighbors set on fire the mountain with the palm grove of my Sanctuary (CW). I was watering my plants as I saw the smoke in the mountain; I left Taurus locked up in my house, and quickly I drove up the mountain with my jeep to fight against the fire. During 4 hours I fought alone with a towel, dressed in a bathing suit, wearing beach sandals, to put out the fires next to the palm grove of my Sanctuary! I had to call the fire-fighters and the police, and many hours later, with 6 firefighters and 2 policemen, we controlled the fire at 12 PM at night, thanks to the sudden humidity of the night and the wind that was coming from the right direction we were able to control the fire in the Sanctuary. The evil delinquent neighbor was able to torch 20 hectares of my farm; I fought alone during 4 hours controlling that the fire would not enter into my palm grove; with much spirit energy, dressed in a bathing suite, with beach sandals, I walked through the fires and the many spines of the land, armed only with a towel, and was able to hold and neutralize the evil criminal work of the delinquent neighbor! This was another horrible nightmare that I suffered in my life (CW). Once the fire-fighters were gone, at 1 AM in the night, I came down the mountain to my house to see Taurus. When Taurus saw me, he was in a Happy Trance Ecstasy! I had never seen Taurus so happy in his entire life! I was also surprised to see the extreme state of emotional stress that Taurus was suffering; I had never seen him so stressed and excited in his entire life: he was totally acidotic, gasping for air, he had lots of saliva in his mouth, as I had never seen before; he was totally dehydrated as I never saw before; it looked like he had run a 100 mile marathon in the Sahara desert! Strange, because Taurus had plenty of water in the house! Quickly we went to the kitchen to drink water; I was dehydrated due to the 8 hour fight with a towel against the horrible fire; I was very thirsty as I had never been before, but Taurus was much more thirsty than I, and he needed the fresh water much more than I, and quickly Taurus got the first water to quench his thirst from the horrible fire! Taurus had not touched the water in the house until I was safe back home; only then was Taurus able to drink the water of life, and so did I! The fire could not be seen from the house, but Taurus knew through MacroCosmic Consciousness that I was in deep trouble fighting the horrible dangerous fire. Taurus sensed my emotional pain and thus Taurus suffered also emotional pain; and also needed the water that I so much needed to quench the thirst during my fight against the fire! But Taurus would not drink water until I was safe next to him! I will never forget this Encounter of Love with this my wonderful Dog of God, as I came down from the mountain after putting out a fire that could have cost me a million dollars worth of my palm grove! Holy Nature helped me with the humidity that came in the night and the wind that came from the right direction, and thus I was saved from a horrible ecological disaster with a terrible loss of my palm grove with 50,000 palm trees! Once back home, I recovered my life, my peace, and my love, with the great Love of my Life: Saint Taurus!

One day I was climbing up the mountain with my dog Taurus to explore the lovely nature of my magnificent sanctuary. Taurus was ahead of me, sniffing all there was to sniff everywhere, looking for animals to play in my sanctuary of wild animals. Suddenly I hear a very strong loud gallop, a large animal was running down the hill towards me. Quickly I saw a large wild boar running down the hill a thousand miles per hour, passing right next to me, barely 3 meters from whence I was standing, because I had stopped to listen and see what was causing the thunderous loud gallop that was coming down the mountain towards me! Behind the big Boar quickly came Taurus, running behind the wild boar, chasing the wild boar at full speed down the mountain; the wild boar had out-run Taurus by 30 meters; Taurus kept running down the hill, behind the wild boar that quickly was lost in the bushes of the mountain. I called Taurus to come, to come quickly, because he should not mess with the large wild boar, that could easily kill him, and destroy him into small pieces, with their large canine teeth! I knew that Taurus would never catch the boar, and after a minute calling Taurus, I decided to walk a few meters up the hill, and a few meters ahead, I was suddenly surprised to see 6 little puppy boars running out from behind a bush! The 6 little puppy boars were hiding behind the bush, and as they saw me coming, they decided to ran down the hill to seek for their mother! Taurus did nothing to the 6 little piglets and quickly Taurus was by my side, and we continued our walk up the hill to see the great view of the Sanctuary. Soon I realized that the Mother Boar had decided to take Taurus down the hill, to take Taurus away from her piglets, to protect her little piglets from the threat of a dog that was able to kill her piglets; indeed, this is what would have happened with all the dogs of my criminal neighbors and hunters! I will never forget that the Divine Mother Boar did not kill nor hurt Taurus to defend her litter of piglets! Mother Boar could have destroyed my beloved dog into pieces, very easily, and thus would have destroyed me too, for the rest of my existence! Thank you Mother Nature for this Wisdom and Grace I received that day in the mountain of my Blessed Sanctuary! During many years I had protected the wild boars and thus the Divine Mother Boar did not hurt my beLoved Tauritus! Beloved Taurus did not hurt the little wild piglets because Taurus never hurt a single animal in his entire life! Taurus never harmed anything during his lifetime, he never harmed any animal in the wild: he chased some deer, hares and wild boar; its in his genes, but Taurus only wanted to play, Taurus never hurt anything in his lifetime! All the chickens loved Taurus: many chickens entered my home and always sat next to him, and climbed on his body, where they felt safe and warm! Taurus took care of many animals: sometimes he brought me dead bunnies from a recent new litter so that I would heal them: he brought them very carefully between his teeth, like a crocodile mother! Taurus only wanted to play and run behind the foxes, hares and wild boars, as he did that mystical day, when Taurus showed me the magnificence of the Wild Boar Mother and her Divine 6 Piglets!

The Miracle of the Holy Cows of my Sanctuary of Animals

Cows are considered holy in various religions and several countries in the world. I also consider cows holy, and here I describe a miracle that I had with the cows of my sanctuary. During more than 10 years I had cows giving calves in my sanctuary. I started with 9 cows and one bull and ended having a total of 56 animals when for financial reasons I had to sell all my loving animals to relieve the great work load that I had with no help with all the different animals of my sanctuary. The cows were adorable and gave me much happiness but the work load and the pain was also always there due to the immoral regulations of the government with their programs of cow production for meat consumption: we had to burn the cows with fire to mark the animals, we had to cut their ears, put plastics in their ears, inject the animals every 3 months with vaccines for the production of meat for human consumption. I hated very much having to participate in all these procedures and was one reason why I abandoned my profession as a veterinarian. During the 3 months of the winter I enjoyed giving all my animals feed so that they would never be thin, they were always in great shape, but the feed was expensive and it cost me 50 U$S per day, thus, I paid 1,500 U$S per month to enjoy my cows, with money I did not have, and eventually I ended up with loans that cost me a fortune; thus, one day I decided it was time to sell all my animals with a great sorrow in my Heart. The day of the sale when they came to take my cows was one of the many very bad days in my life. Here I describe that day with the Miracle of the Holy Cows of the Sanctuary Abba-Ama.

All my adorable cows were still young and of course their calves also and the buyer of the cows had given me his word that no animal would go to the slaughter house. I had arranged that the buyer would come to pick up the cows at 10am in the morning with the big truck to take the 56 animals. Thus, at 9am in the morning I took my adorable animals for the last time to the corral to have them ready to embark them in the great truck one hour later. That morning I gave my cows one last big meal of feed so they would leave satisfied and ready for the ugly trip in the truck to some unknown destiny. I waited next to my animals for the truck to arrive, but the truck did not come to take my animals. Two hours had now passed and the truck did not come. One hour later I called the buyer of the cows and asked what was going on, and the buyer called the truck driver, and this idiot told him that today he would not come; this is the typical idiotic manner that these irresponsible people are accustomed to be in this land of idiotic people, he did not even call me to say that he would not come, and I was waiting during hours with all the cows locked in the corrals waiting for this irresponsible idiot of the truck driver to come. The buyer then told me that we would leave the loading of animals for another day and I responded that if he did not come today I was not selling the cows; thus, a few minutes later the buyer calls and tells me that another truck driver was coming in 1 hour. The hour passed and the other truck driver did not come, and then another 2 hours passed and the truck driver did not come, and I was sick with my nerves, with my cows in the corral, with my beloved cows that I would loose forever. Due to the lack of the evil money I was loosing my precious animals. It was now 5pm and the light of the day was slowly fading away and the truck driver did not come and my anguish was a total torture due to the stupid irresponsible human factor that again was wrecking havoc in my Heart. At 6pm, when the sun was setting behind the horizon, at last came the truck driver with his huge truck to carry a great load of animals. Soon the great truck was close to the corrals to embark my 56 animals. I was very stressed out, with great pain, but also relieved that the my cows would embark for its new destiny and my suffering would soon end. The truck made a turn close to the corrals and was ready to climb the last 50 meters to reach the jetty to embark all the animals. However, when the truck tried to reach the jetty to embark the animals, something totally unexpected happened that drove me crazy with great anguish in my Heart.

A couple of days before it had rained, the grass was humid due to the rain, and thus I saw with great anguish that the double truck could not climb the hill for the last 100 meters to reach the jetty. The wheels of the truck were slipping in the humid grass and did not move from its position to reach the jetty. I could not believe what was happening: the truck driver tried to climb with his truck over and over again, but the truck was slipping back and forth and did not move up to reach the jetty. Over and over the truck driver tried to climb with his truck but the truck only moved sideways, because the wheels were slipping in the mud. I could not believe what was happening, the sun was gone behind the horizon, the light of the day was now fading away, and my cows were still waiting in the corral; they had patiently waited with me for almost 8 hours, and I was devastated in my nerves, and could not believe the curse that I had. The tuck driver tried to climb with his truck a dozen times, but the truck did not move upwards, it only moved sideways due to the slippery mud beneath the jetty. Soon the truck driver told me he could not move the truck, he was quitting his effort and that we should leave the embarkation for another day. I could not believe what was at hand, this could not be happening, and would not happen, my cows had to go that day and at that very moment, they had to go to their new destination. Thus, quickly, I said to the truck driver: I am going to push the truck up to the jetty with my hands, when I say now, you accelerate the truck and we will climb up towards the jetty; I will count to 3, and when I say now you will accelerate the truck to reach the jetty. I placed my body beneath the truck with both of my arms to push the truck of 30,000 kg up the hill towards the jetty, for the final 100 meters to embark my animals. As I was telling the truck driver that I would push his truck of 30,000 kg I had no doubt that I would push the truck towards the jetty! Thus I said aloud: one, two, three, now, accelerate! And I pushed the truck, and the truck climbed up the hill, and in a few seconds we had the truck on the jetty to embark my animals! Quickly I said bye to my beloved cows, because I would not see them go up the truck, and left my employee with the truck driver to handle my animals. A few minutes later I saw the truck from the distance leaving my Sanctuary. ‘Partir cest un peu morir‘; indeed, every time I loose an animal I die a little bit; that day I died 56 times because I had lost my 56 cows, my beloved precious animals that had been with me for 10 years, giving me the love of their Wonderful Peaceful Heart!

The suicide of the old sheep Gorpita

The first animals that I bought for my sanctuary were 10 sheep; I bought the sheep in the beginning of the year 2002 when they were already grown up sheep, and as I write this text in 2015 I have several sheep that are more than 14 years old. This is highly unusual because no one has sheep older than 7 years old, because when sheep are older, and they are of no more use to farmers, as they always say, they kill the sheep, to eat them, or sell the sheep to the slaughter house. I adore my sheep, they are all Lambs of God, they are sweet and good natured, they never cause any harm, they do not even harm my trees in the park, and I take care of each individual sheep with all the force of my Heart. Hidrita was the oldest of my sheep, she must be 15 years old, she survived abdominal surgery due to grain overload and had twins when she was 10. The teeth of Hidrita are almost gone and with the poor grass in the winter and dry summers she would have problems to survive; but with much love and the food I give to all my old animals she is still going strong and happy with her life in the sanctuary. Other old sheep also have no good teeth and thus I have a group of 10 old sheep I call viejitas (oldies), that I have around in the park of the house, to give them food every day, and have them close to the house to bring them inside when it rains and gets cold in the winter, because bad weather can kill a weak sheep in a matter of hours. In my group of oldies I also have three blind sheep that do well with the other oldies in the park; they know where all obstacles are, they know where the trees are for shadow, they know where the food comes and know where to drink water from a small lake in the park. One of my favorite sheep called Gorpita was the most complicated of the group of oldies because she was very old, she had no teeth and she was also blind! One day Gorpita said enough to her complicated life and decided to end her life with a planned suicide!

In February 2015 Gorpita was fed up with the complications in her life that were getting worse every day because we had the most terrible drought that lasted 8 months, and thus she had no green pastures that helped complement the food that I gave twice a day to the group of oldies. During the terrible drought I gave Gorpita food 3 times a day; however Gorpita had enough with her many complications in life and decided she no longer wanted to live blind without her sight, without green grass, and she had an accident with her leg due to her blindness and had a difficult time walking due to pain. Gorpita wanted to leave the park of the house, where she had everything she needed, but all the time she requested and insisted at the door to leave the park to follow the younger sheep up into the mountain to die. I was not letting Gorpita go out from my park because I would not allow Gorpita suffer alone in the mountain and die a slow death with the vultures around. When the time was right, I would help Gorpita end her life, with 4 shots in the brain: and in 3 seconds with no suffering I would liberate her Soul into the Cosmos of Animals. This euthanasia I had to use on few occasions before the imminent death of a very sick animal (below); the only thing that fire-arms have good use for is to end the life of a very sick animal (or to kill criminal hunters, which I can’t, because they are protected by soul-less evil judge-less judges). Gorpita decided to go before my time of action, and with her suicide she liberated me from the terrible ordeal of killing a beloved animal. During 3 days Gorpita was always at the gate of the park, trying to get out of the park, to follow her sheep mates into the mountain; but I would not allow Gorpita go out to the mountain, I thought that the rain would come, and the water would bring fresh green grass that would help the recovery of Gorpita. But I was wrong and Gorpita was right; it did not rain, and as I edit this text in mid winter the rain of the autumn has yet not come! The ‘lord’ was very angry, and did not send water, there was no green grass, and the trees suffered as never before, and the animals suffered also, but I had enough water to give water to all my plants, and all my animals had enough water, with my 200 lagoons! I was prepared with my Noah’s Arc! I did not loose a single tree of the thousand trees I had in the park! The worse suffering due to the horrible drought was for blind old Gorpita: I saw it in her eyes, in her attitude, and in the Heart of her Soul. On the fourth day I found Gorpita entering in the water of the lagoon of my home; the water had reached her knees, and she was still moving into the deeper side of the lagoon to finish her life. As I saw her action I quickly entered in the lagoon and took her out of the water; I thought this had been some dumb mistake of Gorpita and paid little attention to this unusual behavior. Next day same thing happened and again I took Gorpita out of the water; now I did not like what was happening, what was going on with this strange behavior of Gorpita. My other blind sheep had never done this before: when they touch the water with the foot, they stop, they drink some water and then go back to solid ground; sheep do not like to be in the water, you will never see a sheep falling in the water! The third try with the suicide in the water was successful: on the 6th day after Gorpita had decided to leave us, I was coming down the hill towards the house after irrigating my trees due to the terrible drought, and as I pass next to the lagoon of the house I see Gorpita floating in the water! In one second I threw myself into the water, with watch and boots and everything, I raised the head of Gorpita out of the water, and as I reached the firm ground I realized that Gorpita was dead! I held Gorpita in my arms on the coast of the lagoon, with 10 ducks watching the rescue scene of Gorpita. I could not believe that Gorpita was dead! Soon I took Gorpita up the mountain and I laid her to rest, next to the bones of the other few sheep that had died in the past. I meditated with Gorpita and broke into painful tears of emotion: partir cest un peu morir says the wise refrain. How much I suffered and would suffer without the lovable presence of the Soul of my Adorable Gorpita! PS: drowning in the water of the ocean near my current home is also my choice of suicide when the time will come for me to pass away into the Spiritual Dimension!

On rain and frogs

PS: Written in 1995 during the recording of Cry from Gaia; photos from my Sanctuary of Animals (Sanctuary)

It was late in the evening on a summer night at the studio and I was done and satisfied with a successful recording. Outside it was still drizzling with the remnant of the typical dutch ‘rainy day, dream away‘; I prayed if the drizzling would stop, so I could ride my bicycle safely back home. With a break from the rain I was quickly on the road, but suddenly, the waters of the skies were pouring down on me as they had never done before. Within the minute, even my bones were wet from the pouring rain. I asked myself ‘why‘ was I punished again, by the ‘wrath of the gods’; I did not deserve such ‘punishment’ from the elements of Mother Nature, certainly not after recording ‘Cry from Gaia‘ and ‘Messenger of Love‘.

Soon however, I started to think ‘I feel good‘, under the soft drops of the sweet falling rain of the ‘Mother‘, as I sensed the peace and pleasure of ‘rain drops falling on my head’, while the warmth of the summer night embraced my body, with the ‘sound of silence‘ that was golden with a spirit of my sweet Lord. My bicycle lights reflected light from the rain-drops, that made them look as sparkling little stars, or as white snow drops of a ‘White Christmas‘ falling on the ground. Wonderful color lights from the city, from the other side of the river, were mirrored on the waters of life, exposing many ‘true colors’, like a rainbow in the sky.

Thousands of frogs suddenly appeared in the scene, ‘dancing in the street‘, and it was exciting to use my excellent riding skills, to drive ‘within and without‘ hurting one single frog, of the many hundreds of frogs, even thousands of frogs, that were playing in the street during this mystical ride back home. The frogs had ‘come out and pray‘, to ‘come talk to me‘, with their loud sweet voices, ‘singing in the rain‘ to ‘let your love‘ be a ‘Cry from Gaia‘. My spiritual encounter with the frogs was a ‘magical mystery tour’ in the ‘fields of gold‘, that in a ‘stairway to heaven‘, made me feel in ‘paradise‘, with the ‘passion‘ of the ‘messenger of love‘.

My lower desire to make stop the rain was overruled by the desire of the Higher for the Love of Mother Gaia. I did not get what I wanted, but rather got something better of what I wanted; for yet, I did not know, that ‘God only knows‘, what is wrong and what is right, to help me see the Light of what is Right for Love Mother Gaia. What might look wrong for us might be good for us, and for the overall good of Mother Gaia. We do share this world with other living beings we depend on. You see, my frogs also deserve a party!

Risking my life to save the Life of a Rodent

During 15 years I raised more than 30 capybaras, I protected the capybara with Life and Soul against the shotguns of the many heartless criminal coward evil hunters. My experience with many capybaras has been extraordinary; they were one of the most interesting animals in my sanctuary; every day I visited them in a big lagoon near the entrance of my Sanctuary. They are very intelligent tame interesting animals and I do not understand how men can kill these beautiful brave creatures. After 15 years of fights against the evil hunters and delinquent neighbors, and receiving no help from the evil government authorities, I had to sell the sanctuary, and thus one day I was no longer in my sanctuary to take care of the many animals that were left with the new owner; once I was gone, the coward criminal hunters and neighbors entered the farm of the new owner, and killed all the 30 capybaras with shotguns! The coward sons of a thousand evil bitches of these evil diabolic hunters killed all my Divine Capybaras! Moreover, the evil useless soul-less judges ignored my report and complaints; they did not even call to testify the accused criminals, nor the witnesses that knew about the crime; this is why criminal hunters continue to exterminate with impunity all the capybaras and the wildlife into extinction, a precious wildlife that should be protected by the authorities of Uruguay! Below I describe a violent incident that I had with 2 dogs of my delinquent criminal neighbor that almost killed one of my capybara; this experience had a happy ending, worthy of a movie, as described below.

One day the soul-less neighbor had approached the entrance of my sanctuary and two of his dogs entered into my lagoon and soon I found myself in a fight with the two dogs that were killing one of my capybara. They were 2 large dogs of aggressive breeds: a mix of pit-bull and the local cimarron; they had caught by the neck one of my precious capybara on the edge of my lagoon and were trying to kill my beloved animal for the evil criminal neighbor hunter. My capybara was screaming in the lagoon and from the distance I saw that the 2 dogs had caught the capybara by the neck; my capybara was screaming in despair, the two dogs were killing him at the edge of the water of my lagoon. I was 100 meters away and I ran full speed towards the scene, to try save the capybara, crossing through thorny bushes, I ran in great desperation to arrive quickly, to save my capybara from the jaws of the two dogs. After a 15 second run I was in the fighting scene, and I found myself in a fight with the 2 dogs to try release the capybara from the jaws of the dogs. The two dogs held the capybara by the neck that was trying to free itself from the dogs, having half of his body still in the water, at the edge of the lagoon, the capybara was trying to free himself from the dogs to jump into the water. Immediately I grabbed the hind legs of one dog, and pulled him back, and threw this dog 2 meters away into the bush; and quickly I grabbed the other dog’s hind legs, to pull him back, to throw him back into the bushes: but this second pit-bull dog did not let go of the neck of the capybara and thus I could not free the capybara from the jaws of this second pit-bull dog that did not leg go from the neck of the capybara. The first dog I had thrown back pounced back again on the capybara, and again grabbed the capybara by the neck. My face was inches away from the jaws of the dogs and I continued my fight with my hands to release the capybara that was screaming in despair and fighting to release itself and jump into the water of the lagoon. Again I grabbed the first dog by its hind legs and threw the dog back and away, more than 2 meters away; and now I had to liberate the capybara from the other pit-bull dog that didn’t let go of the capybara’s neck; I realized that the only way to release the neck of the capybara was to open the mouth of the pit-bull, to free the capybara’s neck, because this pit-bull dog had concentrated all its energy to hold on the neck of the capybara. I did not hesitate half a second: I put my two hands with my fingers inside the mouth of the dog, between the two jaws of the pit-bull, my fingers pressing the skin of the lips against the teeth of the dog, to cause pain to the dog, so the dog would open his mouth and teeth that was holding the neck of the capybara! In 2 seconds the pit-bull opened his jaws, and released the neck of my capybara, and in 1 second the capybara was free and jumped into the water, and escaped swimming underwater to other side of the lagoon! My fight with the two dogs must have been maybe 2 minutes long. As the capybara was swimming away underwater, I grabbed the two dogs from the skin of their necks, because they had no collars, I held the dogs with both hands to stop the dogs from jumping into the water to catch the escaping capybara. The fight was now over: the capybara was safe as I held the two dogs by their necks with both hands! Soon something nice happened with the two dogs: while shouting at the criminal neighbor to come get his dogs, because the damn crook coward never came to assist me in my fight against his dogs, in a few seconds I became friends with the two dogs: I talked to them with sweet words, in a nice friendly voice, to calm them down, while the capybara was escaping, swimming underwater towards the other side of the lagoon. While holding the two dogs from their necks, the two dogs were always looking at me, they were looking at me with a big happy smile, because they were happy, because they were proud: with their look and smile they were telling me that they had done their job, they had caught the capybara, they had almost captured the wild animal for me, to give the wild animal to me; that was their job, they had almost managed to capture the capybara, and thus were happy; the dogs had followed the orders of their criminal owner, the neighbor killer of capybaras, that taught their dogs to kill all the wild animals. When the dogs lowered their state of excitement, I walked the two dogs out of my farm holding them by their necks, towards the fence with the neighbor, and soon I released the 2 dogs to cross into the farm of the crooked evil neighbor. I threatened the soul-less neighbor with a lawsuit, and took pictures of him and of his 2 dogs in my farm, and soon they walked away, towards their home, to end this other chapter with my delinquent criminal neighbor hunter. Soon I realized I had a little blood on my hand, it was an unintentional strike in my hand by the teeth of the pit-bull dog when I opened his mouth with my hands; with the cell phone I took a picture of my blood and the superficial puncture in my hand (I still have the photo), to have more evidence to the complaint that I later made with pictures to the judge: but as usual nothing happened with my complaint against the criminal neighbor. During the following few weeks I cured the capybara of the nasty hole in the neck that had been left by the pit-bull dog, healing the capybara with a cream with antibiotics, next to the lagoon, accompanied by his large divine family. I will never forget all the details of what happened that day; it was a happy ending, the capybara was saved in a mystic experience of a violent interaction between domestic and wild animals to secure the life of both animals. I realized it was a little crazy to put my fingers into the jaws of the dog, but I did not hesitate half a second to do what I had to do, to save the life of the capybara; this came instantly spontaneously out from my Soul, it was my desperate action-passion to save the life of an innocent animal that suffered due to murderous criminal soul-less evil men. I swear by God that I risk my life, and I would give my life to save the life of any animal, including the life of a rodent, like Carpito: my Beloved Capybara!

The Miracle of the Lambs and their Adorable Mothers

One day I had one of the most interesting experiences of my life that I will always remember with good Heart: 80 lambs had been born and every night they slept with their mothers in a 1 hectare lot next to my house (photo). One night the lord got very complicated, and we had a terrible cold, like 0 C degrees, and on top of the cold it started to rain, all the time, with the freezing cold! This was the worst combination for the survival of my newborn lambs. At 1 AM in the cold night, a cold deadly freezing rain broke out; thus, several of my newborn lambs could die. I quickly realized that the only way to make sure they would not die was to get them out of the rain and the cold and bring them to the heat of the stove in my house. Thus, at 1 AM at night, I went out with my flashlight in hand, under the terrible rain, with the freezing cold, to grab all the 80 lambs, that were with their mothers, in the lot next to my house. Under the horrible rain, and the terrible cold, with the flashlight in one hand, I was carrying a lamb with the other arm, sometimes I carried 2 very small lambs at the same time, and slowly I took them to the house, 100 meters away, where Taurus was waiting with the 7 Cats. My house was a very small one ambient 26 m2 living-bedroom; and little by little, I was leaving all the 80 lambs, one by one, that I carried in my arms, leaving them inside the house, to return then to the field to search and bring more lambs, with the flashlight, under the terrible rain of the cold freezing night! In one hour I had all 80 lambs safe and warm in my dry warm house! At night with no light, with flashlight in hand, under the heavy rain, I took home each one of the 80 lambs, and I did not loose 1 lamb to the terrible cold with the horrible rain of that night! The most interesting thing about the Mystic Experience was that when I was taking all the lambs to my house: not a single Mother of the Lambs cried when I took her little lamb away, and not a single lamb cried when I separated the lamb from her mother! Not one single lamb nor mother ever cried that night! Not one single cry I heard that night from the mothers or the lambs! This is a Miracle of God! It seemed that the mothers and their lambs knew that I was saving lives! In the wet freezing cold, no animal ever cried that night, and nobody was crying next morning with daylight and no rain, I woke up next morning with the sunshine light and everything was peace and love. In the morning, with the light of the day, the lambs in my house were not crying for their mothers, and the mothers in the lot were not calling for their missing children! Every animal was calm, the mothers knew that their lambs were safe with me in my house, and the lambs were happy in the warm house! At 9 AM I slowly took out all the lambs, one by one, to the lot with the mothers: one by one I took the lambs to the lot with the mothers and then the mothers and the lambs began to call each other Baaa-Baaa; and in 15 minutes each of the mothers had their specific lambs by their side! I remember every detail of that terrible suffering night that was also beautiful; and I specially remember when I had all the 80 little lambs sitting on the floor of my 26 m2 small house! They were all happy, they were all warm, with Taurus and the 7 Cats! The 7 Cats and Taurus were in my bed or sitting on the furniture, always looking at the interesting company of 80 little lambs in the 26 m2 room of my house! They were all divine, nobody cried that night and I slept a few hours with my little Angel Lambs, with my 7 Cats and Taurus, until 9 AM in the morning! But here hear my dear, there was a small anti-miracle, I made a dumb mistake, that I was never going to forgive myself, I didn’t realize something important, and the Lord, I don’t know why, did not warn me about my mistake, I realized my mistake later: I had forgotten to take a photo of the 80 little lambs sleeping right next to me in my little 26 m2 Paradise of Heaven!

First major experience with animals

When I was a 7 year-old child I had a bad experience with Holy Nature that marked my life; it is the first important experience in my life. I was in the farm of my grand-parents, walking in a field, with my adorable horses in the distance, about 300 meters away from the house, enjoying Nature that I much loved in my Heart. Suddenly I saw a Hare, running circa 20 meters away; and behind the hare was a Fox, that was running to catch the hare; and quickly I saw that in front of the larger Hare was a Little Hare, that was running in front of the Mother Hare. The big hare was the Mother of the Little Hare and the mother hare was running between the little hare and the fox, to protect her Little One from the Fox that was trying to catch the Little Hare. Mother Hare was running in zig-zag, from side to side, between the fox and her little one, trying to steer away the fox from her Little One. The mother hare was getting in the way of the fox, trying to become the target prey of the fox, to save her little one from the fox. The fox came closer to the little hare, but the mother hare was again able to intervene and confuse the fox, to steer away the fox from her little one. The intelligent fox knew that her best shot to eat a hare was to catch the little hare, and thus she focused all her catching skills on the little hare; maybe the fox was a Mother Fox that had to feed her Little Ones. The suffering scene was very distressing to me, as I saw the desperate mother hare and her terrified little one, fighting to save the little hare from the hunting fox. Quickly I started to run towards the 3 animals, while shouting at the animals, screaming at the fox to leave the little hare with her mother! I ran fast behind the animals, to catch up with the 3 running animals, maybe for half a minute, trying to save the little hare from the fox, shouting from the distance at the fox, to scare her away, to leave the little hare with her Mother. Soon however I saw from the distance that the fox had the little hare in her mouth, the fox was now carrying the little hare in her mouth, and the mother hare was trotting behind the fox, watching the fox carrying away her little one. Soon I stopped running, as the animals slowly disappeared from my sight that had now become blurred, due to the tears in my eyes that I was shedding, for my suffering, I suffered for the suffering Mother Hare and the suffering of the Little Hare! It was a terrible suffering scene, and as I edit this text, 50 years later, I release Tears of Emotion!

And they shall plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them. The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bull: they shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord (Isaiah 65). We need to change the wild cruel world into a pacified paradise planet where all creatures Will not hurt nor destroy my Holy Planet (Home).