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Music production

Here I present my 12 songs with their respective videos of my music CD PanGaia that I first published in The Netherlands in 1996, giving a description of my music experience throughout 60 years of my life, from my first live guitar acoustic rock concert, through my performance as a one man band with all instruments, until my last live performance in famous studio Wisseloord, showing videos, photos and texts that describe my sporadic creative incursion in music production.

1. Love will be Done: Live recording and filming at Wisseloord, in The Netherlands, in April of 2018. Music and words composed in California in March 1994. This song was my last music composition in my life and was accompanied by the Manifestation of an Angel of Light in a dream, on the night of my birthday, on the 25th of March 1994, on the day that celebrates the Apparition of Archangel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin for the Annunciation of the Conception of Jesus (Miracles). The song is about the First Commandment for the salvation of humanity to invite the Love of the Holy Spirit into the Human Soul to Love the Mother Planet, the Holy Plants and the Sacred Animals, to stop the destruction of the Planet and arrest human extinction.

2. Cry from Gaia: Live recording and filming in The Netherlands in April of 2018. Music and words composed in 1993, during a walk in the woods in the University of California, when I received a message with a mystic manifestation with the Sprit of the Planet. Soon the song won a music talent prize and had extraordinary press from the music industry and 20 years later it now stimulates ecological consciousness for the well being of animals all over the world. The song sings the Message of the Earth to ignorant brutal humans to stop the destruction of the Life of the Mother Planet, otherwise the Spirit of Earth (Gaia) will react against the human species with human extermination. Thirty years after the publication of ‘Cry from Gaia’ the Mother Earth now reacts against destructive humans with human extermination through viral pandemics such as the current one with Coronavirus.

3. Cristo Sálvanos: Live recording and filming in Netherlands in April of 2018. The music was composed in 1970 inspired by Lord Jesus. The lyrics were modified in the 3 music productions of 1996, 2016 and 2018. In this symphonic rock song I ask Lord Jesus to intervene to save the Sacred Animals and the human species from extinction. There is a Manifestation of God in this live recording in the minute 4:39 of the song, with a strange second strange voice that is manifest with my voice, when I call on Christ Jesus to make us like Angels of Light to save the Sacred Animals of the Lord (Miracles).

4. Mother: I composed in Netherlands in 1994; the production was recorded in Hertogenbosch for the CD PanGaia in 1996; my second voice was recorded in Punta del Este in 2015 after not singing for almost 20 years; the video I did in November 2016. The sweet song is dedicated to all the mothers of the world, human and non human; the lyrics of the music were inspired by my adorable beautiful mother (Madrecita).

5. Peace for Palestina: music and lyrics composed in Netherlands in 1994; the production was recorded in Netherlands for the CD PanGaia in 1996; the production of the video in April 2018. The introduction of the song was sung by a choir of 4-8 year old children. The message of the song is to help achieve peace in the area of Palestina and Israel, with the message that christians, jews, and muslims should hear their children sing a song for peace in Israel/Palestine.

6. Human Hurt: music and words composed in Netherlands in 1994; the production was recorded in Netherlands for the CD PanGaia in 1996; the production of the video in April 2018. The song describes in lyrics and in the video the terrible horror of the hurt that evil soul-less human beings cause to the world, such as criminal hunters that kill wild animals and the holocaust of domestic animals that are tortured and killed by soul-less evil humans, and the suffering of poor children that are stripped from their rights by evil rich powerful men that mis-manage the natural resources of this world.

7. Straight is the trait: music and lyrics composed in California in 1992; the production was recorded in Netherlands for the CD PanGaia in 1996; production of the video in April 2018. The funky JB type of song describes in words the decadence and destruction of the human species caused by alcohol and drugs: ‘straight is the state and the trait to be great, don’t wait to be late, the date is your fate… A message against drugs and alcohol to inspire a positive evolution for the human species.

8. Fous de vous: music and lyrics composed in California in 1992; the production recorded in The Netherlands for the CD PanGaia in 1996; production of the video in 2020. ‘Crazy about you’ describes in words the passion of love for the lack of love for the beautiful women lost in my Heart. The video shows many beautiful famous women and the song is dedicated to all the women of the world that have a Beautiful Heart to inspire men to achieve a better world.

9. Come out and Pray: music and lyrics composed in California in 1992; the production was recorded in Netherlands for the CD PanGaia in 1996; the production of the video in April 2018. A call to humanity to come out and pray for the well being of the Mother Planet, specially for the poor children and the sick, as was called by the Virgin of the Poor of the Apparitions of Banneux that changed my life (Miracles). Further below I show another video of the original song when I played as a one man band that in my opinion is more powerful than the full band with 15 musicians produced in the studio in The Netherlands.

10. Let your Love: music and lyrics composed in Netherlands in 1994; the production was recorded in Netherlands for the CD PanGaia in 1996; the production of the video in 2016. The song was composed in a dream with an Angel that looked like Paul McCartney; the Angel of light appeared in my dream and composed with me this song to stimulate humans to invite the Love of God to enter the Human Soul, to Love the Planet, for the salvation of Life on the Planet (Miracles).

11. Rock para el Amor Perdido: ‘Rock for the lost Love’ I composed in California in 1992; the production was recorded in Netherlands for the CD PanGaia in 1996; the production of the video in 2020. The lyrics describe the anguish I suffered during many years due to the lack of love for the lost woman in my Heart (see below my original version playing as a one man band that was recorded in California in 1992 that I like better than the band version with 10 musicians). The video I made with photos of many famous beautiful women that I downloaded from public internet that seem to be some of the most beautiful in the world.

12. Santa María: music composed in Netherlands in 1994; the lyrics were improvised in the music studio during the recording in 1996; last version was produced in Buenos Aires in 2016; production of the video in April 2018. The night before the recording of the song I was visited by the Light of the Blessed Virgin in my dream that transferred into my Soul a Divine Pleasure Energy that inspired the melody and lyrics the following day for the first production of Santa Maria. A few days after recording Santa Maria I started to have Paranormal Manifestations with the Blessed Virgin, with the Angels and the Saints, and I abandoned music to seek Miracles of God and initiate my period of illumination with God (Miracles).

Highlights of my music experience

My mother and father discovered my musical talent when I was very young and made a home-recording when I was 5 years old singing ‘Twist again’. When I was 12 my mother made me learn to play piano with my grandmother and during 3 years I was taught classical music, but soon I replaced classic music for pop music and started to sing with the piano the hit songs of the time (Beatles, BeeGees, Beach Boys). When I was 16 years old I bought a drum kit, formed a band with friends and during 3 years I played drums singing the covers of the flower power era of the 60s.

In the early 70s I quit playing music and dedicated my time to study veterinary medicine and then for a doctorate in biological sciences in Buenos Aires, and in 1986 I moved to California to get a Ph.D in Genetics at the University of California. Thus, during almost 20 years I did not play music during my education and my time doing research in virology and molecular genetics in California.

In the year 1991, when I was finishing the course work for the Ph.D, I bought an electric-acoustic guitar, and started to sing songs of my favorite musicians, with my own rock style of music, singing with my guitar accompanied with a digital percussion. My first live concert playing as a soloist was at the University of California; lucky me someone in the audience recorded my performance and in the video I made in 2020 you can hear the intro of my concert with a rock jam session with three linked songs: 1) Susy Q; 2) I’m King Bee of Mick Jagger; and 3) Mujer de Carbon of Argentine Papo. The awesome beauty who dances in the video I downloaded from internet is talented singer-actress Ann-Margret (a first love of Elvis Presley). After the intro rock I sing a nice version of ‘Strawberry Fields’ of John Lennon and in the video, instead of showing strawberries, I show the beautiful flowers of famous Keuykenhof in Holland.

The third song of this live acoustic concert at UC Davis is a jam based on songs of Led Zeppelin and The Beatles; I made the video in 2020 when I decided to update my website with the publication of my new book and I found various old songs that I had in my computer. As can be seen in the only photo that was taken during the live performance I am left-handed playing with a right-handed guitar, meaning that I play with all the strings upside-down. Below is the video with the recording of the Beatles-Zeppelin Jam; showing beautiful women who accompany the romantic lyrics of ‘Since I’ve been loving you’ of Page-Plant; in the second part of the jam I play my own version of ‘Come Together’, with the crazy lyrics of Lennon I did not change, and show in the video wonderful Sacred Animals, to stimulate ecological spiritual awareness to Love Animals.

Creative production as a One Man Band

During my post-doc time in Scripps in La Jolla I bought a keyboard and with the help of my computer I started to compose my own songs playing all the instruments with the computer and keyboard (bass, horns, organ, drums, percussion). During 2 years I had an intense creativity in music and soon I started to play live in concerts as a ‘one man band’, playing my songs with guitar, keyboard (to play bass, horns, drums, organ) and a digital vocoder to sing the chorus lines with many voices. Here one of my songs of my repertoire that I used to play live as a One Man Band; the video was done in 2018 when I travelled from Punta del Este to The Netherlands to produce live the 3 songs shown in the intro of the website.

In San Diego I played in a auditorium called ‘Spirit’ (nice synchronism to the lyrics I was singing in my songs); the critique of the San Diego newspaper that came to hear my performance wrote: ‘amazing one man band that sounded like many bands’; indeed, playing alone as a one man band I sounded better with more power than complete rock and roll bands, and this was also acknowledged by a jury of a talent competition in San Francisco when I won first prize in a talent competition for rock and roll bands playing as a one man band my songs ‘Cry from Gaia’ and ‘Sálvanos’. Below a few pictures: the only picture that I have playing live as a one man band in the talent competition of San Francisco, the certificate of the prize I received for winning the competition, and the critique of the newspaper when I played in the ‘Spirit’ auditorium of San Diego.

Below another song playing as One Man Band; this is how I sounded playing live, I did not sing out of key a single note, and I had a great mastering of the vocoder so that I sounded like a real choir of 10 people. My one man band version of ‘Come out and Pray’ is more powerful than the version I did with 10 session musicians in a studio in The Netherlands. While playing live in 1992 I was already preaching in my lyrics the disaster that destructive humans were causing against the planet; the lyrics are 30 years old and in 2020 they accurately indicate what has happened and is happening on the planet. Below is the video of the song I put together with many photos that I captured from the 2018 live performance in The Netherlands. As the lyrics of the song indicate: Come out and Pray, as requested by the Virgin of the Poor of the Apparitions of Banneux, to save the Life of Planet Earth!

First production of PanGaia (1996):

After I finished my post-doc and science investigation in San Francisco, in 1994 I decided to quit my job in the lab (I was no longer having fun working in the lab because they had experimental mice in cages), and ‘written destiny’ moved me to The Netherlands, to work as a scientific editor in a pharmaceutical giant company that had its headquarters in the land of my ancestors that bears my name: ‘Land van Kuyk’. In 1996 I decided to record my music in a music studio and I hired several musicians to record all of the songs that I had composed in the previous 2 years. Except for the 3 songs that I played live in 2018, all other 9 songs were produced in The Netherlands in 1996 for the CD PanGaia. Below the pictures that were taken for the production of the CD PanGaia in The Netherlands.

My music had an extraordinary critique in the media in various newspapers and music magazines; I was in the radio with my music for interviews and in prime time television (Friday 9 PM) for a 15 minute interview. The media compared my style to the music of Peter Gabriel. Below I present a summary of what the music media published in newspapers and magazines over my music production of PanGaia:

A guide to dutch progressive rock music: ‘PanGaia selected as one of the 10 most recommended albums in The Netherlands…’; Radio station Gelderland: ‘This band is a world top class act. As a travel leader, PanGaia takes you on a musical trip. On the footsteps of Peter Gabriel…’; Foundation for arts Gelderland: ‘CD astonishing, fascinating, stirring; inspires awe; RvK addresses the big themes of life, at last someone with a message…’; Music maker: ‘Remarkable mix of symphonic rock, pop, funk, latin. Striking…’; File under Sympho: ‘Intriguing and delicious mix… imagine something between Peter Gabriel, Santana and Weather Report, reviews extremely positive…’; Silvoldse pop prize report: ‘PanGaia is orchestral, impressive, original…’; PopGids Nederland: ‘PanGaia. Very good. High praise from the press…’; Newspaper De Gelderland: ‘RvK is not your normal kind of musician…RvK is a special man, a language genius, it sounds perfect…’; Entertainment music production: ‘congratulates you, in honor and recognition of your fine performance we present you with this certificate of award…’; San Diego newspaper: ‘Amazing one man band that sounded like many bands…’; Empire (german music magazine): ‘Outstanding original work, a style that cannot be ascribed to any other, danceable interesting music with significant lyrics…’; Akzo nobel for talents: They were very impressed with the quality of your music…’; Letter from Phil Collins: ‘Dear Robert, …did you send your CD to Greenpeace?…’; Foundation for arts: wonderful, original, sweeping, interesting, his music with Peter Gabriel, the record companies seem to be sleeping…’

Indeed, all fucking record companies are always sleeping; no record company of the ‘commercialAssed muSex industry’ ever contacted me to help Save the World! Below a few pictures of the comments that were written about PanGaia in newspapers and music magazines.

I received many interesting responses to the letters with the CD that I sent to several personalities, such as from Sir George Martin, the music producer of The Beatles, from Queen Beatrix, a favorite Princess, a beautiful actress, and famous musicians such as Phil Collins who wrote me a personal letter: Dear Robert, did you send your CD to Greenpeace?…

The video below is the first song of the CD PanGaia: Messenger of Love, with the original lyrics dedicated to Jesus Christ. Almost 30 years years later I changed the lyrics of the original song to produce the live version of Love will be Done. The video with the original lyrics I created in 2020 with some of my Miracle Pictures and with paintings and images of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin and the Angels from the Internet. When you seek paintings of Jesus in the internet the majority of images show Jesus with lambs and surrounded by many animals and thus I do not understand why Christian authorities and all the supposedly christian devotees are not vegetarian and eat tortured and slaughtered animals when Jesus did not kill nor eat animals and since being born in the manger always cared for animals and was always surrounded by Sacred Animals!

Period of Mystic Experiences (1996-2000)

A few weeks after the production of PanGaia, in July of 1996, I started to have frequent mystic experiences with Holy Nature, with Angels of Light, with Jesus and the Blessed Virgin, with the Holy Spirit, and with certain Christian Saints such as Saint Therese; thus, I decided to travel on long week-ends to seek Paranormal Miracles to provide evidence of the existence of God; and I completely abandoned music, to write in my spare time, after work, about the mystic experiences that I was having, to expose the messages that I was receiving in my Soul, and to prepare for my future activism for the well being of Sacred Animals (Miracles).

Period of mystic experiences in my Sanctuary of Animals (2001-2016)

In the year 2001 I left The Netherlands and came back to Uruguay to take care of my parents that had become older and ill; I bought a 3 million square meter farm, and during the following 15 years I spent all my time and all my fortune of 1,000,000 U$S to create an extraordinary Sanctuary for Animals: I created 200 lagoons, I planted thousands of plants and trees, and cared for more than 1,000 animals of 20 different species of many domestic and exotic animals (Sanctuary).

In November 2015, almost 20 years after having quit the music scene, 20 years after the production of PanGaia in Holland in 1996; and after 20 years of not singing one single music note, I decided to go to a studio in my hometown of Punta del Este and sing a second voice to my original first voice of the two melodic songs that I had recorded in 1996 in Netherlands. Below the final version of the little jewels with videos that only show animals to stimulate ecological spiritual consciousness.

In addition, I recorded a second voice to the first voice of my mother who had sung three decades earlier the beautiful song ‘White Christmas’ in a hotel in California. During that recording my mother had one of her many allergy attacks that caused some problems with her singing; thus, in the year 2015, I added a second voice to the first voice of my mother, believing that the song could become more beautiful:

Second production of PanGaia (Buenos Aires; December 2016):

In 2016 after many years of fighting against criminal neighbors, delinquent employees, crooked lawyers, diabolic hunters, soul-less authorities, and other perverted evil human beings, due to having enormous financial debts, and having lost my beloved companion dog Taurus after a Love that lasted 14 years: with great suffering I decided to sell my sanctuary. Liberated from my responsibility of taking care of thousands of plants and animals in the sanctuary, I decided to travel to Buenos Aires and make a new music production, to record my music with session musicians; I changed lyrics of a few songs, and filmed the recording with 10 musicians. The videos in the playback production was quite bad and thus I decided to do a new production in a live performance in The Netherlands. Below is some backstage of selected videos filmed during the recording of 4 songs, including the last version of ‘Santa María’.

Third and last LIVE production of PanGaia (The Netherlands, 16 of April 2018)

Since the video production in Buenos Aires was not good I decided to do one last production in Netherlands, recording and filming a Live performance, in one of the best music studios of the world, where famous musicians had recorded in the past, such as The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Sting, Rolling Stones, U2 and many more. I hired 9 session musicians, and a choir of 6 persons, and via e-mail I sent the musicians the music material I had recorded one year earlier in Buenos Aires so the musicians would know what to play during the live performance; and without practicing 1 minute with the full band, on the 16th of April of 2018 we recorded in the studio and filmed the live performance of 3 songs that contain lyrics for the planet with the message I have in my Soul. This was my first experience in my life to record and film a live performance with a full band, and unless I receive new orders from the Lord, this might be the last music performance in my life; it seems to me a good way to exit the music scene that I do not like much, because they have done nothing and do nothing for the care of the animals and the well being of the planet. In 2019 I tried to organize a Concert for the Planet that I was going to finance myself; I sent emails to the authorities and to several companies that organize international concerts and they did not respond because surely it would not pay money and the only thing they care is having more money in their miserable pockets.

Speech post-production (16 of April 2018)

After the live performance of the songs in The Netherlands I decided to give a speech in front of the camera to describe what I came to do in this famous studio, and give the message of my Soul that came out that night after my performance to stimulate Consciousness for the Planet.

Post-production in Punta del Este (July 2020)

The production of the song ‘Love will be done’ in Wisseloord did not convince me because I had problems with the musical director of the studio, and thus decided to make a new mix of the recording and add a few more instruments where certain musicians had not understood my directions to give more strength to the message of my Soul. The 3 videos of the live performance are at the beginning of this section or on the initial page of my website (Home). Below the song ‘Cristo Sálvanos’ subtitled with the translation to English from the original Spanish song.

Author of music and words: Roberto van Kuyk
Production of music and videos: Roberto van Kuyk

Production in the studios of The Netherlands with Hans Grotenbreg (1996)
Production in the studio of Buenos Aires with Mario Breuer (2016)
Post-production in Punta del Este with Mauricio Trobo (2020)

Website creation design production: Roberto van Kuyk

PanGaia Registration under my name: I was the first person to use the artist name ”PanGaia”, as from the year 1993, when I started to play my music with the project ‘PanGaia’. In the year 1996 I registered the trade mark name ”PanGaia” in The Netherlands; however the ‘Pangaia’ name is now being used in the internet by many other groups all over the world. As shown in the pictures, with the production and publication of my CD PanGaia, in the year 1996, in The Netherlands, I registered my music and artist trade name ”PanGaia”, in the official registration bureau of Europe: the ”Benelux-Merken Bureau” in The Hague, The Netherlands.