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Sanctuary Abba-Ama

To achieve the goal of my Soul to help establish the well being of animals I have created a Sanctuary of Nature, with a great diversity of plants and animals, that live in a paradise on earth, with no hunger or thirst, in complete freedom, protected from the cruel manifestations of nature and from the abuses of the human species. Here I describe with pictures my Sanctuary Abba-Ama where I study the spiritual consciousness of animals and I promote ecological consciousness in the local and international community that visit the famous beach resort of Punta del Este.

The passion and motive of my life are the animals and thus in the sanctuary I have and had all kinds of different animals (wild and domestic) that teach me the most important lessons of life that I did not learn during my university formation and scientific career. Here I study the spiritual consciousness of the many different animals that show me they also have the ‘Spiritual Soul’, the same Spirit or Soul that human beings and all living beings express with the Miracle of Life on our Planet Earth.

The sanctuary is part of my ‘Abba-Ama-PanGaia’ project that has the objective to stimulate a ‘Spiritual Ecological Consciousness’ in human beings, so that human beings will not kill animals, and will not eat animals, to establish the ethical treatment of animals which have the universal right to a happy and long life and in complete freedom, which is the most important condition in the life of a Living Being.

I started the project in the year 2001 with the transformation of a bare land into a paradisiacal sanctuary, with the plantation of thousands of trees, creating 200 lagoons, and caring for thousands of animals of many different species that live in harmony protected from the abuses of man. Indeed, many times I had to take action to stop the criminal activities of hunters and the crooks of my neighbors that destroy trees and kill all kind of animals with their guns exterminating the rich fauna of Uruguay (below).

The sanctuary has an area of circa 300 hectares (about 600 acres) and is located in the isolated hills, but very close to the beaches of Uruguay, at 50 km from Punta del Este, one of the most important tourist resorts of South America.

One of the attractions of the sanctuary is a spectacular palm grove that has thousands of palm trees of the Pindo and Butia species which is sponsored by the international ecological foundation GEF with the World Bank and the government of Uruguay. There are thousands of palm trees growing, because, in contrast to the few other palm groves in Uruguay, the main grove is protected with a fence of thousands of meters to prevent animals entering the grove and eating the growing small palm trees.

The sanctuary contains an extraordinary wealth of water, with several streams, many fountains, and 200 precious lagoons that contain a rich aquatic flora and fauna, with thousands of frogs, geese, domestic and wild ducks, and many other aquatic animals.

There are many pools of water in the rocks, small cascades, fountains of water, and several streams coming down the hills, with pure and crystal water from the rain that flows down into the lagoons that are present in all the extension of the sanctuary.

There are many hills in the sanctuary, with spectacular 360º views, towards the other hills of the area, with views that reach the Cathedral hill (the highest of Uruguay), the great lagoons of the coast, the ocean, and the beautiful city of Punta del Este.

There are beautiful rocky landscapes, to walk through the ecological reserve and see the spectacular palm trees, the old trees of the native forest, while watching animals and the many precious birds that live in the sanctuary

Several forests of ornamental trees have been planted, with different species of eucalyptus, pine trees, acacias, etc; they protect the animals from the winds, the rain, the cold of the winter, and the heat of the summer giving the essential shade to all animals.

Thousands of ornamental trees and bushes have been planted, giving a beautiful view with their different colored leaves and flowers that complement the beautiful native plants in the paradisiacal environment of the sanctuary.

There are many flowers of many colors (reds, blues, yellow, white) in all the extension of the sanctuary, specially with the trees and bushes which have been planted in the area around the house, in an extension of circa 30 hectares.

In the sanctuary live many domestic and exotic animals, all of them very tame due to the good treatment of great love they receive; all animals circulate free in the sanctuary since freedom is the most important right in the life of a living being. The animals that I had and have include: sheep, cows, horses, llamas, donkeys, african goats, domestic goats, chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, capybara, bees, cats and dogs: Taurus and Tango.

There is a rich wild fauna with all kinds of animals: deer, wild boar, foxes, ñandu, beavers, wild cats, hares, wild turkey, mulita, capybara, lizards, ducks, geese, birds of all kinds, fish, frogs, butterflies, and all the fauna of the hills and native forests of Uruguay. Unfortunately there are criminal hunters that are exterminating the fauna of Uruguay (CW).

Uruguay is famous for its great diversity of birds and in the sanctuary you can see all kind of beautiful birds with their precious colors and beautiful songs.

I have invested 1,000,000 U$S in the construction of installations for the animals and the personnel. The beautiful cross and the chapel of white marble with the vitraux of the angels give a mystic spiritual ambience for meditation in the sanctuary.

There is an important investment in roads that take you to all the corners of the sanctuary, and very good fences of 7, 8, 10 and 13 wires that separate areas for the simple and good management of the different kinds of animals (goats, sheep, donkeys, et cetera).

In the sanctuary you can see beautiful demonstrations of nature with the full moon, sunrise and sunsets, splendid rainbows, pink clouds, stars in the night, and the beautiful silence and sounds of nature of this land that yet has not been spoiled by man.

Experiences in the sanctuary

During 15 years I had all kinds of experiences in the sanctuary: with the climate, with animals, with plants, and with human beings. In the future I will publish in my complete works all my interesting experiences with animals, describing their behavior, showing that animals are very similar to humans, they have conscience and a Soul like human beings. I will also describe the bad experiences with the suffering of the sick animals, the cruel manifestations of the climate, and my horrible experiences with evil human beings that commit all kinds of crimes against good people and against Nature and the Spiritual World. Here I describe in one paragraph some of my bad experiences with human beings so the lector can see that the crimes not only happen in the city, they happen all the time also in the country side.

I could write a whole book on the crimes perpetrated by my ex-employees and by my neighbors; here I mention some that come to my memory: they have killed my domestic animals with their fire-guns, they killed my capybara, my sheep, my goats, they have entered into my sanctuary to kill protected deer, they have violated the ashes of my parents that I had in my chapel, they stole from me all kinds of materials, they stole all the time gasoline, they lied to me and cheated on me, they did not work when I was absent, they accused me to the police when I threatened them for entering into my property to kill my animals, they put water in the gasoline of my car, they did not attend my sick animals, they tortured my animals, they hurt my animals, and several times they put my mountain on fire. I lost 10 % of my fortune to the thefts perpetrated by my employees. The bad experiences with hunters is a chapter by itself with the crimes perpetrated against me and Holy Nature: these devil coward crooks are killing all defenseless animals in the land, they are exterminating all the wild fauna of the country. During many years I challenged large groups of hunters that have fun killing defenseless animals with their large shot guns. After a long battle with 2 neighbors, I got an order from the judge with a prohibition of the use of guns used by my criminal neighbors that now cannot kill not even a hare in their own land; since then, I live in peace with no gunshots, and I see more wild animals in the sanctuary. Here I give an example on how certain men of the farmland treat their own pet animals: they use dogs to help move their cattle to sell them to the slaughter house; when a dog gets a little old, and cannot run as fast behind a cow, they say: ‘the dog is of no use anymore, and thus I passed him through the rope‘, to pass the dog through a rope means hanging the dog with a rope; thus, as the dog got a little old, and was of no good use anymore, he killed his dog; and sometimes they say: I passed him through the knife, when they cut the throat of the dog with a knife. While my neighbors burn their land destroying hundred year old protected coronilla trees and palm trees with fire, I water my pine trees in my forest of pine trees when they suffer a drought; I treat my stones better than my neighbors treat their animals and plants. Thus, the human being is by far the worst problem I have encountered in my life in the farm (CW).

The climate can always be a problem in a farm because when it comes wrong it can threaten the lives of animals and plants. During this year 2015 we had the worst drought in the history of this country: 8 months of drought, from the summer until the end of winter, with very little rain, and even the eucalyptus trees suffered the draught. Even though I spent days giving water to the large pine trees, I lost a few of my pine trees. As I write this text, we are at the end of july, in mid winter, and the rain of the autumn has not arrived; this is the climate change due to the negligent human factor. I spent 8 months giving water to my trees, everyday, sometimes all day, to save the thousands of trees that I had planted in the sanctuary. Without the millions of liters of water that I have in my tanks, lagoons and water reserves, I would have lost thousands of trees that I took care during many years since plantation in the year 2001. A few years ago we had a devastating hurricane that destroyed thousands of trees. Sometimes we get big floods of water from the pouring rain that destroy roads and cut the access to a home. The cold of the winters may be crude and the droughts in the summer are always a problem. In the end, one is always checking the weather forecast, to see when it is going to rain, because life in the farm is completely dependent on the climate, which is never perfect, there is always a lack of water in the summer and an excess of water in the winter. The people of the city have no idea what its like a life in the farm, when they see the news in the TV and they are told during one of those long droughts in the summer, that there is ‘good news’ because the sun will keep shining, everybody gets happy because these idiots will be able to keep bathing in the sun even though there are thousands of animals like frogs that are dying of thirst in the ground.

My tough experience in the farm has although been a blessing in my life: I learned the hard facts of life, and what really animals are all about; my life next to animals has changed my life, it has changed my philosophy of life, animals have made me agnostic of the existence of a ‘god-father’ that cares for its creation, and I became a vegetarian! My experiences with my domestic animals has been the greatest blessing of my life, it transformed me into a better man, the animals have made me a Saint of God, or better say a Saint of Gaia! I describe everything in the complete works; below I write a few comments about my experience with the many different species that I had in the sanctuary with a few facts that may be of use to the lector:

Sheep: all sheep are so good and lovable that they are per definition the true ‘Lambs of God’. I cannot understand how human beings can kill and eat these Holy Animals full of Love. The great genius Leonardo da Vinci was right when he wrote that those human beings that kill animals are criminals! Sheep are very resistant to cruel manifestations of the climate, but after shearing their wool they become very sensible to rain and cold and thus have to be protected in a barn or else they may die in a few hours. Human criminals shear their sheep in plain winter, so that they are cold, and eat a little bit more, so the animals gain one extra pound, so that the immoral brute of the farmer has a couple of more dollars in his pockets. The government promotes this shearing of wool in the winter which is another great crime perpetrated by the evil human being. In addition, the brute human beings cut the tails of the sheep, so the wool in the rear of the sheep stays a little more clean; such cutting of tails should be prohibited because it is another crime perpetrated by the savage human beings who do not realize that tails have a biological function in animals. One problem that I encountered was the disease of grain overload when the sheep eats a little too much feed and becomes indigested and after a few days will die. This happens when the sheep eats corn, and nobody knows and has told me that sheep cannot eat corn: they can eat the feed that is given to cows and then I no longer had problems of grain overload. After spending the day eating grass in the mountain, all the sheep come back in the afternoon to the houses, to sleep peacefully overnight. I never had problems with wild boars; the only predator is the savage brute criminal human being that kill the sheep with their shot guns and sometimes their dogs can kill sheep when they are trained to kill anything that crosses their path when they enter your farm.

Goats: the goats are totally divine, they do not have problems with diseases; the worse problem they encounter are the dogs of the criminal neighbors or the criminal hunters that kill anything that has 2 legs: like the local ostrich called ñandu, or 4 legs: like my goats. The experience with goats can be difficult because they can be very destructive with trees: they can eat the bark of certain trees and kill them and they rub their horns against the trees. The only way to protect the trees from goats is with a small fence of wire that surrounds the tree, so the goat cannot eat their leaves and eat the bark of the trunk of the tree. Without this wire fence one cannot have goats in a park with trees because in due time they will destroy almost all of the trees; thus, one can choose having goats without trees, or trees with no goats; I decided to have both with the protection of the trees that are eaten by the goats. In addition, the goats are very useful cleaning unwanted bushes that grow as plagues, because the goats eat these plants that horses and cows do not eat and thus you have a biological control of the plagues in the farm. I demonstrate with the sanctuary that one can have many animals of many species (cows, horses, goats, sheep and llamas) circulating free in the park, with ornamental trees and even fruit trees, if you protect the trees with individual fences so the animals will not eat the leaves and mess with the branches of the trees during the growth of the small trees. I show that one can have goats in a park and thus these magnificent animals can be saved from a possible scenario of extermination because the only humans who have goats are the producers of goat milk, because other farmers cannot control the goats in their farms.

Cows: these animals are considered holy by many religions and countries in the world. The cows are also considered holy in my sanctuary as all other creatures of God. Human beings should not eat the meat of cattle which today is one of the greatest sins of the world. I quote again the words of the genius Leonardo da Vinci: if you kill an animal you are a criminal, because you kill an Animal of God. I did not have any problems with cows, they do not get sick, they eat everything; the only problem are the rules and regulations of the government applied for the industry of killing cows: such as to burn their skin, cut their ears, and inject them with drugs to protect evil human beings that eat meat to get sick, get arteries clogged up, get heart attacks and brain attacks, die at a younger age, and go to hell due to the suffering they cause to the Holy Cows.

Donkeys: these animals are totally divine; after my dog and my cats they are the most tame of my domestic animals. They have no health problems. They go and eat the grass in the mountains and come back home 2 or 3 times a day to see what I am doing. They are not as heavy as a horse, and since they are very tame, I can give them anti-parasite medication when they are free in the field. They give much love, they are very lovable: with good reason Jesus and Maria on occasions rode on donkeys in the mountains.

Llamas: these are very intelligent animals. The brute savage human beings use a single isolated llama to protect their sheep in the field because they say that when they are alone they protect better the sheep. This is to me again a torture of animals: llamas are also social animals and they do not like to be alone; but human beings care nothing if animals suffer and they get 2 more bucks in their pockets. Fortunately llamas are very expensive and thus they are not eaten by human beings. I had 5 llamas in the sanctuary during many years: Mimita, the daughter of Chuequita, died of grain overload, and this terrible experience with great suffering during 2 days made me agnostic of god the father that cares for its creation as I saw the cruelty and suffering of good loving creatures of nature. I never had alpacas which seem to be another very nice and beautiful animal to have in a farm.

Capybara: my experience with capybara has been mystical; they are very intelligent and once they know you they are very tame. I cannot understand how human beings can kill and eat these extraordinary animals. One day I threatened to kill a hunter when he entered into my sanctuary to kill my capybara; I had to take action myself to protect my animals because the police do absolutely nothing to protect my animals; they do not care for animals (CW). Criminal hunters can do anything they want in Uruguay and the authorities are responsible of the systematic extermination of all the fauna of Uruguay (CW).

Rabbits: again these small animals are absolutely divine: they are beautiful, tame and tender, very unprotected when born, one has to protect them from skunks and foxes that can eat a whole litter in one night and kill some adults too. They have disease of the skin and ears that are relatively easy to control; the place where they sleep and eat in the barn needs to be always very clean. The only way to protect rabbits that stay outside during the night from the hungry foxes is with a good fence surrounding all the park of the houses.

Turkeys: these animals are very tame, interesting and beautiful. I did not get baby turkeys and over time I lost my 4 turkeys. I currently have many tame wild turkeys in the park of my sanctuary, these are family of the domestic turkey.

Geese: these animals are always impeccable clean with their white and grey feathers. The only problem I have is that they are very loud, they ‘talk’ too much, the males are aggressive and fight with other males for the females in spring, but I never saw an injury in any of my geese; their loud voices sound the alarm for any intruder and never in 10 years I lost a single goose to a fox or a wild cat; my 25 geese are always together and never did I loose one single animal; they are very brave animals, the males take extraordinary care of the newborn geese surrounding the little geese with the mother geese in a astonishing way that even human mothers will stay behind.

Chicken: these animals are extraordinary, very tame, they give their rich eggs, and care for their litter in an exceptional way: they do not loose one single chick in any of their chick production life; when the chicks grow up, suddenly she leaves the chicks alone and the brothers and sisters continue together for a long time. The cock takes very good care of the female chickens: they call the chickens when they find food, and do not eat until the chicken has eaten all what she wants to eat. It is nice to hear the cock singing early in the morning, the cocks are happy with the new day and bring the good news of the light of the day.

Ducks: female ducks are great mothers, very brave and very tame. Ducks are nice to see flying from one lagoon to the next one. Males are very brave, sometimes they fight with other males for the females. They have been very gifted by nature because they can run, they can swim, they fly, and they float in the water. In the coat of arms of my family there are 3 ducks; and the first conscious memory that I have in my life, at 3 years old, was feeding ducks in a lagoon in The Netherlands.

Bees: these are very important animals for the survival of the world; they are very good natured animals, they do not hurt other animals, they only sting human beings when these mess with their homes. There is a local and world problem with the life of the bees due to the toxic waste used by human beings to have more money in their pockets. I have a large population of bees in my sanctuary. To care for my bees I designed a small house of wood that I place above the normal bee-hive and this extra protection against cold, heat, wind and rain has given me excellent results to increase the number of bees in the sanctuary.

Foxes: these animals are protected by the law of Uruguay. Foxes have killed many of my animals, but I can forgive that because they have been designed as a real carnivore and thus they need meat to survive. One can take many precautions so that foxes will not eat the animals in the farm. Rabbits, ducks and chickens need to sleep in a safe place or else they will be caught by a fox that comes at night. Sometimes a give dog food to hungry foxes, they are real carnivores and need meat to survive; they take the plate full of dog feed to the mountains to feed their progeny and next day they bring back the plate to my house and howl to request more food for their progeny. In the future, if there is a future, the human species will take care of all the wild animals, and will feed them with appropriate food, specially we need to help carnivores because they can have a tough time finding good food, specially in the tough months of the dry summer and cold windy winters.

Wild boar: they say that boars kill animals and for this reason hunters say they hunt boars to help farmers with their cattle. This is totally a bullshit of the hunters and of the authorities: I have plenty of wild boars in my mountain and since I live in my sanctuary, for over a decade, I never lost one single animal to a wild boar, never did they kill me a lamb of my sheep or a newborn goat; the boars come close to my home, meters away from where I sleep, they turn the grass around to eat their feed under the earth, and never harm my sheep or goats that sleep next to my house. I demonstrate this with many pictures and I have employees as witness that can testify that my boars come almost every night and they do not hurt my animals. Those who kill lambs and sheep are the criminal hunters with their guns, or their dogs trained to kill, or their dogs that many times the criminal hunters leave behind because criminal hunters care shit about their own pet animals (CW). During a long time I had a large family of wild boar that came close to my house in my farm, the mother boar was black, and was accompanied by two large boars of her previous litter and several very small boars of her last litter: one of them was a divine white boar unique in the world (see pictures below). In addition, there was one wild male boar that sometimes came to eat feed with a large family of capybara; the male boar did not hurt the small animals, and the small capybara were not afraid of the male boar, as shown in the pictures and the video that some friends filmed one day when they came to visit the sanctuary

Cats: my cats are the best physical therapy, they are with me all the time, they sleep on me, or next to me, and they give me this awesome massage with their paws, that relieve all the pain that I may have. For a good reason cats have been considered deities by the great old egyptian culture. I have suffered much with the loss of some of my dear cats in my life that have been an incredible source of Love to my Heart.

Tango and Taurus: my dog San Tango was the brother and companion of Taurus; he died at the young age of 6 years in one of the most painful experiences of my life. I wrote a full chapter in my book about the death of my dear Tango that I will publish in the future. The death of Tango provoked a deep crisis in my broken spirit that really never recovered well from this great loss; since then I do no longer believe in a good god (no capital letters). Tango was one of the best things that happened in my life. I will miss him all of my life but he will always be next to me with all the Love of my Heart.

Taurus: mi beloved Taurus will be 14 years old; he is my best friend, my companion of life, he is the joy of my life, the great love of my life; he is also my manager: in the beach he makes all the social contacts that I need, to promote my sanctuary, to promote my music, to promote my book, and he always tries, but yet has been unsuccessful, to get me a wife! PS: Taurus passed away on the 10th of march of 2016, he was 14 years old; I wrote a full chapter describing what was the greatest blessing of my life (section X).

Me: the most complicated animal of the sanctuary. Here a few nice pictures with my beloved animals.