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Remembering my beloved Taurus and Tango

The greatest blessing I had in my life was my mother and my two dogs: Taurus and Tango.

In this section I describe the great love of my adorable dogs Taurus and Tango, the living beings that with my mother are the souls that more love have given me in my life and the souls that I have loved most throughout my life.

Many animals have accompanied me throughout my lifetime, and these two brothers of the beautiful breed of golden retriever have been the most extraordinary animals that I have had in my life. My dogs were absolutely beautiful, both in body and soul, they were as good natured as a lamb of God, they were very intelligent, totally obedient, they understood all what I said, they were always attentive to my actions, and the only thing that my loving companions gave was their unconditional absolute perfect love and their complete happiness to console my suffering and bring happiness into my life.

I remember with much love all of my dear domestic animals that I had in my life: all my adorable dogs and my adorable cats who accompanied me during the first years of my life: the first dog I had, when I was 5 years old, was a german shepherd called Lord; the second dog, when I was about 8, was an irish setter called Oliver; then came a boxer called Bosco, who eventually was accompanied by two other boxers: Felix and Tigre; then came a german shepherd called Kasim who had a son called Wolfi who died at age 15 under the care of my parents. Many years later, when I came back to Uruguay from the United States and the Netherlands, I was able to have a dog again, and quickly I had Taurus and Tango.

Taurus and Tango were born on the 15th of february of 2002, from a divine beautiful grand champion called Molly. Below a few pictures of my adorable beautiful puppies of my golden retrievers.

Tango passed away on the 31st of July of 2008 due to a viral infection that was bad handled by an incompetent and irresponsible veterinarian (below). Taurus was able to handle the infectious disease and survived 8 more years until he was 14 years old. Taurus passed away on the morning of the 10th of March of 2016; the beginning of the end of his life was on the 9th of March, on the day of the birth of my mother. Thus, during 14 years I spent my life with Taurus, during the first 6 years I had Taurus and Tango, and the last 8 years I had only Taurus. Both dogs are buried in the most holy site of my sanctuary, next to the Chapel of the Angels (below).

The most happy years of my life I spent during the 6 years that I had both Taurus and Tango; my wonderful dogs that were with my mother the best thing that happened in my life. The love that these dogs have given me is the most Perfect Absolute Love that a living being can have: it is like the love of a mother for her baby child, as I describe in music and text in my song dedicated to my mother (Mother).

Every day I take pleasure in looking at the pictures of my beautiful dogs because I have several portraits displayed in my house; the ones I like most are on my desk where I work all day with my computer. In addition, I printed the best picture of many hundreds of pictures that I have of my beloved dogs and I placed them in a unique special album dedicated to these beautiful adorable animals.

I was certainly the most important thing in the life of my dogs; I was their only great true love; many people told me, as they saw my dogs look at me, that they had never seen such a total complete devotion of a dog for his master. I was for my dogs more important than life; I was more important to my dogs than their food; indeed, my dogs did not eat when I was away during the day; I was more important than the water they needed to survive; indeed, my dogs did not drink water when I was gone for the day: when I had to go to the bank or to the lawyers, my employee always told me that Taurus was very sad, and did not move from the door of my home, he lied all day on the floor, with a sad look in his eyes, because I was not next to his side; and when I arrived home, to the sanctuary, I always saw, relieved, from the distance, that there was my Taurus, standing up from the entrance of my home, to come and greet me, with my favorite shoe in his mouth, with his wagging happy tail, his soul again filled with joy, he had recovered his joy for life, because I was come Home to adore my Love.

Taurus was the love of my life during 14 long years, his brother was also during the first 6 years: Tango passed away when he was 6 years old in one of the worst nightmares of my life (below). After the death of Tango my life made a dramatic change when I ran out of money; I had spent all of my fortune of 1,000,000 U$S embellishing the flora and fauna of the sanctuary, and specially in caring for the well being of many hundreds of animals of many different species that I had during the 15 years that I spent working in the sanctuary (section X). Due to the lack of money, I had to take many loans, during the following 7 years, and I lost a fortune to delinquents, millionaires, corrupt lawyers, criminal neighbors and my crooked employees that I had to control during every second they I spent in my sanctuary (CW). Taurus eliminated the toxins I acquired from the evil human beings; Taurus neutralized with his love all the hate that I harbored due to the evil perverse human being (CW). Taurus was the perfect Energy of Love and the total Energy of Happiness that relieved my suffering due to the evil human factor. Taurus was my Guardian Angel, my Angel of Love, my Angel of Happiness, that relieved the pain from my Heart. Taurus and Tango were Angels from Heaven that never ever committed a single fault against my Heart: everything was love, everything was happiness, to give me the greatest blessing of my life. Taurus was always happy when I was by his side; Tango was sometimes a bit more melancholic, maybe his soul knew that he had to leave earlier from our party of happiness and love; this melancholy is shown in the beautiful picture of Tango that I see all day when I work in my computer.

Taurus was a Spirit of Purification because he purified the Soul of my Heart that was constantly contaminated by the polluted human heart. Taurus was an illuminated living being, and many good people that loved animals told me this, and even many have written this; indeed, one day a visitor came to see my sanctuary, and took a picture of me with Taurus at the Mountain of the Cross, next to the marble cross, from where we have one of the most beautiful views of the sanctuary; and when this visitor sent me per email the picture, the title of the email was: ‘Taurus y Roberto iluminados!’ (Taurus and Robert illuminated!). Indeed, we were illuminated by the Light of the Lord, with the Light of the Sun, with the manifestation of a Heart of Light in the blue sky of the sanctuary, with the Symbol of Love that was manifest by the intercession of the wonderful illuminated Living Being that was my Angel Taurus! After receiving this mail with the picture, I went to the cross again, and took another picture, and behold, a Cross of Light was manifest in a miracle picture at the Mountain of the Cross of Saint Taurus.

Tango had an excellent health, he only suffered sometimes mild allergies in the skin, until the day he got infected with a virus that killed him in 2 weeks (below). The photo with the date below is the birthday of Taurus when he was 12 years old, still with an excellent health because normally Golden Retrievers live only 12 years. Taurus all his life had always an excellent health except for his allergies in the skin that are very common in golden retrievers; at the age of 13 came a problem of a cancer, a lymphoma that slowly grew through his body, showing a few small lumps in the skin; but eventually it grew into the lungs, although there were no respiratory signs until the end of his lifetime. Although Taurus was 14 years old, a very advanced age for a golden retriever, my Taurus passed away as beautiful as he had always been, he had a perfect weight, his bones and articulations were in perfect shape: he never had problems with his hips which can be a problem for golden retrievers. Taurus swam in the ocean a few hours before passing away, and came out walking from the water of the sea with his ball in his mouth, a few hours before he could no longer stand up because he had reached the end of his walk in life (below).

I was always next to my two dogs during the 6 years we lived together; I never left them for more than a few hours when I had nasty business to attend such as banks and lawyers and other crap. I never left Taurus alone for more than a few hours during the 14 years we lived together; I took Taurus even to the big city when I had to see a judge; generally he waited for me a couple of hours in the car; in my last visit to the dentist, since the dentist did not allow me to bring him into the room, and because there was no shade for the car, I took Taurus to the police station next door, where I left him safe with the police under a shade of a tree, and when the dentist took too long to attend me, I decided to leave, and went to seek Taurus; the police had given him a bucket full of water, but he did not drink a bit, only when I arrived, he was happy, and drank the full bucket of water.

Many times Taurus brought me the dead little rabbits that were born dead from a large litter of the mother rabbits; he would bring to me these dead rabbits with uttermost care, without damaging the very fragile skin of the little dead rabbits: Taurus looked like a mother crocodile carrying her little ones in her great mouth full of large canine teeth without hurting the little crocodiles. Taurus never got into fight with other dogs; he only defended himself from the attacks of other bigger nasty dogs that were much bigger than Taurus; the many small hysteric dogs that barked and even attacked him, and sometimes even bit him, to this Taurus would not react at all, he only would look at them saying something like ‘don´t be stupid and behave’. Three times I had to intervene to get rid of big nasty dogs that attacked Taurus; these nasty mean dogs never hurt Taurus, and Taurus never lost a fight against these mean nasty dogs that were much bigger and much younger than my old Taurus. The evil owners of the dogs had to deal with me later, and one owner was no longer able to come down to the beach with his dangerous dog that one day attacked Taurus.

Taurus introduced me to many people in the beach, because Taurus was the most beautiful dog in the world, and was also an angel of love, and thus everybody wanted to touch him, and everybody came to talk to me about the wonder of Taurus. Three times I visited the dog exposition of Kennel Club and admired the beautiful Golden Retriever, but I always had the same conclusion. Taurus was the most beautiful Golden Retriever in the world!

My social life was good thanks to Taurus; I met many good people and realized that the only good people in the world are the ones who care and love animals. Taurus was famous in the beach; when we passed by walking through the crowds, the people would see Taurus and start to smile: the people were smiling when Taurus passed by because the people were illuminated with happiness when Taurus passed by. The small children loved Taurus and they always came to see and touch Taurus, and kissed him, and climbed on his shoulders, and Taurus would allow anything that the children of the beach did with Taurus. This was my Angel Taurus!

Since Taurus lived much longer than Tango, I had many more experiences with Taurus and here are a few interesting ones that come to my memory:

A few years ago I was operated from an abdominal hernia in the city; it was a surgery with general anesthesia in the public hospital of San Carlos. Early in the morning at 7 am I left Taurus in my bedroom in the house of my farm and drove with my car to the hospital. I left an employee in the sanctuary to take care of Taurus and the other animals. One hour after the operation, at 8:30 am, as I laid in the bed of the hospital, with pain due to the abdominal surgery, a neighbor of a neighbor calls me at my cellular phone, and tells me that he saw Taurus on the road, running towards the highway, for he was coming to the city to look for me in the hospital. I do not know how Taurus got out from my bedroom, he must have opened the window which I had left a little open, and so he escaped from the house to find me in the hospital. Taurus had run 2 km to come out from the sanctuary, he had passed 7 gates or fences of the farm that are dog and goat proof, he crossed the farm of the neighbor with 17 dogs trained to kill (thank God there was no problem with the 17 dogs of the neighbor), and then Taurus covered several kilometers towards the dangerous highway, to seek me in the city in the hospital. Since I was still in bed, coming out from the anesthesia, with tubes placed in my vein, I immediately told my neighbor to get my jeep and go fetch Taurus and bring him back home to the safety of my house; I knew Taurus would jump into the jeep and told my neighbor to immediately call me when he had Taurus safe in the car; or else, I would take my catheter out of my vein, leave the hospital, drive my car, and find my beloved Taurus. Fifteen minutes later my neighbor called me and told me he had Taurus in the car, I was elated to hear the good news, and then he took him to my farm, and tied him up with a rope so that he could not escape again and seek me again in the hospital of San Carlos. A few hours after this dangerous experience I decided to urgently go back home, I needed to be with Taurus, and thus I decided to escape from the hospital. I carefully took out the catheter from the vein, and left the hospital with my small bag, and came driving alone back home, with difficulty and pain, but I was relieved that soon I would be next to Taurus in my home sweet home. Once back home I was greeted with great enthusiasm by Taurus, and many other animals came also to see me, even a chicken climbed on my body, and the cats gave me their usual massage with their paws to heal any pain that I had. That day I remained in bed, but next day I already was walking around in my farm to care for the well being of my animals. It was all a little madness, the doctor was very mad with me, but fortunately I am well with the hernia and I am still lifting heavy animals in the farm. Taurus knew that something was wrong with me, with the operation of my hernia, because his Soul was connected to my Soul through the Spiritual Dimension, and thus he set forth to look for me, and he was coming and would find me in the hospital, through the Cosmic Consciousness of our connected Spiritual Hearts!

One afternoon my criminal neighbors set on fire the highest mountain of my Sanctuary (CW). As I saw the smoke in the mountain, I left Taurus locked in my house, and quickly I drove up the mountain with my jeep to fight against the fire. Soon I had to call the fire-fighters and the police and 2 hours later 6 firefighters and 3 policemen came to help me fight against the terrible dangerous fire on my sanctuary. In 6 hours we controlled the fire, at 12 pm at night, thanks to the sudden humidity of the night and the wind that was coming from the right direction we were able to control the fire in the sanctuary. The criminal bastards torched 20 hectares of my farm; I fought alone for 2 hours controlling that the fire would not come down into my extraordinary palm grove, and with much energy dressed in a summer bathing suite with beach sandals, I walked through the fire and the spines of the land, armed only with a towel, and was able to neutralize the criminal work of the criminal neighbor hunters. This was another of the many nightmares that I suffered in my life (CW). Once the fire-fighters were gone, at 12 pm of the night, I came down the mountain to my house to see Taurus. When Taurus saw me, he was in a Happy Trance Ecstasy, I had never seen him so happy in his life, but I was also completely surprised to see the extreme state of emotional stress he was suffering, I had never seen him so stressed and excited in his life, he was totally acidotic, gasping for air, he had lots of saliva in his mouth that he never had, he was totally dehydrated as I never saw before; it looked like he had run a 100 mile marathon! Quickly we went to the kitchen to drink water; I was totally dehydrated due to the 8 hour fight with a towel against the horrible fire; I was thirsty as never before; but Taurus was much more thirsty than I, and needed the fresh water much more than I, and thus quickly Taurus got the first water to quench the thirst of the horrible fire! Taurus had not touched the water in the house until I was save back home, when he drank the water of life. The fire could not be seen from the house, but the dog knew through Cosmic Consciousness that I was in deep trouble (the fire), and so I was. Taurus sensed my emotional pain, and thus Taurus suffered emotional pain and needed the water that I so much needed to quench the thirst of my Heart. I will never forget this Encounter of Love with my Dog of God as I came down from the mountain after putting down this horrible fire that could have cost me one million dollars worth of my extraordinary palm grove. Holy Nature helped me with the humidity that came in the night and with the wind that came from the right direction, and thus I was saved from a horrible ecological disaster with the possible loss of my palm grove. Once back home I recovered my life, with the great Love of Taurus, the Love of my Life!

One day I was climbing up the mountain with Taurus to explore the nature of my magnificent Sanctuary. The dog was ahead of me sniffing here and there, and suddenly I hear a very strong gallop, a large animal was running down the hill towards me, and seconds later, I saw a very large wild boar, running down the hill like a thousand miles per hour, passing right next to me, only 3 meters away from where I was standing, for I had stopped to see what on earth was causing the thunderous loud gallop coming down the mountain. Quickly I saw Taurus running behind, he was chasing down the wild boar, but the wild boar had already out-run Taurus 100 meters of distance. Taurus kept on running down the hill behind the wild boar that I lost in the bushes; I called aloud Taurus to come, to come quickly, for he should not mess with the huge wild boar that could have killed him and destroyed him in small pieces. The dog would have never been able to catch the boar, and after a minute I decided to slowly continue my walk up the hill. A few meters later, I was suddenly surprised to see 6 little puppies of boars running out from a bush from whence the mother had come out to run down the hill. Quickly I realized that the mother boar had decided to take Taurus down the hill, to take Taurus away from the piglets, to protect her little piglets from the threat of a dog that was able to kill as do the dogs of my criminal neighbours. I had many close encounters with these magnificent animals the boars of the wild. I have a video filmed by a visitor that came to my farm that shows my encounter with a wild male boar eating next to my family of capybara (video). I was also next to a family of wild boars, with a black mother and several puppies, one of them completely white that must be a very rare albino (Pics). I will never forget that the Mother Boar did not kill or hurt Taurus to defend her littler; she could have destroyed my dog into little pieces and thus would have destroyed me too for the rest of my existence. Thank you Holy Nature for this Wisdom and Grace I received that day in the mountain of my blessed Sanctuary. And Taurus, he would never had done any harm to the little piglets, he just wants to run and play with all the little animals of the park!

Taurus never harmed anything during his lifetime, he never harmed an animal in the wild, he chased some deer and wild boar, but never hurt anything in his lifetime, not even a pigeon or a rat that crossed his path. Chickens loved him: the chickens entered my home and always sat next to him and climbed on his body where they felt safe and warm.

The cats adored both dogs; indeed, the cats loved the dogs much more than me; this they always showed climbing on the bodies of both dogs and giving them one of their great therapeutic massages. When both dogs died, the cats came closer to me and they started to sleep in bed more with me; here are some pictures of the several cats that accompanied me during my life in the sanctuary.

Here a few pictures of my absolutely beautiful divine puppy Taurus.

I have had several cats in my life; the cats are also very special living beings that have accompanied humanity for thousands of years; indeed, cats have been considered deity by the wise ancient egyptians. Mushita was my adorable cat that accompanied me the first 2 years when I still lived in Punta del Este; she was killed by an incompetent veterinarian in a simple castration. My beloved Mushita is buried next to Saint Taurus and Saint Tango next to the Chapel of Angels. The picture shows Mushita with her eyes of light that show Hearts of Light to establish the Light of Love that I always received from Santa Mushita.

Next to Santa Mushita I also buried my beloved Bilito that during 15 years gave me his love and was the head cat of the sanctuary. Bilito slept with me every night in my bed; many times he laid his whole body over my chest, next to my heart, and when it was cold, he crawled all over my neck, to give me his heat, and thus we slept with the warmth of our love. When Bilito was 15 years old, he developed a cancer in his mouth; one day we did a little surgery with the vet to take out a loose tooth with some cancerous bone; but the cancer kept growing, and during the following 3 months he had problems while eating; I gave him the best soft food I found, but slowly it became worse, some food entered into his throat, and when Bilito stopped eating, I quickly took the terrible decision of finishing the suffering of Bilito. This was another very bad blow to my Heart.

Bilito is the father of the other cats: Tigrito, Blanquito, Mariana y Mimita. Grisita came one day during a 5 day long rainy period; she surely left the house of a neighbor that did not care for animals; once she saw all the love she received in my sanctuary she stayed and is part of our family. Tigrito adopted the nice custom of his father, and started to sleep on my heart: he helps me to sleep when I suffer insomnia due to a human induced troubled heart. Thus, my cats are another great blessing in my life, and the abandoned cats of the streets are also part of my fight to make things right to help alleviate the suffering of animals (below).

The passing of Tango

My life is and has been a lonely life of suffering with the disease of depression (CW). My dear mother died in my arms six years ago, in a terrible death from which I shall never recover (section X). My dear father died also in my arms, one year ago, in another death from which I shall never recover; this was another death experience that also contained a message for the evolution of humankind (CW). My two brothers live far away in a different world of business, and my cousins are no longer my cousins because they robbed with their parents the great fortune of my mother: another family tragedy that caused me great pain and depression in my life (CW). God left me single, without a companion to share my life, and thus I have no children, and hence I suffer a constant solitude in my life. The missing normal human relationship I mitigate with the work in my sanctuary, with the constant contact and interaction with my dear plants, and specially in my wonderful relation with my many animals, that fulfill my life with a happiness and joy that I do not receive from the human kind (SX). The two most precious Souls that accompany me in my life are my two beautiful adorable divine beloved dogs: my adorable Taurus, and my adorable Tango (Pics). Tango and Taurus are the great deed and happiness of my life, they are the emotional guardians of my mental sanity, they are the best friends of my Soul, they are my family, they are my children, that I love with all the force of my Heart. My two dogs sleep with me in my bedroom, and take turns to sleep with me in my bed to give me their constant love and warmth in the crude cold of the winter night. How excited and happy I was to see my 2 happy dogs running out to greet me at the entrance of my sanctuary, when I came back home from town, each of my adorable dogs carrying a relic in his mouth, like a shoe, or a glove that they brought to me, to show me their enormous happiness of seeing me again, after me being away only a few hours from home. My 2 dogs were the emotional support and happiness of my Soul, the consolation of my loneliness, the spirit of my joy, and one of my two beloved children was taken from me, for ever, for the great disillusion and sadness of my Heart.

The worst thing that happened to me in my life was the death of my mother, then came the death of my father, and then came the death of Tango. My adorable Tango died due to a viral disease the 31st of july of 2008 when he was 6 yeas old. The death of San Tango was produced by the errors of the chaos of nature, the lack of compassion of God, and due to irresponsible human error. The actions of several veterinarians that I consulted, since the very beginning of the disease (with the first sign of loss of appetite and weakness), was a total disaster, because among many disasters, in this part of the underdeveloped world, the veterinarians, after their 8 hour work day, do not attend their cellular phones to attend emergencies, and even less, will make an effort to take their car to the home of the sick animal to attend an emergency; and so, as another example, I lost my Llama, because God send me the disease on a Sunday, when veterinarians do not work, and do not attend emergencies nor their cellular phones to save the life of the patients of their profession. I called many veterinarians so that they may assist me with the emergencies of San Tango, but most veterinarians did not attend their cellular phones, and the only one that attended my call one night, told me, after I described him of the grave situation, ‘the poor dog is dying’, and nothing he did for the animal, not even a single suggestion, and this professional kept on sleeping his good night sleep, leaving me alone in the night caring for my sick animal. In addition, you also do not get specific antibiotics for the disease in this town, a beach resort that is considered the most important of South America. Many times I found myself with my animals, and with my dear dog, alone in the night, giving them difficult endovenous injections of saline solutions, because in this under-developed country, there still are no hospitals for animals, and there is no lodging for very ill animals. Every day, during one week, I had to take my heavy dog in my arms, from my home, to the home of the veterinarian, to make the necessary treatments, because there is no lodging overnight for sick animals. In the most difficult hours of my San Tango, when he found himself between life and death, the main veterinarian that was treating the dog went away for the full day, for some meeting in the city, and did not attend his patient that was dying, to give him the necessary life supporting fluids and pertinent treatments, and delegated this important task to some non qualified employee that cared for the sale of pet food in his home when he was not available. Thus, on the last day of the life of my San Tango, I had to seek a new veterinarian, that initiated a new strategy of treatment, that also was a bad treatment, and it was too late, the dog was loosing too much blood, and a few hours later I lost my dear Tango. Thus, not only did I have to cope, during many days, with the terrible anguish of the suffering of my dear very sick dog, but also, had to deal with the stupid irresponsible immoral attitude of bad incompetent mediocre veterinarians.

During the last hours of the agony with the death of San Tango, my adorable Tanguito, my most beloved Saint Tango, I fell into a profound depression with an emotional crisis with lots of tears, for the great loss that I was suffering, for the one that was my best friend, my little child, my companion of life, one of the great loves of my Heart. To try and cure the disease of Tango, I had to endure the torture of giving my friend many horrible and painful injections, and force through his mouth many drugs, but I also had the pleasure of laying next to him, on the floor, to hug him, caress him, adore him, to give him all of my love, to pass him all of my Energy of Love, to heal him in his body, and console his Soul with the Love of my Heart. My Tanguito responded as always, increasing the depth of his respiration, to demonstrate his affection and pleasure of me loving him, and with his paw, every now and then, he caressed my body, to show me his affection and joy, even under the terrible pain in his body and suffering Heart. I caressed his abdomen, where he had his problem (with vomits and diarrhea), and I prayed to God, to Lord Jesus, to the Virgin Mary, to my Guardian Angel, to Archangel Saint Rafael, to Padre Pio, to San Francisco, to Saint Therese, and also to my dear mother, who loved animals; but nothing was achieved, the fate was sealed, there was no compassion, there was no intercession; there was only silence, there was only nothing, only pain, the anguish and the agony of death that was approaching with no compassion, to let again the Evil of Suffering rule the world. I also made intense sessions of ‘visualizations’, to activate the antibodies and macrophages of the dog, to destroy virus and bacteria; I even asked Mr. Virus to please leave alone my Tango, because he would gain nothing with the death of my dog. But nothing worked, destiny was written by the Lord, it had been decided that my Tango would die, so that I may suffer more in this world, so that I may write this painful chapter of my life, to expose to the world another very sad story of dogs, to suffer even more, for the evolution of the Soul.

On thursday July 31st of 2008, for the last time, I took San Tango to a new veterinarian, who performed liquid transfusions to the very sick dog, due to the loss of blood in the diarrhea that had ensued the previous night. After the transfusions, I laid myself next to Tango, for the last time, to hug him, caress him, love him, and console the suffering of his body and Heart. This was the last time that San Tango, with great effort, was raising his paw to caress my body, and console my suffering Heart. Since there was no lodging for animals in this other veterinarian, I took my Tango home, to keep on giving the medications overnight, with transfusions and the like, and come next morning, for more tortures and transfusions to keep him alive. We traveled in my car back home, and Tango slept almost all the way, or so it seemed that he was sleeping. When we arrived at home, I took him down the car, and helped him walk a bit to his favorite tree to pee, and when he was done, I lifted him up in my arms, and carried him up-hill, and on the stairway, towards the house of the Sanctuary. As I stepped the last step of the stairway to reach the porch, suddenly, I realized that my dog started to have a respiratory crisis, and at the same time I see a very bloody diarrhea that was falling on the ground, that was spilled from the dog, at the entrance of my home. Quickly I laid San Tango down on the floor, and kneeled next to him, to see what was going on with the difficult breathing, and quickly I realized that his tongue was totally pale, anemic for the lack of blood, and quickly, within 2 seconds, I realized that my dog was dying, that I was loosing my adorable San Tango, my beloved San Tango was dying, my precious Angel of my Heart was dying in my arms, for the great pain of my Heart (as I write this section two weeks later and remember the terrible moment I break in tears of emotion). As I saw this difficult breathing, I made artificial respiration, mouth to mouth, and compression of his chest, without any success, and within 15 seconds my dog was dead, was no longer breathing, his heart had given up, his Energy of Life was gone, his Soul was departed to a new destiny, to leave me alone, with the great sadness of my Heart. Quickly I commenced with cardiac massage, and with respiratory massage, with my hands pressing on the thorax, to revive my dog, and so I did for the eternity of about 5 minutes, and it seemed that the dog was responding, but it was not, it was only a reflex to my effort of artificial respiration, because my poor little dog was gone, God had taken him away from me, for the pain and martyrdom of my Heart. God had taken away my beloved Angel, from my own hands, at the entrance of my own house, next to a pool of blood, in a horrible scene that I shall never forget with this great pain in my heart. God permitted the death of my dog in my arms, as I made an action that perhaps I should not have done, that was to carry the very sick dog in my arms, pressing his body against my body that caused the induction of the crisis that led to his death and this great pain of mine. Thus, I am guilty of the death of my San Tango, because he died due to the pressing of my arms against his sick body, as I carried him up the hill towards my home; I am guilty of his death for having arranged for him these irresponsible veterinarians that were not able to come with the diagnosis and good treatment for his disease; I am guilty for being a stupid ignorant for not taking the perfect decisions; I am guilty for not having the Illumination of God to save my poor animal; I am guilty for not having the Grace of God, with my errors and faults, that caused the death of my Tango; I am guilty because my adorable San Tango had to die so that I may open my eyes that I may see further into the truth, so that I may react further in my life to this pain, so that I may evolve further through this suffering, so that I may realize the injustices of the world, and the suffering of the innocent and the pain of it all.

Half an hour after the death of my Tango I took him with my car up to the hill of the Heart of the Sanctuary to bury him next to my Chapel of Angels. I dug up a hole with a spade, in a privileged spot, near the sepulcher of my Santa Mushita, my adorable cat, that one year earlier had been the victim of an incompetent veterinarian, that caused her death a few hours after a simple castration. Before placing San Tango within the tomb, with much effort and love I cleaned up his abdomen and legs, that had been stained with the bloody diarrhea that he had spilled during his last crisis, cleaning him up with many towels, with a bucket of water, and a perfumed soap; I cleaned up San Tanguito, until he was completely impeccably clean, to show his most beautiful golden color of his beautiful coat of my beautiful Tango. My beautiful dog had still his eyes open, looking at me, and his body was warm, alleviating the cold of my hands that were digging his grave in the cold winter, when I touched him, and caressed him, and kissed him in his snout, telling him, very tenderly, my last love of a goodbye, under this great suffering of my Heart. My adorable Taurus, his beloved brother, was always next to us, and poor Taurus did not understand nothing, why Tango no longer moved, why did his Tango no longer play with him, and run with him, around the Chapel, as they always did, when we came up to the chapel every day, to see the beautiful sunsets, as we finished the work of the day in the sanctuary. All that painful weekend San Taurus was very sad and felt the loss of his beloved brother, and on Friday and Saturday morning he searched him at his tomb to look for his little brother. On Sunday, San Taurus had an emotional nervous breakdown, as I had never seen in him before, and during one hour he could not stop licking my head, in desperation, as if the dog sensed my most profound anguish of my depression, my most terrible sadness, that was overcome on me that terrible Sunday of the terrible sad weekend of the death of my Tango.

During 2 hours, with the sunset, under my painful tears of emotion, I recited prayers to my Tanguito, recited the Ave Maria several times, so that the Blessed Virgin would be with us during the hour of our death, while on my knees, I hugged and kissed my San Tango, under my tears of anguish and total broken Heart. The night soon was come, and I placed the body of my Tango in the grave, to give him burial in his final rest in peace, in the Heart of my Sanctuary. However, I was overcome by the pain, and could not depart from my Angel, that laid in front of me, as beautiful as I had never seen him before. During the last few months of his life, Tango had developed a small irritation on his nose, that had caused him a de-pigmentation of melanin in his black nose, to give him the pale color of a mucosa; and hear me, here is the first Miracle of Tango, because due to a Miracle of God, the pigmentation of his nose was suddenly turned black again, and thus Tango was made whole again in his awesome beauty, as beautiful as he was never before, so that I may have the memory of his beautiful splendor, not marked by the destruction of death, nor the consequence of his terrible disease; and so my San Tango was splendid with his most beautiful golden coat, irradiating this beautiful Energy of Light, as if he still was full of the Energy of Life, looking at me with his sweet beautiful eyes, that were still giving me in his look his eternal unconditional love.

I had now the difficult task, or rather the terrible task of placing the earth over the dead body of my Tango; however, I could not depart from my Tango, it was impossible for me to say goodbye at this time, my Tango was still warm, and I wanted to believe in a great Miracle, that my Tango would come back to me, back to life, to fix my life, and console the great pain of my Heart. Thus I decided to cover the body with the earth much later in the night, without the presence of San Taurus, and when the body of San Tango had turned cold in the cold winter night. Hence, I came several hours later, and there was my Tango, as beautiful as ever, and still warm, and due to my pain, I could not cover with earth the body of my Tango. Under rivers of tears of pain, after kissing the snout many times, I placed the most beautiful towel I have over the body of Tango, and there I left my Angel, all night long, to give him the final burial the following morning.

The night without Tango was terrible, with lots of tears, and before the first call of my crow, circa 6 am in the morning, I was already wide awake, preparing myself to go to the tomb, to give my San Tango his final burial and give him the tears of my farewell goodbye. As I was preparing myself to go to the sepulcher, while still in my bedroom, a second Miracle of Tango took place, with the Intercession of San Taurus, that overwhelmed my rational thought and stirred the Spirit of my Soul. Suddenly I see Taurus having retches for vomiting, very severe retches that were lasting the eternity of many seconds, and soon Taurus started to vomit, in the same manner that Tango had done during the initial phase of the disease. My anguish was terrible and insane, when I thought that my other Child of my Heart would succumb to the same horrible destiny of martyrdom; that God or the Devil were come again, to torment my Soul, to make my other Angel suffer, and suffer the Angel of my Soul. Without understanding anything of what was going on I started to demand from God to stop all of this, crying out loud, no God, please no, I cannot believe this, you cannot do this, please God, I cannot suffer this, I can no longer handle this, please no God; while I saw the terrible spectacle of the suffering dog with the vomit of the dog on the floor. After a few minutes the crisis of retches was over, with the throw up of a small vomit, and I saw the vomit next to my feet, and quickly I saw a Manifestation of God, I saw a Symbol of God, because the vomit had a Golden Color, like the golden color of my golden retriever dogs; moreover, the vomit had the perfect Form of a Heart, a Heart of Love, the Symbol of Love, the Symbol of the Spiritual Presence of God, a Manifestation of God. Indeed, hundreds of times I had experienced the Grace of God of receiving this Symbol of God, the Symbol of Love in the Heart of Love, as I describe all along my book on Manifestations of God (section X). Now I was seeing in front of me the Symbol of God, made Manifest by Taurus, through the Intercession of the Angel of the Lord, maybe the Angel of the Soul of my departed San Tango, present with me, but in the Spiritual World. Soon I realized that this was a Divine Intervention, but still, I was terrorized, frightened with all my Spirit, that my Taurus could succumb to the same disease. Soon I cleaned up the vomit of Taurus, and prepared myself to go up to the chapel, to see my Little Angel Tango for the very last time for a very painful farewell of goodbye. As I write this text, two weeks later, San Taurus never was to vomit again in the following days, nor did he get sick whatsoever, and thus the vomit with the Golden Color and the Form of a Heart was to me a Manifestation of God, for even though it sounds weird, the Symbol of God of Love was made Manifest with the principal symptom of the disease of San Tango (vomiting), a Heart that was Materialized through his twin brother, my adorable San Taurus. The Symbol of Love that was manifest in the golden vomit was for me a Sign from the Spirit, that was indicating to me that the Holy Spirit and the Angels of the Lord where with me during that very dark hour of my life, in a Mystic Experience similar to what had happened to me with the Miracle of the Rain during the terrible death of my mother, when God was Manifest with a Miracle to establish the Presence of the Holy Spirit during the terrible suffering of my Soul during the death of my Mother (section X).

After experiencing this strange event of the Materialization of the Heart, I walked towards the chapel, to bury my Holy Dog, to say my final goodbye to my San Tango, my Adorable Love. With the first light of the day I was in the hill of the chapel, kneeling in front of the body of my adorable San Tango. Once again, my beloved Tango was most beautiful, with his golden color, with a sweet look, full of love, with his eyes still open that were looking at me at the Spirit of my Heart. The head of Tango had cooled down overnight, but the abdomen was still warm, and thus, my beloved dog was still warming up my cold hands as I caressed and touched him, during this final physical contact of love. Quickly I started to cry, with a burst of tears of great emotional pain, for I realized this was my last physical contact with my beloved dog, this was my true farewell, my adorable dog that I would never see again, that I would never touch again, and kiss again, with this great loss of my life. I wept profusely, in great pain, like during the death of my mother, while I kissed the snout again and again of my beloved Angel. Tango, my Tanguito, San Tango, beloved Angel of mine, how much I love you! I cried and cried, and could not cover with earth the body of my beloved Tango. During one full hour I suffered this lot, as few times I had suffered before in my life, until I finally got the strength to start placing the earth of the tomb on the body of my Angel. His beautiful head I left uncovered until the very end, and after kissing the snout, I do not know how many times, how much pain it was for me to place the earth on the head of Tango, to cover the head and the eyes that were still looking at me with all the love of the world to keep the peace in my Heart. And at last I had done it, the earth now covered the whole body of San Tango, and never again did I see my San Tango again. Soon thereafter I came down from the hill, and quickly I was with San Taurus, to take care of him, to adore him, and also to take care of all my other animals of my sanctuary, that were requesting my presence, to give them the love of my Heart, even though my love was now a very Broken Heart.

That weekend I spent much time recovering from my computer all the pictures I had of Tango, and his brother Taurus, the pictures that I had taken during the last 6 months, to show the beauty of my sanctuary. I was lucky I had taken more than 2000 pictures, and my 2 dogs were present in 1/3 of the pictures, since their beautiful presence always enhanced the beauty of the environment to make the picture of the sanctuary more beautiful. I thought it would be painful to see the pictures of Tango, because they would remind me of the many happy experiences I had with my dogs, experiences that I no longer would have with my dogs, exciting experiences that I always had, climbing my many mountains, and swimming together in the many lakes of the Sanctuary. However, the session of recovering and seeing the old pictures was more of a pleasure experience, because as I saw Tango, I felt his presence, I realized that with the pictures I had not lost him completely, because I felt his Spirit was still with my Spirit.

As I write this text one month after his death I still suffer a severe depression for the lack of my Tango. My beloved Taurus consoles my Spirit, and I do not know what I would do with my life if it was not for the presence of Taurus, that loves me, consoles me, that helps me fight against the abysm of my sick depression. My life will never be the same again, for I shall always miss my San Tango. The last hours I spent with Tango was the darkest hour in my life, the same hell I had lived during the death of my beloved mother (SX). The death of Tango took me into a spiral of depression that lasted many months, for the loss of what was with Taurus my best friend, my son, my child, the children I did not have, he was with Taurus the love of my Heart. As I edit this text 10 years later, I burst into another spell of tears with sadness when I realize again the loss of my Heart. I realize however that I am blessed by God of having the Divine Grace of having the Great Love of such a wonderful creature that was placed in my path.

The passing of Taurus

My beloved Taurus passed away on the 10th of March of 2016. Today is the 11th of march, it is 3am in the morning, I cannot sleep due to my profound depression of having lost my remaining child, a loving small child of 5 to 7 years old that passed away 1 month after turning 14 years old. Here I will write all my memories regarding the passing away of my beloved child.

The 9th of March I celebrated the birthday of my mother and I remembered this date with affection of love. We left the sanctuary early in the morning with Taurus to spend some time in the beach: this was what Taurus loved most in his life, to play in the sand and fetch his ball that I always threw, again and again, into the water of the sea. I threw the ball as far away as I could, and Taurus jumped into the water, and swam towards the ball and brought it back to the shore, he placed the ball on the sand, and then he dived into the sand, to cover his whole body with the pure sand, and when he was done, he stood up, looked at me, and was ready to fetch more ball in the water, and then again and again and again until it was me that got tired of throwing the ball into the sea (Pic). That morning, barely a few hours before his death, Taurus fetched his ball 10 times, until I considered that the exercise was enough; Taurus came out from the sea after swimming 50 meters into the ocean, and came out alone within the waves, walking slowly, but firmly, out from the sea, he left his ball on the sand for me, and for the last time I did not let him dive into the sand, I dried him up with a towel, and we went to walk in the sand by the sea; this was the last walk I did with Taurus on the beach. Soon we were back at the car, I dried Taurus with a second towel, and then up he went into the car; this was the last time that Taurus had fetched his ball from the sea and his last visit to his loving beach.

We went to the supermarket to buy some food and Taurus waited for me a few minutes in the car. Soon we arrived home; Taurus was happy and asked me to give him the 2 eggs that the chickens had left for me in my bed; I mixed the eggs with some dog food, and as usual he ate everything, and for dessert we had some sweet cookies that I always shared with Taurus from my hand. After lunch Taurus laid down on the carpet to sleep for a couple of hours, and I went to the park to water the plants; we had a terrible drought for a full year and I had to give water each day during many hours to provide the essential water of life (CW). A few hours later I was back in the house with Taurus, and slowly I prepared dinner, and when I was ready to share my dinner with Taurus, I quickly realized that something was very wrong. Taurus did not react to the food I had brought to him, he did not even raise his head to smell it, and quickly I thought this was the beginning of his end; and so it was, Taurus was ready to pass away, to pass into another more Spiritual Realm; this was the first sign that this was the end, the rapid and painless exit towards his next divine destination. I ate alone, next to Taurus, very sad and worried, my strong intuition telling me that this was the beginning of the end of my beloved Taurus.

The night came upon us and I told Taurus to enter into the house and Taurus laid down on the carpet, as usual, next to my bed; I laid down in my bed, and caressed Taurus, he was all right, his respiration was fine, he was not agitated for the temperature of the night was right. At 11:30 pm of the night, I was awakened by a terrible pain of a cramp in the muscle of my leg; this was very strange because the last cramp that I had suffered was 2 years earlier, and that night, still on the 9th of March, in the birthday of my mother, I had this terrible pain that woke me up, and quickly I massaged my leg to relieve the cramp, and within 2 minutes I was relieved from the pain, and then I saw that Taurus had moved and was at the entrance of the house that had the door open because it seemed that Taurus needed fresh air. Quickly I realized that Taurus was agitated in his respiration, I could hear a low roar in his breathing that surely was the lymphoma in his lungs, making an appearance in his body; in addition I saw that Taurus was suffering a bit from the cold of the night. Thus, I quickly laid down next to Taurus and hugged him and warmed him with my body, and I hugged him and loved him until the agitation was gone; in a few minutes the respiration was normal, the noise of his lung was gone, and he no longer suffered from the cold; I rolled Taurus on the carpet and moved him inside, away from the cold, and thinking again that this could be the end of the life of my love, I hugged Taurus again, and stayed together hugging Taurus over 1 hour; Taurus was fine, his respiration was good; I moved the carpet with Taurus next to my bed, and climbed into my bed to see if I could get some needed sleep, and while caressing Taurus with my hand, I kept thinking about Taurus during another 2 hours; I knew there was left little time left, and at 4 am in the morning I was able to sleep until 6:30 when Gabito the cock started to sing early that morning. I touched Taurus and he raised his head to look at me, and quickly he placed the head back on the carpet; Taurus never again moved from this place; at 7 am I made coffee and decided to take Taurus to the veterinarian to help him meet the end with no suffering, to go with his brother Tango, with my mother and my father, to enter into his Paradise of Heaven.

Quickly I was ready with the car to go with Taurus to the veterinarian; I called Taurus to come, but Taurus could not move, he could only raise a little his head, he was weak, and thus quickly I raised Taurus in my arms, and I carried him walking 50 meters towards the car, and placed him comfortably in the back seat of the car where I always had carried him during many years; this was the last trip for Taurus in the car.

During my trip to the vet I drove with one hand, while holding with the other hand the paw of Taurus, to let him know I was next to him, and soon I called the vet to let him know that I was coming with Taurus to give him the final injection that we had already talked about a few weeks earlier. The vet clinic opened at 9:00 and at 9:02 I was at the clinic; we took Taurus down from the car with a stretcher; Taurus was already depressed and slowly was dying. The vet prepared the shot, found the vein immediately, and started the infusion, while I held the head of Taurus against mine, and kissed him on the forehead, while speaking to him sweet words of love; Taurus was fading out, he was half asleep, Taurus knew he was going away, I held unto Taurus, and when Taurus was passing away, loosing his respiration and heart beat, I burst into tears of emotion! My Taurus was gone from this world, and in tears of pain I wept profusely for the loss of my child that I had lost forever from this world. Crying profusely my first words to the vet was that my mother and Taurus was the best thing that happened in my life!

Soon we took Taurus in the stretcher to the car, and slowly I drove back home. The loss of Taurus was terrible but I realized that the passing away had been very fast and with no pain, everything was almost perfect except for my pain; it was only then that my real pain and suffering would start, my great anguish, my profound broken heart, it was much worse that I had imagined for I knew that soon I would have to cope with the passing of Taurus. Still, having the body of Taurus next to me, was a consolation, he was still with me; I drove back home with Taurus in the back seat and I still held his paw in my hand. It started to rain, and it rained all day; the day Taurus died rained all day, it rained 60 mm and it was enough water to stop the terrible drought, all the big trees at last were receiving good water: it seemed that Taurus had to die and go to Heaven to make the sky bring down the water of life to all the big trees of the Sanctuary. It rained all day and thus I could not bury Taurus that day and next morning the rain stopped and with the first light of the day I was able to bury Taurus next to his brother Tango close to the Chapel of the Angels (CW).

On the 11th of March at 6:30 early in the morning I transferred Taurus from the VW to the Jeep to take him up the mountain to bury him next to his brother Tango at the Chapel of the Angels. While Taurus laid in the jeep, I made a big hole in the earth with a shovel, it was a tough work within the stones of the mountain, and now and then I had to stop the work and went to the jeep to kiss Taurus. This was a long painful goodbye, and I cried bitterly, as I had done several years earlier with Tango. When the tomb was large enough, I carried Taurus with lots of care and laid Taurus in the tomb for the final burial of Taurus. Soon I was down on my knees, crying in pain, and within a few minutes, when I gained strength, I commenced to place earth on the body of Taurus, first on his 4 feet, then all over his body, and finally, I gave Taurus a long large kiss in the head, and placed the earth on the head of my Angel: I cannot describe the pain I had in my Heart! The burial was finished, and I wept in pain on my knees on the tomb of Taurus; soon I raised and walked around the tombs of Tango and Taurus, I was weeping in pain, praying and praying, giving thanks to the Divine Spirit for having Taurus with me for such a long happy time, I gave thanks for having been blessed for caring for such an extraordinary creature that gave me only love and happiness during those many important years in the sanctuary.

The following days I had a terrible broken heart; I wrote all my memories with Taurus in the computer; this was another very important chapter in my life. I also collected from the computer the hundreds of pictures that I had taken from Taurus and Tango during the many years in the sanctuary, to bring them into one single album of my beloved dear animals.

This was one of the saddest times of my life: I had lost my parents, my brother had recently passed away in a brief struggle with cancer, much of my distant family had robbed my inheritance, many friends were gone when I went broke with no money; I had lost my two favorite cats, and other beloved animals in the sanctuary; I had lost my beloved Tango, I had no more money, I was going to loose my sanctuary with all my other animals, and now I had lost my beloved Taurus; thus I was in the worst depression of my life. I hope that quickly I will solve my financial crisis: I ask the Angels to protect me, I ask my parents to protect me, I ask Jesus and María and all the Saints to protect me, I ask Tango and Taurus to protect me. I want to go, I need to go, I need to leave the sanctuary, and start my last final period in my life, to care for the many suffering animals that have pain due to the evils of the human factor.

Two days after the death of Taurus I received an offer to buy my sanctuary, and a few days later this was signed and confirmed in writing. Taurus had sold my farm and solved my financial crisis and allowed me to go to start a new fight for the cause of all animals! The new owner of the farm offered me a job in the farm to take care of the farm, but immediately I realized I could not be happy in the farm without my beloved Taurus. When Taurus parted from the sanctuary, I also parted from the sanctuary. Taurus was the great love of my life, it seems that never again I shall be loved so much by a living creature. Taurus and Tango were the great blessing in my life; indeed, when I walked in the beach with Taurus I had been told a few times that I was blessed by God for having such an adorable creature.

My pain due to the passing away of Taurus lasted one month, and then two months, and then three; the first month I just could not believe that Taurus was no longer with me; every time I left the house to work in the farm, a few minutes later I would think about Taurus, I looked for Taurus, and even called him, but he was no longer there; it took several weeks for me to realize that Taurus was physically gone; my life has dramatically changed without Taurus; I now need to leave the sanctuary and start a new life without the physical presence of Taurus. To honor the memory of Taurus and Tango I decided to make a big donation to the principal shelters for dogs in the city and below I quote part of the text that I sent to the authorities of the government and to animal shelters of the city, presenting my ideas on how to solve the great problem of abandoned dogs and cats that have no home and suffer in the animal jail centers that recurrently established by ignorant human beings.

Donation in the memory of Taurus and Tango

Herein excerpts of a letter I wrote to the authorities of my country: Having sold my sanctuary, due to my financial crisis, I have again money to help suffering animals and thus I will donate money to the shelters of animals to alleviate the suffering of animals. In the past I had donated money for the animals: the first donation of 25,000 U$S I did in the memory of my mother after the death of my mother; the second donation of 15,000 U$S I did in the memory of my father with the death of my father; and the third donation of 20,000 U$S I will now do to honor the memory of Taurus and Tango upon the death of Taurus. In addition to the donation of cash, I will make a testament wherein I give instructions that all my patrimony will be left for the shelters of animals; moreover, all the money that I will collect in the many lawsuits that I will initiate against the crooks of my neighbors and criminal hunters and other evil bastards that have hurt and killed my animals, I will donate everything: all this money obtained from the lawsuits will go to alleviate the suffering of animals (CW).

The laws of the country need to change to protect defenseless animals that are abandoned and mis-treated in the streets of the cities: cats and dogs and other animals such as horses; all of them are citizens of our society, they belong to our family, and they need to be protected from the evils of human society; defenseless animals need our care and love, the same love that they give us unconditionally and improve our lives on this suffering planet. In addition, the government should charge a new ‘animal tax’ to be invested solely for the animals; the government has to provide financial resources and their lands to establish the required shelters for animals: many times I had offered the government to donate my whole land of 600 acres to establish a refuge for animals; however, I never got a response to my donation of the sanctuary. And with this letter, I ask all men and women with a good heart, especially those that have financial resources, to help with their money to alleviate the suffering of animals; and ask that they follow my example to fight against delinquents using legal resources to collect money from the crooks to pass on the money for the cause of our suffering animals.

Freedom is the most important right of all living beings; freedom is more important than life itself; indeed, I would rather be dead than live a life in a jail of the evil human being. In my visit to the animal shelters I found that all dogs were emotionally distressed because they were crowded in jails; this terrible stress of being in a cage with many other dogs can turn some of the dogs aggressive, and sometimes they fight, and they have told me that some dogs are killed in those fights; this is not the fault of the dogs, it is the fault of the human being that does not know how to handle and care for suffering dogs. The solution to this grave problem is to organize a shelter where all the dogs live in freedom, because freedom is the most important essential condition to have a population of animals living in harmony and peace; the dogs need to be free to be able to live in relative happiness until they find a new loving owner and a good home. The shelter would have housing for the dogs where they may enter at their will: to eat, to rest, and be protected from the sun and from the cold and the rain and the wind of the winter. The dogs who have been trained by evil humans to be aggressive can be maintained in a different area, or can be left free with a nuzzle, to avoid hurting the other animals and see if they can adapt themselves over time to live in a peaceful canine society. All living beings have the universal right to live a long happy life and in complete freedom!

This proposal of having shelters for dogs and cats living in complete freedom needs to be established in all the shelters of the government and all the private animal shelters of the world; and the private shelters need to work together with the government who have the moral and legal obligation of protecting the animals with their financial resources and their lands to create enough shelters until the excess of dogs in the streets can be controlled by castration. All animal lovers need to work together, to assist with money and time to alleviate the suffering of animals. The work does not end with good shelters; we need to change the laws of the ignorant and sometimes soul-less politicians and government authorities that do not love animals; we need to establish a tax for animals, to have financial resources that are meant only for the use and well being of animals; we need to impose new laws with harsh fines against those that mis-treat animals, including prison terms; and we need to prohibit hunting of all animals all over the world to protect the wild animals that are tortured and killed and exterminated by brutal coward criminal hunters that are destroying our Planet Earth (CW).

The great saint Mahatma Ghandi expressed his wise words: ‘the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way they treat their animals’. To these immortal words I add that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way their citizens care for their abandoned animals’.

I dedicate this donation for abandoned animals in the memory of my two adorable dogs: Taurus and Tango. These adorable dogs, together with my mother and father, are the living beings that have loved me most in my life, they are the souls that I most loved in my life; my dogs are my happiness, my peace, and my great love, they are the consolation of my suffering; my dogs are the greatest blessing of my life and the great Love of my Heart.

And I finish this chapter over my adorable dogs, with the words of senator George Best in his speech during a trial to defend the rights of a dog; it is a tribute to the best friend of man, a tribute to the most nobel creature on planet earth; this speech is one of the greatest speeches in the history of the human species, a brief speech that was inspired by a dog; a DOG, that with no doubt is, has been, and will always be, the best friend of man!

Tribute to Dogs

Gentlemen of the jury. The best friend a man has in the world may turn against him and become his enemy. His son or daughter whom he has reared with loving care may prove ungrateful. Those who are nearest and dearest to us, those whom we trust with our happiness and our good name, may become traitors to their faith. The money that a man has he may lose. It flies away from him perhaps when he needs it most. A man’s reputation may be sacrificed in a moment of ill-considered action. The people who are prone to fall on their knees to do us honor when success is with us may be the first to throw the stone of malice when failure settles its cloud upon our heads. The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is the dog. A man’s dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sleep on the cold ground when the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he can be near his master’s side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer, he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world. He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. When all other friends desert, he remains. When riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens. If fortune drives the master forth an outcast into the world, friendless and homeless, the faithful dog asks no higher privilege than that of accompanying him, to guard him against danger, to fight against his enemies. And when the last scene of all comes, and death takes his master in its embrace and his body is laid in the cold ground, no matter if all other friends pursue their way, there by his graveside will the noble dog be found, his head between his paws and his eyes sad but open, in alert watchfulness, faithful and true, even unto death.flecha-arriba