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Music production is my second internet site dedicated exclusively to the final production of my music PanGaia. In this section of this internet site, dedicated to my activism for the well being of animals, I also present a selection of recordings that I produced during the different periods of my musical creativity. First I present the videos with the recording of the 12 songs that I have selected for the album of ”PanGaia”, and further below I present more videos and more information regarding the production of my music:

Buenos Aires (October 2016)

Uruguay (November 2015)

Netherlands (June 1996)

Historical background to my musical experience:

Here I present in chronological order (from past to present) a more detailed information regarding my life making music that began when I was 5 years old:

My mother and father discovered my musical talent when I was very young and made a home-recording when I was 5 years old singing ‘Let’s twist again’ from Chubby Checker; I remember I heard the recording that I sang nicely in tune; the recording was lost somewhere while moving my life throughout the world. When I was a child I used to hear Chubby Checker, Little Richard, a little of Elvis, and quickly came The Beatles….

When I was 12 years old my mother and grand-mother made me learn to play the piano, and thus, during 3 years, I was taught classic music; but soon I replaced the classic music for the pop music and started to sing with the piano the hit songs of the time from the Beatles, BeeGees, Beach Boys, Santana, and many others…

When I was 16 years old my parents bought me a drum kit, I formed a band, and during the following 3 years I played drums singing the covers of the flower power era of the 60s and 70s.

Soon I quit the drums, and bought an electric guitar and composed my first song ‘Salvanos’ that was inspired by the christian art with lyrics stimulated by the catholic church; there are 3 versions of this song that I composed in 1980 and recorded in different periods of my life (1993-96-2016) with different lyrics that evolved over time. There were other songs that I composed in 70s but these I never recorded and were lost over time. One day I recorded at home several songs of The Beatles, singing with 2 voices; the over-dub recording is not good, and thus here I present only a miniature of the classic of Paul McCartney:

Eleanor Rigby

In the late 70s and the decade of the 80s I quit playing music and dedicated my time to study veterinary medicine at the university and then a doctorate in biological sciences in Buenos Aires; in 1986 I moved to California to get a PhD in Genetics at the University of California (CV).

During the 10 year period of the 80s, I did not play music; in the year 1991, when I was finishing the course work for the PhD, I bought an electric-acoustic guitar, and again started to sing songs of my favorite musicians, this time with my own style of music, singing with my guitar accompanied with a digital percussion.

Straweberry Fields

King Bee

During the 10 year period of the 80s, I did not play music; in the year 1991, when I was finishing the course work for the PhD, I bought an electric-acoustic guitar, and again started to sing songs of my favorite musicians, this time with my own style of music, singing with my guitar accompanied with a digital percussion. Here I present one song of a live performance that I gave in 1991 in UC Davis that had great success among the students of the university: a jam session based on songs from Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.

During my doctoral thesis, I learned how to use a computer, and in the year 1992 I bought a keyboard and started to compose my own songs, playing all the instruments with the computer and keyboard (bass, horns, organ, drums, percussion). This was the real beginning of my intense creativity in music. Soon I started to play in concerts as a ‘one man band’, playing my songs with guitar, keyboard (bass, horns, drums, organ) and a ‘vocoder’ to sing the chorus lines with many voices. Here I present 3 songs of my 8 songs that I used to play live as a one man band:

Come out and Pray

Who stole my Soul


In San Diego I played in a auditorium called ‘Spirit’ (nice synchronism to the lyrics I was singing); the critique of the San Diego newspaper that came to hear my performance wrote: ‘amazing one man band that sounded like many bands’; indeed, playing alone as a one man band I sounded with more power than complete rock and roll bands, and this was also acknowledged by a jury of a talent competition in San Francisco when I won first prize in a talent competition for rock and roll bands playing as a one man band the song ‘Cry from Gaia’. Enclosed a few pictures: the only picture that was taken from me while playing in the talent competition of San Francisco, with the certificate I received for winning the competition, a second picture playing as a OMB in the central park of UC Davis, and the critique of the newspaper when I played in the ‘Spirit’ auditorium of San Diego.After I finished my post-doc and science investigation in California, in 1994 I decided to quit my job in the lab (I was no longer having fun working in the lab), and destiny ‘moved’ me to Netherlands, to work as a scientific editor in a pharmaceutical giant that had its headquarters in the land of my ancestors in the city that bears my name: ‘Land van Kuyk’. The first 2 years in Holland I played as a OMB, and in 1996 I hired several musicians to record all of the songs that I had composed, to make the first production of the CD PanGaia: I am the producer and author of the music and lyrics of all the songs, I sing all the songs, sometimes with a vocoder to sing the chorus lines; I play the rhythm guitar: I am left handed, but I play with a right handed guitar, thus I play the guitar with all the strings upside-down. The information on all the musicians that participated in the production of the music in Buenos Aires, Holland, and Uruguay, I present in the section of ‘Credits’ in this internet site (Credits). Thus, after the first version of my music as a OMB here I present the second version of two songs of my repertoire playing with musicians in The Netherlands (1996):

Below a few pictures that were taken for the production of the CD PanGaia in The Netherlands:

My music had an extraordinary critique in the media in various newspapers, music magazines, in the radio and in television; the media compared my style to the music of the genius Peter Gabriel. Below I present a summary of what the music media published in newspapers and magazines after the production of PanGaia; here some pictures of a few comments that were written about PanGaia:

I received many interesting responses to the letters with the CD that I sent to several personalities, such as the music producer of The Beatles, responses from a Queen, my favorite Princess, beautiful actresses, and famous musicians:

A few weeks after the production of PanGaia (1996), I started to have frequent mystic experiences with Holy Nature and Christian Saints; thus, soon I decided to travel, to seek miracles to provide evidence of the existence of God; therefore, I completely abandoned music, to write during my free time about the mystic experiences I was having, and about the conclusions on the important issues of life; to prepare for my activism for the well being of animals: the first passion of my life.

In the year 2001, I left the Netherlands and came back to Uruguay, to take care of my parents that had become ill; I bought a 3 million square meter farm, and during the following 15 years I spent my time and small fortune to create with all my passion an extraordinary sanctuary for animals and plants, taking care of thousands of plants that I had planted in the land, and caring for 1,000 domestic and exotic and wild animals that are the passion of my life (Sanctuary).

In november of the year 2015, almost 20 years after having quit the music scene, after the production of PanGaia in Holland in 1996; and after 20 years of not singing a single song, I decided to sing a second and third voice to my original first voice of the two melodic songs that I had recorded in 1996 in The Netherlands. I recorded my voice in the first take; here I present the final version of these two precious music jewels of PanGaia:

In addition, I recorded a second voice to the first voice of my mother who had sung decades earlier the beautiful song ‘White Christmas’ in a hotel in California. During that recording, decades earlier, my mother had one of her many allergy attacks that caused some problems with her singing; thus, in the year 2015, I added a second voice to the first voice of my mother, believing that the song could become more beautiful:

In the year 2016, after many years of fighting against my criminal neighbors, delinquent employees, crooked lawyers, hunters and many other perverted evil human beings, and due to having enormous debts, and having lost my beloved companion dog Taurus after a love that lasted 14 years: with great suffering I decided to sell my sanctuary. Liberated from my responsibility of taking care of the many thousands of plants and animals of the sanctuary, I decided to travel to Buenos Aires, and make a last new music production, to record my music with the best musicians; thus, I changed many lyrics of a few songs, and filmed the recordings with 10 musicians, to publish in the internet, and show, for the first time in my life, in a film, my live performance, in a rock band, singing out my Heart with the message that I receive in my Soul. Thus, hear here, I come, with the videos and the music that I played again in Buenos Aires; maybe this will be the last music performance of my life-time; unless I receive new orders from the ‘Lord’, to start playing live, for the multitudes, to give out my message to the world…

Backstage in Buenos Aires (2016)

Below the videos with the recording of the songs that I produced with 10 musicians in a studio in Buenos Aires:

Press critiques on PanGaia:

A guide to dutch progressive rock music: ‘PanGaia selected as one of the 10 most recommended albums in The Netherlands’.

Radio station Gelderland: ‘This band is a world top class act. As a travel leader, PanGaia takes you on a musical trip. On the footsteps of Peter Gabriel’.

Foundation for arts and culture Gelderland: ‘The CD is astonishing, professional, fascinating, stirring…; the music inspires awe… ; RvK addresses the big themes of life. At last someone with a message…’.

Music maker: ”Remarkable mix of symphonic rock, pop, funk, latin. Striking…’.

File under Sympho: ‘Intriguing and delicious mix… imagine something between Peter Gabriel, Santana and Weather Report… Reviews were extremely positive…’.

Silvoldse pop prize report: ‘PanGaia is orchestral, impressive, original…’

PopGids Nederland: ‘PanGaia. Very good. High praise from the press’.

Newspaper De Gelderland: ‘RvK is not your normal kind of musician… RvK is a special man, a language genius… it sounds perfect…’.

Entertainment music production: ‘congratulates you, and in honor and recognition of your fine performance we hereby present you with this certificate of award…’

San Diego newspaper: ‘Amazing one man band that sounded like many…’.

Empire (german music magazine): ‘Outstanding original work….a style that cannot be ascribed to any other… danceable interesting music with significant lyrics…’

Akzo nobel for talents: …they were very impressed with the quality of your music…’

Foundation for arts and culture: ‘… is wonderful, original, sweeping, interesting… I associate his music with Peter Gabriel… the record companies seem to be sleeping…’

Letter from Phil Collins: ‘Dear Robert, …did you send your CD to Greenpeace?…’


I was the first person to use the artist name ”PanGaia”, as from the year 2003, when I started to play my music of ‘PanGaia’. In the year 1996 I registered the trade mark name ”PanGaia” in The Netherlands. The ‘Pangaia’ name is now being used in the internet by other groups throughout the world.

As shown in the pictures below, with the production and publication of my first CD PanGaia, in the year 1996, in The Netherlands, I registered my music and artist name ”PanGaia”, in the official registration bureau of Europe: the ”Benelux-Merken Bureau” in The Hague, The Netherlands.