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Memorable Miracle Gifts from God

During the past 3 decades I have received the Gift of Miracles, with different types of Manifestations of God, which I receive to fulfill the purpose of my life, to give the Message of the Angels, to stop the torture and killing of all Sacred Animals. Below I list and describe in one paragraph some of my memorable Miracles of God that I have experienced in my life; this is an introduction to the description with details presented in other specific sections of this Menu. I swear by God that all what I describe below and in my website about these Mystic Experiences is the truth and nothing but the truth because I receive the Help from God.

The Gift of Miracle Pictures

My Miracle Pictures contain Paranormal Images such as Apparitions of Angels of Light that appear in my photos in the context of my Spiritual Experiences with Holy Nature and the Angels of God. The Miracle Pictures help me provide the material evidence of my spiritual experience to give evidence of the existence of a Spiritual Dimension with Angels of Light and the Holy Spirit of God.

Apparition of an Angel of Light at the Tomb of the Blessed Virgin

During my trip in the year 2000 to the Holy Land of Maria and Jesus, to celebrate Pentecost of the Covenant of God with humankind, I visited the Tomb of the Blessed Virgin in Jerusalem, and a friend took a picture of me with his camera: the picture was made a Miracle Picture that shows a Symbolic Image of me taking a picture of the Apparition of an Angel of Light that was Manifest next to a painting of an Angel and beneath the Image of Light of María in the Sanctuary of the Tomb of the Blessed Virgin.

The Apparition of Light of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost

On the night of the celebration of Pentecost 2000, the celebration of the covenant of God with mankind, in my bedroom in the Monastery of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel, I was confronted by an Apparition of the Holy Spirit with this awesome Turquoise-Green Phosphorescent Light that during two minutes was manifest to my eyes and my Soul from another Spiritual Dimension. Below 3 Miracle Pictures with Spiritual Light to give an idea of the Color of Light of the Holy Spirit that I saw during Pentecost in the Land of the Lord).

The Gift of the Rings of Light of the Angels of God

On the Annunciation of Archangel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin, on the 25th of March of 1994, on my birthday, after finishing my song ‘Messenger of Love’ that I dedicated to Jesus, I had an extraordinary dream with an Angel of Light that gave me a Ring of Light that are Gifts of God. Many years later I understood that God is married to me with these Rings of Light and Miracles of God to help me achieve the goal of my Soul to stop the suffering of animals. This first Ring of Light was followed by a second Ring of Light given by Archangel Michael as shown in a Miracle Picture and two other Rings were given to me as described in other sections. The 4th Ring of Light I received recently from the Blessed Virgin as I finished editing the video of my song ‘Santa Maria’ (below).

The Apparition of the Angel of Light of Christmas

During Christmas of 1999, near my home in Punta del Este, during the Miraculous Remission of the Alzheimer of my mother, a little Angel of Light appeared to me in a small chapel, looking at me and smiling at me; when I recovered rational thinking, I was able to capture the Apparition of Light in 3 Miracle Pictures that show different Faces of Light of this little Angel of Christmas.

The Manifestation of Light of the Virgin of the Annunciation

In the Sanctuary of Banneux, where the Blessed Virgin had appeared to a young girl born like me on a 25th of March, I had my first conscious Manifestation of Light of the Blessed Virgin, when a Woman of Light with a Rosary of Light was Manifest in the context of the light of the Miracle Icon of the Annunciation to María celebrated on the 25th of March.

The Tear of Light of Notre Dame de Banneux

A Tear of María that was Materialized on the statue of Notre Dame de Banneux changed my life to bring me back into full awareness of the Presence of God. A few months later Tears of Light were Manifest in a awesome Miracle Picture on the same statue of Notre Dame de Banneux.

Manifestation of the Face of Light of Lord Jesus

My first extraordinary Mystic Experience of an Apparition of Light of the Face of Jesus was in the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Kevelaer (the pictures only give an idea of the awesome personal experience I had with my first Face of Light with the Vera Effigies of Kevelaer).

The Face of Light of Jesus in the Church of the Agony of Jesus in Holy Jerusalem

Two yeas later I would see again the Face of Light of Jesus in the Church of the Agony of Jesus in the Mount of the Olives in Jerusalem. This Manifestation of Jesus was accompanied by the Apparition of a Heart of Light and a Face of Light and several Persons of Light of the Agony of Jesus in several Miracle Pictures that I took while I was seeing the Face of Light of Lord Jesus.

The Apparition of Jesus coming in the Clouds of Heaven

During the night of Pentecost 1999 I was confronted by the Apparition of a majestic Face of Jesus that was Manifest in the Clouds with a Heart of Light with Love Sister Moon in the Sanctuary of Banneux. The Manifestation of Jesus was later accompanied by a Miracle Picture showing a Face of Jesus in the clouds with the Miracle Moon that has the same physiognomic characteristics of the face of Jesus of my Relic of Sleeping Jesus.

The Apparition of the Burning Heart of Light of Saint Therese

In the main altar of Lisieux while praying in a trance passion to Saint Therese next to her statue, a Heart of Light appeared right next to me, during several minutes, painted with Spiritual Light by the Miracle Painter Saint Therese. A week later the Face of Therese was Manifest on a Leaf with a Heart in a Miracle Picture that reproduced the image of the Heart of Light that was Manifest by Love Saint Therese.

Materialization of my Key of Heaven

The most significant Relic of God that I received in my life in the context of a trance passion with Saint Thérèse, Saint Peter, and the Light of Jesus, was the Materialization of my little Key of Heaven that I received under a Ray of Light that was Manifest from a vitraux of Jesus in the Basilica of Saint Therese in Lisieux. The Gift of God of this Key of Heaven of Lord Jesus comes with his message to the world: Stop Killing Animals.

The Miracle of the Flowers of Saint Bernadette

The night before my pilgrim trip to the Sanctuary of Lourdes to visit Saint Bernadette a bunch of Red Flowers were taken out from a vase and placed 2 meters away on the hands of Saint Bernadette on her portrait; while during the night I was visited in my Dream with Light by the Spirit of Saint Bernadette. Miracle Pictures were manifest with a Flower of Red Light that appeared on a black and white picture of Saint Bernadette, to provide material evidence to this Spiritual Miracle of this beautiful Saint of God.

The Smile of the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima

The Miracle Statue of the Blessed Virgin of Fatima smiled at Santa Lucia after Lucia asked María to make her a Saint and this anticipated the Apparitions of Fatima. I took 2 pictures of this Miracle Statue of María and one picture shows the statue smiling at me, while the second control picture is not smiling. The 2 Miracle Pictures give evidence that I am also blessed by God to give evidence of these Paranormal Manifestations of the Spiritual World.

The Miracle of the Rainbow of the Night of Fatima

The Apparition of the Rainbow of Light with the Covenant of God made Manifest in the Night in the Sanctuary of Fatima with the Dance of the Moon is a Miracle of God that was given after my prayer request for an Apparition of the Light of God to remember the Miracle of the Dance of the Sun in Fatima.

The Eye of God with the Broken Heart of Light of Love Sister Moon

The Broken Heart of Love Sister Moon for Mother Gaia with the symbolic Eye of God looking at evil human beings, is a Miracle Picture with a Message of God that I received during my walk with wild goats in a mountain near Sinaí of the Holy Land of Israel.

Stella Maris and the Green Light of the Star of the Sea of Love Brother Sun

The Miracle of a Green Setting Sun was Manifest on the Mediterranean Sea of the Holy Land. The Green Setting Sun can be seen in 2 Miracle pictures that show the symbolic image of a Star of the Sea and the M of Maris and Maria (Stella Maris), to acknowledge my prayers in the morning to the Virgin Stella Maris in Mount Carmel where I had seen the Light of Pentecost.

The Synchronic Materialization of Little White Feather

I was sitting in front of my computer ready to write on Materializations of White Feathers; I typed ‘White Feathers’ as preliminary title; as I pressed enter on the keyboard of my computer, to start writing about white feathers, a White Feather was Materialized Floating in the air right between my eyes and my computer to present evidence of the Presence of the Angels with their Gifts of Feathers.

Rescued by an Army of Birds in the Mount of the Missions of Jesus

During Pentecost 2000 in the Mount of the Missions of Jesus in the Holy Land a flock of 50 Swallows appeared flying all around me, like an Army of the Lord, to defend me from an invasion of wild mosquitoes that attacked me and tortured my heart when trying to feed on my blood in this sanctuary frequented by Jesus.

The Miracle of the Holy Cows of my Sanctuary Abba-Ama

One great miracle in my life that was witnessed by 2 persons was manifest under a passion of suffering for my beloved animals in my Sanctuary of Animals; when I pushed uphill a 30,000 Kg truck that was stuck in the mud due to rain; after 30 tries to drive up, the truck driver had given up the fight; but I intervened and in 10 seconds I pushed the truck uphill 50 meters, to relieve my suffering and the suffering of my adorable animals.

The Voice of God singing with me Cristo Sálvanos

On April 2018 I recorded and filmed my song Cristo Sálvanos in one of the best music studios of the world. In the lyrics I ask Jesus to intervene to save animals and humans from extinction. In the live recording a Manifestation of God was produced in the minute 4:39, because a strange second voice sings with my voice when I call out ‘Cristo Jesus’ within the following lyrics: Christ Jesus, make me a Messenger of Light like an Angel of the Lord. Jesus or my Angel sings with me, stating He/She wants me to be this Messenger of Light with the Angels of the Lord to give this Message to Humanity: Stop Killing Animals!

Apparitions of Images in my computer

The same night after the live performance with Cristo Sálvanos I turned on my computer, and without opening any program, I saw another Manifestation of Jesus: on the screen of my computer was an open picture of Jesus with the Ring of Light that described my dream with the Angel of Light when I had finished the composition of Messenger of Love that I had dedicated to Lord Jesus. A few weeks later, after editing the video of Santa Maria, I opened my computer and on the screen was manifest a beautiful Image of the Virgin showing me a Ring of Light that I understood was another Gift of my Lady of the Lord.

Evangelizare: the Message of God

After the Apparition of the Lady of the Light in the Sanctuary of Banneux I was given a Telepathic Message with the word ‘Evangelizare’, which means in latin ev-Angel-ization. Six months later I was back in the sanctuary to take my first Miracle Pictures; it was then that I discovered that the word Evangelizare was  carved on the statue of stone of a famous Saint that was next to me (behind me in the photo) when I got my first ever Miracle Picture. Evangelizare is what I am doing: giving evidence of the existence of the Angels of God to save Sacred Animals.

Born on the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin

I was born on a 25th of March, on the day of the Apparition of Archangel Gabriel for the Annunciation to María for the Immaculate Conception of Lord Jesus. This is a Causal Spiritual Synchronicity for the goal of my Soul; my destiny is written before the day I was born, to fight for the Rights of God for all Sacred Animals.

Manifestations of God during the Intro Speech Video

Since 1995 with the first production of my music CD PanGaia I have seen Materializations of White Feathers that are Symbolically Manifest at specific important moments to show ‘Act de Presence’ of the Angels of Light (see above: The Synchronic Materialization of Little White Feather).

During the recording of my important speech for the introduction video to my website, God was Manifest again with Materializations of White Feathers to be seen by the audience to accompany the Message of God I was delivering to eradicate the suffering of Sacred Animals to try stop human extinction.

As shown in the Spanish video below, at minute 13:35 of the video, two small White Feathers, or maybe Materializations of Light, appear flying towards me, flying in a straight line towards me, parallel to the ground, without falling down to the ground with gravity; they then disappear within my person. At minute 13:50 a 3rd larger White Feather flew towards me, flying parallel to the ground without falling to the ground, and got lost symbolically within my voice that was giving the Message of the Angels.

Two minutes after the Manifestation of God with the Cat (see below), at minute 28:48, when talking about Jesus the Vegetarian, who released animals at the Temple Mount, a few hours before being tortured and crucified by brutal evil men, a large White Feather fell down on me from the sky ceiling; again it was a Symbolic Materialization of the Presence of God with Lord Jesus in the video with the Message of the Angels to Stop Killing Animals; the Apparition of the Feathers reminds me of the beautiful Spiritual Beings that surrounded the Enlightened Indians in the beautiful mystic scene of the movie “Avatar”.

After recognizing the White Feathers in the video, I searched for a White Feather on the floor, and found one, and to take a picture I placed the feather on the hands of the image of the Virgin of Fatima that stood on the furniture from whence the Feathers of Light appeared; and by another Manifestation of God I was pleasantly surprised to see that the White Feather was stuck to the hands of the Holy Virgin in a vertical position, defying gravity, as shown in the photo. After taking the photo the little White Feather fell down on the feet of the Blessed Virgin; these are my Angels of Light that move things and turn lights on in my house to establish Presence of God (see Miracles).

Moreover, the day before the video was filmed, while preparing the text of what I was going to say in the video, early in the morning, sitting on my bed, I saw a White Feather falling down on me from the ceiling and landed on my relic of Jesus (photo). This White Feather anticipated the Materialization of the White Feathers in the video filmed a few hours later (the maid of the building is a witness). The White Feathers are another Symbolic Manifestation that supports my Message of the Angels that I give through my texts, my music (where Jesus is Manifest with a Miracle in my song Cristo Sálvanos) and in my videos such as this one: Seeing is Believing in Miracles of God, so that you may see that a Spirit is Manifest within Mother Earth and in the Soul of Animals, as also indicated by the Spiritual Manifestation of the Cat in the video as described below.

At minute 26:26 of the video, when I was lecturing on the importance of Freeing Animals from evil cages, God was Incarnated in the Soul of the Cat to send Mipi climb up the furniture to walk right next to the valuable painting of my mother, threatening to throw it down; I got up and caught the cat and showed the cat to the audience; after a few words and caresses, I invited the cat to: ‘Greet the Audience’; 3 times I invited the cat to greet the audience, and as I continued my talk, Mipi climbs on the table and Inspired by God looks into the camera to Greet the Audience, looking at the eyes of the audience through the camera. Thus God sent Mipi to the camera to greet the audience, as I had told him 10 seconds earlier, so that this Animal of God that needs to be Free, as I was indicating in my speech, is present in the video, with the Presence of the Spirit of God, providing more evidence that the Spirit of God is Manifest within the Soul of Animals and may Manifest through Animals.

This kind of Incarnation of God in the Soul of Animals happened to me many times, with many different animals (Miracles): a very exciting experience was with two Miracle Whales and thus in the video I invite you to watch the video of my Miracle Whales (Videos). God sent me a Miraculous Mother Whale and her Miracle Calf in Peninsula de Valdés: during 10 minutes the Miracle Mother Whale and her Adorable Calf were right in front of me, on a giant boat with 100 people, the mother stayed right next to me during the 10 minutes, half a meter from me, she could not be closer to me; I knew it was a Miracle of God to show that Whales are Spiritually Connected with God, as I indicated while filming the whales, because the Whale has Soul of God, just like all Good Human Animals. This type of Mystic Experience with the Sacred Animals has happened to me many times as I describe in my website in my Sanctuary of Animals and in the section of Miracles with Nature.

Animals can see the Spiritual Aura of Animals and see Manifestations of Spiritual Angels and in the video you can see Mipi that seems to be searching for the Lights of the Angels that sometimes are Manifest in my Home (Miracles). Moreover, in one Symbolic Mystic Picture you see Mipi looking directly at the Materialization of Light that is flying towards me. God sent me to the World to show Miracles of God and show that all Animals have a Soul and thus are Connected with God and that iss why no Sacred Animal should be mistreated nor tortured nor killed because they are Adorable Loving Creatures loved by God!

A Miracle of God with Flopito the Seal

A few hours after recording my introduction video for my website I went for a walk to meditate on the beach, and soon I met a small Sea Lion on the shore of the beach, and started to talk with Flopito, because he seemed not to be well because he died not want to return to the sea, even when other humans passed by. Soon I returned home to find the phone number of the marine animal shelter in Piriapolis to tell the owner that soon I would take Flopito to the animal shelter. I went back to the beach and Flopito was still not returning to the ocean; thus I soon wrapped Flopito in a big towel, lifted Flopito and took him to my car, walking 300 meters through the sand dunes, and placed him in the back seat of the car. Then I took out my cell phone, and filmed now and them, in the car and in the marine shelter, to see what Flopito would tell me about his problem; he seemed to be dizzy in the car, surely due to lack of energy, for not having found enough food in the sea (video below). Indeed, Flopito lacked energy, due to lack of food, and in the refuge there were other animals with problems, especially several penguins, who were very hungry; indeed, all the penguins have food deficiencies because brutal human beings, who have been created vegetarian animals, are eating all the fish, humans are extracting all of the fish of the oceans, taking away all the essential source of food for all marine fauna. Science data indicates that there is an 84 % decrease in the number of fish in the oceans (New York Times, 2020) and this criminal decrease in fish is affecting all marine fauna, and in 20 years, when there will be no more fish in the oceans, and lakes and rivers of the planet, All the Life on the Planet will perish, including the ignorant brutal human predator that is killing all Animals of the Planet.

While filming Flopito with my cellphone on a road without cars, while reaching Piriapolis, a Miracle of God happened, to give a Message from God, a Paranormal Manifestation that took me several hours to understand and discover: in one video, my voice appears while I film Flopito, telling Flopito to tell me something, and after a few seconds, suddenly a different voice appears, with less volume, which seems to be the Voice of a Big Marine Animal. As I saw the video for the first time on my cell phone I thought it was the Voice of Flopito, telling me something, and I was sure this was a Manifestation of God. The 1:27 second video of my phone, in my computer, in my video editor, turned into a 50 minute video, with the Voice of the Marine Animal telling me something, a Message from God to humanity, as I describe below. I listened and analyzed the video several times, until I realized how this Manifestation of God came into Being: the strange Voice of the Animal, which seemed to be a Big Sea Lion, or a Sea Elephant, or a Miraculous Whale, was not the Voice of Flopito, it was the Voice of God in my voice that was speaking to Flopito. Analyzing the video in my iMovie editing program I realized that at a certain moment my voice had significantly slowed down, the video had slowed down to transform my voice into the Voice of a Great Marine Animal: a Giant Flopito. The video is one single whole video, without cuts in the filming, and at the end of the video my voice returns back to normal, with normal speed, my voice returns to be my voice again; the Miracle is that my Angel, the Spirit of God must have pressed a button on my cell phone, to slow down the video, for 1 minute, when I was talking to Flopito to tell me something, and the Angel pressed again the cell phone button at the end of the video, to return to the normal speed, to bring my voice back to normal; I was not the one who pressed the slow motion button on the phone, I could not have pressed a botton in the cell phone, not even accidentally, because I was driving the car with one hand, and was holding with the other hand the cell phone, while filming and asking Flopito to tell me something, and this is what Flopito has to say to the world:

Stop extracting and killing and STEALING and eating our Dear Fish! We eat only fish, we need fish to survive; you humans are vegetarian primates who do Not eat fish; gorillas and orangutans, like you, don’t fish for fish, they do not eat fish; Jesus told Peter to stop fishing fish, to be a Fisher of Human Souls, to Stop Killing Animals, and Stop Killing Fish! Thus, stop killing and Stealing our Beloved Fish! If you kill our fish we are all going to die, because without fish we will all die in a few years; if you want to eat the meat of fish: clone muscle cells of the fish to produce them commercially, but Do not Steal our Dear Fish from our Dear Water that you destroy with your deadly pollution, because if you continue to kill and steal our Dear Fish in a few years you will also All be Dead, before 2050!