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The First Commandment to Save Humanity: STOP Killing Animals!

The Coronavirus Pandemia with human mortality is a Warning of the Angels of Light with Mother Earth to the Human Species to STOP the Holocaust of Animals or suffer massive viral exterminations and human extinction before the year 2050. In the last 50 years brutal ignorant humans tortured and killed 80 % of all the wild animals of the Miracle Planet and thus in the next 20 years humans threaten to destroy the remaining 20 % of wild animals, producing further destruction of biodiversity and imbalance of the ecosystems, with liberation of other mortal viruses (such as Influenza), causing waves of human exterminations in the next 20 years, and final human extinction before 2050.

In this website I present the scientific data of the ecological catastrophe that Homo Non Sapiens has caused to Mother Earth; I describe the criminal holocaust of wild animals and domestic animals, the destruction of biodiversity and ecosystems that cause viral pandemics that will produce human exterminations in the next 20 years; I present the scientific moral and spiritual reasons and the actions to be taken to stop the crime of the Holocaust of Animals, so that the ignorant destructive human species will acquire Ecological Spiritual Consciousness to Love all Plants and all Animals, to stop the destruction of the Life of the Planet, and arrest human extinction before 2050. Climate change might cause the extinction of humanity in 100 years, but the current course of criminal extermination and extinction of all the Wild Animals will produce human extinction before 2050; thus The First Commandment to Save Humanity: Stop Killing Animals!

Here I also present my book published in June 2020 awarded with the 5 Star Seal of Excellence from ‘Readers Favorites’ with the following critique: “Stop Killing Animals” is a thought-provoking and profound take on how important animals are for the balance of ecosystems and human survival. The book will make readers think, especially during this pandemic, on how important it is to stop killing animals because it will ultimately end up in the extinction of the human species.

About the author: Roberto van Kuyk, DVM, Ph.D.; doctor in veterinary medicine, doctor in genetics, research scientist (virology), polyglot writer, musician singer song writer producer, ecological activist creator of a Sanctuary of Animals, animal rights activist, mystic miracle maker that stimulates Ecological Spiritual Consciousness to save Sacred Animals, to eradicate the suffering of the Holocaust of Animals, to stop the destruction of the Life of the Planet, to arrest human extinction and establish a new prosperous more pacified Planetary Evolution. Every good tree gives good fruit; thus by their fruits ye shall know them (Words of Jesus).

According to science genius Albert Einstein: a Spirit is Manifest in the Laws of the Universe. Indeed, in this website I present evidence that this Spirit is Manifest on Planet Earth and in the Soul of Animals; again: the Holy Spirit is Manifest in the Soul of Animals; describing my personal Miracles of God, with Miracle Pictures of Angels of Light that bring their Message to Humanity: that brute soul-less Homo Non Sapiens needs to Stop Killing Animals with their torture of Holocaust of Animals and must stop the destruction of biodiversity and ecosystems, otherwise more new waves of human exterminations with virus released from tortured slaughtered animals will occur in the next few years leading to human extinction before 2050!

Introduction Speech to arrest Human Extinction (Spanish video shows Miracles described in the section Miracles)

In 50 years humans have killed 80 % of all the Wild Animals of the Planet

In the last 50 years the destructive ignorant human species has killed 80 % of all the wild animals of the planet: including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects (Book). If in 50 years Homo Non Sapiens has killed 80 % of all the wild animals of the planet, including 90 % of the essential bees and 84 % of the fish, in another 20 years there will be no more fish in the oceans, and in 25 years humans will have destroyed 100 % of all the wild animals of the planet, causing a final collapse of all the ecosystems of the planet that will lead to human extinction before the year 2050! The data of destruction of the planet and the extermination of the wild animals indicates that if humans want to survive they must change its Ecological Spiritual Consciousness to care for the Mother Planet and must stop killing the Sacred Trees to kill and eat Domestic Animals, and must stop killing Wild Animals to save humanity as indicated in The First Commandment: Stop Killing Animals!

Human extermination with the coronavirus pandemia is a Sign of God and a blessing for the Life of the Planet, including for humans, because the mortal virus that is killing humans will stop the destruction of plants and animals by forcing humans to change its irresponsible ignorant destruction of plants and animals because the destruction of the planet threatens the survival of the human species. Different strains of coronavirus pandemics will exterminate millions of humans the following 20 years and this has been initiated by the transmission of coronavirus from wild animals to criminal humans who capture cage torture and murder wild animals to eat them, sometimes alive, as was done by the brutal chinese predators that torture and kill flying mammal bats that are essential for the life cycle of the planet. In a few months the coronavirus pandemia has achieved a decrease in the pollution of the planet, reducing the course of climate change that is causing great harm to all living beings; air pollution has been reduced with a decrease of toxic fossil fuel emissions with the reduction in transportation in cars, boats and airplanes; industrial fishing of decimated fish populations on the verge of collapse has been reduced; local organic food producers have been favored; tele-work from home has reduced the pollution, the use of the essential bicycle has been increased across the planet; however, humans are always stupid and instead of reducing the use of pesticides they are contaminating the planet by spraying toxic chemicals against the virus in the environment that continues to kill wildlife, and have reduced the effort to fight against criminal hunters that exterminate essential wild animals. Coronavirus pandemia wants to reduce the destruction of the planet and the most important benefit is that human mortality is the wake-up call to force humans to change its ignorant evil destruction of the Mother Planet, to start taking action against climate change, to stop cutting and killing Sacred Trees, to stop the torture and killing of Domestic Animals for meat consumption, and to stop the extermination of Wild Animals, to start taking care of the Mother Planet in order to avoid human extinction before 2050!

During the past 30 years I have been stimulating Ecological Spiritual Consciousness to change Homo Non Sapiens to stop their evil destruction of the planet and the torture and killing of Sacred Animals, with my texts and music, such as in Cry from Gaia, published 30 years ago, with lyrics that describe the destruction of the planet and the Reaction of the Planet (with coronavirus) against the destructive ignorant human species; God and the Planet react to the crimes of humanity against defenseless Sacred Trees and Sacred Animals that is threatening a final collapse of the life of all the Living Beings of the Planet. Mother Gaia reacts with different viral pandemics that are released from wild animals and from domestic animals that are tortured and killed during food production and these viruses will exterminate humans in the next 25 years threatening a complete human extinction before 2050.

Love your Mother Earth and all its Living Beings with all the Force of your Soul is the great Commandment of God to save humanity. This Message of God that I receive in my Soul, many times through a Telepathic Manifestation (Intro), I also sing in my song ‘Love will be Done’, composed 30 years ago, as inspired by the Spirit of Jesus (Music). If you Love your Planet Earth and all its Sacred Plants and all its Sacred Animals with all the Force of your Heart, you will not kill trees nor kill animals, and you will stop the destruction of Mother Earth and arrest your human induced extinction. If you torture and kill animals your Soul is possessed by destructive Evil that will be eradicated from Mother Earth by viral pandemics so that the Life of the Planet may continue to evolve; thus, to survive you must free your Soul from Evil and establish a Consciousness of Love in your Soul for all the Living Beings of Mother Gaia, as sung in the lyrics of ‘Love will be Done’: why don´t you Free yourself from Evil, why don’t you Heal yourself with Love

During the past 30 years I have had hundreds of Mystic Experiences that show me Miracles of God (Intro). The Message of Jesus I receive with Miracles of God to arrest human extinction is to Stop Killing Animals. Jesus was Manifest in my song ‘Cristo Sálvanos’ that I recorded Live in 2018, when the Holy Spirit sings with me a second voice in the minute 4:39 when in my lyrics I ask ‘Cristo Jesus’ to make us as Angels of Light to save Sacred Animals. Forty years ago I composed my first song ‘Cristo Sálvanos’ inspired by Lord Jesus who always gives me Miracles of God to transmit his message to save humanity with The First Commandment: Stop Killing Animals!

The God of Science and the God of Miracles that challenges the Science of God are necessary for human survival; without the Science of God and the God of Miracles in the Human Soul the human species will be lost from the Evolution of Miracle Planet Earth. In this website I show Science of God and the God of Miracles presenting the Message of the Angels that God Holy Spirit with Spiritual Light brings to the material world; showing Miracle Pictures of the Angels of Light, to stimulate Spiritual Consciousness to materialize Ecological Consciousness in the ignorant human species, to stop the criminal Holocaust of Animals; presenting the data of the Ecological Holocaust that humans have produced against Holy Nature in the past 50 years; describing the existencial reason of the human self-destruction: the only and most stupid animal species of the planet that destroys its own home; providing the specific urgent actions that humans must implement all over the world to stop the extermination of wild animals and the holocaust of torture and slaughter of domestic animals, that also produces climate change, that produces more extermination of wild animals that produces more collapse of ecosystems, and human exterminations with virus that is leading to human extinction before 2050. In this Home page I summarize below the most important issues of my book I published in June 2020, which I include herein in digital form, presenting all the data of the ecological catastrophe that humans have caused to Sacred Nature; describing the existential cause of deadly viral pandemics that will produce human exterminations in the next few years, so that the ignorant soul-less criminal human species will change and acquire Ecological Spiritual Consciousness to love all Sacred Plants and all Sacred Animals, to stop the Holocaust of Animals, calling on all Animal Love Rights groups and Ecological Activists to Come into Action, to help stop the human destruction, to save the Life on the Planet, and arrest human extinction expected before 2050.

The Holocaust of Wild Animals leads to human extinction (Book)

In the last 50 years humans have killed 80 % of all the wild animals of the planet: including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects (New York Times published in 2020 a mean destruction of 83 % of wild mammals and 84 % of fish). Reports in 2019 indicate a 90 % reduction in the numbers of bees and without the essential bees humans will be extinguished as was also indicated by Einstein. Scientists indicate that in 25 years there will be no more fish in the oceans (I predict a total collapse before 2040) and every day 120 species are lost in the planet and 1,000,000 species are on the list of extinction due to the destructive human activity. Criminal hunters that are protected by soul-less corrupt government officials kill and exterminate rhinos, elephants, lions, pangolins, tigers, all primates, and all the other wild animals of the planet, exterminating the most important patrimony of the planet that is essential for the cycle of life of all animals, including for the stupid human species. If in 50 years humans destroyed 80 % of all the wild life of the planet, in the next 25 years humans will destroy the remaining 20 % left of the wild animals, producing a total collapse of all eco-systems, with human extinction before 2050. In less than 100 years predator Homo Non Sapiens will have killed all the Wild Animals of the Planet that has 4,000,000,000 years of Miraculous Creative Evolution!

Below a partial list of the Holocaust of Wild Animals according the data presented by WWF, NatGeo, United Nations, New York Times, BBC, Infobae, Nación, Science and Nature, and many other scientific journals.

Overall Killing (percentage of destruction) of Wild Mammals: 82 % ; Lions: 90 % (20,000 surviving from 200,000, evil hunters are still killing them); Elephants: 90 % (Sacred Elephants are tortured in Asia: free all elephants or you will be wiped out from Planet Earth); Tigers: 98 % (3,000 in USA, more Tigers in USA than in Asia); Black Rhinos: 95 %; the White Rhino has been extinguished ; White Giraffe extinguished (last mother and calve killed by evil poacher in 2020) ; Polar Bears threatened with extinction ; in Alaska criminal hunters are allowed to kill mother bears with their cubs while sleeping in their dens) ; Pangolin: threatened with extinction (due to killing by evil soul-less Chinese for their diabolic ignorant useless traditional medicines) ; destruction of overall Fish in all Oceans: 84 %; Freshwater Fish: 80-90 % (7 meter Paddlefish extinguished in China) ; freshwater Salmon in Europe: 93 % and 84 % in Latin America ; overall Marine Life is threatened with extinction (industrial fishing of the evil Chinese regime is now killing everything even the historic Turtles in the Galapagos Islands (Patrimony of Humanity) ; Dolphins killed in the last Japanese tanker oil spill in Mauricio Islands ; evil diabolic humans throw bombs in the oceans to seek petroleum to extract oil from the bottom of the ocean and these destructive bombs produce torture and damage the communication of whales, orcas, dolphins and all the marine life of the planet ; overall destruction of Birds: 70-75 % (threatened: Condor and Eagles) ; Reptiles and Amphibians: 70-80 % (200 species of essential frogs were extinguished) ; Salamander (the largest amphibian is threatened with extinction) ; Arthropods such as the essential crabs: 75 % (diabolic humans boil crabs alive: all animals have a Soul and suffer pain; fish are used to study depression);  Insects 70-80 % ; essential Bees: 90 % (according to Einstein without bees soon you will be all DEAD (before 2050). Further details of human destruction and their atrocities on wild and domestic animals in the sections of Essays and Book.

All the species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, all the fish and all the marine fauna of rivers and oceans, all the essential insects: all animals are dying and disappearing from the planet due to the ignorant evil selfish powerful humans that mis-manage the natural resources of the world and care only about their evil power and money that is destroying all living beings of the Mother World. Pollution of the atmosphere with climate change produces floods and draughts and fires that kills animals and destroys all the ecosystems of the planet; plastics and other garbage thrown into the oceans kills all the marine life; contamination of the air and earth with toxic pesticides kills insects and all other animals; cutting and killing billions of trees to produce meat for unnecessary consumption for the human species that has been created a vegetarian animal produces great loss of animal habitats and destruction of biodiversity; the holocaust of devastating more frequent fires torched by stupid evil humans kill billions of animals; cutting the trees and destruction of forests and jungles all over the planet due to the eternal invasion of the human plague destroys all wildlife habitats and biodiversity; all this evil human destruction is killing all the living beings of the planet producing imbalance in the ecosystems that is leading to mass extermination of essential animals that will lead to final human extinction before 2050!

The torture and killing of wild animals release coronavirus and other viruses that produce mortal pandemics that will exterminate millions of humans in the next 20 years. The holocaust of the killing of wild animals is caused by the ignorant excessive human population through 1) toxic pollution of the air, the water and the earth and the cutting of trees that produces climate change that is killing animals; 2) the criminal hunting and massive killing of extermination of all wild animals; 3) and the torture and killing of domestic animals for unnecessary meat consumption that destroys trees with loss of habitats for wild animals and loss of the biodiversity of plants and animals that leads to further mass extermination of wild animals with further imbalance of ecosystems that liberate mortal virus that will lead to human exterminations and human extinction before 2050. All the scientific data indicate that for the survival of humans it is necessary to stop killing Sacred Wild Animals as I describe in this website and in my recently published book that I include in this website: The First Commandment to Save Humanity: Stop Killing Animals!

Late in September 2020 before exposing my website to the world the Holy Spirit inspired me to do a music video changing the lyrics of the beautiful song ‘Her Majesty’ of Paul McCartney, wherein I ask from leaders of the world, through Her Majesty, to BAN Hunting all over the world, to stop the Holocaust of Wild Animals to arrest Human Extinction. Thus walking in the beach I quickly composed a few lyrics that matched the words of Paul in this little jewel song to Save Little Animals of God (video below). Early today, on the 1st of October 2020, I loaded the video in Youtube, and reading the news hours later I became aware that today we celebrate World Vegetarian Day, and thus I have a nice synchronicity in the production of this video that is dedicated to save wild animals and transform billions of humans into vegetarian animals that is also the desire of vegetarian activist Paul McCartney! I worked on the video the 2 previous days and did not know nothing about a World Vegetarian Day and thus I have a Symbolic Synchronicity to present this vegetarian video to the world on World Vegetarian Day! There is another Mystic Synchronicity in this video: Her Majesty and Paul have always a lot to say, and I also had a lot to say in this video, and thus I decided to add some of my videos with animals and photos of my Sanctuary of Animals after the video with the song of Paul, to add my message to humanity to Stop Killing Animals. When I added the photos of my animals I realized I had to add some music as a background to the photos and quickly decided to put my song ‘Let your Love’ with the animals of my sanctuary (video). This song I had composed in 1994 in a Dream with an Angel and this Angel of Light that appeared next to me to help me compose ‘Let your Love’ appeared to be Paul McCartney! This Mystic Experience I described years earlier and in my website in the Menu of Miracles in the section of the Miracles with Jesus: ‘Let Your Love be the Heart of Jesus’ because the song comes with a Miracle of God with the Materialization of a Heart of Jesus as I describe in Miracles. Seems a Destiny is Written that God inspired me to produce the Song of Paul with different lyrics to give a Message to Save Animals and then made me add ‘Let your Love’ to the video, a song inspired by an Angel that appeared to be Paul in my Dream with the Lord. Here comes to mind the famous quote of Shakespeare: There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

The Holocaust of Domestic Animals: the worst crime of humanity

The human species is responsible of the worst crime perpetrated against the Mother Planet with the torture and killing of billions of lovable defenseless domestic animals that suffer during the production of animals for unnecessary consumption for the human species that has been created a vegetarian animal (below). Humans use and abuse and mistreat their donkeys and horses, they cage and torture wild animals in their circuses and zoos, they torture and kill minks in wire jails for life to take their skins for fur, they torture chickens all their lives in diminutive cages to produce meat and eggs, they grind little chicks and other animals Alive in crushing machines, they torture geese with tubes they pass through their esophagus to consume their fatty livers, diabolic chinese skin their dogs alive and boil them alive to eat them, soul-less scientists torture monkeys and rabbits for unnecessary experiments, and 93 % of the human population of the planet participate in the torture and killing of animals to eat Sacred Animals that have Soul and Consciousness as established by the scientific research of the brain (below).

In my book I have written a list of 25 atrocities of the hundreds perpetrated by the criminal human species against defenseless lovable animals that I describe in the chapter of the Fatwa of Extermination of humans in the letter I sent to the Pope in 2015 (Essays). Below 4 examples, so the reader may realize that Homo Horribilis Brutus Non Sapiens deserves to be eradicated/exterminated from Mother Earth with ‘Little Big One’ as described in the end of this page.

1. Skinning (peeling off) all the skin of Living Dogs: a video has been described to me of a farm that produces meat of dogs in China for human consumption: the diabolic evil chinese eat the meat of dogs, the best friend of man, and this production of meat is allowed by the evil authorities of China: in this most diabolic farm human devils peel off all the skin of Living Dogs, with knives; that is, they peel with knives all the skin of dogs that are alive! The restrained dogs scream out in the most terrible agony of pain, while these evil devil human monsters with their knives peel off all the skin of the dogs that are alive; the dogs are tied up on the table screaming out loud their terrible pain, until these monsters finish the peeling of all the skin of all the bodies of the living dogs; once the devils finish this evil torture, they throw the dogs on the floor, while the dogs are still alive, many times they throw the living dogs in boiling water, and when the dogs die they prepare the body of the dog for human consumption! My God, my God, why have you forsaken me! (Last words of Jesus at the Cross). Death Penalty to this Monster of Man!

2. Chopping Animals that are Alive with grinding machines for human hot dog consumption: evil humans throw into crushing machines many different animals that are alive, such as horses, pigs and cows, to crush and shred the bodies of living animals that enter into the human crushing machine; some of the horrified animals try to escape from the crushing machine, but once the crushing machine captures a leg, the animal cannot escape, and the animal is driven into the crushing machine to be crushed chopped Alive, into little pieces, to be eaten by the Monster of Man. Millions of Chicks are also chopped Alive into pieces by crushing machines in all the countries of the world! My God, my God, why have you forsaken me! Death Penalty to this Monster of Man!

3. Torture until the death of Geese to produce liver paste for human consumption: I was told that to produce liver paste of geese, evil humans sometimes nail the feet of geese with nails to the floor, so that the geese will not move; industries of liver production have hundreds of geese, the evil devils stuff through their throats a large catheter through the esopaghus of the living geese to reach their stomachs, to then force lots of greasy food into the body of the geese, so that the liver of the goose will hasten the production of a greasy liver, so that the evil devil human may eat liver paste of these loving animals; I suppose they do this everyday until the death of the poor animal! My God, my God, why have you forsaken me! Death Penalty to this Monster of Man!

4. In supposed ‘civilized’ country The Netherlands they have thousands of suffering minks in many farms where they torture them, all of their lives, in very small Wire cages, and then kill them, to extract their precious skin, to be sold and used by soul-less humans that have pleasure using skins of tortured animals that suffer their entire lives in very small wire cages. In 2020 one of the humans that cares for the torture of these wonderful animals was tested positive for coronavirus; since one or more of the minks was positive, they killed 800,000 of the tortured minks. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me! Death Penalty to this Monster of Man!

Read all my atrocity list, or watch the videos in the internet, and if you still have love in your heart you will start praying for the extermination of the human species, like me, and many other vegetarians that are also doing that, as indicated in the media when articles of human crimes against animals always appear in the media. One of the greatest crimes of humanity is the torture of animales in small cages of different domestic animals during the production of meat for the unnecessary human consumption, and during the production of fur, and during unnecessary criminal animal experimentation (Essays). An article in El Pais 2018 described a new law established in California (in a ‘civilized’ country) to increase a little bit the spaces that animals may have in their cages, during the production of eggs and meat, because the previous rules for food production seemed to be for these soul-less authorities a little too cruel; and I quote the conditions of space that domestic animals in food production may have, as they live their entire lives suffering in human criminal cages: The current law establishes that the space for laying hens, pigs and calves, should be enough so they may be able to turn around in their cages, they should be able to lay down, and be able to stand up with their legs extended. These are the evil conditions of the new law passed in 2018 regarding the spaces that Animals with Consciousness and Souls may have, during all their lifetimes they pass in small cages, during diabolic food production, where animals cannot even stand up, or lay down, or turn around in their small cages, where they are caged all their lives, to be eventually slaughtered, sometimes chopped alive in grinding machines, to be devoured by soul-less humans that have been created a vegetarian animal (below). Even murderers and rapists of children are not imprisoned in such brutal conditions, even when all these poor animals have much more Love and Soul than the majority of the soul-less heart-less evil humans that are destroying the world! This torture of Conscious Loving Animals that have a Good Soul is worse than the torture that white Europeans perpetrated against the African slaves that were tortured during 300 years in America, in one of the worst crimes of diabolic humanity! The law of spaces for Holy Animals during meat production shows the barbaric crime of the holocaust of evil torture perpetrated by evil soul-less criminal humans for the consumption of Sacred Animals. Not even Diabolic Hitler tortured his enemies in the way that ‘normal’ humans torture and kill Loving Domestic Animals that are devoured by 93 % of ‘normal’ human carnivores created vegetarian animals that are accomplices of this crime against Loving Animals that have a Soul and Consciousness (below). Thus, soul-less heart-less humans are responsible of the worst crime perpetrated against Mother Earth with this Evil Holocaust of Animals! My mother was German and half Jew and she spent the entire war in Germany escaping from the criminal Nazi regime that were searching for my mother to put her in a cage to exterminate her in a gas chamber (Book); thus, do not criticize my comparison of the crime of the holocaust of animals with the human Nazi holocaust, because humans that cage and torture and kill Innocent Loving Animals are as brutal and perverse as Evil Diabolic Hitler! No wonder today you suffer Covid-20, and tomorrow you will suffer Influenza-21, and Ebola-22, and with the final ‘Little Big One’ that is coming your way, until soul-less humans become Good Souls and Love other Animals, or become exterminated eradicated from Planet Mother Earth!

Love your Mother Earth and all its Good Living Beings with all the Force of your Soul

To stop the destructive course of planet contamination and the extermination of animals and avoid its own extinction the human species needs to acquire Ecological Consciousness of Spiritual Love for Sacred Plants and for Sacred Animals. Homo Non Sapiens will only survive its current course of self-destruction if you comply with the First Commandment: Stop Killing Animals and Love your Mother Earth and all its Good Living Beings with all the Force of your Heart.

Homo sapiens has been created a vegetarian animal and to stop the course of its own extinction must stop torturing and killing wild and domestic animals and return to be a peaceful vegetarian animal that does not torture nor kill other Soulfull Animals. The most intelligent wise geniuses of humanity are Vegetarian as indicated by their own words, to save the human species from its own self-destruction:

Albert Einstein (the most intelligent man in the history of the human species): I am by principle a passionate follower of vegetarianism mainly because of ethical and moral reasons. I strongly believe in a vegetarian order of life, even if it were only due to physical effects that influences the temperament of men. Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for the survival of Life on Earth as much as the human evolution to a vegetarian diet.

Leonardo da Vinci (the greatest genius of humankind): There will come a time when human beings will be content with a vegetable diet and the killing of an animal will be considered a crime, just like the murder of a human being. The day will come when men like me will see as a crime the killing of an animal as we now see in the killing of a human being.

Sir Paul McCartney (the most famous musician of the planet): If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat. That’s the single most important thing you can do. Its staggering when you think about it. Vegetarianism takes care of so many things in one shot: ecology, famine and cruelty.

Pitágoras (one of the greatest philosophers of all time): If men keep on killing his younger brothers the animals we will continue to suffer wars on earth and men will continue to kill each other, for he that sows pain and death will never harvest peace, happiness and love.

Mahatma Ghandi (Saint and activist for human morality): The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way the nation treats their animals. Spiritual progress demands from us that we stop killing and eating our brotherly animal creatures of God only to satisfy our perverted and sensual appetites.

Saint Francis of Asís (famous Great Saint): ¿How can you devour mercilessly adorable animal creatures that give you their love, help, friendship and company?

Buda (Prophet of Buddhist religion): Love all living beings and pacify your spirits by stopping the killing and eating of animals; this is the true test of religiosity, because the true wise man of God not only will not kill and not eat animals, but will also love and keep and potentiate the life of all creatures in every manifestation.

Other wise vegetarian geniuses include: Isaac Newton (the most brilliant physicist of human history); Thomas Edison (inventor of electricity); Greta Thunberg (great activist for climate change); and many other ProLife Activists that are trying to Save the Life of the Planet.

And I swear by God that Jesus Christ is Vegetarian! Does anybody doubt that Lord Jesus today is a ProLife Vegetarian Activist that defends the Life of All Sacred Animals? Verily I say unto you: And who so shall offend one of these little ones (animals, women and children), it were better for him that a millstone be hanged on his neck and be thrown into the depth of the sea (Matthew 18:6).

PS: one year after swearing above that Jesus is Vegetarian, on the date of the death of Saint Francis, with World Day of Animals, I came upon the following quote of Saint Francis: Like Jesus, I do Not eat Animals; man must understand the true Message of God to care for his beloved animals, man must put himself in the place of those neglected and mistreated animals, and only then will there be peace, otherwise the day will come when men will see with their own eyes how their environment is contaminated and dies and then they will abuse not only animals but also fellow humans.

Those who have no Consciousness of Love for Sacred Animals are ignorant brute souls with no moral spiritual conscience and will be selected against and eradicated from Mother Earth.

The moral spiritual evolution of a human animal is directly proportional to the love he has for non human animals. Blessed are those who love and care and defend All Animals for they will inherit the Kingdom of God and Blessed are those who love and care for All Plants for they shall inherit a Paradise in Heaven.

The First Commandment to Save Humanity: Stop Killing Animals and Love your Planet Earth and all its Living Beings with all the Force of your Soul. 

The Spirit of God is Manifest in Planet Earth and in the Soul of Animals

To stop the course of extermination of animals and avoid human extinction Homo Non Sapiens needs to acquire a new Ecologic Spiritual Consciousness to love all Sacred Plants and all Sacred Animals. To have a full Consciousness of Love for Sacred Animals humans need to have Spiritual Consciousness with the Holy Spirit Manifest within the Spirit Heart of the Human Soul. The greatest geniuses of human history believed in the existence of a Spirit of God that is Manifest in the Soul of the Universe and I quote their own words:

Albert Einstein: ‘Everyone who is seriously involved with science comes to the conviction that a Spirit is Manifest in the Laws of the Universe’. Indeed, the Holy Spirit is Manifest in the Laws of the Universe, the Energy of God Holy Spirit is Manifest in the Laws of Nature, the Holy Spirit of God is Manifest in Animals, the Energy of God is Manifest in Plants; God Holy Spirit is Manifest with the Miracle of Life in all Living Beings of our Miracle Planet Earth! The Cosmological God lives in the Soul of Animals and therefore the Message of the Angels: Stop Killing Animals!

Isaac Newton wrote in one of his publications on the evidence of the existence of a Deity: ‘Letters containing some arguments that give evidence of a Deity’. Mystic physicist genius Newton presented his arguments in a publication that give evidence of the existence of Deity; herein with the description of my Mystic Experiences and showing material Miracle Pictures of Manifestations of Light with Angels of Light I also present my arguments for the evidence of the existence of the DEITY of Newton, which is the Spirit mentioned by Einstein that is Manifest on Earth and in the Soul of All Sacred Animals!

Paranormal Phenomena (Miracles) provide evidence of the existence of a Holy Spirit of a Spirit Dimension that is Manifest in the material dimension of our Miracle Mother Earth. Miracles of God provide evidence of the paranormal expression of the Spiritual Dimension in the material dimension of Miracle Planet Earth (Intro). I have seen the Light of the Holy Spirit, I have seen the Light of the Blessed Virgin, the Light of Jesus, the Light of the Angels of God; I received all kinds of Miracles of God and I give evidence of my Mystic Experiences with many Miracle Pictures that show Angels of Light and other Manifestations of Light that demonstrate the existence of a Holy Spirit that may Manifest Miracles to provide evidence of the existence of God (Miracles). And for stubborn atheists here a quote from the genius of Shakespeare: There is much more between Heaven and Earth than what your small mind can imagine; indeed, atheists and scientists should start using more their minds and imagination to discover the subtle Manifestations of God (and not so subtle like the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin that shows many Miracles of God).

Throughout the Universe we have different Energetic Dimensions; in Planet Earth we have a Material Dimension and the Non-Material Spiritual Dimension of the Cosmic Energy of the Holy Spirit of God. When the in-animated material dimension is co-habitated by the Spiritual Energy, the in-animated becomes Animated: an Animal that has Spirit Soul of God; the un-animated matter with Holy Spirit is Transformed into a Living Being that lives the Miracle of Life through this Cosmic Spiritual Energy of the Holy Spirit. God Holy Spirit lives in the Soul of all Animals and thus you should stop torturing and killing Animals because when you torture and kill an Animal with Soul you torture and kill the Soul of God.

To stop the destruction of Living Beings of the Mother Planet and avoid the extinction of the human species you must live your lives with the conscious awareness of the existence of this Holy Spirit of God, which is the Divine Spiritual Energy, the Creative Big Bang Expansive Energy of the Cosmic Universe, the Energy of God is the Cosmological Anti-Gravity that directs the Expansion of the Universe; maybe it is the lambda cosmological constant of the equations of Einstein; maybe it is the Cosmic Energy of the so called Dark Matter of the Universal Space; the Energy of God Holy Spirit is the Divine Cosmic Energy that directs the Universal Creation, it is the Energy of Life that is Manifest in Planet Earth; the Energy of God Holy Spirit is Manifest in the Spirit of the Soul of all Sacred Animals; it is the Energy of Life of the Holy Spirit that is Manifest in all Living Beings of Miracle Mother Planet! Thus, stop torturing and killing Animals because they are all Souls of God!

Sacred Animals like human animals have Soul and Consciousness

Many scientists study the brain and the consciousness to discover the mysteries of the most miraculous creation on the planet and they all concluded that non human animals also have Consciousness. In 2012 the most important scientists of the world gathered under the direction of wise genius Stephen Hawking to study consciousness in animals and they announced the following in the Declaration of Cambridge: Non-human animals have consciousness, the weight of the evidence indicates that animals possess all the neurological substrates necessary to generate awareness; nonhuman animals, including all mammals and birds, and many other creatures, including octopuses, also possess these neurological substrates that indicate that Animals Have Consciousness (Book).

The only difference between the ‘intelligence’ of human animals and other animals is the number of neurons in the cortex of the brain; humans have twice the number of neurons as our cousins the gorillas and orangutans, the elephants have a little less than primates, and other animals have less neurons according to the evolution of vertebrate animals. The number of neurons in the cortex of the brain may affect the ‘intelligence’ but does not affect the attribute of having Consciousness and Soul, and thus it is a moral and legal and a Spiritual Crime to torture and kill animals because Humans were created Vegetarian Animals!

Moreover, the great ecologist and primate expert Jane Goodall during many years proclaimed that all animals have consciousness, and I quote her own words: We are destroying the planet because we lost wisdom; we humans are also animals; human animals are not the only living beings on the planet that have personality, feelings and consciousness.

Animals consumed by humans belong to the same family of vertebrate animals like human animals: they are conscious intelligent living beings, who love families and friends; they suffer physical and emotional pain (crabs suffer pain when human criminals boil them alive!); birds suffer depression when they are imprisoned in small cages; fish suffer depression and are used as experimental animals to study depression; many animals are monogamous for life: birds and otters are faithful until death; many animals dance to attract their partners, parrots like Snowball dance to the beat of the music of Queen; parrots like Griffin show more memory than the students from Harvard; birds such as crows can bring you gifts when you feed them; many animals such as the intelligent rats, bats and parrots demonstrate to have empathy and altruism; animals can cry and laugh, elephants have religious ceremonies when a member of the herd dies; monkeys use many different tools; all animals play to have fun (such as the Komodo dragon); all animals sleep and dream like human animals; many animals show to have a better memory than humans such as dogs; penguins communicate with a vocabulary; wolves sing, whales also sing and communicate at a very far distance; cats enjoy music and with their purrs and feet massage they inhibit cancer growth and reduce stress to humans and like many other animals, such as dogs and horses, they are physical and spiritual therapy; animals see the Spiritual Aura of humans, such as Oscar the cat who predicted the exact time of death of more than 100 terminal patients; animals show Telepathic Communication; dogs may run hundreds of miles to find their way home: my dog Taurus ​​escaped from my home and ran 15 km to seek me in the hospital when I was operated of an abdominal hernia (Book). Every child on the planet should grow up with a dog or a cat at home because it has been shown that children with dogs and other animals develop more empathy for other living beings and improve their immunity against potential diseases; thus, the presence of animals in the life of humans is essential for a positive emotional evolution of human animals! All Sacred Animals are exceptional loving mothers, many times they are better mothers than human mothers; my song ‘Mother’ was inspired by my loving beautiful adorable mother and is dedicated to all the Loving Mother Animals of the World:

The Holy Spirit of God lives in the Soul of All Animals and this is what Homo Brutus Non Sapiens does not know due to ignorance and selfish evil greed and thus continues to kill animals that is leading to human extinction. Each species of animals have a Spirit Soul with their different states of evolution, being the Evolution of the Soul subordinated to the state of evolution of the material body. Many ignorant soul-less humans and religious authorities think that animals have no Soul and this evil ignorance has led to the Holocaust of Animals; Homo sapiens has a Soul, and thus his ancestor Homo habilis had a Soul too, and his ancestor Homo erectus had a Soul too, and the original Primate Ancestor of humans and monkeys had a Soul too; thus, if a primate monkey has a Soul, the dog has a Soul too, and a mouse has a Soul, and so forth; it is dumb to think that in the evolution of animal species our relatives the vertebrate mammals, such as monkeys, having 99 % of the same DNA sequence, would not have the same brain functions and Soul Consciousness as human animals. It should be common sense and ancestral wisdom to know that non human animals like human animals have the same Soul and Consciousness. All Animals have a Soul which is the living driving force of the material body, with the Energy of Life, which is the Energy of God, the Soul of God that is expressed in the material body of All Animals. All Animals have a Soul: the Energy of Life of the Spirit of God is Manifest in Human Animals and Non Human Animals. All Animals are Good Loving Beings, they are like 3-10 year old human children and have much more Soul of God and have much more Love of God in their Hearts than many millions or even billions of soul-less human animals! Does anybody have doubts that the Adorable Orangutan shown in the photo below has the Spirit Love Heart of God in her HeartFull Spiritual Soul!? If you think that the Orangutan has no Soul your are an ignorant soul-less fool like the primitive religious authorities that are responsible of the destruction of the world and of the up-coming extinction of the human species (Essays).

The Creative Energy of the Holy Spirit that gives the Miracle of Life is present in all Living Beings and because all Living Beings have a Spiritual Soul, all Animals have the same Universal Rights to live a Long Life and in Complete Freedom to enjoy all the pleasures that are offered by our Common Home the Mother Planet. To make the big change in Moral Spiritual Consciousness, to stop the destruction of the planet, to stop human extinction, a Homo Loving Sapiens needs to live a life with the Conscious Realization that all other Living Beings also have Consciousness and a Soul, which is the Holy Spirit that is Manifest in All Living Beings and thus All Sacred Animals have the same Universal Rights to live a Long Happy Life and in Complete Freedom to enjoy the Life in Paradise of Mother Earth; and if you will not accept and understand this basic Universal Law you will be eradicated from Planet Earth with viral exterminations, initiated with Covid-19 (below).

In the same way that torturing and killing a Human Animal is by law a crime, because it has Soul and Consciousness, it is also a moral and legal crime to torture and kill non-human animals because they have the same Spiritual Energy and the same Brain Matter with Soul and Consciousness as the human animal with a Soul. It is a crime to kill an animal and this was said 500 years ago by the great genius Saint Leonardo da Vinci, as indicated by his own words: There will come a time when human beings will be content with a vegetable diet and the killing of an animal will be considered a crime such as the crime of the killing of a human being. The day will come when men like me will see the murder of an animal as they now see the murder of a human being. Indeed, if you kill an animal your are criminal animal as indicated by the Great Leonardo 500 years ago! Stop Killing Animals!

The human species has been designed-created a Vegetarian Animal

Scientific data indicates that the human species has been created a vegetarian animal. The origin of the human species goes back to the evolution of the primates that originated in the equatorial jungles of Africa. The closest relatives to the human species are the great primates: gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo, and orangutans. Homo sapiens shares almost 99 % of its DNA sequence and genes with these great primates. The common ancestor of the human species and the big primates lived in Central Africa about 6 million years ago. The oldest fossils of Homo sapiens date back 200,000 years and were found in Central Africa, considered the cradle of humanity. In this temperate region of tropical forest, thanks to its temperate climate, during thousands of years primates evolved eating an abundant vegetarian diet that included fruits of all kinds, leaves, flowers, seeds, herbs, buds, nuts and some insects. The digestive tract of the human species is very similar to the digestive tract of primates that according to their feeding behavior demonstrate to be vegetarian animals. Gorillas and orangutans are strictly vegetarian; due to occasional declines and availability of fruits, chimpanzees and bonobos may supplement their diet with 3 % of animal food; whereas the human species, which as been created a strict vegetarian animal, can consume in their diet 50 % of animals; indeed, my former employees in the farm ate meat such as sausages at lunch, afternoon, snack, dinner and even breakfast (no wonder every one is so fat and sick with cancer and heart failures).

The denture of animals is very important to classify animals as carnivore or herbivore animals: all the carnivores such as lions and wolves have large Canine Teeth (Fangs) that they need to hunt and kill animals, to open the bodies of their prey, to eat the meat and the bones of the dead animals; humans have no large canine teeth or fangs that characterize all true carnivores: you do not see any fangs in humans as you clearly see from the distance the fangs in a carnivore animal, such as a tiger or a lion. Gorillas have much larger canine teeth than the very small human canines and even when gorillas are strictly vegetarian animals. Vegetarian gorillas and orangutans have the docile and peaceful character of vegetarian animals, and because of their appearance and behavior they would be the closest relatives to the human species. Strictly vegetarian gorillas would be our closest relatives because they are the only animals that have fingerprints also seen in the human animals. In the denture of humans you do not see fangs, they are only very poorly developed canines, in contrast to the gorilla denture that is strict vegetarian and shows the large canine teeth that he uses to defend his family. The denture of humans without canine fangs (big teeth designed to kill animals) demonstrates that humans were designed and created a peaceful vegetarian animal that did not kill animals! In addition, carnivores run very fast in their 4 feet, to catch a running herbivore, and it has large claws in their 4 feet to be able to catch the running herbivore and grab with their claws the hunted animal, to take it down, and kill it with their fangs, by grabbing the neck to cut the jugular vein; humans do not run fast in 4 feet, to catch a running dear in a meadow with claws, to bring it down: humans have no claws to catch the running animal and cannot kill it with a bite in the neck because humans have no canine fangs; humans only have fragile nails and molars to deal with fruits and vegetables; thus, humans were designed and created: Vegetarian Animals!

Homo sapiens was not created an omnivore animal because today he eats plants and animals; the human species was originally created a Vegetarian Animal! When humans migrated from Central Africa to the North, out of the temperate climate of the Equatorial Africa, into a much colder climate in Europe, when he did not find all the elements of a vegetarian diet in this colder climates (no more bananas), he began to eat naturally dying animals, then started to kill with sticks small animals, such as rodents and amphibians, and slowly evolved to be an omnivore animal that eats plants and animals; this does not indicate that Homo sapiens was originally created an omnivore animal; humans were designed and created a Vegetarian Animal! Homo sapiens was a primate created a strict vegetarian animal as evidenced by the intestinal structure of a herbivore, and its teeth without fangs that cannot kill animals, and its hands without claws that cannot catch animals; his fingers with fragile nails were not designed to grab and kill animals, they were designed to type the keys of a computer, so that a supposed intelligent Homo sapiens animal may eventually evolve and reach other Stars and Planets of the Universe!

Consumption of animal meat changed the human brain initiating the Destruction of the Planet

When Homo sapiens migrated from Africa to Europe to colder places of the planet, humans did not have enough fruits and vegetables to sustain a complete healthy diet and thus in Europe started to kill and eat small animals, then larger animals with spears, and later domesticated several vegetarian animals to eat these animals, and thus eventually humans were transformed from a strict vegetarian animal into an omnivore animal that ate plants and animals. The consumption of the meat of animals transformed the metabolism of the brain and the temperament, transforming a peaceful vegetarian animal that did not kill other animals into an aggressive carnivore animal that ended being a highly destructive animal, making wars between human tribes, and hunting and killing all the other animals of the planet.

The consumption of meat during hundreds or thousands of years transformed the metabolism of the brain and the temperament of man making Homo Non Sapiens an aggressive destructive predator animal due to the torture and eating of animals; this was also indicated by genius Albert Einstein and I quote his own words: I am at first a fervent follower of vegetarianism, especially for moral and ethical reasons; I firmly believe in a vegetarian life order even if only due to its physical effects, because it will influence the temperament of man. Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for the survival of Life on Earth as much as the human evolution to a vegetarian diet.

The transformation of the original pacific vegetarian human animal into an aggressive carnivore animal which kills and exterminates all other animals is the reason of the course of extermination of all the wild animals of the planet and the holocaust of torture and slaughter of domestic animals for human consumption, leading to human extinction before 2050! A simple analogy to make this point clear: if you give diesel to a car designed to consume gasoline, you produce great damage to the engine of your car, which is the heart and brain of the car, that leads to its consequent destruction; the same happened with the motor heart of the human brain, that designed to consume plants, but fed with meat from animals, produced a transformation in the metabolism of the neurons of the brain, the heart of human behavior, which produced changes in the temperament of men that made him more aggressive, leading to wars between humans tribes and to killing and extermination of all wild animals, with the destruction of ecosystems, that leads to animal extermination and extinction of the human species!

Although humans evolved to eat plants and animals the original Homo Sapiens has been designed-created a Vegetarian Animal! Eating meat transformed him into a violent animal that kills and destroys the lives of all other animals, leading to his own extermination. Homo sapiens has been created as a peaceful vegetarian animal and should have the same peaceful temperament as vegetarian animals: vegetarian animals like cows and sheep do not kill each other and do not kill other animals; if human vegetarians stop killing animals and return to their original vegetarian diet, then harmony between humans and other animals would return, there would be no extermination of wild animals and no destruction of the planet and human extinction. Thus, it is essential that Homo Brutus Non Sapiens stops killing and eating animals and come back to its original creation: a true Homo Sapiens, a very intelligent peaceful vegetarian animal that was created to care for the other animals and plants on the planet to establish a new prosperous Peaceful Planetary Evolution (below).

The Order of God: Do Not kill Animals; if you kill animals thou shalt surely die

The original sin of man that is leading to its extermination was touching and killing the Tree of Life: the Sacred Animals of God! This was written circa 3000 years ago in the first chapter of Genesis by Prophet Moses: If you eat from the Tree of Life thou shalt surely die! God created the human species as a vegetarian animal, this is evident to the naked eye: humans do not have claws and canine fangs as do all carnivorous animals: humans were not designed to catch fast running animals with claws to kill animals with canine fangs as do all carnivore animals! God created Homo sapiens with an extraordinary intelligence, to take care of all the other Animals of the Planet, to take care of the Holy Garden, to transform the cruel wild world into a harmonic peaceful Paradise on Earth (below). Humans have started this process with one very special animal: mankind has transformed a wild wolf into a Loving Peaceful Dog: the most adorable and faithful Animal on the Planet! However, Homo sapiens turned to be no sapiens after all: realizing that killing animals was easy, like killing children, mankind began killing defenseless animals, and thus changed the Evolution of the Planet, with the destruction of all the other Sacred Animals that leads to the destruction of the world. Realizing that the new creation of ‘wise’ Homo sapiens was the worst predator on the planet, God decided not to intervene in the affairs of Her Miraculous Planet; and now there is the so-called free will of humans; and this free will is killing everything and is destroying the Mother Planet. Due to the Original Sin of killing animals, the original pacific vegetarian intelligent Homo sapiens became Homo Brutus Horribilis Non Sapiens that is destroying everything in the Mother Planet, leading to its own extinction, within the next 30 years, before the year 2050!

According to prophet Moses in Genesis it is described that God had created Man in a Paradise Garden where man could eat of all the fruits of the Planet, but God had forbidden man to eat one type of food that the prophet called ‘Tree of Life’. The Tree of Life are the Animals of the Planet! The Tree of Life is the symbolic Evolution of the Animals of the Planet, and this is what Man should not touch and kill and eat because it would destroy the Life of the Planet! God also indicated to the prophet what would happen if humans would eat from the Tree of Life, which are the Sacred Animals; and I quote the words from the Bible: ‘If you eat from the tree of life thou shalt surely die’. I rewrite the quote a little differently: If you kill My Sacred Animals you will surely Die! Mankind disobeyed God and tortured and killed and ate from the Tree of Life and destroyed and keeps destroying all the Sacred Animals and thus began the slow path of destruction with the extinction of the human species before 2050.

Religious authorities of the different religions are ignorant and evil because they torture and kill and sacrifice animals in the name of God: torturing and killing animals is a sin and thus these religious authorities are not Men of God as was indicated by Buda. All humans who do not love dogs, which is the most lovable animal on Earth, are heartless soul-less humans and have no wisdom and are Not men of God; thus, those religions that characterize dogs as being impure are ignorant brutes and have no connection with God and will be selected against and eradicated from Planet Earth; thus, stop torturing and sacrificing animals or you will be exterminated eradicated from Mother Earth. All humans who are responsible for the suffering of Animals of God will pay for their sins with the same suffering they produce, in this world or in the next one, in purgatories established by God; this crime against Animals of God includes all government authorities and judges who manage the countries of the world that allow the torture and suffering of the Animals of God. 

Humanity has one last chance to stop its viral extermination and extinction. All human beings must have a new Consciousness of Love and Ecological Consciousness for Holy Nature and for All Sacred Animals, to save their existence and the Miracle Life of all Living Beings of Mother Earth that is destroyed by the ignorance of Homo Non Sapiens. The First Commandment of God for the survival of the human species is: Thou Shalt Not Kill Animals and You shall Love your Planet Earth and all her Living Beings with all the Force of your Soul. Homo sapiens must live a life in harmony with Holy Nature, in Spiritual Communion with Sacred Plants and with Sacred Animals. The Holy Spirit has given me this 3 word Message of God through the Angels of Light: Stop Killing Animals!

The Future of Humanity

Angels of Light from a Spiritual Dimension have shown me many Paranormal Phenomena to give me their Message to the World that humans need to make the big change in their Ecological Spiritual Consciousness to stop their destruction of Mother Earth and this main change is to stop the abuse torture and slaughter of Sacred Animals. The course of human extermination with virus is related to the killing of animals, both wild and domestic animals: viruses from wild and domestic animals can be deadly when transmitted to humans when humans torture and kill animals for consumption. Three decades ago I had predicted in writing the conclusions that the UN has published in 2018 on the ecological disasters produced and expected within 10 years on the planet (by 2030); in the 80s I had written that the planet was suffering a Disease with Fever (climate change); in the early 90’s I published my music with lyrics that describe the ecological disasters that are seen 30 years later, and in my song I urged humanity to stop the destruction of the planet (Cry from Gaia); in April 2018 I published in my website a Message to Humanity, presenting all the scientific data that describes the destruction of the planet, indicating that the human species is on a course of extinction expected in 30 years before 2050. The United Nations climate change report that warns about the destructive consequence of the production and consumption of animal meat, exhorting humans to change to a vegetarian diet, is another change that I have been preaching for more than 2 decades to stop the destruction of the planet. My past predictions in writing and in the lyrics of my music several decades ago support what the Holy Spirit is telling my Soul of human extermination in the next few years and extinction before 2050; human extinction will not be in 100 years, as predicted by Steven Hawking; if humans do not change Right Now, extinction will occur in less than 30 years before 2050. If humans change Now and stop killing animals they may have millions of years to evolve on a healthy planet to conquer other Stars and Planets and discover the Miracles of the Universe (below).

The Miracle of Life on Planet Earth is a most extraordinary Miracle of the Universe; the Mother Planet is maybe the most extraordinary Creation of God; however, it is a Wild Planet where all animals suffer much pain with brutal climate manifestations and with the herbivore and carnivore animal design that produces a chain of great suffering in all the animals, because carnivore animals need to eat herbivore animals to survive and herbivore animals need to escape from carnivore animals to survive, producing a chain of much pain. Carnivore animals suffer when they do not catch herbivore animals to feed themselves and their offspring, and herbivore animals suffer when carnivore animals kill them and kill their offspring; thus, it is a war-like violent design with much suffering that should not have been designed and created by an All Powerful Loving HeartFull God?! If humans survive their auto-destruction they could control the climate in 300 years to reduce the suffering in plants and animals. The Creation of Plants that feed from the Earth using the Energy of the Sun is a better design with no suffering; if humans survive, in a 1,000 years a true wise Homo sapiens may Transfer the Energy of the Holy Spirit of the Cosmic Universe of the Creation of God into the Body of Animals, to feed the material body with the Spirit Energy of God, to exist like Angels of the Lord, to avoid the killing between animals, to eradicate the suffering and establish a Paradise on Earth in a Kingdom of God. A harmonized pacified planet with carnivores living peacefully with herbivores was also seen in a dream by prophet Isaiah as shown in the quote from the Bible: And they shall plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them. The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bull: they shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the Lord (Isaiah 65). They shall Not hurt nor destroy my Holy Planet! Stop Killing Animals!

During the Evolution of God with the Evolution of the Planet the Holy Spirit realized that the carnivore-herbivore survival design was violently painful and caused great suffering to Its Beloved Animals and thus decided to change the Evolution of Life to make the Planet more Peaceful; and thus GOD created Homo sapiens, so that Wise Homo Sapiens would change the evolution of the Mother Planet, to establish a pacified Harmonious Planet, eradicating the violent carnivore-herbivore design to eliminate the suffering from the Miracle Planet. God Holy Spirit thus created Homo sapiens as a very intelligent vegetarian animal to change the Evolution of the Planet: the intelligent vegetarian human animal would not participate in the painful survival chain of carnivore-herbivore design, because Homo Veg Sapiens would not kill herbivore animals and would not be a prey for the carnivore animals thanks to its intelligence as a Wise Homo sapiens. God created Homo Sapiens with an extraordinary intelligence to steer the evolution of the planet into a Pacified Planet, to take care of all Sacred Animals, specially of the carnivore animals that had to be fed so they would no longer kill herbivore animals; Homo sapiens would thus change the violent design to eliminate the brutal painful herbivore-carnivore design to eradicate the suffering in the Wild Planet. This caring for all the creatures of the planet by Homo Sapiens was also mentioned by prophets in Genesis in the Bible stating that intelligent Homo sapiens should take care of all the plants and all the animals in the Paradise Garden. However, Homo sapiens did not obey orders of God to abstain from killing animals and turned out Homo Non Sapiens and lost the Consciousness of Love for Sacred Animals and no longer cared for the well being of animals and ended killing all herbivore and carnivore animals! Homo Non Sapiens started to kill animals when he realized that for his survival the killing of animals was faster and easier and less work than planting fruit trees and vegetables; thus, Homo Non Sapiens initiated a destructive path in the Evolution of the Planet that ended with the current HOLOCAUST of all Wild Animals and all Domestic Animals that is leading to Human Extinction!

¿How can we change the cruel herbivore-carnivore design that produces so much suffering in the world to transform the Violent Planet into a Paradise of Heaven? If carnivore animals would not have to kill other animals to obtain energy from animals to preserve their lives, then carnivores would not kill other animals and all animals would live in harmony and peace and the aggression and suffering would be eradicated to establish a loving peaceful Mother Planet Earth. To modify the behavior of carnivore animals Homo sapiens can use genetic and environmental manipulation because the phenotype of an animal (the character of any animal) is the result of the interaction between genes and the environment; the character of an animal can be changed to improve the life of the planet, specially the character of the destructive human animal! Modifying the environment by giving Love and Food to wild animals you transform wild animals into domestic animals and the carnivore animals will no longer kill and eat other animals. This you see in Nature Parks where lions and wolves and bears no longer kill other animals, nor attack humans that care for them with Food and Love. During many years I took care of hundreds of domestic and exotic animals in my Sanctuary of Animals and the wild animals did not hurt nor killed my animals because the wild animals had always enough food to eat thanks to my Love for Animals (Sanctuary). In my sanctuary of animals I also give evidence it is possible for wild life to coexist in peace with domestic animals and here I experienced a Life in a Paradise surrounded by many different Adorable Animals. Any wild carnivore can be domesticated with food and love as demonstrated with the wolf evolving into a domesticated dog, and any wild lion will be transformed into a Loving Big Cat if you give them Food and Love. Giving carnivores Food and Love they become very peaceful docile loving animals; this can be seen in parks where they are treated with much space and love; many loving tame tigers, bears and lions can live peacefully with man and other animals as shown in my song Let your Love that I composed in a dream with an Angel of the Lord (Miracles).

Homo sapiens must pacify the Violent Wild Planet by taking care and feeding all the carnivore animals that are suffering on the Planet. Hungry carnivores must be fed with food produced from domestic animals that die naturally in the field, in the same way that carnivore dogs and cats are fed all over the world. If we do not care and feed hungry wild carnivores that are facing extinction, due to criminal hunting, we will soon loose these exceptional animals of this Miraculous Creation of Planet Earth. By giving Food and Love to wild carnivores we save carnivores from extinction and in hundreds of years with a pacified coexistence we eradicate the fights between carnivore and herbivore animals to establish harmony and peace in vertebrate animals to establish a true Paradise on Earth. Due to the current critical situation of food for carnivore animals, humans must feed all animals that do not have sufficient food to meet their needs, like the polar bears, which are in a course of extinction due to evil human climate change: each year bears have more trouble finding food and even humans kill them when poor bears with their little cubs seek human food in their garbage; moreover, evil Chinese and Koreans torture and kill bears for their criminal ignorant ‘traditional medicine’ witchcraft culture that is leading to the extinction of these precious animals; soon these soul-less evil humans and their evil traditions will be wiped out with a new 100 % lethal virus to eradicate Evil from Planet Earth.

Humans could also modify the phenotype of animals with genetic selection and cloning by promoting altruistic empathy genes, while eliminating selfish aggressive genes, cloning and selecting herbivore genes against carnivore genes; everything can be changed with genetic and environmental manipulation. Plants are even more pacific creatures than herbivore animals because they do not kill animals nor harm other plants because they use the Energy of Life given by Miracle Brother Sun. Maybe one could clone photosynthetic genes of plants into insects so that animals may use the light energy of Love Brother Sun.

Homo Sapiens has been created by the Divine Spiritual Energy to transform the Wild Planet into a more perfect harmonic Paradise Planet where all living creatures can live in harmony without having to fight and harm each other, without having to eat each other; a Pacified Paradise Planet where all Living Beings could survive through the Spiritual Energy of the Cosmic Holy Spirit, the Creative Energy of the Universal Expansion that humans could find through a Spiritual Revolution to change the Evolution of Planet Earth. If Homo Sapiens survives in hundreds of years it will be able to characterize and isolate and use the Cosmological Energy to incorporate the Spiritual Energy into the material body of animals, to incorporate the Matter of God into the matter of animals, to use the Energy of God, the Energy of the Big Bang of the Creation, as a Source of Energy to sustain the Life of Animals, as do Holy Plants with the Energy of Love Brother Sun. In hundreds of years the human species could discover and isolate and use the Cosmic Spiritual Energy of the Universal Expansion that is stored in the Universal Cosmos, to establish this Cosmic Spiritual Energy in the matter of Living Beings that beCome like Angels of God, to steer the Evolution on Earth, to establish a Celestial Paradise on our Miracle Mother Earth. In 300 years humans could control climate to eliminate the suffering of plants and transform the relation between carnivores and herbivores to establish a Pacified Planet Earth. If Homo Non Sapiens will change to Homo sapiens and Stop Killing Animals and stop destroying their Home Planet they could evolve another 4 billion years with the Light of the Sun, to conquer other Planets in the Universe to make the imagined human Dream Come True: sic itur ad astra!

Urgent Actions to Save Humanity

Below a summary of 13 overall actions to be established in the world to stop the destruction of the planet to arrest human extinction.

1) Do Not kill wild animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish); ban hunting all over the world; no circus, no cages in zoos; take care and feed wild animals in large national parks. 2) Do Not torture nor kill domestic animals for food production; No animals in cages to produce fur; No experiments with animals. 3) Consumption of meat only from animals that die naturally; consume meat from mass produced cultured cells; eggs and milk can be consumed from animals that are raised free in the fields. 4) Protect and multiply essential insects such as bees and butterflies; biologic control of pests such as locusts with birds, reptiles and amphibians; mosquitoes and flies should be controlled by genetic manipulation. 5) Do Not cut trees; only eucalyptus could be produced and cut 2 times because this tree after cutting grows 4 times again; protect trees from pests and fires providing water during droughts; do not burn lands to produce food; any fire should be put out by an army of firefighters with 2000 airplanes and helicopters; plant many billions of trees around the world. 6) Increase by 10 times the size and number of National Parks; 75 % of the planet should be free from human settlements; no humans in the polar circles in Artica and Antartica; more green parks in all cities. 7) Do Not pollute the air, the water and earth, use only renewable energies (like solar and wind); reduce overall transport, use bicycles, work at home; consume local organic food production. 8) Remove all plastics and other garbage from the oceans with all the industrial fishing fleet; clean rivers and seas; recycle all the time all the garbage. 9) Close all the ocean platforms extracting oil or gas; ban oil transportation in the oceans; no more acoustic pollution in the oceans; no toxic mining industry. 10) Control of natality to stabilize human population at 3 billion; distribute the natural resources among the poor, no hunger nor cold, good water and housing for everyone. 11) Compulsory free education for all children up to 18 years old, education for everyone to stimulate spiritual ecological consciousness to love and care all plants and animals. 12) Establish an efficient moral judiciary, punish with big fines and jail sentences for delinquents and animal abusers; death penalty for criminals that rape and kill, and jail sentences and even death penalty for hunters that kill wildlife and criminals that commit arson with fires. 13) No more wars and use of firearms throughout the planet, disputes mediated and resolved by the United Nations with the International Court of The Hague and the Army of NATO.

Stop throwing Bombs that destroy the Planet! In 50 years humans have dropped 2,500 atomic bombs all over the world: altogether the destruction of the planet is equivalent to 29,000 atomic bombs thrown in Hiroshima. 1,100 atomic bombs were dropped by USA and 950 by Russia that dropped the most powerful 150 megaton atomic bomb that was equivalent to 100 Hiroshima bombs.

Political demonstrations and ecological activism must always be Non Violent (Mahatma Activism); do not kill the environment by setting fires as seen in the news, or ruining property such as with the destruction of cars or graffiti in buildings: all matter must also be respected with care and love. 

PS: California and the Northwest of the USA and the Pantanal in Amazon is currently (September 2020) on fire (today: millions of hectares burned in a few days with billions of dead animals). A record temperature of 50 C was recorded in California. To put out the large fires all over the world, like the one in California or Pantanal, you need a fleet of 2000 airplanes, with large water tanks modified from the planes that today you no longer use thanks to Coronavirus!

Humans have 10 years to establish these overall actions to stop human extinction before 2050. The major ecological emergencies that urgently need resolution are: 1) protection of wild animals by banning hunting in all the countries of the planet, with jail sentence and death penalty for criminal poachers, protecting wild animals with armies organized by the United Nations; 2) banning industrial fishing and cleaning the oceans of plastics and other garbage with thousands of ships that are not used by the pandemic; 3) protection of insects by banning insecticides all over the world with million dollar fines; 4) ban cutting of trees with jail sentence; 5) protecting trees from fires with a fleet of 2,000 planes and helicopters and 30,000 UN firefighters to extinguish fires in 48 hours in any country; 6) birth control and social protection for all the children on the planet. Instead of spending trillions of dollars on weapons for destructive wars (USA, China and Russia invest 1,000,000,000,000 U$$ per year, every year, in arms to destroy the planet), every country should invest in the protection of Wild Animals and their Sacred Trees to secure the Life in our Planet, because it’s not the economy, its the Ecology, stupid! And there is no PLANet B! In this new global world order where all countries of the world are inter-connected and depend on each other to survive, as shown by climate change and the loss of biodiversity, United Nations needs to become the central governance institution for all the Nations of the World, to supervise all environmental actions to stop pollution and climate change and stop the destruction of plants and animals. The only way to save humans from the course of extinction is to take dramatic survival measures by the Force of Laws implemented by an efficient United Nations. Either humans take drastic actions NOW and make sacrifices during 20 years to put the House in Order; or You All DIE before 2050 with a mortal viral disease (PS: written October 2019). March 2020: Here I Am Come with Covid-20; the next one will be Covid-21, then Covid-22/HM where HM stands for high mortality; and finally ‘Little Big One’ to save the Life of the World (below).

Humans need to stop killing and eating animals because meat consumption destroys your only Home: criminal hunters exterminate all the wild animals and production of domestic animals for human consumption is a principal cause of climate change: according to FAO and UN: production of animals to produce meat generates more pollution (18 %) than the pollution produced by all the transport sector combined (cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains, ships, airplanes, etc). Meat production for human consumption is also responsible for cutting billions of trees, with destruction of forests and jungles, with loss of habitats for wild animals and destruction of biodiversity, which leads to collapse of all ecosystems and eventual extinction of the human species. Humans who want to eat meat could eat the meat of millions of animals that will die naturally every day all over the planet! All domestic and wild animals should live their long natural lives in freedom and die a natural death, like all human animals, and when the Soul of a dead animal leaves the material body, the matter of the animal can be recycled as food for human or non human animals. Its a sinful crime to kill domestic animals to eat their meat because the meat of millions of animals will be available anyway during the natural cycle of natural death of millions of animals! You could eat the meat of domestic animals that die naturally, but first this meat should be consumed by carnivore wild animals that suffer and starve to death such as polar bears; carnivore wild animals have priority over human animals to consume the meat of naturally dying animals. Humans must feed all carnivore animals that suffer from the lack of food taken away by the vegetarian human animal that eats the food of the true carnivore animals. Humans can eat the meat of animals that is produced commercially from muscle cells of all the different animals: mammals, birds and fish! The production of meat in the laboratory from muscle cells is a reality and must be commercialized with urgency all over the world to stop the torture and killing of Sacred Animals! Humans should not torture and kill animals to eat their meat because this same meat is produced commercially from muscle cells and will also be present in the natural cycle of life and death of animals and can be consumed after the natural death of billions of animals that live in freedom in every field of the planet! The Order of God is Do Not Kill Animals!

The laws for the Protection of Animals should be harsh to save the wild fauna from extinction; those who abuse animals will be put in jail, and all evil criminal hunters should be removed from the planet and this can only be achieved with the death penalty! China was able to stop the extinction of its Panda Bears imposing the death penalty. Poachers should be killed and they need to know that if they kill animals they will be executed: this is the only way to stop the poaching and extermination of Sacred Wild Animals. Today I read that the last female White Giraffe and her calf were killed by a poacher! The last white rhino is also gone! How is that possible?! If you do not want your children dead by 2050 you will have to eradicate criminal hunters who are killing the most important Miraculous Creation of the Planet. Humans should not invest money in caring for evil criminals in jails; rather, the limited financial resources should be invested in the care of poor children that suffer due to the ignorant stupid human factor (Essays). The USA spent 50,000,000 U$S in the lawsuit against the worst drug trafficker of the planet, and will spend another 50,000,000 U$S to keep him and care for him in jail another 40 years; why not cut his head off and spend the 100,000,000 U$S in the care of the poor starving children of Africa? There has always been a war in our world: Good versus Evil; we must eradicate Evil to Save the Life of the Planet. Evil souls must be removed with the death penalty; here one example of evil souls that must be removed from the world: 3 men in India kidnapped a 3 year old girl; she was sequestered from her mother who was sleeping in the street; the 3 year-old girl appeared dead in the street, without her head; the little girl had been raped and thrown with no head in the street. The 3 criminals were eventually captured; and the 3 men confessed that they had sexually raped the 3 year old girl, all day long, many times, and they had strangled the 3 year old girl with a rope, because these evil souls did not like that the little 3 year old girl cried all the time when she was sexually raped, multiple times, all day long, by the 3 evil men; once the 3 men were satisfied with their sexual crimes, they cut the head of the 3 year old girl that had been sexually raped all day long, and left her headless body lying in the street; the men were caught and they had criminal records, but they were free to commit crimes, and this happened due to the damn heartless soul-less judiciary that always protect criminals and leave them free (Essays). Don’t these criminals deserve the death penalty? In less than 1 minute I cut their heads off with a guillotine to send them to the Fire of Hell.

We must fight and exterminate dictators and evil souls like diabolic Hitler, Assad responsible for the death of thousands of children, Maduro the worst criminal of Latin America, the Chinese authorities that skin and boil alive dogs and kill all the wild life and fish of the planet, the North Korea dictator who kills dogs and throws atomic bombs during the pandemia, the Russian dictator Putin that kills 1,200 dogs with his toxic nerve agent to then kill his opposition, the brute Taliban that kill little girls because the girls want to go to school, the evil islamist terrorists that kidnap and rape girls; why does the United Nations not intervene to eradicate these evil souls as was done with a combined army against Evil Hitler?! All human criminals must be restrained by Force and this will only be accomplished with Death Penalty. Criminal hunters are the greatest threat to humanity and must be stopped and this can only be achieved with firearms and death penalty. According to the Koran and the Bible there should be death penalty for evil souls, as shown also by the Words of Jesus: And who so shall offend one of these little ones, it were better for him that a millstone be hanged on his neck and thrown into the depth of the sea (Matthew 18:6); And so shall be the end of the world: Angels shall come forth, and will sever the wicked from among the just, and shall cast them into the furnace of fire (Mt 13:49) (hell fire is death penalty). And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is more profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell (Mt 5:30): this quote I extrapolate to society: if one of thy members of society offend thee (rape or kill), cut their heads off with a guillotine, and cast it out from society, because it is profitable for you that one of your members should perish and not the whole society. Evil humans do not change with Love, they only understand their language of fire-arms; a drug dealer does not understand the language of love; the rapist will rape again; criminal soul-less hunters will not stop killing animals with love, they will only stop killing animals if restrained with a death threat to be eradicated from the planet. Humans do Not have 500 years to change their destructive ways of life to establish a new Consciousness of Love; this has already failed during the last 2000 years, when Jesus came to save humanity with Love but was tortured and crucified and humans continued to destroy with Evol the Love of Animals (Book). Humans have only 10 years to make the great change to stop its extinction, and this can only be achieved by the Sword of the Lord, by Force of Law, protecting defenseless animals with an army of firearms, as was done to remove evil Hitler. The party of destruction of the brutal human species against defenseless adorable animals is now over: welcome to a new world order to establish a more healthy planet for Sacred Plants and Sacred Animals to be executed by the force of the Sword of the Lord with Influenza and Coronavirus!

Fatwa for the extermination of the Human Species

Here hear the Words of God according to the editorS of Prophet Moses, in Exodus 23 (Exit of Humanity) in the Bible: See and behold I Am sending an Angel before thee, to keep you on thy way, to bring you to the place I prepared for thee (Paradise Earth); beware of my Angel and be attentive to him, for he will Not Forgive your sin; heed to his voice, for My authority resides in him; if you heed to his voice and carry out all I tell you, I will be a foe to your foes…And my Angel will go before thee, and I will totally destroy them (evil humans that kill plants and animals); thou should not bow down to their gods (power and money), nor serve them and do after their works (destroy the planet and torture and kill animals); thou shalt overthrow them (eradicate from the planet all destructive evil humans that kill plants and animals) and break down their images (power/money); I will take sickness away from the midst of thee, and Not cast the young (CoVid spares innocent children); I will send my wrath before thee (locusts and droughts and floods and hurricanes and fires!) and I will destroy all the people (all evil humans that destroy my planet my plants and animals); I will send hornets (Virus) before thee, to drive them out (from my Planet), little by little I will drive them out (with viral pandemics to eradicate destructive evil humans that kill Sacred Plants and Sacred Animals); until thou shalt be increased (children and vegetarians that love animals) and inherit the Land (Mother Planet Earth).

Homo Non Sapiens continues to be an ignorant destructive animal and I am pessimistic about the future of humanity because the powerful politicians and millionaires who run the world are not going to change; they are not going to support the urgent actions we need to do to Save the Planet because they might loose their power and money. Since peaceful vegetarians and climate change activists will not kill evil humans, and a peaceful revolution might not work, in a few years humans will end up DEAD and a new evolution will take control of the Mother Planet. If I was a King of Kings I would send a deadly virus to get rid of this destructive human plague: it is better that the human species will perish rather than loose all other living beings of the planet. I hope that all the children and vegetarians who Love Animals are saved, to achieve a prosperous planetary evolution (written in 2019 in my book Madrecita that was published before the CoViD Pandemia that does not hurt nor kill children). If humans don’t change the only way to save the Life of the Planet is a complete extinction or the death of billions of humans to reduce the destructive human plague. If humans do not ACT Now, and stop the torture and killing of animals, I wish and pray, to the Holy Spirit and the Angels of Light to Come Quickly, to Manifest a Deadly Viral Plague that kills 80 % of humans, the same 80 % of animals that humans have killed, so that the surviving 20 % ​​of human and non-human animals reproduce and live in peace under the supervision of a wiser human species, to achieve a constructive sustainable new evolution on Miracle Planet Earth (written in Madrecita in 2019 before the Coronavirus Pandemia).

The coronavirus pandemia with human mortality was initiated with the torture and killing of flying mammal bats, that upon suffering unbearable stress, caused by brute evil humans, released coronavirus that was transmitted to soul-less evil humans who torture and kill and consume wild animals; and thus we now have lots of deaths of innocent humans exterminated by a virus that coexists without problems in wild animals in a ecosystem that should be healthy but has been destroyed by the Homo Non Sapiens plague. This happens also with Ebola virus and with AIDS/HIV that are passed from wild animals to soul-less criminals who capture and cage and torture and kill wild animals, causing even a much higher mortality in poor innocent humans who suffer and die due to evil authorities of governments as the Evil Chinese the worst Predator of the Planet. Avian and swine Influenza viruses that co-habit in domestic animals in production for human meat consumption also cause much extermination of humans: like the 1918 Influenza pandemia that killed perhaps 100 million humans, during World War I, that caused great destruction of ecosystems with bombs and biologic toxic gases produced by humans that destroyed the environment; these deadly pandemics are caused by transmission of viruses from domestic animals that are tortured and killed for human meat consumption thus causing human extermination. Humans are vegetarian animals and to stop human extermination must evolve with a new rational spirituality and stop the torture-killing of animals as indicated by the Angels of Light: Stop Killing Animals!

Madrecita was my first book written in Spanish and published in the USA in December 2019 before the coronavirus pandemia in January 2020. In my Madrecita I had written several times that a viral plague would come quickly to exterminate humanity due to the torture and killing of animals perpetrated by the ignorant soul-less evil human species. In the book I published an important section where I raise a Fatwa of Extermination for the human species through a Deadly Viral Plague, in a letter that I sent to Pope Francis in 2015, wherein I requested from the Pope to contact all the leaders of the world, so that everyone stops the torture and killing of Sacred Animals, otherwise a deadly virus would be released to exterminate humans (Essays). Two months before Covid-19 in my Fatwa of Extermination in my book I had asked Angels of Light that the innocent children should be spared from viral illness, and soon I had an efficient answer to my prayers to Archangel Gabriel and to Archangel Michael to avoid child disease and mortality, while presenting a deadly threat to awaken the ignorant humans to stop the torture and killing of animals to stop its own extinction. Dieses war der erste streich und der zweite folgt sogleich. Hear here in June 2020, I present you a new Fatwa of Extermination with ‘Little Big One’: a follow-up High Mortal Virus that will be released by the Lord Archangel of the Earth if evil humans do not Stop Killing Animals!

I am a toad from another pond and I can no longer stand the suffering of torture-slaughter of innocent loving animals perpetrated by this destructive human species in which I have been incarnated in this planet to do something for this world. It seems a mission impossible to fix the souls of so many ignorant evil human animals. I do not understand why God or Gaia has yet not reacted to save its Miraculous Creation (written in 2019). My plan A is to stimulate ecological spiritual consciousness with this website to try save Sacred Animals; if I am successful with my ProLife Activism I might get killed by evil pro-money activists, or by evil religious fanatics; and if nothing happens with the exposure of my message and Covid-19 does not do the job to awaken humanity, and all is back again to business as usual, I have a Plan B: I will commit suicide by drowning in the ocean in front of my home; and once my Soul is in Heaven, I shall be more efficient to save children and animals: as a virologist geneticist vaccine expert animal lover spiritualist I will work with the Angels and Saints, to Create Manifest my Little Big One, to eradicate all heart-less soul-less souls that destroy the planet, to save the Innocent Children and the Good Human Souls that will care for Good Loving Animals. God always listens to me and gives me many Miracles and thus this is my new Prayer to the Lord: if Homo Non Sapiens does not change and does not stop killing animals within 1 year (July 2021): I ask GOD Holy Spirit with the Angels of Light to Come with Little Big One: creating a 100 % mortal virus of a very resistant and transmissible strain of Corona or Influenza virus, that will Only infect cells of Human Meat Eaters, because human meat eaters have no Love Consciousness for Sacred Animals; to eradicate only the human meat eaters who do not care nor love animals because they participate in the torture and killing of animals thus destroying the Planet; will Manifest a 100 % Mortal Virus that will ‘sniff out’ (like Dogs) the Human Meat Eaters, attaching to proteins that are Only Expressed in the cells of Human Meat Eaters that are killing and eating animals, to spare from viral infection all the Children, and all the Good Human Vegetarians that Do have Spiritual Ecological Consciousness and love Plants and Animals! Here hear my dear you should fear for this is the last call to humans that still have some consciousness of love for other animals but are still ignorant meat eaters that care little for the other loving Souls and thus eat Sacred Animals. Humans who want to survive and evolve on Planet Mother Earth should understand the Message of the Angels and Stop Killing Animals!

And so shall be the end of the world: the Angels shall come forth to sever the wicked from among the just and shall cast them into the furnace of fire (Words of Jesus in Matthew 13:49). And so shall it be: Angels shall Come forth to Earth to separate the wicked souls from the Good Souls, to eradicate the destructive souls from the suffering Mother Planet, to save the Good Children and the Conscious Souls that love Sacred Plants and Sacred Animals of God’s Beloved Planet. See I Am sending an Angel before thee, to keep you on thy way, to bring you to the place I prepared for thee, beware of my Angel and be attentive to him, for He will Not Forgive your sin; heed to his voice, for My Authority resides in him (Exodus). Think not that I have come with Peace and Love, I have come with the Sword of the Lord to eradicate destructive evil souls, and save my beloved Sacred Animals of my Miracle Planet Earth.



Robert van Kuyk, DVM, Ph.D.
Punta del Este, 25th of March 2020